New District: Tan Lines Overview

Hey there Island Hoppers!

A New District is now live to test out in some of our games. TAN LINES ISLAND RESORT.

This New District will utilize some Characters you may just have hanging out in Inventory Storage to earn some New District Currency and Cool Prizes. Now here is the catch, it is ONLY “BETA” TESTING RIGHT NOW! That means that only a select few of you on App Version 1.20.0 & District 8 will be able to see and test out this New District. More Details after the Break.

In this post, I will cover the Basics of the New District followed with some more detailed posts later on.

Tan Lines Luxury Resort Island

Let’s go on Vacation to Tan Lines & the Island Luxury Resort!

First Up, the Requirements for the New District…

  • For now, ONLY “BETA TESTERS”
  • Need to be on App Market Version of at LEAST 1.20.0
  • Need to be to District 8 in the Game Play
  • Lois will kick off the ability to Unlock the District
  • PLAY THE GAME! Unlock points have to be reached to gain full access to items and areas. Keep playing to progress to point of those unlocks. Until then, you may not see items to earn yet.


To start out, when you first go into your game you will now see the Tan Lines Luxury Resort on an Island out on the water. Tapping on it will make the District Pop Up Appear with Evil Monkey introducing you to it.

Luxury Resort Tan Lines Unlock Screen

What you do next is up to you…

  • If you want to use Lois first to trigger the initial Start Quest, Show Me Your Tan Lines, and go to the Resort that is fine.
  • Or you can just tap on the Tan Lines Resort.

Either way, once you see the trigger it and see the District Pop Up tapping on “LET’S GO!” will Unlock the New District.

Tan Lines Luxury Resort Unlocked

Now you will have full access to the Tan Lines Resort.


Evil MonkeyEvil Monkey in The Closet (Character/Building Combo): Earns $30 & 20xp every 4hrs
240 Stewie Bucks BlueBlue Stewie Bucks
3 Stewie Bucks GoldGold Stewie Bucks


Quagmire’s Tiki Hut (Building Skin): Earns $40 & 25xp every 6hrs
40 Stewie Bucks GreenGreen Stewie Bucks


Babs Barbara PewterschmidtBarbara Pewterschmidt (Character):
33 Stewie Bucks BlueBlue Stewie Bucks
Stewie Bucks RedRed Stewie Bucks


kingbutt-animation-actionModal-001@4xKing Butt w/Adventure Trophy (Character/Building Combo):
58Stewie Bucks GreenGreen Stewie Bucks
10 Stewie Bucks BlueBlue Stewie Bucks



Angry Fire CreatureFire Creature: Walking Decoration
22 Stewie Bucks BlueBlue Stewie Bucks


Meg’s Evil Monkey: Walking Decoration
15 Stewie Bucks RedRed Stewie Bucks


Tiki Bar:
32 Stewie Bucks GreenGreen Stewie Bucks


Stewie SphinxStewie Sphinx:
55 Stewie Bucks GreenGreen Stewie Bucks
12 Stewie Bucks BlueBlue Stewie Bucks


Palm Tree:
1 Stewie Bucks GreenGreen Stewie Bucks


Kool Aid Man's Girlfriend 1Kool-Aid Man’s Girlfriend: Walking Decoration
242Stewie Bucks GreenGreen Stewie Bucks



Tan Lines Information Screen

Once the District is Unlocked, you can tap on the Resort on the Island to start sending Characters to the Resort, earning Stewie Bucks, and unlocking more and more Floors of the Resort to be able to send MORE Characters, earn more bucks, and trade them for some cool new Prizes.



Tan Lines Information Screen Floor Information

The Tan Lines Resort has many floors you can unlock. As each one unlocks, more options of Characters can be sent to the Resort on that floor. The payouts will also vary per each floor.

You will keep earning and unlocking one after another in order of how they show all the way up until the last floor is Unlocked.

As of now, here is the Current List of Floors. (As I want to make sure I do not miss anything with just one game to test it, I will be taking this part a lil slower than usual. I will update the Requirements as I hit them.)

