Demonic Mystery Box

Hey there Minions. Having fun with the event yet? Can’t wait to get your hands on even MORE stuff? Well if you wanna take a bit of a risk, the Demonic Mystery Box is full of all sorts of goodies.

Creepy Stewie Statue

Another really frakkin sweet looking item I want in my town, but there is more to this one too. Tap on it and you will see a list of lots of prizes that can be won…for a price. So what does 50 Clams get you? Let’s break it down. Now you won’t get the payouts the same as your neighbor. These are all chance. As in previous boxes, once you won the main decorations you won’t get them again. You instead will be left with the Clams, Ingredients, Spirit Vials, and Stink Bombs.

CATACOMBS: Sits on a 3×3 block. Earns 10 Spirit Vials & 2FP every 8 hours. Cool decoration to add to a skull and bones themed area. No Animation. Catacombs



HAUNTED LIGHTHOUSE: Sits on a 3×6 block. Earns 15 Spirit Vials & 3FP every 12 hours. Looks just like the Lighthouse, just haunted. Lol. Covered in twines, webs, and mold. No Animation. Haunted Lighthouse



HAPPY-GO-LUCKY TOY FACTORY: Sits on a 10×10 block. Earns 8 Spirit Vials and 2FP every 6 hours.  Also, will always drop Stink Bombs. Reminds me of the Hospital. A very large simplistic building. No Animation. Happy Go Lucky Toy Factory



HAUNTED MANOR: Sits on a 7×9 block. Earns 20 Spirit Vials & 4FP every 16 hours. Quite an Amazing building to look at. Just like the one in your Halloween area. I really like it mainly for the look of it. No Animation. Haunted Manor



HEADLESS HORSEMAN: Sits on a 2×2 block. No animation currently. I wouldn’t mind seeing him toss his head. Maybe in the future. For now, he still is kinda cool to look at. No Animation. Headless Horseman


100 CLAMS: Of course anyone would want this prize. Lol. For myself, I got this the very first tap. It seemed to hit often after as well.




6 STINK BOMBS:  These cost at least 8 Clams to forward from a task if you are lucky to get one each time or 15 Clams each from the menu. So 90 Clams worth roughly.

Stink Bombs



8 BANSHEE TEARS: These cost at least 10 Clams to speed up through a task. So 80 Clams worth isn’t to bad.

Banshee Tears



8 LATCHER TALONS: These normally would cost you at least 10 Clams each to buy from one of the tasks, so 80 Clams worth isn’t too bad.

Poltergeist Claws


8 CANDY CORN: You can only get these currently from Trick or Treaters or buy purchasing the Maize Mega-Maze. So it is a pretty good prize to get.

Candy Corn




So there you have it. A quick break down of the items in the Demonic Mystery box. Whether YOU decide to chance your luck on these items is completely up to you. Spend those Clams wisely. Make sure these are items YOU would be happy with.

How many of you have tried your luck? What prizes did you get? Clams? Happy with the items? Get any of the cool buildings. Let us know.



26 responses to “Demonic Mystery Box

  1. Managed to get the Toy Factory my second time. It gives Francis an extra task (10 hours I think)


  2. Nothing at all 😉 There will always be only one genuine Bunny :-X


  3. Only fancied the factory as it will fit in with the other none hallowen buildings and the other stuff would have gone into storage after the event with some of my Egyptian stuff, as short of space, so thought hard about the clams and decided to give it a shot, and cannot belive it, won it first time so now not tempted to spend more. So now a happy Bunny. No not the other Bunny 😉


  4. Awesome I got the Haunted House and Light House but would like to try for the Factory. I didn’t understand what you meant on top but are you saying that if I already have an item, I won’t get it again and I’ll be refunded the clams for that try?


    • No. If you win, say the Headless Horseman…you will just get the one. He will disappear from the list of winnings once won. Same for the buildings. So once you get all the “BIG” prizes, only the regular items remain to get over n over (Though you can still get them inbetween the big prizes)


  5. Whatever TinyCo is doing with the odds on winning the cool stuff in the mystery boxes for this event is awesome! I spent a quit a bit of money during the Comicon event trying to win the Clamterpise to no avail… with this event, I won all the cool stuff from both boxes, and now I can purchase the other items when needed.
    The way they’re doing it now is perfect.


  6. The only thing I want really badly since i first saw it was the haunted house and it was the first prize I won and play this whole event. Woohoo, now I am a happy little boy.


  7. Either I got really lucky or the drop rate on these items was a lot higher…

    Tried 7 times:

    Got all the items, 1 set of clams, and 1 latcher talons.


  8. I enjoy how much better the prizes are and that it is much cheaper than the Brian mystery box. The Toy Factory should help me with the 200 kids. Is it weird we are ‘killing’ children?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe ‘killing’ is the wrong word. I am still thinking about minion Stewie. But why stink bombs on kids? I would rather have thought about throwing candy. Makes much better sense with candy.


      • This IS Family Guy. They like to kill and blow up everyone in the series. Lol. It is just silly humor that follows the same ideas and concepts as the TV Series. How many times did you let Mario or Link “die” in games on consoles? Lol 😉


    • I’m having a fun time with this. We’re not killing anything. Everything coming through the portal is either undead or not living in this world. The Trick-or-Treaters are probably just spirits taking on the appearance of kids. The stink bombs send them back to their dimension.

      Watch Ghostbusters again and get in the ‘spirit’ of the game!

      In the words of Dr. Ray Stantz, “Sir, what you have there is what we refer to as a focused, non-terminal, repeating phantasm, or a Class Five full roaming vapor. Real nasty one, too!”


  9. I want to see brians mother as a decoration, thought it would be pretty cool.

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  10. I broke down and decided to buy a couple. Got the lighthouse followed by 100 clams. I reinvested and won the factory right away. While the four stink bombs it drops each day will help some, I’m not sure it will be enough to get 200 trick or treaters by Sunday evening.


  11. I’ve managed to get all of the main prizes out, along with some Candy Corn, and 200 Clams. So in all I got really lucky with this one.


  12. I couldn’t believe my luck. Got every rare item right in a row, first five tries! Then I won some stink bombs for good measure!


  13. Not a fan of the 200 kids in 3 days task. It’s hard enough to get stinkbombs and I currently stand at 8/200 with 2 days to go.


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