New District, Tan Lines : IN “BETA” TESTING ONLY!!


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Hey there Island Hoppers!

A New District is getting prepped and ready to hit some of our games. TAN LINES ISLAND RESORT.

This New District will utilize some Characters you may just have hanging out in Inventory Storage to earn some New District Currency and Cool Prizes. Now here is the catch, it is ONLY “BETA” TESTING RIGHT NOW! That means that only a select few of you on App Version 1.20.0 & District 8 will be able to see and test out this New District. More Details after the Break.

Peter Griffin at the Beach@peterpumpkineater69 instagram

As this will not hit all Players, I will put up the notes on the New District per TinyCo. As this information is UNTESTED, I am unable to guaranty or verify it for accuracy unless I end up being one of the select few to get it in my game. If I do, I will provide a completely detailed separate post of the District.

For those of you that are chosen to test this New District out, please feel free to post your concerns, questions, screenshots, etc. You can also email the details to us at

FYI: I will be able to be part of the “testing”. It’s gonna be a bit for me to work through it all. Keep an eye on the site over next few days for more details on the New Tan Lines District!

Now for the breakdown courtesy of TinyCo.


What is Tan Lines?
Tan Lines is a luxury resort where you can send your characters to get some well deserved rest and relaxation, as well as the chance to earn fabulous prizes in the shop! Fill up each floor of the resort with characters to earn Stewie Bucks. Only floors that are completely full will produce Stewie Bucks when rent is collected. The more floors you fill up, the more Stewie Bucks you will earn each time you collect rent from Tan Lines.


When can I unlock Tan Lines?
Tan Lines can be unlocked once you have reached District 8, and play on version 1.20.0.


Why is Tan Lines not available for me?
Tan Lines is a feature that we are in the process of testing, and was released to a small amount of randomly selected players. It will be available to all players once we have sufficiently tested it.


How do I unlock floors at Tan Lines?
Each floor will require collecting a certain amount of materials, and you will need to unlock the previous floor to gain access to the next one. You can also fast finish the requirements of a floor by spending clams. Unlock floors to make room for more characters and earn more Stewie Bucks!


How do I earn Stewie Bucks?
Green Stewie Bucks can be earned by collecting rent from Tan Lines and from completing Daily Quests. Only floors that are completely full will produce Green Stewie Bucks when you collect rent. Green Stewie Bucks can be traded in for higher value Stewie Bucks such as Blue, Red, and Gold Stewie Bucks. They can also be purchased with clams.

Tap the Stewie Bucks icon next to your coin total to exchange or purchase more Stewie Bucks. Here you can also view your totals for each type of Stewie Buck.


What are Daily Quest?
Daily Quests will appear each day with a 24 hour timer. If the Daily Quest is completed before the timer reaches 0 (zero), you will be rewarded with Stewie Bucks!


What if I don’t have characters needed to complete a Daily Quest?
If you do not have a character that is needed to complete a Daily Quest, we do like to bring back past content based on feedback so it is possible that you will see them again! You will be unable to complete a Daily Quest without all of the required characters, but another Daily Quest will appear in 24 hours. You can also earn Stewie Bucks by collecting rent from Tan Lines or exchanging them. There is no time limit on the Tan Lines content, so you do not have to worry about completing it quickly!



So a few quick things to note:

  • ONLY “BETA” TESTING NOW, so only a select few Players will see it until fully tested for game wide release. Once testing is complete and ready, it will go live for all Players.
  • Tan Lines District appears once you are in District 8 and on at least App Version 1.20.0.
  • You must complete each Floor in progression to move up to the next one.
  • Unlock a New Floor to gain access to use more Characters.
  • You must use ALL the Characters it asks for on the Daily Tasks, if you don’t have the Character(s) required for the Daily Tasks… wait for the next Task.
  • Collect Green Stewie Bucks and trade them for Blue, Red, and Gold Stewie Bucks to get some cool items.
  • This is a District. Districts are not timed, so no need to rush on through or worry about completing it all now. Take your time and enjoy.


There you have it, a rough breakdown of the New District about to be hitting a select few games to be tested. Again, if any of my games are selected to test this New District I will put up a more thorough post on what I see. Β I know I am definitely curious to see how it plays out. It will give an interesting new twist to the game.

Were you one of the select few Testers for the New District? If so, what do you think of it so far? Tips for others that don’t have it yet? Let us know.



64 responses to “New District, Tan Lines : IN “BETA” TESTING ONLY!!

