Boomsday 101: Mutant Stewies

It’s the End of the World as we know it… and I feel… TOTALLY FREAKED THE FRAK OUT!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Our town is now going to be overrun with Mutant Eggy Weggies, Mutant Stewies, Mutant Humans, and DARYL??!! Oh wait, no, that was the OTHER show. Get back in the house Carl! GET IN THE HOUSE!!

Speaking of Eggy Weggies, in this post I will go over the Basics of the Stewie Eggs Piles and the Mutant Stewies.

Mutant Stewie Egg Piles Mutant Giant Stewie

Let’s take a closer look at these lil Mutant creepy crawly babies.

For more information on the Event, go to the Event Page HERE. 



Mutant Stewie Egg Piles

Stewie Eggs will begin to appear in Quahog once you begin the Phase 2 Main Questline, Peterpocalypse Again Part 1. I had 4 piles of them drop into my Quahog Roads not long after starting the New Questline, complete with a tentacle wiggling out of the pile. After that it seems a new one appears about every hour or several within 4+ hrs… up til I have about 7-8 Egg Piles MAX (at least that’s what I see in my game).

UPDATE 4/18: You will have a MAX of up to 8 in the game (verified). You can only release Mutant Stewies up to a MAX of 30 at a time. If you have 30, clear some out before tapping on any more Egg Piles. If you do not clear some Mutants out first and you are at MAX, then no more will Spawn when you tap the Egg Piles.  

UPDATE 4/19: Due to many stating “NO EGGS” flooding TinyCo, but TinyCo finding many eggs in the towns… they have added a “Visual” to the Egg Piles via the 1.21.5 App Market Update. A tall “steaming” green fog is now shining up from each Egg Pile. If you think you don’t have any Egg Piles, go looking for the Green Lights. 😉

Keep in mind, REALLY tall Buildings may still obstruct the view.

Green Steam Egg Piles



Mutant Stewie Egg Pile

They appear on the Sidewalks/Edge of Sidewalks of the Quahog Road patches, so look near all your Roads to locate them. Keep in mind they are smaller in size, so any Roads obstructed by Buildings or Decorations will make it hard to see the Egg Piles hiding.

If you removed Roads AFTER the Egg Piles spawned, you may want to go back to those sections and double check you didn’t leave Egg Piles behind. You can also use your “Place Roads” screen to see where all your Roads are in your game to make sure you check all locations.

Now it is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL for you to remove your Roads from your town to keep the Egg Piles to one area, just know that the less you have out in the open, the less time you will spend searching for Egg Piles.



Mutant Stewie Egg Piles

Just tap on the Egg Pile. Roughly 2-3 Mutant Stewies will then pop out along with +2CP. You have to move fast because the Mutant Stewies will too once released from the Eggs.



Minion Mutant Stewie 2

You will need to use Smoke Bombs to drop on them with the Detonator.



Smoke Bomb

You can find Smoke Bombs from the following …

ClevemireClevemire Fold Their Weird Laundry
QuagmireQuagmire Take a Radioactive Bath
Crater WarheadCrater Warhead
building_buddyciancijrhigh_Buddy Cianci Junior High
building_furniturestoreFurniture Store


You can spend Clams to purchase them from the Shopping Cart Menu…

Smoke Bomb12 Smoke Bombs: 130 Clam IconClams
Smoke Bomb24 Smoke Bombs: 245 Clam IconClams
Smoke Bomb36 Smoke Bombs: 340 Clam IconClams



First, you will need to collect the Smoke Bombs so you have some handy. Once you have collected some Smoke Bombs, locate some Mutant Stewie Egg Piles and tap on them. You will then see 2-3 Mutant Stewies run off from each Egg Pile. At this point, tap on the Detonator Icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

Mutant Stewie Detonator Button

Tapping on the Detonator Icon will bring up the Targeting Screen for the Mutant Stewies. In the Center is the Target itself, you want to ensure you have the Mutant Stewies as close to this area as possible to get as many as you can. Move the screen around with your finger untill the Mutant Stewies are in the Center.

If you have no Mutant Stewies loose in the game, the screen will tell you “NO MUTANT STEWIES RIGHT NOW!“. If you have no Smoke Bombs earned for them, the screen will tell you “NO BOMBS“.

Mutant Stewie Target Screen


If you have Mutant Stewies running around town, you will see the screen show “BOMB THE MUTANT STEWIES“. If you have Smoke Bombs, you will see the screen show “DETONATE“, which you tap to release the Smoke Bombs on the target.