  1. The Lobby: +1 Green Stewie Buck Chance Payout, Comes unlocked with the District, 15 Characters to fill floor.
  2. Mezzanine: +2 Green Stewie Buck Chance Payout, Requires 22 Bronze Keys & 14 Silver Keys, Takes 4hrs to complete Unlock Process once items earned, 15 Characters to fill floor
  3. Corporate Center: +3 Green Stewie Buck Chance Payout, Requires 37 Bronze Keys & 12 Silver Keys, Takes 4hrs to complete Unlock Process once items earned, 20 Characters to fill floor
  4. Gourmet Dining: +2 Blue Stewie Buck Chance Payout, Requires 32 Bronze Keys & 27 Silver Keys, Takes 6hrs to complete Unlock Process once items earned, 20 Characters to fill floor
  5. Blue Mussel Floor: +4 Blue Stewie Buck Chance Payout, Requires 42 Bronze Keys & 25 Silver Keys & 17 Gold Keys, Takes 6hrs to complete Unlock Process once items earned, 25 Characters to fill floor
  6. Rock Oyster Floor: +1 Red Stewie Buck Chance Payout, Requires 50 Silver Keys & 34 Gold Keys, Takes 8hrs to complete Unlock Process once items earned, 25 Characters to fill floor
  7. Sea Scallop Floor: Requires 107 Bronze Keys & 38 Silver Keys & 9 Gold Keys
  8. Conch Floor:



Tan Lines Resort Gold Key

You will need to earn Room Keys to unlock each of the different floors to gain access to more for Tan Lines. You can earn these by sending various Characters on Tasks around the game. Of course there will be a Clam Purchase option to buy pass earning them too. Just tap on the “UNLOCK” next to the Floor to see the Requirements and Clam Option amount.

Mezzanine Unlock Requirements

These are the current 3 Key options and Task Lists to earn them.

Tan Lines Resort Bronze Key  Bronze Key (Common): Tricia Fail to Relax OR Stewie Use Tanning Bed OR Mayor West Criminalize Bathing Suits

Tan Lines Resort Silver KeySilver Key (Uncommon): Connie Go on Spring Break OR Carter Bully Bellhops OR Seamus Stare at the Sea

Tan Lines Resort Gold KeyGold Key: ***in progress*** Dr Hartman Prescribe Fresh Air OR Brian Read Snobby Cultural Travel Guides


You can access the Character list by tapping on “ADD CHARACTERS” in the Tan Lines Resort Screen.

Tan Lines Information Screen Add Characters

It will take you to the “CHECK IN TO TAN LINES” Screen to select Characters. This list will vary on who you have currently unlocked, earned, won, or purchased in the game. ***Characters in Inventory will not show on the list, so make sure you pull them out of Inventory to use them in the Resort.***

Check-In To Tan Lines

All you need to do is tap on the Characters you want to use in the Check-In Pop Up screen (they will highlight in yellow)

Then tap on “SELECT” to send them to the Resort Floors (the game will automatically fill each Floor to the MAX and then move up to the next one until all your Floors are full or you run out of Characters to send).

VACANCY” will let you know how many spots are still available on the floors to fill with Characters until they reach MAX.



Tan Lines Information Screen Payout

The trick here is to KEEP the Characters at the Resort until it completes timing down (24hrs). At the end of the timer, you will Collect Rent on the Resort and see how many Stewie Bucks you earned.

Again, do NOT Check them out until the Timer is done as you will notice once you do, the “Chance Of:” on the Stewie Bucks will no longer be there and checked off. The Floor MUST be filled to get the payout.

By using the “Clam Speeding” Method, I forced it to end the Rent Timer and each time it did, I was awarded +1 Green Stewie Bucks for the Lobby (full of 15 Characters) & +2 Stewie Bucks for the Mezzanine (full of 15 Characters). These are the only 2 I had unlocked at the time. The more Floors Unlocked, the more Stewie Bucks rewarded every 24hrs.



Check Out Character Icon

I know many of you have stated you do not like that the Characters on the Floors at the Tan Lines Resort are showing up in the Character Task Selector Icon in the Top Left of the screen. There is a reason for this feature, Characters are NOT locked into the Task at the Resort and can be checked out at anytime. It also serves as a shortcut to find them and pull them out if you need them.

I do like this idea of them not locked into the Task. In case they are needed elsewhere or you accidentally send one, no need to wait 24hrs to pull them back out. Instead, check them out and use another Character in Inventory to take their place.

