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Peter’s Prehistoric Park Main Questline: Fossil Fueled & Week 1 Challenge


Once upon a time, TinyCo tested out their new Family Guy Game in a BETA version. At that time it had some cool looking Dinosaur Park Movie Themed items. However, once the game went live to all Players… the Dino Park was no more. But fear not, it looks like a bit over 2 years later the Dinosaur Park Theme is now live in our games once again in the form of an Event.

With the New Event of course comes a Main Questline that will take you through each Phase of the Event. For Phase One, that Questline is Fossil Fueled.

Peter's Prehistoric Park Promo Image

Let’s take a look at Fossil Fueled and all you will encounter along the way.  Continue reading

Boomsday Weekly Challenge #2 & More!


  • Mutant Stewie Eggs will now have a green smoke tower above them, so that they are easier to locate if they hiding behind buildings.
  • Mutant Stewies will spawn from the gate for players who are working on completing the second challenge. This is in addition to the Eggs. Once the challenge is completed, Mutant Stewies will stop spawning from the gate


Hey there lil Squidies!

Weekly Challenge #2 is in our games along with some extras for the Boomsday Event. Take a look at the details below to see the informationfor the Weekly Challenge #2, Mutant Musings and More

Mutant Giant Stewie Jeff's Van
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Boomsday Weekly Challenge #1

Hey there Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Roly Polly Fish Heads… eat them up YUMMM!

I finally had the Weekly Challenge #1 appear in my game for the Boomsday Event. Take a look at the details below to see the details for the Weekly Challenge #1, Mutant Musings.

Mutant Goldfish Continue reading


Hey there Storming the Castle Army!

Sorry I have been away a bit. Dang illness reared its ugly head and put me back at Doctor’s and I missed posting some info. I will play catch up as quick as I can to get these details out to you. There are new voices, a Magic Bean Task finally added, and Challenges started.

Let’s start with the Weekly Challenges that hit our game. Remember, this is OPTIONAL. Weekly Challenges can get very hard and at times, depending where YOU are in game play, end up costing Clams to complete. That is why they are OPTIONAL and mostly seen by only Premium Players, so do not be shocked if you do not see them.

Weekly Challenge #1: The Castle Walls Challenge!

Magic Bean Westley Black Knight Continue reading