Mutant Stewie Target Screen 2



Giant StewieMinion Mutant Stewie 3

***SIDE NOTE*** for those that already have Mutant Stewie the Costume, just remember if he is wandering around that you can’t bomb him. Trust me, I tried… errr… I thought he was one and wasted some Smoke Bombs on him. Lol. Probably best to keep him on his Toilet Paper earning Task to keep him out of the way.

For me, I am using my “Maze Methods” again for this Event. As the Egg Piles originate on the Roads, I have the Roads in the middle of those Mazes. Here is how my current one looks. You can see the ONLY 3 patches of Roads I have active in my game, each surrounded by a series of Mazes to force Mutants as well as other items into a specific walking path.

Bunny's Maze

Again, OPTIONAL. It is completely up to you if you want to make Mazes in your town.

Here are some additional Posts on Mazes. (LOOK, Same guys as this Event. 😉 )


Using the “Maze Method”, I just simply wait for a group of 2 or more Egg Piles to show up on one of my 3 Road patches in my Maze.

Mutant Stewie Eggs 2

Mutant Stewie Eggs

Then I quickly tap as fast as I can to release the Mutant Stewies from the Egg Piles, tap on the Detonator Icon, Center the Screen over them, and then Tap on “DETONATE” to launch the Smoke Bomb on the large group.

Mutant Stewies Bombed 2


The Smoke Bomb releases on the scattering Mutant Stewies. Those caught in it’s path stop moving, then the Reward(s) pops out while the smoke clears. The screen will let you know just how many you got with the Smoke Bomb. 15 is my best.

Mutant Stewies 12 Smoke Bombed


Latcher Mutant StewieMutant Stewie Squid 2

Now for those that do NOT want to bother with a Maze, that is just fine. You can still try to keep several Mutant Stewies in one area. Tapping on them will stop them temporarily while they “Ink” you. Lol. They do NOT stay on the path or to the roads. They will scatter. Tapping on them will also change the direction they are moving.  Tap on them, redirect them, and Corral them the best you can to get the most with one Smoke Bomb.

FYI, they are REALLY tiny, so you may not see them easily in your town. This is why I try to keep them to one area if possible. If you have the timer on Commander Jesus started, you can tap on the “GO” option under his Lambswool Cloaks for the Mutant Stewies to be taken to them.

Mutant Stewies in Quahog

UPDATE 4/18: You can only release Mutant Stewies up to a MAX of 30 at a time. If you have 30, clear some out before tapping on any more Egg Piles. 



Cigarettes Lambswool Cloak

Here is where it will really vary. My best suggestion is always try to take out as many as you possibly can. It seems the majority of the time, the MORE I got with my Smoke Bomb, the better payout.

Here are some of the Payouts I got in MY Games from Mutant Stewies, yours will vary.

Mutant Stewie 1 Mutant Stewies = 1 CigarettesCigarettes

Mutant Stewie 1 Mutant Stewies = Nothing


Mutant Stewie 3 Mutant Stewies = 3 Lambswool CloakLambswool Cloaks

Mutant Stewie 3 Mutant Stewies = 1 CigarettesCigarettes & 2 Lambswool CloakLambswool Cloaks

Mutant Stewie 3 Mutant Stewies = 2 Lambswool CloakLambswool Cloaks

Mutant Stewie 3 Mutant Stewies = 2 CigarettesCigarettes

Mutant Stewie 3 Mutant Stewies = 7 CigarettesCigarettes & 1 Lambswool CloakLambswool Cloaks

Mutant Stewie 3 Mutant Stewies = 1 CigarettesCigarettes & 1 Lambswool CloakLambswool Cloaks


Mutant Stewie 6 Mutant Stewies = 2 CigarettesCigarettes & 2 Lambswool CloakLambswool Cloaks

Mutant Stewie 6 Mutant Stewies = 3 CigarettesCigarettes & 2 Lambswool CloakLambswool Cloaks

Mutant Stewie 6 Mutant Stewies = 4 CigarettesCigarettes & 2 Lambswool CloakLambswool Cloaks


Mutant Stewie 9 Mutant Stewies = 5 CigarettesCigarettes & 4 Lambswool CloakLambswool Cloaks

Mutant Stewie 9 Mutant Stewies = 2 CigarettesCigarettes & 5 Lambswool CloakLambswool Cloaks

Mutant Stewie 9 Mutant Stewies = 9 CigarettesCigarettes & 4 Lambswool CloakLambswool Cloaks

Mutant Stewie 9 Mutant Stewies = 9 CigarettesCigarettes


Mutant Stewie 10 Mutant Stewies = 6 CigarettesCigarettes & 3 Lambswool CloakLambswool Cloaks


Mutant Stewie 12 Mutant Stewies = 7 CigarettesCigarettes & 4 Lambswool CloakLambswool Cloaks

Mutant Stewie 12 Mutant Stewies = 9 CigarettesCigarettes & 2 Lambswool CloakLambswool Cloaks


Mutant Stewie 15 Mutant Stewies = 5 CigarettesCigarettes & 5 Lambswool CloakLambswool Cloaks

The “Nothing” Drops seemed rare and mostly if I just got one or two Mutant Stewies. Other times were just repeats of those already listed above.