Checking out a Character is pretty simple, just go to the Tan Lines Resort and tap on the Building. You will see a Green colored icon next to the Characters on the Floor with a doorway type symbol on it. Tap on it.Tan Lines Check Out Character

The Name of the floor will appear along with a list of all the Characters currently there. Scroll through the list and find the Character you want to Check out. I will use Quagmire for this example. I tapped on the Suitcase Icon in the upper right corner of his image.

Check Out Character Mezzanine

Ollie asked me if I am sure I want to check him out. I do, so I tapped “OK

Check Out Your Character

You can tap the red X in the corner to close the screen. Now don’t forget, your floor is no longer full of Residents so you will need a replacement. (You can also see that the Stewie Bucks is back to “Fill Floor to Unlock:” again. Add another Character to change it back to “Chance Of:” to get the Stewie Buck payout when the Rent on Tan Lines Collects in 24hrs.

Character Task Selector Icon

Not sure what floor they are on? The REALLY REALLY Quick method to do is the method many of you do not like. Tapping on them in the Character Task Icon in the top left of the screen. It will immediately take you to the Ollie Pop Up asking you if you want to Check them out of the floor they’re on. Could come in handy when all 8 floors are unlocked and you have 60+ Characters in there but don’t remember who is on what floor.



Stewie Bucks Blue

These are the Currency that will be used for this New District. You will earn them by sending Characters to hang out at the Tan Lines Resort. They can then be traded for Buildings, Characters, and Decorations in the Menu.

Currently there are 4 different colors from Common to the most Rare.

Stewie Bucks GreenGreen

Stewie Bucks BlueBlue

Stewie Bucks RedRed

Stewie Bucks GoldGold

You can see more information and options for the Stewie Bucks if you tap on the Stewie Buck Counter in the Top Center of your game screen.

Stewie Bucks Icon

In the Stewie Buck Pop Up Screen you will see 3 lil Buttons along the Bottom that you can use for acquiring Stewie Bucks. Tap on each one to see the options.

Stewie Bucks ButtonSTEWIE BUCKS/ EXCHANGE: Tapping on this button allows you to exchange one color for another. The amounts needed for the Exchange will be listed above on the Stewie Bucks. For instance, it shows you can Exchange 10 Blue Stewie Bucks to get 1 Red Stewie Buck.

Stewie Bucks Pop Up Details Stewie Bucks Button


Stewie Bucks Clam ButtonCLAM/ PURCHASE: Tapping on this button will show you the cost to outright buy the Stewie Bucks and the individual cost of 1 Stewie Buck under the Color you want to buy. (As Districts last forever and this is just testing right now, I would highly suggest to wait to spend any Clams unless you really really really want to. See what you can earn first by just playing.)

Stewie Bucks Pop Up Details Clam Button


Stewie Bucks Palm Tree ButtonPALM TREE/ OTHER EARNINGS: Tapping on this button will pull up a quick link to take you to Tan Lines Resort to send Characters to help earn Stewie Bucks. You will also notice there seems to be a possibility we will also be getting Daily Quests to also help us earn those Stewie Bucks. They may not activate in the Testing, but later in the full version. Will update if that changes.

Stewie Bucks Pop Up Details Palm Tree Button


Mainly, fill up each floor you unlock to the Resident MAX shown (like 15/15) on the Tan Lines Resort screen under the Floor Name, leave them there until the Rent on the Tan Lines Resort is collected every 24rs, earn Stewie Bucks.

Send the Characters listed above on their Tasks to earn Room Keys so you can continue to unlock more floors, earn more Stewie Bucks, and be on your way to get Prizes… LIKE EVIL MONKEY!! WOOHOO!!

Remember, this is a District. They are here to stay. Also, for now, this is only a test… so pace yourself. Fully try it out. Take your time. See what you think and how far you can get.

This is the bare Basics of the New District. There is still a LOT more details to it all, but I am going to go slow so I do not miss anything as this is my ONLY game I can test all this on. I will put up more posts as I complete more information and get more details verified live in the game.

What do you think of it so far? Like the idea that it pulls Characters unused out of Inventory and puts them to use again in your game? Like the idea that you can use Characters that won’t interfere with Current Events? Can’t wait to get Evil Monkey? Let us know.


