Boomsday Q&A!

Hey there Apocalyptic Naysayers!

I wanted to bounce on by to cover a few Questions and/or Concerns I am seeing repeated in the comments in regards to the Boomsday Event and some game items in general.

Take a peek below to see if your Questions are addressed.

Apocalypse Peter

First, for more details and information on Boomsday, go to the Event Page HERE. 


TinyCo is going to be transitioning to a New Time for Events to end. In the past, it has been 3PM Pacific. They are now switching to an earlier time of 10AM Pacific. This will start with this Boomsday Event, so the end time will be 10AM on 5/5/16 for Boomsday.

How it will impact the Phase changes on Thursdays, I am unsure of. We will just have to wait and see.



Tan Lines District Island

In order to prevent any issues when you are visiting Neighbors, the Tan Lines District Island is now visible to ALL Players. This is the Island ONLY for those not in BETA Testing.

Players in BETA Testing are the only ones that will actually see the resort and be able to test out the District prior to it being launched game wide. BETA was completely chosen at random so it will vary who got it.

So if you ONLY see the Island, wait. When testing is complete you will see it put to more use.


Tan Lines Luxury Resort Island


Tan Lines District Island

MORE Tan Lines District Information HERE. 



Evil Monkey

Evil Monkey is in the game now… sort of. He is in the BETA Tan Lines District and will take a while to earn right now. For those not in BETA testing, wait… you will have access to the District when it is ready and also get the chance to earn him too.

MORE Tan Lines District Information HERE. 



Tan Lines Luxury Resort Unlocked

That is completely impossible to say. The District is being tested right now, that means they are looking for game stability, issues, corrections, feedback, etc etc etc. This takes time, hence the testing. When TinyCo is satisfied the District is fully tested and ready… THEN they will release it game wide to all Players. Until then, wait. When it is ready it is ready and will be released to all.

MORE Tan Lines District Information HERE. 



WrestleMania Task Blank

There is some remnant carryover from the WrestleMania Event and it seems a few Characters Tasks are now blank, like the one above on Undertaker. Most look to be ones that were Event Only related. There are more, some that have a name, some do not… but most have no payouts at all.  Like Chris’ Train at the Toxic Shock Wrestling Gym for 4hrs.

The issues have been reported to TinyCo. Will update if I hear more on it, otherwise you will see a patch when it is complete. For now it is not critical nor should it impact game play.



Sidewalk Joe

Many are asking if Sidewalk Joe is worth the Challenge. That is hard to say. As these Events come in Phases, I am unable to verify just EXACTLY what, if any, help he will be in the future for the Event. I can only go off of what I see right now. Right now he is only a Character Skin. No current help or drops yet.

Just know that it is completely optional for you to take the Challenge of those “freakin hard” items in the Crafting Areas. If you wish to pass on them and save your Materials for the next Phase, that is just fine. The choice is completely yours to take the Challenge or not, just know that they are hard for a reason and you may have to spend Clams or pass on something else down the road to get them.



Chris Radiation Sickness

Somewhere around Peterpocalypse Part 4, it will trigger Chris to get Radiation Sickness. You will know he has it as it is very obvious he turns green in color, stops to puke green vomit, and is surrounded by a green cloud as he “floats” around the streets of Quahog. You will need Clevemire unlocked to clear him of the sickness. It is just a simple tap on Chris when he turns green (and Clevemire is free from tasks), a few seconds for Clevemire to inject the cure into Chris, the cloud lifts as Chris returns to normal, and Water Bottles payout.

Clevemire Clear Chris Radiation

I am seeing the sickness hit him about once a day. I am still seeing if there is a spawn time on the sickness and will report if I do see anything more back on it.



Mutant Goldfish

The Weekly Challenge did hit Monday Evening as normal, however my game is currently having some technical issues so I am unable to see it or get all the stats for it just yet. I will update the site as soon as I can with the Challenge when the issue is resolved.

For now, this is basically the Challenge.

Clear 30 Mutant Goldfish

To complete this task, ensure you are getting a stockpile of Nets and creating Net Launchers as soon as you can. The Goldfish spawn roughly at least 2 or more about every 2hrs (amounts vary by player, tap on YOUR gates to see exacts of spawn times and amounts). It will be easier to complete if you have some of the items ready before triggering the Challenge.

As usual, not all Players may see the Challenges as they are considered a “Premium” item due to clams may need to be spent at some time to complete them. Also, they have “trigger” points. Once I get clarification the exact trigger for this one, I will update that too.