They also drops Crisis PointCrisis Points and Family Guy CoinCoins at times, I did not however keep track of those amounts as I was focused on the Cigarettes and Cloaks. Let me know what yours drop if you notice.



The easiest way to tell is just tap on the Detonator Icon. Like noted above…

If you have no Mutant Stewies loose in the game, the screen will tell you “NO MUTANT STEWIES RIGHT NOW!“.

If you have Mutant Stewies running around town, you will see the screen show “BOMB THE MUTANT STEWIES“.

If you have a Task for them or tap on “GO” from Commander Jesus Lambswool, you will see this Pop Up”NO MORE MUTANT STEWIES”.

No More Mutant Stewies

Now both options do NOT necessarily mean you have no way to Smoke Bomb any Mutant Stewies, it just means none are running around loose in your Quahog. You can still go looking for Egg Piles to release more Mutant Stewies into your Quahog to Smoke Bomb.

Mutant Stewie Egg Piles



  • Earn Smoke Bombs
  • Locate Egg Piles on your Roads
  • Tap on Egg Piles to release Mutant Stewies
  • Tap on Detonator Icon to access Target Screen
  • Center Target on Mutant Stewies
  • Tap DETONATE to launch Smoke Bombs
  • Get Reward(s)


There you have it, the overall idea of just how to get Mutant Stewies and the Lambswool Cloaks & much needed Cigarettes they are currently dropping.

Did this help you to better understand how to get them? What methods are you using that are working for you? Any tips you want to share with fellow Players? How many total have you Bombed with one Smoke Bomb? What kind of payouts are you seeing? Let us know.


81 responses to “Boomsday 101: Mutant Stewies

  1. I don’t have a detonate button, I can’t bomb the stewies


  2. I’m not even displaying a detonater. Have lots of bombs to clear out mutant Stewie. I cleared the recommended about to complete mission but after that…nothing.


  3. My detonator won’t set off the smoke bomb I have 30 mutant Stewie’s out with 20 smoke bombs available I don’t understand why it won’t work any ideas


  4. My detonator doesn’t work anymore. I hit the detonator icon, the UI slides off the screen for a few seconds and then comes back. I’ve tried reloading the game, resetting my device and hitting the detonator icon over and over but the aiming screen doesn’t come up.

    I did install an update for the game from the google store, it would have been after the week 3 content hit the game so maybe there’s some weird conflict somehow as I think the update has been there for a few days. I’ll reinstall in the morning if it still doesn’t work and see if that fixes things.


  5. I don’t have a detonate button. I have bombed the mutant Stewies before but have no idea how I got to the detonation part and now I know I have smoke bombs and Stewies running around but I don’t know how I’m supposed to get to actually bombing them.


  6. Does anybody else play in facebook? Just checking sth. I have an issue with bombs. It happened with the garlic bombs too. The first time I open the launcher, aim and detonate/launch, I have to wait 5 to 10 seconds for the smoke/garlic bomb to actually drop, meaning the mutants/bats are long gone by that time. For now I solve it by ‘wasting’ one bomb on an isolated wanderer trying to drop it where it will be so that it walks into the smoke, and I don’t close the game in the whole day (a pain, but it works). I’m curious about this thing. It’s happening on 3 different computers; I’m sure it’s not my RAM or anything pc-related. It didn’t happen when I shot Morts on my bf’s tablet (which it’s broken right now 😦 ), so it’s a facebook thing. Did anybody else noticed this?


  7. Mutant Stewies drop rate for cigarettes has just dropped dramatically! From 15 MS…..1 cigarette, 9 MS…. Zero 12MS….. Zero, ,5MS…. Zero, I was getting plenty until Wednesday started and I uploaded the newest update!


