Boomsday Phase 2 Is Here! UPDATED

It’s the End of the World as we know it… and I feel… TOTALLY FREAKED THE FRAK OUT!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Our town is now going to be overrun with Mutant Eggy Weggies, Mutant Stewies, Mutant Humans, and DARYL??!! Oh wait, no, that was the OTHER show. Get back in the house Carl! GET IN THE HOUSE!!

Just what kind of Apocalyptic Cray Cray will this Phase bring? Take a look below and see what will be in store for the 2nd week of the Boomsday Event.


Apocalypse Peter
First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to Fortify your Gates and complete Peterpocalypse Part 9 in order for Phase 2 to launch.
  • Players will need to be on App Version 1.21.0 so ensure you go to your App Market and download the latest update.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s completed
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incompleted Tasks already on your List to make room for more

Back with more in a bit.

For more information on the Event, go to the Event Page HERE. 



TIMED CHARACTER WARNING!!! Once you go to the Event Area and tap on Commander Jesus, you will have ONLY 7 days to unlock him (All of Phase 2). This includes if you tap on ANYTHING that takes you to him, like a Task “GO” for Apocalypse Peter. If you do not unlock him fully in the 7 days by collecting all of his items, you will lose him.

***Side Note*** I did NOT see him in my Event Area at first (I did after I force closed my game). I can tell you were he is as he just triggered for me. In your Event Area behind the gates, There are two long pads floating on the edge of the sludge water by the Smoke Towers. The Pad that looks empty, I tapped on that and triggered Commander Jesus… so BEWARE. Stay away from that side of the Event Area.

Commander Jesus

Commander JesusCommander Jesus: Fully tasked, Comes with a Questline, 6hrs Task for Ornamental Skulls, is NOT voiced
Holy Hand Grenade27 Holy Hand Grenades (Common): Build a Mutant Bear Studio (Stockpile Tanker OR Mort Obsessively Count Twinkies OR Neil Goldman Clean Retainer OR Joe Investigate Sources of Prank Calls OR Brian Fact-Check on the Internet
Beard Trimmers26 Beard Trimmers (Uncommon): Destroyed Library (Stockpile Tanker) OR Bruce Be a Leatherworker OR Carter Mistreat Minimum Wage Employees
Lambswool Cloak100 Lambswool Cloaks (Rare): Mutant Stewies
Armageddon StanHave Armageddon Stan Smith Carefully Go to the Bathroom (Twice): 6hrs


Apocalypse PeterApocalypse Peter:
codpiece24 Codpieces (Uncommon): Mutant New Quahog City Hall (Stockpile Tanker)
Ornamental Skull 17 Ornamental Skulls (Uncommon): Chris Squash Twinklies OR Commander Jesus Do Parkour
Motorcycle Helmet32 Motorcycle Helmets (Rare): Armageddon Stan Dish Out Justice OR Neil Goldman Take Care of Business
Hair Wax8 Hair Wax (Extra Rare): Rekt Capitol (Stockpile Tanker)


Mutant Human RupertMutant Human Rupert (Character): 200 Clams, Fully Tasked, Comes with a Questline, 6hrs Task to drop Ornamental Skulls



Mr. Ciggy  Mr. Ciggy: 225 Clams, +100CP on Placement, Earns 45 & 4CP every 8hrs, Always drops 10 Cigarettes

Mutant FortMutant Fort: 75 Clams, +80CP on Placement, Earns 45 & 4CP every 8hrs, Makes Mutants Spawn more

Crater WarheadCrater Warhead: 100 Clams, +25CP on Placement, Earns 30 & 2CP every 4hrs, Always Drops Smoke Bombs

Armageddon Stan's TrailerArmageddon Stan’s Trailer: 200 Clams, +80CP on Placement, Earns 70 & 8CP every 16hrs, Adds +4 to your CAPACITY to your Neutralizer

Cure Dart Plant Cure Dart Plant: 165 Clams, +50CP on Placement, Earns 45 & 4CP every 8hrs, Always drops Cure Dart




Once you start into Phase 2, Bonnie will trigger an offer for Clams and Materials for Phase 2.