This is a good idea overall anyway to clear as many as you possible due to the Goldfish offer a good source of much needed Water Bottles, so you will want to clear as many as you can anyway as often as you can to collect a good amount for use in the Twinklies Trading Post.



Toilet PaperToilet PaperToilet Paper

Many are asking about the Toilet Paper. What does it do? What is it for? How to get it?

As far as how to get it, the list is already posted on the Main Event Rundown for Phase 1.

Toilet PaperToilet Paper: Potentially Hazardous Sphere OR Questlines OR

(4hr Tasks) Tricia Hunt for Supplies OR Hayley Smith Hunt for Supplies OR Mayor West Hunt for Supplies OR Steve Smith Hunt for Supplies OR Francine Smith Hunt for Supplies OR Peter Hunt for Supplies OR Mutant Stewie Hunt for Supplies

(8hr Tasks) Meg Sneak into Danger Zone

(24hr Tasks) Robocop Sympathize with Mutants OR Alien Sympathize with Mutants OR Chucky Sympathize with Mutants OR God Sympathize with Mutants OR Superdevil Sympathize with Mutants T-600 Sympathize with Mutants OR Worf Sympathize with Mutants OR Human Rupert Sympathize with Mutants

As far as what they are used for, here are the current items. Keep in mind that this is a MONTH long event so plenty more to come. You do not have to spend it all now to get the items. You can always stockpile it and wait closer to end of the Event or until something comes along you really want. The items can also help give a boost if needed to your Crisis Points.

Trash Can Fire: 7 Toilet PaperToilet Paper, +5CP on placement
Dead Trees: 2 Toilet PaperToilet Paper, +2CP on placement

Building Skins
Destroyed Founding
30 Toilet PaperToilet Paper, Earns $30 & 20xp 1CP every 4hrs
Destroyed Goldman’s Pharmacy:
 20 Toilet PaperToilet Paper, Earns $20 & 15xp 1CP every 2hrs  
Stewie’s Destroyed Daycare: 
25 Toilet PaperToilet Paper, Earns $30 & 20xp 1CP every 4hrs

Currently there are no special drops from the Building Skins. That may change as the Event progresses.



Unstable Reactor Core

This Building is EVENT ONLY. That means that just like it is listed in the items information tab, it will ONLY drop Clams the duration of the Event. CLAM DROP EXPIRES 5/5/16. 

Unstable Reactor Core Menu

Also, since this is a Building Payout, using Consuela’s Vacuum will collect the Clams from it for you. I only mention this as each Event these Buildings have been offered, Players are not realizing they are collecting the Clams too each time the Building reaches payout and Consuela’s Vacuum is used to collect from Buildings.

Consuela's Vacuum Icon Coin Collecter 3000 Consuela's Vacuum

In other words, if you really want to physically see the Clams pop out… do NOT tap on Consuela’s Vacuum icon. Instead go tap on the Unstable Reactor Core first to see the Clams pop out visibly, then use the Vacuum.

If you do not care, then use the Vacuum. You will notice your Clam total increase the 6 Clams when it finishes collecting payouts.



Twinklies Twinkly

These will be the main source of Currency throughout the Event (they also have a counter in the top center of your game screen), so work to gain as many as you can and use them wisely.

The Trading Post exchange options will continue to vary, as well as you can see in the top of the pop up for it, more items to come that will be tossed into the mix for exchanging. Each New Phase you will see them added. I will also update what I see in my game on the New Phase rundown posts. Feel free to share your results too in the comments.



As with any game, and pretty much any device, if you run into an issue there are some generic Basic Troubleshooting steps you can take.

Of course if you need more help, please feel free to ask. Many times the issues may impact more than one Player. Any reported issues I do pass on to TinyCo as well as keeping an eye out for trending issues that impact large amounts of Players and alert Tech Support so they can start work on them as soon as possible. Feel free to report issues directly to TinyCo if/when needed.

Just keep in mind response may take time depending on issue and you may also get an automated one in times of high volume messaging going in to them. Respond to all messages, including automated, if the issue is still there. Otherwise, patience… and feel free to ask here in the meantime.



If you are not sure of something and want to see if it is addressed on the site already, feel free to use our really cool “SEARCH” feature on the site in our Menu Tabs. It works with Google except it will pull up all the posts on THIS site instead with the keywords you input.
There is also just the generic search bar on the right. It just is a bit more stubborn on word accuracy. Then we also just have the Generic Q&A section of the site too.



