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Death At The Drive-In Character Profile: Patrick Pewterschmidt

Hey there Slashers!

Do you know where your friends are? Parked at an overlook just looking for trouble? Lost in the middle of the woods in a run down cabin or shack? Got lost at an abandoned Asylum and don’t know what to do? WELL TOUGH!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH

Phase 5 is now in our games, and with it more Horror Stories, Haunted Cars, A Deadly Mother… and SATAN??!! Get ready for some more fun filled Spooktacular Stuff! hack hack hack hack chop chop chop chop kill kill kill kill….

With this New Phase 5 for the Event, I wanted to go back just a bit to Phase 4 and one of the New Characters we got, Patrick Pewterschmidt!

Patrick Pewterschmidt 1

Let’s take a look at what Patrick Pewterschmidt can do in our silly lil games.

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Death at the Drive-In 101: Concession Stand Exchanges Part 2

Hey there Slashers!

Many times with the New Events I see PANIC. Mostly due to everything is new and no one knows just yet how to get the hang of what is going on. Well, just as usual, here to help in anyway I can with some Basic 101 and detailed breakdown of HOW TO on the aspects of the Game Play.

For this post, I will be diving into what I am seeing in MY Game when it comes to those Concession Stand Exchanges During Phase 5 of the Event.

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