  1. I can’t get past Show Me Your Tan Lines Pt.5 All I have to do is collect from the Tan Lines Resort and yet every time I do I don’t get to move onto Pt.6.


  2. I cannot unlock any more bronze keys for “show me your tan lines pt. 2”. I unlocked everything (rushed the game) and now it won’t let me complete the mission πŸ˜‰ take care


  3. Do I get to keep my stewie bucks after the beta goes alpha?


  4. Quick question…has anyone been able to do Daily Quests? I have checked but it says that I completed the daily quest for the day. So fat, nothing had shown up for me. Also, do you know if there will be other ways to get stewie bucks besides getting it from the resort. Thank you!


  5. When will this be available to the masses? I know one person that has it and I keep getting asked why I don’t have it. I just found out it is in beta and let that person know. Could I please get a rought date please.


    • As its being tested it’s impossible to say when it will be in wide release. Just wait. We’ll announce more when we know more. It has to be tested first. If it has issues, they’ve got to fix whatever issues first before game wide launch.


  6. Storing 30 characters in Tan lines now,
    Have opted to fill it will characters aplhabetically whose names begin with R or later, so the top left button isnt as much of an annoyance. Any unused characters are on my square of road.

    I would like to be able to select which characters are animated on the lawn, so i could have Death, Satan and God relaxing together, or any other combination.

    Also we Still need more build space, i have 1 square of “road”, no deco’s, and every building placed on the map once, and still have buildings in my inventory i dont have room for. There are more squares taken up by individual buildings than there are squares in the game to build on.

    Looking forward to the daily quests


  7. It is annoying to have to sift through all the characters you have placed in tan lines!! I saw someone else has posted that so I wanted to say I agree!! Is there someway to let TinyCo know as a Beta tester?


  8. Biggest and only problem encountered. The characters in the resort need to be removed from the character list that can be sent on quests. It’s terribly annoying to have to go through them all, when you have available characters to still send on quests.


  9. so, does the lobby just have to be full to get stewy bucks or do the characters ever complete their actions? Do they have to be in there the full 24hrs?


  10. Hey TinyCo if you read this let some Kindle players Beta too! Naturally I assume Beta goes to iOS first then possibly some Android users. Don’t forget Kindle for Beta. πŸ˜‰


  11. FanTANstic

    So good to have a new district, things where starting to get a little crowded, I’m one to have all characters wandering around quahog as I’m proud of my unlocks, so it’s good to finally have a use for them.

    A little tricky to get a hang off but have figured to leave all characters that are used for quest lines and keys out whilst bulking the lobby with my unnecessary’s. After several attempts πŸ™ˆ.

    Great look so far it’s nice to have something of use off shore and a little out the way.

    Obvious criticism is yes! You guessed it the characters in the lobby showing as available. Its easy enough to check them out.

    Other Conplaint would be I’m very finger happy so when I click on the island and it comes up “check this character out” it takes all my finger will power to not click OK straight away. Please open on the main screen with floors and such.

    Although negatives have appeared it’s a great concept and am very happy to have a new constant currency to move towards (I love the prizes) great ideas to trade in for higher value colours rather than earn don’t think I could take much more individual tasks. And it’s great for players further along to declutter.

    Love seeing different characters play on the lawn too .


  12. I’ve got it! Glad to see its randomly selected so that we in the uk and other parts of the world can access this. Only issue at the moment is as bunny raised with the characters showing in the top left corner. Other than that will see how it progresses. Didn’t quite click straight away that I could actually take my characters out of my inventory but now I know I’m going to make the most of it πŸ™‚


  13. Yay I’m a Beta tester! I’m really enjoying this new district. It’s fun seeing the characters just relaxing πŸ™‚


  14. I got selected to Beta Test! I’m working on figuring out which characters I can use.


  15. This is a fun new district so far, I’m happy to have something to do with extra characters! My only dislike is the characters at the resort still show up on the job queue. Maybe TinyCo can push the vacationers to the back of the list, and instead of their icons, use a resort icon to open up the visiting characters task list.


  16. When do the daily tasks show up? I haven’t seen one. So far, I’ve just got 15 characters hanging out and 6 characters collecting keys. I agree with the character selection button is a huge pain. You can terminate them from the resort, which I’d much rather do.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. TinyCo needs to rethink the actions of their Character(s) button (upper left). First when you select a task for a character, the people list should not start over. It should continue at the point you left off. This is one of the reasons I “store” any character who isn’t needed ATM. To advance past any character checked-in REQUIRES FIVE taps on the Character button. This needs changing!


