Trick or Treaters: Corralling The Kids

Update: TinyCo is currently looking into “fine tuning” the trick or treaters and stink bombs.  So bare with them while they see what they can do, to accommodate all of YOUR feedback!  We’ll keep you posted if we hear/see anything else 🙂

Hey there Minions. Getting annoyed at the lil kids? Trying to figure out how you can catch and Stink Bomb the lil Brats? Well I am here to help you out.

Trick or Treaters 1

Now that the newest Portal has been opened, crazy lil kids hopped up on sweeties are running mad around our lil Quahogs. Many are trying to figure out just what to do with them. How do we stop them? How on earth can you get the amount you need for the Challenge? Let’s break it down.

First some basic STATS for the Kids…

The newest Challenge in your quest to acquire Ecto-1 is to get Zuul’s Portal. In order to do that, you will need to clear 200 Trick or Treaters in 3 days. So here is my suggestion, this quest triggers by Peter shortly after you clear the initial 5 Trick or Treaters triggered by Joe. So hold off if you can, stock up on Stink Bombs, and get a Maze or strategy built to get as many as you can in one Stink Bomb Drop.

Trick or Treaters

The lil Trick or Treaters will spawn out of the Portal area with the changes to the spawn rates, they now also spawn on sidewalks. Where you are on FP Levels as well as Districts open  will determine your Spawn Rate on these kids. Expect to see at least 2 every 30 mins Minimum and up to 6 Maximum. The total amount you will see will be at least 8 Minimum Total and up to 48 Maximum Total in your Quahog at one time.

So this means the Levels you are on will impact the amount you see and the total amount running around after a few hours. For myself, I notice the FP Level impacted the spawns the most. So make sure if you are getting close to another FP Level, that you are prepared for more to come running out of the Portal and Sidewalks . If you are wanting to get the most out of each Stink Bomb…wait a lil while to let the kids pile up, then hit as big of a group as you can.

If you already hit your MAX and have them running round your town, no more will spawn out of the Portal/Sidewalks (no matter what the timer says as it is just set) until you clear the ones currently running around and no longer are at a MAX.

Stink Bombs


You will need to use Stink Bombs you collect to destroy the lil Kids. How do you get them? Here a the locations you can find them.

Creepy Stewie StatueDemonic Mystery Box-win a pack of 6
chris-Chris- Make Stink Bombs, 4hrs
Bonnieswanson-Bonnie- Make Stink Bombs, 4hrs
mortgoldman-Mort- Make Stink Bombs, 4hrs
jaketucker-animation-idlepic-001@4xJake Tucker- Make Stink Bombs, 4hrs

bruce-Bruce- Make Stink Bombs,4hrs

Pink Brian 2Pink Brian- Pretty in Pink, 4hrs
Slutty Cat MegSlutty Cat Meg- Punch Drunk Dance, 4hrs

AlienAlien- Chase Tail, 4hrs
12 Stink BOmbsPurchase Packs from the Shop (Available in packs of 1 (15 clams), 12 (150 clams) and 24 (250 clams).

Happy Go Lucky Toy FactoryHappy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory, ALWAYS drops 1 Stink Bomb every 6hrs


You have a mix of items you can win from Stink Bombing the Trick or Treaters. Here are some of the items you will see rewarded.

Spirit VialSpirit Vials

Candy CornCandy Corn

Occult BookOccult Books (If you are still creating Ghostbuster Joe)

Clam1 Clam


Now for some fun…

I tested this theory out last Event and it worked pretty well. This time around is a lil more tricky as the kids just go n go n go n go, so my best suggestion is to form a “Tunnel” effect and direct them all to a specific location. To do this, I made mazes. I used only supplies from the list of Halloween items you can currently get. I used a mix of them…all held up.

I started out by directing the “traffic” coming out of the portal area down into my maze. Then I routed them back and forth until the exited out. This gives me a focal area I can Stink Bomb and hit many at one time. You need an entrance and an exit. You also need to leave it wide enough to allow for walking room. Too narrow and it may force them to just walk on through it all and not follow the path. (I also have my town cut in half right down the middle at all times. This allows me to make a break point to funnel anything to the center.)

With the changes and update to the Trick or Treaters, they are now spawning both at the Portal and on your sidewalks. Due to this, the double maze can help. One to catch as they come out the top, the other to catch as they spawn out the sidewalk and/or to corral those that got away.

Maze 1


I also placed a maze at the other end to direct the Trick or Treaters that got away back into a maze formation to make them easier targets.

Maze 2




This is my lil game and the Maze I built around the main sidewalk (only sidewalk) area to help trap them and keep them to specific zones of my town. Bunny Maze



Now at first some of the kids WILL walk through the items, but as they get used to the new placement of items they will start to follow the newly set route. It will just take a lil patience to let them start to follow the paths.

MAze 3


There is another way you can hit many kids at once, but you will need to act quickly and have Stink Bombs at the ready. Stay out of your game for about 2 hours to let the kids pile up. Then go back in your game and immediately go to the edge of the Portal/Halloween area. As soon as you see the Trick or Treaters start to spawn, drop a Stink Bomb. Depending on YOUR spawn rates, you can get a good group of them this way. Some may still get loose and you will have to catch them in other areas in your town. They will stop occasionally to Spray Paint, but not for too long.

With the changes to the Spawn of Trick or Treaters, be careful as they now spawn on sidewalks too. So you have multiple points of attack to focus on. 

Trick or Treaters 2

After you do hit some, you will also see some silly phrases pop up. Here are a few.

Stink Bomb 0 Stink Bomb 1 Stink Bomb 2 Stink Bomb 3 Stink Bomb 4 Stink Bomb 5 Stink Bomb 6 Stink Bomb 7 Stink Bomb 8 Stink Bomb 9 Stink Bomb 10 Stink Bomb 11 Stink Bomb 15


There you go. A bit of a breakdown and some help for those of you trying to get these lil brats out of your game. Lol. Was this helpful to you? Have any tips of your own? Have pics of YOUR maze(s) that you would like to share? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.


222 responses to “Trick or Treaters: Corralling The Kids

  1. omg i hate them there so annoying and hard to kill but still love Family guy!!


  2. I can’t get the kids to stay in my maze. They keep walking through my items or cutting between buildings and red zone edges of the board. Do I have to use specific types of items as walls?


    • The width of the walk area will matter if it is too open or too enclosed. I usually leave about 3 squares wide. The length matters too. TOO long and you need more than one entrance/exit to it.


  3. Hello, sorry if I’ve missed it, but how do you get the candy corns? Is it only from killing trick r’ treater’s?


    • I get the majority of mine from the kids. Also the Maize Mega Maze. FYI…if you ever want to know where an item drops from….click on any brew item that has it…then tap the lil italic purple i in the ingredients box below. It will tell you where to find it. 🙂


  4. I liked the maze idea back at the Comicon event in the summer but could not figure out how to remove road/sidewalk. Any pointers on this or am I just blind and over looking an obvious button to press?


  5. My timer started before anyone figured this all out. I got screwed..Stink bombs times were too long, They were not dropping, and there were 200 kids needed. I have no chance for the Ecto1 at this point, since that I failed that timed challenge. This stinks. They should extend it…


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