Smoking Guns
Bonnie Starts

Get 18 Smoke Bombs when you buy $9.99 (USD) or more worth of Clams

For those of you that may want Clams for the Event and to get some Materials to help you out in the Event, keep an eye out for the offer. You will have 2 days to decide to take the offer once you trigger it. Let me know if yours varies from this one.



Mutant Stewie Egg Piles

Stewie Eggs will begin to appear in Quahog once you begin the Phase 2 Main Questline, Peterpocalypse Again Part 1. I had 4 piles of them drop into my Quahog Roads not long after starting the New Questline, complete with a tentacle wiggling out of the pile.

Once you start to see them, all you do to “Clear” them is tap on them… but know… as soon as you tap on them you will release lil Mutant Stewies into your town. WOOHOO!

Reward: Clearing them gave me +2 CP and ONE Mutant Stewie popped out (though more spawned and ran every direction on the roads at the same time).



Giant Stewie

After tapping on the Stewie Eggs, you release lil Mutant Stewies into your Quahog. In order to clear them, you will need to launch Smoke Bombs at them.

***SIDE NOTE*** for those that already have Mutant Stewie the Costume, just remember if he is wandering around that you can’t bomb him. Trust me, I tried… errr… I thought he was one and wasted some Smoke Bombs on him. Lol.

The “Detonator” for the Smoke Bombs can be found in the lower right corner of your game. Tapping on it will bring up the Target Screen. Once you have as many of the Mutant Stewies as you’d like as close to the Center of the sights, Launch a Smoke Bomb by tapping on the Detonator. You will then take out those in the center target area and get your Reward.

Tapping on them will stop them temporarily while they Ink you. Lol. FYI, even though one spawned out, MORE started to run amok all over town. They did NOT stay on the path or to the roads. They will scatter. Corral them the best you can to get the most with one Smoke Bomb.

Smoke BombSmoke Bombs: Clevemire Fold Their Weird Laundry OR Crater Warhead (More noted in FAQ but not verified as I played through, reported) FIXED 4/15 Buddy Cianci Junior High OR Furniture Store

You can also just purchase them for Clams from the Shopping Cart Menu.

12 Smoke Bombs: 130 Clams
24 Smoke Bombs: 245 Clams
36 Smoke Bombs: 340 Clams


MUTANT STEWIE REWARD: Chance Cigarettes (I got +2 and +6 for Bombing 1-2 Stewies), Chance Lambswool Cloaks (I got +3 from one Bombing of 1-2 Mutant Stewies)



Mutant Human

These will begin to appear after Peterpocalypse Again Part 4 (or sooner). You will need to create items in the Neutralization Station to clear them (Cure Gun). Essentially it is one of your Characters being taken over and turned Mutant. No worries, if you Character is taken over, they will still continue on what ever task they were currently on. You will just need to Cure them to be able to get the Check Mark to clear the Task.

Just like the Mutant Goldfish, you will place the Cure Gun in FRONT of the Target (aka Mutant Humans) and wait for the Mutant Human to turn PURPLE. Once it is purple, tap the Check Mark to Launch the Cure Gun and take out the Mutant Human.

Reward: Chance of +10 Cigarettes



Neutralization Station

You will find this on the Left Side of the Event Area. It looks like a wrecked airplane. Much like previous Events, here will be where you create an item to help you out in the Event. Each item will require specific Materials and time to create it. Once created, you can use it once.

There will be a CAPACITY (how many TOTAL you can have in Queue and complete in your game). My Game Capacity started with 8. You can increase it if you want +4 by spending Clams on Armageddon Stan’s Trailer.

There will be a QUEUE (the MAX amount of items you can craft at a time). My Game Queue was 6 items total can be crafted at a time, up to Capacity.

The NEW Item added to the Neutralization Station is the Cure Guns to create.

Cure Dart GunCure Gun: Will require 1 Cure Dart to create and 45 minutes to craft.

Cure DartCure Dart: Stan Burn Some Wood OR Peter Eat Other People’s Rations OR Neil Goldman Start Post-Apocalyptic A.V. Club OR Herbert Bathe in Dirty Puddles OR Sidewalk Joe Get Blocked OR Cure Dart Plant



Power Plant Gates

Tapping on the Gates will tell you how often your “bad guy” will spawn, like the Mutant Goldfish. It will also tell you when the next Upgrade for the Event (Phase 3) will hit along with how many Crisis Level Points you will need to access the content.