  8. Oh yeah, Stewie eggs are back, and easy to find. Thank you.


  9. Is anyone else having a problem where tapping the Stewie egg piles doesn’t work? I made some mazes and such, and I have been waiting till I have two nests near eachother so I can hit as many as possible after tapping them, but several times now I have tapped one and then been completey unable to get the other one to work. really frustrating. This has happened in multiple areas of my town now, so I know it’s not just a problem with that one spot. :/ And I know I don’t have over 30 Stewies running around, either. 😦


  10. Ever since the green light appears for the stewie egg piles, I have not had any cigs drop from clearing Stewies with smoke bombs. I cleared 4,6, and 8 with no cigs dropping.


    • They are not an Always drop, so it will vary. Try to get multiples of Stewies.


      • I just got 1 cigarette out of 18 Stewies so it’s a bit more than “drops varying”. There’s multiple reports of the same thing on Facebook since the update. I reported it. I encourage others to do the same.


        • I just got 3 from a pile of 10, 3 from a pile of 5 (one got away), and 1 from 3. Then nothing from the 4 stragglers I hit one at a time.

          I will continue to keep an eye on it, but it still seems random to me. Report any “issues” you see to them from your game too.


    • Ciggy drop definitely changed since green smoke. Now looks unlikely I’ll unlock Stan in time to unlock Jesus.


  11. Stewies spawn everywhere now! But a light glows and shows you where they are!


  12. COOL! New green smoke/steam rising up from the Mutant Stewie Egg piles! Should make it easy for all those people who have lost their piles behind buildings. 🙂


  13. Yes did report, I built one extra furniture store yesterday, and am wondering if the eggs stopped because there are two furniture stores? Tried putting one in inventory, but still no new eggs.


    • That won’t matter. I have like 8 of them and eggs still spawning. Combine you’re entire town. Every nook and cranny. They appear 1 about every 1 to 2 hrs


  14. There are no new Stewie eggs forming ever since the roads cracked.


  15. I haven’t had any egg piles in over 24 hrs. I’ve taken up roads and moved buildings but nothing. Have messaged tiny co but no response.


  16. Has anyone else’s game stopped producing egg piles?? Haven’t had any appear in 10-12 hours!


    • Yes, I noticed this in my game. I haven’t been in the game all day (nearly 24 hours) and suddenly my small patch of roads have a wrecked look to them and no mutant Stewies or egg piles anywhere in sight. I used the button that is supposed to take me to them and it says there are none currently in my town.


    • Here too.


    • Have not had any new Stewie eggs since the roads cracked, this is frustrating. Is there a glitch?


      • Mine are still spawning in 3 separate games. Check all over town to ensure you’re not missing a drop point.

        They only release 1 or 2 piles every 1 to 2 hours up to 8 Piles MAX


        • I check everywhere, found a couple behind buildings, but no new piles. I built one extra furniture store shortly after the roads broke up, is this why the eggs stopped appearing, are we not supposed to have two furniture stores? I did message in the game twice last night, no news.


  17. Why are the Mutant Stewies still dropping lamswool? I’m getting on average 3 or 4 wool to every one pack of ciggies for nearly two days now, and I haven’t needed them for the past 3 days…and with the depressive rate of crafting for round two-even with premium payouts, I don’t understand why the eggs aren’t dropping all cigarettes instead of dropping items that can’t be used?!?


    • It’s how it’s coded so players can stock up before triggering Jesus as well as after he is. If they disable it the way it’s coded right now… no one will get Lambswool. Bad bad bad thing. I’d prefer it be the way it is. Not hurting anyone. Doesn’t impact anything.


  18. I think the Stewies come three to a clutch of eggs, unless you have too many wandering around loose. I’ve been able to keep them pretty well under control, so I’ve yet to reach 30 loose, and yet to see fewer than three per clutch of eggs.

    My problem now is that I don’t see as many eggs spawning as before. In fact, only two in the four hours since the second weekly challenge popped up with its “Kill 150 Mutant Stewies” task. Coincidence? ^_^


    • I’ve noticed a slowdown in Stewie egg laying also. I think it did coincide with the challenge popup, maybe there’s a little conflict somewhere. They were appearing fairly frequently early Monday but slowed down sometime in the afternoon or evening for me. Yippee.


  19. Is there a certain level you have to be at to start bombing them? I’ve gotten smoke bombs but my only “kill” option is for the fish. I have so many stewies running around and have no idea what I’m doing wrong!! (iPhone, app is up to date)


  20. I’ve said this before, but I think the mutant Stewies are so! Danged! Cute! The new egg pile graphic with an errant tentacle is so adorable too. I wish they would never go away! Ooh, how cute would wallpaper of mutant Stewies be? And a plush mutant Stewie! Ooh, and little mutant Stewies breakfast cereal?