Angry LoisAnnoyed Peter

This site is here to help other fellow Players with the game mechanics as well as provide helpful tips and tricks to assist with game progress. This site is not the place for just hate and anger. Keyboard Jockies and Trolls aren’t welcome. Enough of that on the internet as it is.

We however do understand there may be times when the game does cause upset and you need to say something, so we made posts SPECIFICALLY for Venting. What The Deuce. They are open 24/7 for you to use to let off some steam and get it all off your chest. The reason for this is it’s unfair to other Readers seeking help to wade through “hate comments” on every post just to find that help. It also brings down the overall feel of the site. (Not to mention makes all our hard work seem to be for nothing.)

Keep this in mind if you want to go off on a rant about something. Help keep this site just that… helpful. Keep the venting, anger, frustrations off the main posts and let off the steam on ONLY the What The Deuce so we can keep the other posts focused on what they are intended for.  🙂

Outside of that, please be mindful of the Addicts Guidelines and follow them. 🙂


There you have it, an overall Q&A of the main items I am seeing in the comments. Remember our site is stuffed full of information, so take a look and if you can’t find the details just ask. I will be happy to redirect you to the right post or find the answer for you if it is not on the site. 🙂

Did any of these address your Question/Concerns? Any items you have some extra tips to add to help fellow Players? Any technical issues you do not see addressed for the Event that you need help with? Let us know.


95 responses to “Boomsday Q&A!

  1. Does Stan expire???it showed I couldn’t buy him no more with my twinkes I saved up specially for him so I went to buy the bike and other building then it showed I could still buy stan….trouble here is I’m back down to 71 twinkes instead of 120


  2. Is the page 1 frickin’ hard war car worth getting? Does it do anything or drop anything helpful?


  3. Every now and then, the smoke bomb has a lengthy delay and many of the mutant stewies flee the screen. I tried reloading the page before the bomb went off and it was not subtracted from my inventory.

    Has anyone else tried this?


  4. Does using toilet paper for trash cans or trees still give CP? When I place those items nothing pops up indicating that I’m getting anything.


    • Make sure you do NOT have any in Inventory. If you do, it will pull like items from Inventory first. Then when Inventory is clear, it will purchase more. Fail safe built into the game so you don’t buy things you already have.


  5. Every time I bomb the stewies and hit 3 at a time here recently I’ve only gotten one drop item making it really hard to get the stuff for Jesus


  6. How do you change the mutants back? I have gotten 3 darts, fired them, and nothing happened! Aaarg! What am i doing wrong?


    • Let me ask this… are you just tapping and firing? Or are you taking the time to place the “Kill Zone” in front of a turned Mutant and ensure it is purple in color and walking INTO the kill zone before firing?

      If yes to the first… won’t work.

      If yes to the second… it should hit it everytime. 😉


  7. The mutants have taken form over almost all my characters, especially the ones that produce the antidote to cure them and put them back in action. So I guess I am just screwed on this event now that I can’t control my people? Or I pay real money to buy the needle producing building. Very disappointed at this. Anyone else having the same issue?


  8. Awesome – spent ages looking for a link like that. Thanks so much 🙂


  9. Can someone tell me what I am supposed to do with the octopus stewies I keep finding?


  10. About the new phase- if you click on peters apocalypse outfit at harringtons and on the items required. DO NOT click on the New Jesus Skin task because it starts a week countdown timer and does not have a clam buyout option


  11. Tread carefully. Commander Jesus is 7 day timer. Found completely by accident when taken their from Al’s while having a look at Apocalypse Peter. Clicked on one of the items and it took me to Commander Jesus and started the timer.
    Getting the items doesn’t look that easy so best to stockpile first.
    Bloody annoyed ‘coz I usually avoid getting caught with the timer ones. Oh well…


  12. WARNING!
    Clicking on Jesus (sitting in the swamp) triggers a 7-day timer. Don’t click on him until you have made good progress into week 2


  13. Phase 2 now live folks. Enjoy


  14. David Whiteman

    Make sure Chris is out of inventory to enable sickness. I never saw him sick and was wondering why. Saw he was in inventory, took him out and a few hours later got sickness.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I just upgraded my gate like 30 min ago, but besides the gate looking different, nothing has changed. Anyone else?


  16. Chris can get radiation sickness multiple times a day. Try giving him the short 2 hour jobs. I’ve been able to cure him about 4 times in one day.


  17. Just noticed on one of the info boxes that the mutant goldfish will be replaced by mutant Stewie octopuses when we level up the gate to level 2.


