New Mystery Box & Material Drops!

Hey there Crowd!

Time to pull out some of those stored Characters/Costumes or take a chance to get some New ones. The Puppy Bowl Mystery Box is now live in the game and with it a whole lot of new ways to earn Materials just hit our silly lil games.

Let’s dive into the Puppy Bowl Mystery Box and all you can find inside as well as how it may impact your game.


Jesse Herberts Dog Death's DogPuppy Brian

Like I keep saying about this game, you can’t predict drops on the current stats as something new ALWAYS comes along. Here is your something new that changes the ways to get Materials in the game.



If you want to chance some of your hard earned or bought Clams and spend 145 Clams a try, you have the possibility of bringing the following doggies into your game.

**NOTE: As these Materials still come from multiple sources other than these Mystery Box Characters/Costumes, and I know I will get asked many times, the items themselves will still show up tagged in the Tasks at their “current” Chance drop rate. However, these specific Tasks will override the drop to make it ALWAYS as they are being offered in the Premium Mystery Box. For instance, Helmets will show “Uncommon” on a Task, but for Death’s Dog it will override that drop to make it an ALWAYS. The Chance Tag is across the game so can’t be changed for the one location that has the different drop rate. Just wanted to clarify that.

jasperJasper: Always drops 2 WeightsWeights. Do a Cheer (4hrs)

Bitch BrianBitch Brian & Machine: He Always drop 1 Energy DrinkEnergy Drink. Find Inspiration (12hrs)

Jack 1Jack: Always drops 2 GlovesGloves. Run Into Walls (8hrs)

Puppy Brian StandingPuppy Brian: Always drops 1 Baby OilBody Oil **still verifying as I don’t need Oil** Practice Peeing (6hrs)

Finn 1Finn: Always drops 2 PlayBookPlaybooks. Eat Everything (2hrs)

Fire Dog Brian 2Fire Dog Brian: Always drops 2 Football JerseyJerseys. Write Firefighter Television Pilot (6hrs)

Death's DogDeath’s Dog: Always drops 2 HelmetHelmets. Bark at Ghost Mailman (2hrs)

Jesse Herberts DogJesse: This guy doesn’t currently help drops as he is a Walking Decoration and NOT a Character.


For those of you that already have these Characters/Costumes, time to pull them out. Also, for those that have not noticed… Fit Brian is now also dropping 2 Energy DrinkEnergy Drinks at his Chance rate.

If you do already own them, you will NOT see the Mystery Box at all. These are a one only item so once you have them all, the Mystery Box is done.


There you have it, the basics of the New Mystery Box and how it will impact your abilities to earn during this Event.

Do you already have these Characters/Costumes? If not, are you gonna take a Chance in the Mystery Box? The new drops going to help you out? Let us know.


33 responses to “New Mystery Box & Material Drops!

  1. I have to say… after being totally jaded about not getting Jasper in the multiverse mystery box, I was happy to spend the clams to get him here.


  2. I have everyone but fireman Brian and Jesse, and as much as I might be tempted to spend 145 clams for the fireman costume to up my football jersey count, I just managed to unlock fit Brian. Meaning, he is going to work non stop on energy drinks, because that’s the thing that is holding me back the most just now. Richard Sherman just isn’t doing it for me…


  3. Yay I like this puppy box. I opened it twice. First got Jack, so now my Finn has a friend. Then I got Bitch Brian. Bitch Brian needs to level up to 3 to drop energy drinks, but it happened pretty quickly and now he’s puffing for energy drinks.


  4. I pulled all my dog related characters out just in case TinyCo decides to add more item earning tasks. Bonnie you are slipping, I thought for sure this post was gonna be called “who let the dogs out”


  5. I have finished unlocking cheerleader Bonnie & Fit Brian. Just waiting for the next phase to hit the game. I’m still collecting all the items available just in case they help in unlocking the last costume for Jesus. I’ve just taken all my dogs out of the inventory to also help with collecting items. Thanks for this information I would never had known otherwise.


  6. I’m tempted. Missing 5 dogs, three of which were clam purchases before and Puppy Brian i just missed earning.
    My luck though I’d get Jesse and only have 200 clams to spare. I think I might wait until next phase is released to see if anything else pops up I need more.


  7. For me personally I wish it was Deaths Dog dropping Energy Drinks as it is the only one I have! (I don’t need another Character dropping Helmets as I have 3 already who drop every time!, Just saying!! 😕


  8. I didn’t buy Fire Dog Brian in the best of as TC didn’t really mark it down much or possibly at all, but I had wanted him, so for 145 clams, I was in.
    This completed the firefighter set and I got 25 clams back, so a net 120 clams against an original 210 clam skin – not bad!
    I had all the rest.
    What are the energy drinks for again? Still working on Fit Brian.


  9. wildthornberry88

    I had four options in my box – Jesse, bitch Brian, firefighter Brian and Jack. I didn’t want Jack or bitch Brian but I did really want Jesse (couldn’t afford him last time and its been a whole year of sadness) and maybe firefighter Brian so I decided to go for it. I got firefighter brian (plus 25 clams back), then bitch Brian and finally Jesse! So yay I got the two I wanted and didn’t have to spend nearly triple the amount on Jack that people did previously ^_^


  10. As I have all of this stuff already, this is good BUT what about the freemium players? They get stuck with the same characters and drops and nothing new to help them get caught up?


  11. Super upset. Thought Jersey was a character. Did not have Jack, Firefighter Brian nor Bitch Brian. Spent over 600 clams for a deco


  12. Glad I spent ten clams to finish fit brian, kinda want to spend money on this box: gonna have to take another look at the post to see if I need to get someone out of inventory.


  13. Since I had everything else from previous events, 145 Clams for the instant purchase of Bitch Brian, I’m down with that. Unlike that relatively horrible mystery box during the Dog Event…. 5 to get him to Level 3 to earn Energy Drinks though. 😛


  14. I know I have Jack but can’t find him in my town or face space. Anyone know what he is near on face space?


  15. Only ones i didn’t have was bitch brian and of course jesse.
    Got jesse first of course, then bb.
    That should help some with getting the enery drinks. The drop ratio is still terrible for it. I’m up to 2/10 tries now.


    • I agree with you that the drop ratio for energy drinks is currently WAY too low. I don’t want to or feel it necessary for players to be forced to spend 125-400+ clams (depending on characters/costumes already owned) in order to make up for TC’s poor ratio algorithms though, so I will very likely skip this clam/money grab too. Why can’t players who already have Jesus be able to use him in order to earn VERY difficult to earn energy drinks? Wah wah… 😥


      • Fit Brian is not Clam costing and has changed to dropping 2 Energy Drinks for a bit now at his Chance rate. You do not HAVE to buy anything, just use what you already have. 😉


        • Pfft, I can’t even start collecting for Emaciated(Fit) Brian yet, so I’m a loooong way from using him to get energy drinks. (Not that I’m even sure what those are for…) But I am thrilled – *thrilled* I tell ya! – to have a use for Bitch Brian!!! Thanks so much for this post as I would never have realized to pull folks out of storage (and God knows I need all the help I can get with the helmets, haha).

          I’m debating clams for Jack, but really just because he’s cute.


    • Is Jessy a deco?


  16. Is Jesse still just a deco?


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