Phase 3 right now will require you to hit Crisis Level 8



Twinkly Trading Post

You will find this on the Left Side of the Event Area. It looks like a thrown together Building with lots of “Twinklies” outside. Here is where you can Trade Event Materials collected for the Event Currency Twinkles. Twinkles will be used to purchase items at the Stockpile Tanker. This will be your main source of Twinklies.

Here are the Exchange Options I saw in My Game in Phase 2 (they randomly appeared in no particular order). Yours will vary, but feel free to comment yours below:

50 Water BottleWater Bottles: 5 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies (leftover from Phase 1)

10 Water BottleWater Bottles AND 15 CigarettesCigarettes: 6 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies
12 Water BottleWater Bottles AND 17 CigarettesCigarettes: 6 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies
14 Water BottleWater Bottles AND 19 CigarettesCigarettes: 6 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies
17 Water BottleWater Bottles AND 20 CigarettesCigarettes: 6 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies
27 CigarettesCigarettes: 8 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies
30 CigarettesCigarettes: 8 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies


Water BottleWater Bottles (Always): Clear Mutant Goldfish OR Help Chris Recover from Radiation Sickeness (requires Clevemire) OR Endless Water Tower

CigarettesCigarettes: Bomb Mutant Stewies (Chance) OR Return a Mutant Human back to Normal (Always) OR Mr. Ciggy (Always)


Stockpile Tanker

You will find this on the Right Side of the Event Area. Here is where Buildings/Decorations for the Event can be purchased with Twinkles. Prizes here will have to be unlocked in order. In other words to get to the LAST item, all the items in front of it have to be purchased first.

FYI- Per TinyCo, the “CHANCE” drops mean they can drop 0 OR 1 OR 2 of that item. Just keep that in mind. They are NOT guaranteed drops.

Here are the new items in the Stockpile Tanker for Phase 2

Build A Mutant BearBuild-A-Mutant-Bear Studio (Building): +25CP on Placement, Earns 60 &3CP every 12hrs, Chance of x2 Holy Hand Grenades
26Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies


Destroyed LibraryDestroyed Library (Building): +43CP on Placement, Earns 40 & 2CP every 6hrs, Chance of x2 Beard Trimmers
46Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies


New Quahog City HallNew Quahog City Hall (Building): +39CP on Placement, Earns 35 & 1CP every 5hrs, Chance of x2 Codpieces
41Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies


Mutant Egg HatcheryMutant Egg Hatchery (Building): +57CP on Placement, Earns 45 & 2CP every 8hrs
60Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies


Mayor Peter StatueMayor Peter Statue (Decoration): +55CP on Placement
58Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies


Rekt CapitolRekt Capitol: +68CP on Placement, Earns 20 & 1CP every 2hrs, Chance x2 Hair Wax
72Twinklies Twinkly Twinklies


Armageddon StanArmageddon Stan Smith (Costume): If you do NOT own Stan Smith already, his Costume will come with him as a Character to. +114CP on Unlock, Once you have him you will go to Al’s to complete his Costume for 1 second. His Helmet Task is 4hrs
120 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

TIMER WARNING!!! Once you unlock the Prize in front of the War Truck (Armageddon Stan), ANYTHING that brings you back to the Stockpile Tanker (Quest, Tasks, ANYTHING) will start the War Truck’s ONE DAY TIMER! Proceed with caution and take your time getting the items you need before triggering his timer if you want the War Truck. Remember, these timed items are optional. It is your choice to try for them, or you can opt to skip them if you would like and just keep working towards getting a hard start on the next Phase.

War TruckWar Truck (Decoration): +350CP on Placement, Gun fires when Truck is tapped
260 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies


There you have it, the Basics to at least get you started in Phase 2. I will update a few more items as I finish running through the Event in my game, but the overall idea is there.

What do you think of it so far? Did you have some Twinklies stashed to start into Phase 2 with? What do you think of the new items? Any that you are most interested in? Let us know.


