Boomsday Weekly Challenge #1

Hey there Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Roly Polly Fish Heads… eat them up YUMMM!

I finally had the Weekly Challenge #1 appear in my game for the Boomsday Event. Take a look at the details below to see the details for the Weekly Challenge #1, Mutant Musings.

Mutant Goldfish

Weekly Challenges may not show up for all Players. They are challenging and may require Clams to be spent at some point to complete them, so they usually appear for Premium Players.

They are also completely optional. You do not have to take the Challenge and can just let it pass by if you so choose.


Mutant Musings Part 1
Cleveland starts

Check Out The Prize: Tap on “GO” to be taken to the Challenge Information Screen in the Event Hub. Β 
Clear 30 Mutant Goldfish: Each requires 1 Net Launcher. Tap on the Gates in your Event area to see the spawn time and amount (roughly 2 every 2hrs)

Completed Task Rewards: 12Crisis PointCP & 1 Rumble Dome


Rumble DomeRumble Dome (Building): Earns $35 & 1CP every 5hrs, sits on a 6×6 base


Make sure you start right away on collecting Nets and creating Net Launchers as you will need 30 of each total.

Net LauncherNet Launcher: Takes 1 hr to Craft, Requires 1 Net

NetNets (Always): Peter Go Fish OR Quagmire Get Fussed OR More Hoard Tchotchkes OR Lois Fight for Survival OR Jerome Salvage Sport Memorabilia OR Quahog Bait & Tackle Shop.

You will have to complete ALL 4 Weekly Challenges to get the Grand Prize at the end.

There you have #1 Weekly Challenge for the Boomsday Event. Don’t forget, as soon as you trigger the Challenge you will only have 3 days to complete it. This is completely optional, so your choice to make a go at it.

Are you going to give it a try? If you are, how far are you now? Complete yet? Close? Tips for other Players? Let us know.


40 responses to “Boomsday Weekly Challenge #1

  1. I am past this week timed event. Was easy.


  2. Do not upgrade to level 2 if you still have water bottles!!! You will no longer be able to trade them for twinkies alone…you will need cigarettes. I had 600 bottles saved up…now they are pretty useless. Almost enough to make me give up…I farmed those for three days.


  3. Well that hardly seems fair to players that use both free and premium Currensy. I’ve used clams this whole event and am caught up until probably Sunday and I haven’t had this challenge yet. I think that’s pretty crappy maybe I should think about spending my extra money on other things.


  4. Dear Bunny and addicts. Happy FGTQFS second anniversary!

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  5. I finished this challenge a couple days ago and forgot to pull my prize from inventory
    Strange that this week has been fairly easy ( no stress what so ever will finish the Joe skin later today would have had already if didn’t waste almost the first day trying to unlocked Tom Tucker) could It be that TC is finnally listening and acknowledging all the WTD gripes….. That would be…. Uh…. Hmm… I can’t even think of a word that would be?? Anyone??


  6. I got also a Quest called “Stayin’ Alive – Do whatever it takes” after finishing this Quest.
    Need following:

    Clear 42 Mutant Goldfish

    Have Clevemire Cure Chris of Radiation Sickness 6 Times

    Colled from the Moonshine Distillery 4 times

    Place 8 Trashcan Fires (thats where you need the toilet paper)


  7. How do I fortify the gate?


  8. I only need to Capture 7 More, I have 5 Launchers being made, and all characters producing nets. I finally win a challenge! (I did win the balloon things on Thanksgiving, but those were easy.)


    • I got it last night! I’m not really that impressed though… Maybe if they had some of those green fish inside beating each-other up. Or just getting the Green fish as a decoration. Just like how I really wanted those sheep in a GKIQ and We got them… Come on fish.
      On a non-post related note, I am really hoping we get mutant Stewie again. I didn’t get him the first time, and he is in the episode. (As well as on the loading screen.) I have a feeling we’re going to get him in a mystery box, which kind of makes me mad. I have VERY bad luck.


  9. Hello πŸ™‚ Great event. Can you plz help me with this glitch or whatever it is: [IMG][/IMG]


  10. i had this event 3 days ago, now peter has a new ! above his head, i also have a fish one of staying alive active (clear 42 mutants, cure chris 6 times, collect from moonshine 4, place 8 trashcan fires)

    kinda afraid to tap on peter as hoping it no a new trigger event.


  11. Hey bunny jsut wondering if you know if the costume for joe is worth getting? Does he have any quests for “stuff” or like most super premium characters that they dont help that much more (like bad trip stewie, and a few others). Im working on getting him, at 53 twinklies, trying to get him. Im thinkin of giving up on him and saving the twinklies for the next phase. But if hes useful in some way i will keep trying. Just curious because i want to get the moonshine distillery so i can get the materials for neil. Thanks in advance


  12. Anthony Toshach

    Has anyone figured out how many twinkies for neil goodman yet?


  13. Got it. Was very simple. I might even get Joe’s costume too before tomorrow’s content hits. Nice event!


  14. I’ve almost finished this challenge. The longest part of it is waiting for characters to make the nets to turn into launchers. Just stick to it and this challenge will go swimingly.


  15. Echoing what others said in previous posts, this event is very doable for players stingy with their clams. For the first time in a long time I’m caught up and awaiting the launch of phase 2. I’ll complete the challenge later today and have my characters ready to go tomorrow. Finally there isn’t a focus on one or two characters having to get the bulk of the items; drops are spread out nicely and that’s making it very enjoyable. I sincerely hope this isn’t just a one-time deal, but rather an effort by TinyCo to respond to player’s concerns. Either way, going great so far and keep up the good work on this site!


  16. 27/30 Mutant Goldfish cleared, and over a day to go! But I’m not going to jinx it by saying “No problem!”… just to be safe. DOH! Did I just jinx it anyway? (And am I allowed to say “DOH” on this site? ;-))
    And on a side note, I should complete my Daily Quest for Stuff with 20 minutes to spare… It is a good day! (And a good event, overall.)
    If my Pie-Day prize is in the mail when I get home…. that would make it a PERFECT day. πŸ˜€


  17. I dug up my road along the sea by accident and now it doesn’t let me place it close to the sea anymore?


    • Check for anything really small that would be in the way. Roads will only reach to a certain point and if anything is in the way, you can’t place it. They are in a very specific set grid.


  18. I finished it. My question is now that they produced all those water bottles, plus the staying alive challenge will make us clear 42 more. Should I save the water bottles or trade for Twinklies since I have everything I need from the stock pile? Will they be used for the next phase or will water bottles be needed?


  19. How come we cannot send the wrestling players I purchased from the last event to the tan lines resort? Right now I can’t fill up the first level because I have alot of characters getting items for the Boomsday event. Is this a bug or do you think they are meant to not go? Also, the tan lines stuff is not temporary right? So ideally I should focus on the Boomsday stuff first?


    • They are brand new to the game and were not complete when the District was being created. I am sure we may run into this with “New” Characters in the future too. It will take time to add them to availability. πŸ™‚


  20. completed it earlier today, its a lot easier than the other challenges in the past if you can just keep everyone going for nets all the time. (now i’ve said that next weeks will be harder)


  21. I’m past this and now on “Stayin’ Alive: Do Whatever It Takes”.
    I do want that Mad Max looking tanker grand prize. Hopefully, I can add it to my security team alongside the pumpkin carriage and 3:16 monster truck.

    “The Two Hundred are coming!”


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