134 responses to “New District: Tan Lines Overview

  1. I have a question about converting Stewie bucks, if this has already been answered, I’m sorry I missed it lol I was looking!
    Anyways, I was wondering if you had to have the exact denominations of Stewie bucks to get an item? For example, Barbra pewterschmidt I believe is 33 blue Stewie bucks and 3 red Stewie bucks. So what if I had already converted smaller bucks and had 23 blue and 4 red (would be the same amount I believe) – would that still work? Or if I wanted to but one palm tree for 1 Stewie buck, but only had 1 blue Stewie buck, would it give me green Stewie bucks as “change”? Or could I not purchase it at all because I need 1 green Stewie buck? Lol I hope this makes sense. I have some Stewie bucks saved up but haven’t bought anything yet. And I converted some smaller ones up to red early on before I thought about this.. If anyone knows I would love some info! Thanks!


    • No, you need to collect enough Stewie Bucks of each colour to match the exact price showing before you can purchase an item. You can’t mix and match your own Bucks even if they are worth the same.


  2. I am just trying this quest out- I only have like 20 characters total I think- so this is my first day with 15 of them in there since I need my other 5 or 6 for other things- but I feel like I’ll never be able to fill up 30 characters for a whole day on the quest I’m on- it says to fill the first two floors up-

    Has anyone passed that and moved beyond?


    • Tan lines appear to be mainly aimed at older players who have tons of event characters, so as you play more events you’ll be able to fill the levels up. As the district is not timed you have forever to do the quest so it’s all good 🙂


    • This is the longest term project in the game. I have 120+ characters in there and it is slow for me too.

      Think of it as what it is… An add on they put in so your characters in storage could be used toward something. Before this they just sat in storage doing absolutely nothing. So now, over time, you can pick up some freebies.


  3. i feel as tho ill never be able to fill the 4th floor with charecters. Has the game stopped for people that dont make big clam purchased? A nobodys progressed past this point?


    • wildthornberry88

      A lot of people have a lot of characters because they’ve been playing the game more than two years. As you play more events you’ll get more characters. Tan Lines is meant to be a very long quest lol.


  4. Does anyone know what the reward for filling the top floor (conch) is?

    Debating whether to convert some gold bucks or wait and see if they will drop when the resort is filled.


  5. Tommy Guillemette

    Does it ends at a certain point (is it like an event with limited time) ?


  6. Do higher-level characters have a higher chance of drops? Would it be worth my while to upgrade my characters to max level before checking them into Tan Lines?


  7. I’ve got all the floors unlocked now, but can’t fill them all till we get more characters in game. I have been able to fill Rock Oyster for about a month now, but despite it saying that a red Buck is a possible reward I have never gotten a single one to drop from it. Anyone gotten it to work for them yet? Bugged? I did report it to tinyco.

    The one red buck I do have was from a daily quest.


  8. It sucks that the fact they only allow you to buy with clams…should have a coin option…I have over a million coins and would give them all up to get the closet to get evil monkey but 4600 stewie bucks and at 5 clams per stewie buck that’s 2300 clams so 800.00 to 850.00 REAL money to get the stewie bucks to get the closet to get evil monkey is insane…luv the game but to spend that much money…crazy…and tan lines was supposed to be a reward???? I’m confused, it’s like them saying let’s make them think where giving them a bonus so we can trick them into spending more money… I think I am done cause they have made almost every character required to buy with clams or with the ones you have to collect stuff for there is time limits so that also forces people to buy clams. Also when a event comes to the end that used to take stuff you’re about to lose and convert it to coins. Or they would let you use it up to buy things from that event a few days after the event was over….I have played this game for a few years and it’s getting too busy….having event after event is sometimes annoying as well…let us relax between events …PLEASE!!!


    • The tan lines items do not require ANY clams. For each level you fill, you get stewie bucks. It costs you nothing to do this. You open the levels with characters you already have.

      It is specifically designed for players who have been around for quite a while. You collect stewie bucks by putting characters into tan lines and convert them to get the prizes. It is meant to be a very long process.

      While you could spend clams, they make it prohibitavely expensive. They really want to make it a long term activity.


  9. It won’t let me add characters. I’ve checked them out off my inventory so many times but they never show up in tan lines resort. It just shows that I have no characters. It’s frustrating because I’ve had this forever and can’t for the life of me figure out how to add them to tan lines. Amy suggestions?