375 responses to “Boomsday Phase 2 Is Here! UPDATED

  1. I am a little behind still on week 2 trying to get to the Stan costume if I unlock it do you have to collect items to create the costume? or is it automatic also I don’t have the Stan character yet will he need to be unlocked as well or will he be already unlocked?


    • If you collect the Twinklies, you will need to go to your Inventory first and pull out the Character Stan Smith and place him in your game. Then you will go to Al’s for his Armageddon Costume. That’s pretty much it.


  2. Does Mutant Human Rupert give you regular Human Rupert or is it a different character? I haven’t bought regular Human Rupert yet so I was thinking of buying the Mutant one to get him!


  3. None of my characters have turned into mutants so I can’t use my neutralizes and I can’t make more nets or anything. What am I doing wrong?


  4. I just used 120 twinklies for Armageddon Stan and went to Al Harrington’s, but it says costume locked and need to get Stan first. I don’t see him available to unlock. I thought he was included with costume. I also updated and remains the same. Could this be happening because I’m still collecting for apocalypse Peter since you can only create one costume at a time?, Once I complete that, will I be able create Armageddon Stan? Please help, Thanks!


  5. Is there any use for the war truck or is it just a decoration?


  6. I had 2 Stewie Sphinx from an older event … NOW THEY’RE GONE … There’s one coming up … but that’s not fair … lock them but that’s not right to remove them.
    Pees me off. Grrr .. TC


  7. I inboxed Tiny Co about the spawn/drop ratio also.

    Hey, did the WAR VEHICLE after Stan have anything special function?
    Sorry if this showed again.
    It’s giving me an odd message when I post.


  8. Loving the game so far but just wondered what others were experiencing in terms of Cigarette drops from mutant Stewies.. With my last 6 smokebombs I’ve killed 8/8/8/8/4/5 Mutant Stewies (41 total) and received a grand total of 4 ciggies. It’s kinda limiting my chances of progressing any further. Anyone else getting similar drop rates? I’ve reported it to Tiny on the off-chance it’s a bug.


    • Exact same for me, probably gonna miss out on commander Jesus because of it. I messaged them too, I’ll update if I hear anything back.


    • I commented the same thing two days ago. Thankfully I stopped getting ZERO Cigs and atleast got 1 or two every time. I started not going for any combos over 5 because of I knew I’d only get 1-3. I just got enough to get Stan and have just enough time to do his two 6 hour jobs to get Jesus. I’ll be missing out on the hard tank though


  9. The last 5 or 6 times I smoked out stewies (at least 3-6 every time) has dropped nothing or only 1 cigarette each time. I know it’s random, but seems like something broke :S


  10. Also noticed on my refresh that eggs have a beam now making it easier to find them as well as broken up roads 😀


  11. Is Mutant Rubert a skin or an actual new character?


  12. Not sure if this was mentioned but I noticed green wavy stink lines coming off 2 patches of stewie eggs that were hiding behind my stop n shop. They must have been there for days since I destroyed my roads on Saturday. Fyi: for those of you who don’t have Stan as a character yet, he doesn’t drop darts until he is a level 6!!!


  13. Any idea when TinyCo will address the problem with the Middle School not dropping gas bombs when it has the destroyed skin?


    • It’s not a “problem”. Just take the skin off for now.


    • Well, actually it is a problem. I doubt that TinyCo intended that the bombed out junior high skin couldn’t be used during the event without sacrificing the smoke bomb drops. It’s a programming glitch, they just aren’t giving it priority for fixing since it doesn’t prevent us from playing. They should update their faq to include it in known issues and/or issue a warning about it under smoke bombs.

      Love that they are beginning to realize that so many of their players aren’t well-coordinated enough to struggle with aim and shoot (the smoke bombs practically aim themselves and Stewie helpfully freezes until the bomb reaches him) and are fast becoming blind as bats (hence the green plumes rising from egg piles now). When I first saw the green plumes, I had been away from the game for about seven hours and thought “Oh, no! My eggs rotted! Ate the baby mutants dead inside? Have their ciggies disintegrated?” Whew. The only real change is that cloaks are no longer dropping for me (have them all) so now sometimes I get zero drops from the eggs and it’s more obvious.


