Daily Archives: April 12, 2016

Tan Lines Live For All!!!

Hey there Island Hoppers!

A New District is now live for ALL PLAYERS!! TAN LINES ISLAND RESORT.

This New District will utilize some Characters you may just have hanging out in Inventory Storage to earn some New District Currency and Cool Prizes. Make sure you’re on App Version 1.21.0 & to at LEAST District 8 to see this New District.

More Details on Tan Lines District HERE.

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Tan Lines Luxury Resort Island

Let’s go on Vacation to Tan Lines & the Island Luxury Resort!



Boomsday Q&A!

Hey there Apocalyptic Naysayers!

I wanted to bounce on by to cover a few Questions and/or Concerns I am seeing repeated in the comments in regards to the Boomsday Event and some game items in general.

Take a peek below to see if your Questions are addressed.

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