    That said, the little buggers haven’t dropped a single cigarette since my last comment, which is seriously frustrating. So now I’m just going to Leer them accumulate. I certainly don’t need any more lambswool or nothing, and they’re so freaking cute!


  21. Today I started getting a few 3 Stewies=10 Cigarette packs. But I’ve also seen about half the number of egg drops as in days past.

    Which is a shame since my Smoke Bomb GigaFactory is churning em out like crazy. I’ve currently got 50 Smoke Bombs just waiting.


    • Watch closely as I have noticed they will “stack”. Meaning one on top of another. You may see 3 but there may be six for instance. Also double check your road placement screen to ensure you know where all your roads are and one is not hiding (has happened to many before). Check any areas where a Road may have been before but not now due to you moved it and an Egg Pile may be missed.


  22. I haven’t seen any new egg piles show up in quite awhile- none today for sure, and possibly none yesterday? Anyone else having this problem? I’ve checked every road multiple times


  23. It’s unreasonable of TinyCo to make us either tear up our roads or hide our buildings to see these eggs. The eggs need to be programmed so they appear on unobstructed patches of sidewalk.


    • You do not have to remove Roads. That is your choice. It is the game you are playing. Family Guy has ALWAYS had a “Challenge” element to it. Finding Eggs is a “Challenge”. Programming an element in an event to be customized individually to over a million players is not possible. There is no way any game house could do that. So… they code them to Roads. You know where your Roads are, so it is easier for YOU to determine where they can be located. Just keep looking. 🙂


      • If people find the eggs hard to find how do they cope with the mutant stewies, now they are hard to find and just wish they were a bit bigger so they don’t get lost running around buildings.


        • Mutant Stewies are easier as you have “GO” options to take you right to them in Commander Jesus and the Cigarettes Material Drops “GO” in Twinkly Trading Post.


      • But in order to look, I have to either 1) move buildings to open plots of land and then look for eggs, and then remove the roads and put the buildings back, or 2) put all buildings that block roads into storage. That’s a cumbersome requirement to play the game that was easily foreseeable.


  24. my roads just turned ragged and crumbly!!! Lol Looks much more apocalyptical. very COOL!


  25. Is there a limit to the number of mutant stewies you can have in your town, just that I clicked on the eggs and nothing appeared from them.


  26. I got all the lambs wool things for commander Jesus and they’re still dropping from the mutant stewies, with less a n less cig drops. Once you’ve collected all the items for one thing I think the cigs should be the only drop. Wuwd


  27. I think they should have made the Mutant Egg Hatchery spawn Mutant Stewie’s. I’m seeing quite a few spawn through egg piles but it would be nice to increase cig productivity.


  28. Thanks for the maze screen shots, I was wondering what they looked like.


  29. I think 15 has always been the max total no matter how many over that amount you hit. I have also been using the maze method, but unlike past events the special area doesn’t form a wall, so I need to move my maze and add the forth edge.


  30. Already reached out for Tiny co, with no response, I accidentally hit Commander Jesus 1/2 hour after the 2nd phase went live so kinda been under the gun to earn his items, anyways I’m sitting at 87 of the item Mutant Stewie drops and haven’t seen a Mutant Stewie in close to 2 days. Any things I can try to get them to respawn? Thanks.


    • They come from eggs. Search your town for eggs piles. Every nook and cranny


      • I have if I tap on the bubble over Comm. Jesus it tells me to make sure the gate is level 2. And that they’ll re spawn but they haven’t.


        • See the post above… tapping on “GO” will NOT take you to the Egg Piles… only released Mutants. You MUST find the Eggs by looking around. Behind every nook and cranny. Find the Egg Piles first, then tap on them to release Mutant Stewies, THEN you can use “GO” to find the Mutants released from the Eggs.


  31. What does +2CP means? Thanks!


  32. To find mutant stewies in my messy quahog, I go into twinklies and click on the little triangle ⚠️ Above the cigarette🚬 box and than I hit the GO button next to the mutant stewie.


  33. I’m doing well with getting rid of these guys since I realised you can have multiple furniture stores. I build 2 every 6 hours and now have 14 of them providing more than enough smoke bombs several times a day. My problem now is not enough eggs lol 🙂


  34. 15: Better aim than Dick Cheney
    14: Drop it like it’s hot!
    13: something like… 13 can be a lucky nnumber ( I forget. 😛 )
    12: That’s a dozen!

    Has anybody gotten more than 15 at once? I kinda like seeing all the funny phrases, but despite 6 sets of 15s and a myriad of others, I just have not managed a 16 or higher yet. 😛


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