    • Keep checking as timer still counts down and drops bombs even with skin on take it off for the gas bomb then put it back on thats what ive been doing for days


  14. Bunny, i have already collected all of the 100 lambswool cloaks for Commander Jesus, but they continue to drop when i bomb Mutant Stewies. I don’t need anymore lambswool cloaks, I would prefer that they just drop cigarettes. Have you heard anything about this from TinyCo?

    Also, do you know how long Stan’s task takes for Commander Jesus. I might have Armageddon Stan unlocked with less than a day left and am wondering if I will have time to complete his task x2.

    Thanks again for all of your insight!


    • I’ve answered this many times. Including the Mutant Stewies post. 😉

      They’re coded to drop regardless. If they stop that option it’ll mess up players that have not got Jesus yet. It has absolutely no impact what so ever on the cigarette drops. Those are on a separate coding. Even if they removed the lambswool… you’d still see the exact same cigarette results. That won’t change anything


  15. Any news on phase 2 weekly challenge bunny? I assume it’ll be bombing like 40 mutant stewies in 3 days


  16. Did we have an earthquake? :-O All of a sudden my roads are all broken up! I have a bad feeling about this…. 🙂


  17. I have a question about Commander Jesus. I know people have accidentally triggered him but I’m not sure if I have. I can see him in my game with a lock over his head but there is no timer. Am I still safe? And do I have to click on him before Phase 2 ends or before the entire event is over?


    • As long as he is still locked and no timer, you are fine. Once you see the timer, he has started. You have til the end of the Event or the timer… what ever comes first.


  18. I bought Mutant Rupert. I missed the timer for Sidewalk Joe. The 2nd task in the questline for Mutant Rupert requires I have Sidewalk Joe. I’ll never be able to continue or complete the questline without him, do you think they will be able to fix or remove this? It seems unfair to require a rare character to complete a questline.


  19. Hi Bunny, Has phase 2 challenge hit yet? I have a lot of active quests so wondering if I need to get rid of some first or it just hasn’t come yet. And do you know how long (generally) it takes TinyCo to reply? Messaged them about needing sidewalk Joe (but no longer obtainable) for mutant human Rupert quest on Friday but haven’t heard anything yet. Thanks.


    • Usually hits in evening TinyCo time on Mondays.

      Response time varies on current rush of messages to them currently. Could be few minutes, hours, or days.


  20. I used that tip of your to move buildings around. My eggs were hidden behind the the buildings.



  21. I bomb multiple stewie eggs and I get maybe one or two items, is this normal?


  22. When phase 2 hit did anyone else have characters disappear? My Consuela was roaming my town and now I can’t find her anywhere. I tried the search by facespace and it takes me to a spot in my town but I still don’t see her.ive checked all the buildings around the area too. I messaged tinyco in game but haven’t heard back yet


    • What about your Characters icon in top left corner? Is she not in the list? What buildings/decorations are nearby where it takes you?


      • I’ve finished collecting all the materials for Commander Jesus but still have to collect a lot of Twinklies to get the last building and then Stan. But the unlock symbol on Jesus says I can get everything I need to complete him for just 75 clams. Likewise his Stan’s task icon (two attempts to carefully use the bathroom, i think 6 hour tasks each) also says 75 clams and that seems to be for the entire requirement (two tasks). So those numbers are consistent.

        I assume that means if I run out of time to get Stan and do his tasks before the timer runs out – I can bypass that requirement entirely for 75 clams to unlock the Commander, which isn’t a bad price for a new character. Then I can continue to trade with that pirate Twinkly the Kid (don’t be fooled by his friendly wave and pockets of creme-filled cakes, he has us all by the short hairs and knows it) to actually get Stan as a character?

        I won’t know until I get Stan placed if speeding up one or two of his tasks would be a cheaper option, but 75 clams for the Commander ain’t bad. And that would relieve the pressure to get all those Twinklies by the deadline.

        Can someone verify that I’m interpreting the 75 clam unlock offer for the Commander properly? I’ve never used clams for such things before, but clam TV is making me feel rather 1%-ish.