  10. 2 hours away from the last floor, has anyone have the requirements for it.


  11. I would like to choose the floor the characters got to as well, it’s taking forever to get stewie bucks


  12. Hey Bunny.. If you’re ever giving them some suggestions.. I was pretty bummed to find that I can’t choose which floors to add characters to. I only have enough characters to fill the first 4 floors. I just unlocked the 5th one and was excited to see it has a chance payout of 4 blue Stewie bucks.. I thought I could just take some characters out of the lobby (1 green Stewie buck) and add them to the 5th floor.. No go… That stinks.. Floors 5 and above won’t be of any use to me… It would take ages to get enough characters to fill them. If ever. Especially since we mainly earn skins… That’d be awesome if the allowed us to use different skins for each level lol


    • Lol. Actually a suggestion made. (See feedback page for District)


      • Awful feature. I have only 24 characters, and don’t have 15 that can be checked in to even fill the first floor. I used to, since i managed to unlock floor 2 somehow. This should trigger when it is doable. 0 benefit at my level. I suggested this to tiny CO.


        • With only 24 I can see it not… so a brand new player may not feel a need. Those of us with 100+ Characters and playing a while do out it to use.

          Just keep in mind not everything may apply to everyone but a variety will be offered. If YOU don’t like it, fine. Then don’t use it now. Your choice


  13. I calculated that Evil Monkey costs the equivalent of 600 Blue Stewie Bucks. I only have enough characters to fill the lower 4 floors of Tan Lines, so this means I can earn around 3 Blue Stewie Bucks per day (plus or minus a bit for missed chances and daily quests). On that basis, it’ll take me roughly 6 months to earn Evil Monkey!

    On the other hand King Butt was relatively cheap. I missed him by only a few drops in the ‘Best Of 2014’ event, so decided to claim him now whilst I already had enough Stewie Bucks. I’ll save up for Evil Monkey afterwards. I already have Barbara Pewterschmidt.

    I was happy to see that King Butt was playable straight away once purchased – no need to collect any more stuff for him this time!


  14. I cannot add Spock into Tan Lines, but I can add the other Star Trek characters. I can add Joe into Tan Lines, but not Bonnie. I’m confused about why some characters can be added into Tan Lines, but others cannot. I read elsewhere that main characters can’t be added, but it gives me the option to add Stewie. I can’t add Meg though. Spock, Meg, and Bonnie are not mutants, so I am baffled.


  15. For some reason I’m not able to check several of my characters into tan lines. They are available and not mutants but for whatever reason they are not available when I try to check them in. Any suggestions?


  16. Why is the kool-aid girlfriend showing up as clams in my game?


  17. Raymond McCurty-Smith

    When I first started the district I could see the Evil Monkey and other items that could be purchased with Stewie Bucks… Now I can’t find them at all. Nothing is available to purchase with the Stewie bucks via the shopping cart and I can’t seem to find anything. Was this temporarily taken away? Do I have to reach a certain point in the quest line or floors unlocked to see them again? Please help!


  18. I have had a situation where a character shows they are in the lobby so when I check them out it removes a space from the 2nd floor. Does this mean that level 1 and 2 have to be full in order to fill level 3, etc. Or can I keep the lobby empty and use my charcters on the upper levels.

    How do you select which floor you want the characters on? After a while I won’t need a full lobby cause 1 stewie buck won’t be as big a deal.

    I ask as I only have 113 characters and according to the numbers listed above you need 120 to fill all the slots up to the rock oyster floor and that doesn’t include the last 2 floors.

    Or am I doing something wrong?


  19. Bunny, don’t know if this is the place for suggestions for tiny co but I would love to be able to opt out of an event. For instance I’m trying to progress tan lines but the characters keep turning to mutants! Also, a break from events would be nice they are coming a bit frequent, it’s great that they put in the effort but a break would be nice.


  20. Do our characters still level up in district 11 ?


    • As the only thing earning in Tan Lines is the Resort, no. You’ll still have to actually send Characters on Tasks to earn them XP. Think of Tan Lines Resort as “Characters Inventory”


  21. I can’t add Jake Turner to my Tan Lines. There’s a reason? I can add all the others. Thanks


  22. Do you need to keep Tan Lines filled up for the whole 24 hours or just when the timer runs out.


  23. It won’t let me check anyone in.


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