  18. For anyone wondering the prize/payout for completing the Stayin Alive task is 20 crisis points and 3 twinklies.


  19. For Chris to get radiation sickness, does he need to be doing nothing/a visible task. I had him hoola hooping, and he got sick. But now i’ve sent him inside (too many 4hr tasks, picked the wrong one…), will he still catch the green?


    • He was “inside” on a Task and got sick for me


    • Asked the same question myself, and as long as he’s not stored in inventory, he’ll eventually get sick. As for whether he can be called away from an indoor task, I have personally witnessed him leaving the Griffin Home while on a task in order to walk the nearest roadway, complete with green Pig Pen cloud. Once cured, he returned and finished out the task.


  20. Quick Q looking for an A.
    With twinklies I’ve purchased everything except Sidewalk Joe, which I have no intention of getting, so I’m basically in stockpile mode waiting for tomorrow. In your opinion should I keep spending water bottles for twinklies or should I stockpile water bottles since I don’t really need twinklies at the moment? I’ve made a decision like that in the past and got screwed over on the new prices.
    I know there’s no way to know until tomorrow but which would you do. I’m curious…


    • That is what I am curious of too. I traded half and am keeping half to see what new item trades will be, but no way to know or confirm until tomorrow when new phase hits. Sorry.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Twinklies are the event currency. More of them are always a good thing. The more you have before Phase 2 pops, the bigger the head start you’ll get on the second page of the event store. The last thing you want is for the recipes to all reset and require the new Phase 2 item, which might not be accessible immediately (requiring a build, or a couple sets of tasks first), meaning you have no way of getting Twinklies (or using those stockpiled Bottles) until you can access the new item. This happened to me during the last Christmas event.

      Generally in the past, if the availability of the old item becomes diminished (usually because the people who were farming it now have to choose between it and the new item), then the demand for that item becomes diminished as well, so there will be no particular reason to have a lot of Bottles stockpiled going in to the new Phase. Chances are, you’ll still be able to farm them as needed, at a rate consistent with their need for combination with the new items.

      Liked by 3 people

    • I don’t see why you wouldn’t spend water bottles on twinkies as it is highly improbable that they would change the currency. Twinkies are the only thing water bottles can be used for as far as I know.


      • That is not what we are discussing. As the Event progresses ANOTHER item is tossed into the mix to exchange. It’s not to say Water Bottles won’t be used, just that the Exchange amount may be HIGHER next Phase or LOWER. We have seen this in many past events. So, until it fully launches, players like to be cautious to ensure they use them at the best time. 😉


  21. Sidewalk Joe is only available for about 2days. Unless I wanted to spend ALOT of money, no matter how much I played, I did not get him. What the heck is up with the super limited timed availability? This game is frustrating me. Game creators are becoming way to greedy. I will stop playing if this greedy “must spend real money or miss out” think continues. Ok I am done complaining.


    • This really isn’t the place to complain (as this post points out in the venting portion). 😉

      FYI, the “Freakin hard” Characters/Items are optional. You do NOT need to get them. (like noted also in this post for Joe). It is really up to you to take the time and effort to get them. Choice is yours. Otherwise pass on him.

      This Event has actually been REALLY simple and smooth going so far. Many players are already done with Phase 1 or really close. There is nothing what so ever making you spend money. Don’t let the “I HAVE TO GET IT ALL” mentality impact your play. Play smart, have fun, play to just play and see what you get. Money items will always be there as that is how the game stays alive to give you a game to play (all games are this way), but you never ever ever HAVE to spend. All your choice & your option. 🙂


  22. Does anyone know what you need to unlock Sidewalk Joe? I want to try to save up items before I get to that point.


  23. A note on the new end time. Up to this point the gate upgrades are following the later timing schedule. So if they keep that timing consistently throughout the event we’ll be losing 5 hours in the final week. Maybe not a big deal but I will say in the wrestling event I unlocked the final character I had been working toward just 4 minutes before the event ended.


  24. Hi can someone tell me how many twinkles it costs to unlock sidewalk joe? Thanks


  25. Chris is pretty healthy in my game. I am at Peterpocalypse Now pt.8 and he hasn’t gotten sick once! I don’t have Clevemire yet, so I don’t mind 😉


  26. I’ve been focusing on unlocking Joe and by my math its very doable unlike past Frickin’ Hard tasks where it was nigh-impossible.