    • There’s no icon in the left corner. If takes me to the middle of the street between my founding fathers, Geronimo’s palace and strip club. It doesn’t even pan around like it will when it follows walking characters and I’ve clicked through facespace a lot to see if it’ll change locations as if she’s moving but invisible but it takes me to the same spot. I’ve checked all my mutants to see if she was added but I still can’t find her 😦


    • You’re awesome 🙂 she was a mutant frozen behind a building. She’s been missing for a few days lol


  23. Is there any tricks to raise the crisis level? I’m still on level 3 and my meter hasn’t moved much in two days.


  24. Had plenty of water bottles from phase 1 but didnt trade them in thinking would need them for Phase 2, wish i’d just stock piled a load of twinklies!



    Is it possible to opt out of the boomsday part of the game?


  26. Anyone have an issue where no more mutant Stewies are around?


  27. stephen zumbach

    So what’s the trick to get more darts? I seem to never have more the 1 in queue to be made because every other character is zombie, and if I release em, within hour, they transmute again. I am level 19 and it’s like all progression has stopped


  28. Is there any characters not being used for items in this event that can become Mutant Humans? I’m thinking if there are and I can bring them out of the inventory/tan lines there’s less chance of characters I need being taken over.

    I currently have 7 occupied most of whom were earning items for Peter/Jesus or nets.


  29. I have 16 bombs saved up because I can’t find the eggs that spawn the mutant stewies. They should give us a locater or something so we can find these easier because I’m loosing time in commander Jesus by not getting the lambwools


  30. No more Steele eggs are appearing. Deleted roads to narrow the search but there are none. How are u guys getting twinkles so fast? Thanks!


  31. Mistakenly started the timer for Master Commander Jesus because I thought it was a skin and not a new character and I was trying to start the new content and close down the game for the night before reading here because it arrived so late Thursday night. So now I am fighting the clock. But my issue is turning the characters who are on those 12 hour tasks that keep turning into mutants. I find myself turning them back two and three times during the 12-hour task time. That kind of seems unfair. I also have had several times where Mort specifically does not return to his task and I have to start him all over again. I don’t think I will make it anyway, but I am trying. A character should only be turned once in a task cycle. I would think that is fair. Rough enough they turn critical characters but to have them keep turning the same ones during that 12-hour task cycle makes it tough to get any traction.


    • Note of advice, once they turn back… do not touch them. If you do, it may prevent them from returning to their Task area. Let them quick walk back to where they were.

      I saw this in past events. Players immediately tried tapping on turned back Characters essentially cancelling their task instead of allowing them to walk back.


      • Ok Bunny. Thanks. Didn’t think I was doing that since I never know if they are done with their task once I turn them back but maybe I have a heavy finger. Still wish it was the toilet paper tasks that got turned and not for item drops. But I should be used to this by now,


    • I set timers for each useful character that mutates in my Nag program. As soon as I cure them and collect and reset, I set their timer. Once the timer goes off, I either cure them or just shut it off if no syringe is ready yet (which tells me it’s ready to be cured). Before I cure anybody, I check my timers to see who is ready to drop something first, and wait until they are. You can do this with a simple list such as in a Notes file also. There really isn’t any way to know where they are in their task cycle otherwise unless you have such a good memory you shouldn’t be playing this game but running off to Vegas to pick up a fortune counting cards in your head at the blackjack table… I now just have timers for Jerome and Lois (nets for the fish), but before I finished collecting materials for Commander Jesus the crucial ones were Mort (grenades) and Carter (trimmers) and Bonnie (pocket knives for Neil).


  32. Usually I’m not the kind of player that complain (also because I’m a freemium player) but this second phase is impossible to play the trading post is inaccessible, I have almost 400 water bottles and 0 cigarettes and per day I can craft from 12 to maximum 18 twinkles.
    C’mon tiny co change the trading price to 3 max 6 cigarettes or make the character drop more cure darts
    Sorry for that Bunny 🙂


    • Monique symonds

      If u have any smoke bombs use them on the little mutant Stewie eggs, I get between 20-40 cigarettes a day just from this alone, sometimes more, just make sure you get them in a group of 6-9 at a time I found gives at least 8-10 cigarettes payout.


