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Boomsday 2016 Main Questline: Peterpocalypse

Hey there Mad Max!

It looks like we have been transported back in time to 1999, or is it now? With all the times I hear on the radio or see on the TV “THE END IS NEAR”, I just never know when the world is actually gonna end. Guess I will just have to keep on waiting to kidnap “friends” for my underground shelter. Wait to take out a bunch of Zombies with my real life Maze in the back yard. Wait to see if Twinkies and Cockroaches really do survive anything (well Twinkies almost didn’t survive a company going under”. BOOMSDAY IS HERE!! 

With the New Event comes along a Main Questline that will walk you through the different Phases of the Event. For Phase/Week 1 the Questline is Peterpocalypse.

Boomsday Online Image

Let’s take a look at Peterpocalypse and all you will encounter along the way. Continue reading