    All you have to do is put everybody you can (5 characters) on getting Nets and heal Chris with Clevemire every 4 hours. Once in a great while the drop number of 12 water bottles is double. With you getting 5 Nets every 4 hours you can stockpile enough Nets by the time you go to queue 8 by the time you go to bed for them to be ready when you wake.

    In one day I’ve gotten up to 42 Twinkleys and that’s without stockpiling. Going by this I should get Joe by late Thursday to Friday.


  27. I just had a quest line called Stayin’ Alive pop up just now. It is untimed and needs a lot of stuff. 42 mutant goldfish cleared, 6 cure Chris’ radiation sickness, 4 collect from Moonshine Distillery, 8 trashcan fires. Anyone know what the payout is and/or if it is worth chasing? Thanks and enjoying this event so far.


    • I am still working through it. It is another random side questline.


    • Looks like another of those quest lines that you end up completing without going out of your way, or sacrificing other questlines to do any of it, with the exception of buying the trashcans. Just in playing the game, you end up completing the quest line.


  28. Just got the Tan Lines district to unlock outta nowhere! Are they doing a second round of BETA testing or did the district actually unlock? Not sure I’m going to focus too much on it with some characters being needed for the event as well. If it’s a district, then it’s here to stay and I’ll complete it as I go. It took forever for Lorettas last earring to drop, I can wait..


  29. Russian Tigger

    What a breath of fresh air to read so many players posting they are happy with the game, hope to see more of this as the event goes on.

    Liked by 2 people

  30. Tan Lines just became unlocked in my game.

    The 24 hour daily challenge is:
    Have Mr. Weed Visit Guillermo (1 hour)
    Have Jasper Shorts Alteration (8 hours)
    Have Meg Cough Up A Hairball (? hours)

    I just send Meg back to collect TP about an hour ago, so I don’t know her time.


    • Different challenges for different players. My challenge is 1- Have Big Bad Brian Play Dress Up, Have Mr. Weed Play With Zucchini Head, Have Satan Rock Out.

      I am thinking they are based on the characters you have in your game. I am loving they are using the characters that are just sitting around in inventory doing nothing!


    • Same for me. Had it open yesterday with a daily task needing 3 characters I actually had just sent to the island to relax. Skipped today’s though since all 3 of them needed characters I had working on stuff for Neil.


  31. Tan Lines just opened up this afternoon on my Android tablet. Like I didn’t have enough going with Boomsday, unlocking Stewie and Carter Pewtersm… I may just ignore it till for now since I’ll be away for a bit of the end of Boomsday.


    • I am thinking of Tan Lines as the information product, the rotisserie. “set it and forget it.” Toss the 15 characters in there, and then forget about it for 24 hours and earn bucks. If you want to earn more and the characters are free, go for it, but if it is too much, don’t worry about it. It is a district and not going anywhere! *smile*


  32. I wasn’t part of Beta but today Tan Lines unlocked! Hopefully that means it’s live for everyone too!


  33. New district just open for me on Amazon


  34. How many Twinkies needed to unlock Sidewalk Joe?


  35. Just unlocked the tan lines district is it live or beta testing


  36. Chris gets sick roughly every 6-8 hours.

    I wish they moved the end time to a Tues. This would give TinyCo more than enough time to fix bugs before the weekend. No matter what time they start/end an event/phase on a Thurs that still only leaves Friday to solve the problem.

    As for my progress I’m doing surprisingly great. I could unlock the final building to help Neil, but will it only being Tues, I thing I have a good chance at getting Joe.

    The only problem I’m having is getting Acne Creme for Neil. I know its very hard, but you also need 12 of them. Yes, we have all event to unlock him, but that number is way too high. There should never be a very rare no matter how much time it takes to be in the double digits. I’m currently at 2/12, so this is looking to be a last day of the event unlock if I’m lucky.


  37. What characters can you use to get stuff for this event?


  38. **** so the event time changes to 10am pacific, which means 1pm my time…that means i’ll have to make sure to be as close to being done as I can during my lunch hour at work on those days,..oh my! lol

    that said, its going real smooth here, I’m not behind like I have been lately and will be (at least for the first week) slightly ahead of the curve!

    the game is running nicely, much nicer than it did during the wrestling stuff…though again I have 85% of my buildings stored and only using the character that are useful.

    anyway I’m enjoying this one! 🙂


  39. On Radiation Sickness Chris: does he need to be active in order to appear, or can we store him in inventory and he’ll pop up when the Rad Sickness hits? I’ve only seen him become sick twice, both times on task. Once while he was on the quest-related task where the Rad Sickness is introduced, and once again afterwards, but I’ve been keeping him on 4hr tasks constantly since the first time in case he has to be out and about.