  33. Hi I am thinking of getting mutant human Rupert but is it worth the 200 clams


  34. I am seeing something in my game I do not think I have seen mentioned, but every now and then, for the last couple of days, a guy in a suit is walking on my roads, when I first tapped him to find out who he was, he disappeared, dropping 15 regular game coins. Is this part of tan lines, as he doesn’t seem like part of this event.


  35. I’ve asked them and now I’m trying this to pool our community to ask TC to PLEEEASE allow us a water bottle ONLY trade-in option. I completely understand they want us to use new materials (cigs) to trade in for twinklies, but now that I have over 350 water bottles and still earning them, I think it sort of stinks that they remove this option from players rather than ADD additional options to trade in during phase two. I (like MANY others) inadvertently triggered Commander Jesus’ timer through Peter’s outfit at Al’s and I’m currently trying to earn 60 twinklies for the Egg Hatchery thing. If you add up all the twinklies needed from there till Stan it will take around 310 twinklies to unlock Stan and hopefully there will still be time to perform his action twice to unlock Jesus. A water bottle option would def help with this and I’m still not sure I would be able to collect enough to unlock Stan and Jesus but it would be more doable. When phase two hit, those of us with extra water bottles were ‘punished’ by them removing the option instead of them simply adding another option. I play multiple times a day, and I highly doubt I will be able to unlock phase two content bc of poor option choices for twinklie trade ins at this point. So, if you read this and would like the option we had in week one to reappear in order to make the game run more smoothly (and fair IMO), then please message TC in your game and politely request they reinstate the water bottle option for twinklies again. Thank you for your time and effort in this! We are all in it together! All-One!

    And thank you VERY much to Bunny for her immense dedication, time, energy, money, and giving spirit helping me for sure and likely many MANY others that visit this site. Bunny is the bestest!!!


    • Lol… thanks so much. And FYI… I did ask them too already when the new phase hit about the Water Bottles only option. 😉


      • Thank you so much, Bunny! I feel they like/appreciate your experienced feedback a little more than everyone else’s, lol. It just doesn’t make any sense to me honestly. I mean, I would theoretically be earning the prize before Stan and he is still another 120 after that, so it’s a LOT of twinklies! Way more than the first page required!


    • I totally agree!! Every event like this I end up with extra things that are useless after a certain phase ends, BUT you are still earning them!?!


      • I know! Plus, have you noticed that 13 cigs + # water bottles equals 6 twinklies, 17 cigs + # water bottles equals 6 twinklies, 21 cigs + # water bottles equals 6 twinklies, 23/25/27 cigs + # water bottles equals the SAME 6 twinklies?!? Isn’t this bizarre? Lol…to me it is. :/


  36. I think it’s been mentioned already, but build as many furniture stores as you can. It helps alot with the Smoke Bombs. I’m building my 6th and 7th as we speak! 🙂


  37. Any advice on how to quickly find Stewie eggs behind buildings, etc?


    • Keep roads to a minimum and only in visual areas. Otherwise it’s hide n seek


      • Eggs have been appearing off roads for me when I had just one little road patch in a maze. It’s possible they were dropped when I temporarily deleted the road patch to zero in on a mutant. They seemed to be dropped on little sidewalks that are part of a building, suggesting that was the only road they could find. One clutch of eggs was on the high school off the second floor! I gave up on the road patch idea since I’m generating a lot of smoke bombs with furniture stores. Too much trouble since I have to select from a milling crowd of mutants to cure the vital ones.


  38. I can’t find Armageddon Stan Smith. I have the character already but I can’t find the Armageddon costume anywhere, lil help please? Would love to be able to unlock Commander Jesus!


  39. Does the option to trade in just water bottles ever reappear, am accumulating a lot of them for no use, apart from when they are used with ciggies


  40. Hi Bunny. I’ve tried multiple times buying and placing the build-a-mutant-bear workshop but my game crashes each time. I’ve stored every animated thing in my game, closed all other apps on my phone including hard closing my game and am playing on super fast wifi. I’ve messaged TinyCo but of course they don’t respond. Now I’m stuck because I can’t move along the questline. Do you have any suggestions?


  41. Hi Bunny, do you think it’s worth it to obtain the dart factory? I only have Peter getting darts because I still need Herbert to get acne cream for Neil and I have 6 characters as mutants. Also, I got mutant human Rupert and part 2 of his quest needs sidewalk Joe, who is no longer obtainable : /


    • Message TinyCo on Questline issues.

      As to Darts, I’m hoping more options come. Sending my feedback to them. In meantime it’s up to you to spend Clams if you feel it’s critical and won’t regret the purchase later.


  42. Thanks to your help, and with commander Jesus not showing up at first in my game when phase 2 hit, I have yet to trigger him. So that means that the mutant build a bear studio and bombed out library with beard trimmers won’t drop his needed items until he is triggered. But do the lambskin blankets still count towards the 100 needed for him when I bomb mutant Stewies?


  43. Bunny please help.

    48hrs now and no more Stevie eggs have appeared. Idk what to do. I had the initial 6 egg clutches I even bought the 9.99 in clams for smoke but now I can’t use them because none are appearing. It just keeps saying if you wait more will appear and make sure your gate is level 2 which it is.

    Anyone else seeing this????? What should I do?


    • Mustang Stewies won’t appear until you to the eggs. So until eggs appear you’ll keep seeing the Mutant Stewie message.

      I ask this… where are your roads? Do they lead behind buildings and Decorations? We’re they obstructed in view by other objects? If so, you’re going to have to start a hide and seek trip around your town. Look around EVERY road for small egg piles.

      Move objects to see if they’re hidden behind them

      In future try to keep your roads in only visible places if possible. At least for this Event.


      • My roads are everywhere but are able to be seen from all angles. Even when I click on the item commander Jesus needs from then it says no mutant Stewies are around , more should appear soon make sure your power plant gate is level 2 . It did even take me to the egg batches when it initially had them for the quest.

        Which it is. I am at a loss no egg batches are appearing anywhere, now 72hrs I only have 9 items of the 100 Jesus needs because there’s no Stewies spawning .


        • I will try to say this again, you CAN’T get Mutant Stewie’s to just appear. To get Mutant Stewie’s, you have to tap on piles of EGGS. So not matter how many times you tap on “GO” for MUTANTS…. it will not take you to the EGGS. They are two totally separate items. The Stewie’s do NOT spawn. The EGGS spawn. You need to check your streets for piles of EGGS. Once you get the Spawns of EGGS (they come in batches of 5 or 7 piles of Eggs at a time in my game), then you tap the EGGS…. THEN and only THEN will Mutant Stewie’s pop up and start running around crazy. THEN you can tap on “GO” to find the Mutant Stewies. Make sense now? 🙂

          Short story long… look for EGGS. 🙂


  44. Hey Bunny! Any word on what the War Truck is? A deco or a “building”? Will it pay out anything to help? I accidentally triggered the timer on Commander Jesus and don’t want to risk not getting him due to not retrieving Stan to avoid triggering the timer on the truck.
    Thanks again for all you do!


  45. Bunny,
    All my important people have turned into mutants, even the ones that make darts. So I can’t cure them or get more darts. Any ideas shorts of buying darts or am I just stuck on the event. I have 8 mutants right now and they all make darts or Jesus parts. Getting frustrated.


    • Which ones turned?


    • Multiple issues, I’ve had mutant humans in my game for 30+ hours, yet just unlocked Peterpocalypse Again Pt. 4 15 min ago. I was in the beta tan lines somehow, don’t know if that’s related or not. I think most of my dart makers too have turned mutant, hard to pin them all down to inventory them to make sure. I’m so far behind, haven’t got Niel, but triggered commander Jesus by accident within a couple of hours of part 2 being released.


  46. Anyone else with very low Beard Trimmers drop rates for Commander Jesus? I’m 2/24 and that seems way, way off for an uncommon item. Especially when you need 4 per day. Thus far the Destroyed Library has been worthless.


  47. Quick question. Should I pull my people from tan lines so they turn into mutants instead of my needed for the event people? Right now I have 8 mutants running around and they are all my people that make nets and darts. If I can’t make darts player can’t clear the mutants. Kinda a catch 22. Any suggestions and do you think that would help if I had more people out. Or is it a force you to buy darts from tiny co?


  48. Hey bunny do you know when the th phase 2 weekly challenge hits (part)


  49. Is Commander Jesus a skin? I don’t have everyday Jesus so that would be a factor.


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