    • He should be in play in the game as far as I know. He will get sick at least once a day. More than that varies by player and progress


    • Yeah, he needs to be out of inventory. I had him stored for a few days and his sickness didn’t trigger again until I pulled him out.


      • Good to know. Thanks. I’ve had him on constant two-hour tasks, assuming that was the case, along with Clevemire, and he seems to pop up sick every second or third time around, so I’m thinking every four to six hours is his refresh.


  40. So far so good on the main part but not very good on getting Neil. I haven’t gotten a single fritz shampoo since I got the moonshine distillery yesterday checking in every 2 hours. Other drops pretty bad too. Curious what other people are seeing. Not overly concerned yet. We’ll see if we need him for week 2. Compared to recent events I’m really enjoying this one.


    • Shampoo is a decent drop rate for me. I’m sitting at 4/19, so that’s two successful drops since I bought the Distillery last night. It is a rare drop, after all. Doesn’t look like I’ll have any problem picking up Neil eventually, especially as the drop rates get better, but he’s in no danger of being unlocked this Phase…


  41. I have to agree that this event is running smoothly. I don’t feel like my life has to revolve around the game to keep pace! Personally I am at a place where i only have Sidewalk Joe left, so I am going for him! My advice for anyone playing this event is to focus on getting Twinklies. Characters, (such as Lois), may have a couple drops to focus on and that can get stressful to make the choice. If they focus on the nets, then you can get the buildings with Twinklies and those other drops come with the buildings.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Do you already have Neil? I’m focusing on getting nets so I can get Twinklies for Sidwalk Joe. I have 45 Twinklies (after deducting 12 for the building right before Joe). So I have to wait to get the Moonshine Distillery which drops Frizz Shampoo needed for Neil, because it will start the 1-day timer for Sidewalk Joe. Have you spent any clams for this event?


      • Going by the previous event, they’ve fixed the issue where a timed event currency item timer starts as soon as you unlock the previous item, rather than the next time you visit the event store, as it should be. You can probably risk getting the Distillery now, if you want SW Joe. Even at two a pop, the Shampoo is a rare drop, and you need 19 of them.

        Though honestly I can’t verify that, as I haven’t visited the event store since I bought the Distillery, in case SW Joe is useful enough later in the event for me to unlock him. I don’t have near enough Twinklies to start the clock yet.


  42. Event is going pretty smoothly this time. I’m even able to keep working on Tan Lines Island a bit alongside the event. Neil’s 12 extra rare items will take a while, but that’s the only complaint so far. Well, I’d like to see some Mad Max characters, but that’s more of a wish than complaint.


  43. This may largely go unnoticed, but the swap to a 10 am PT changeover time from 3 pm PT is long overdue. At least now they have a portion of their business day to attempt to solve the inevitable problems and glitches instead of dropping stuff on the way out the door and not being able to get to fixes and patches until the next day. While this won’t wholly solve the problems at least relief should be on the way sooner.


  44. Been a lurker on this site for awhile, finally decided to post. I’m loving this event! They’ve made this event just right as far as making it a challenge that doesn’t seem impossible! Even the extra event for premium players is easier to attain. Plus you add in my favorite show American Dad (I obviously assume they’ll be giving us newer players a chance to unlock them) and I’m stoked!

    Also loving the Tan Lines district so far. They’ve worked out any bugs that I’ve noticed, and I’ve been testing it on my iPhone and 5 year old android tablet.

    Lastly, just a quick thank you to Bunny and all who work on this site!


  45. The challenge is pretty simple:
    -view the reward on the challenge info page
    -trap 30 mutant fish

    That’s its


  46. No venting here this event is going great for me perfect timing Sunday I got clevemire and I am on the last 2 items to get. Not sure yet if I want to get Joe or stockpile twinkiles I guess we will see come Thursday =) plus the main quest line is going great one the last one! expecailly since the first couple quests were very easy I feel like tiny CO has been listening to us I am very happy with this event… far =)
    Thanks bunny for all you do would be lost without you 💙🐰

    Liked by 1 person

  47. My game is running smooth no problems the drops are good I happy so far


  48. I am unable to get the 3 building skins. There is an exclamation over my cart (which I assume these are found in) but when I click the cart my game freezes and closes. Anyone else having this problem?


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