  18. My fiancΓ© got it but not me and we feel it unfair as we play the game together and he often uses me for help in stuff as I’m always ahead of him (cancer patient caring for pets and the home whilst he’s out at work), so he can’t come for me with help on what to do. Surely everyone should just get this, I’m ahead of all my friends and find it a punishment not to get it, surely people doing best should test this?! And surely you’d want people from the same household to be able to play and discuss it together rather than being upset that only 1, that’s often behind the ithe and needs help playing should be getting it, I think it makes people feel left out and if we all get it they will then be ahead on prizes and that’s rotten.


    • It’s random who was selected. And no, everyone should not get it right now as its being tested for stability and issues. If everyone gets an untested item in their game then massive glitches or game crashing starts happening because of it, not only is the District ruined but Event access and the entire game too… for everyone. Nobody wants that. Has nothing to do with the items involved. It’s just a test of the District. It’s not even complete.

      If you’d prefer to “play together” feel free to message TinyCo from the game that received it and tell them you want to opt out. Then you can both wait til it goes fully live. πŸ™‚


  19. I made the cut. I had just finished clearing one of the new spaces and the reward showed up on the island.

    Only odd thing found so far.


  20. This is a fun new district so far, glad to have something to do with some excess characters. The only thing I’m not liking is the characters at the resort still show up on the job queue. Maybe TinyCo can push the vacationers to the back of the line, and have a resort icon that opens the character list on the island, instead of each individual. Currently it takes too many taps to exit each time.


  21. The only glich I see so far, is the people in the upper left corner still there while on the island, other then that, so far so good.


    • There is a reason for that. They can be terminated on the Task at anytime. It will mess with the payout if you don’t keep the floor at the MAX, but it also does not lock in the Character if they’re needed somewhere else. More on rundown post in the AM


  22. I have the new district. I’ve got to say that I’m thrilled to have something to do with all of my characters. So far the biggest glitch I see is that the 15 characters I pulled from storage are still showing up as “playable” even though I put them on a floor. So to send Chris on a task for wrestling, I have to go find him wandering the streets somewhere because Barbara Is the first playable character…even though she’s busy.

    I’m looking forward to your posts to see what you figure out in gameplay.


  23. Got this late today, so I filled up the required 15 characters for the Lobby. Also put 6 others on task to earn keys for the next floor.. I don’t care for the way this is set up as the characters in the lobby are always on the screen as if they were not in use. Touching the building tries to check out (remove) a character from the floor. This may also cause issues with the current event as now I have 15 icons in a stack as idle and touching the stack tries to pull the character off the island. This could easily interfere with the event.


  24. I just got it. They need to change how it works when you put characters on a “floor”. It’s irritating that they show up as available for tasks and you have to close the Resort prompts in order to go to the next character. Every time. Irritating.


  25. WooHoo. Some place to stash my unused players to make them payoff. Now if we could use coins to buy clams that would be awesome.


  26. Yaaayyyyy, one of the lucky chosen peeps! πŸ˜‹

    So I’m really
    Not sure what to make of it yet. Just put 15 characters into residency in ‘The Lobby’. Looks like it takes 24hrs before I will collect the 1 Stewie buck?
    With respect to the ‘Show Me Your Tan Lines’ Questline, I forgot to make note of Part 1 but there were 3 parts,
    1. Learn about Tan Lines
    2. Brian Read Snobby Cultural Travel Guides (4hrs)
    3. *can’t remember but maybe*…. Place residents in Tan Lines

    Show Me Your Tan Lines Pt. 2
    1. Have Peter Buy Pricey Voltage Adapters (4hrs)
    2. Have Lois Overpack (4hrs)
    3. Collect 3 Bronze Keys

    Bronze Keys can be collected by
    Make Tricia Fail to Relax (4hrs?)
    Make Stewie Use Tanning Bed(4hrs?)
    Make Mayor West Criminalize Bathing Suits (4hrs)

    Think that’s all I got for now πŸ™‚


    • Thanks. Feel free to email me any screenshots or full details. I’m working on walkthroughs and run downs but will be a bit as I don’t want to miss anything. I can’t redo it as there is only one of my games that got it. Lol. πŸ˜‰


      • Show Me Your Tan Lines Pt. 3
        1. Have Peter Check Out Travel Websites (8hrs)
        2. Unlock The Mezzanine

        Unlocking the Mezzanine looks like it’s gonna take some time as you need 14 silver keys and I think each one takes an 8hr task from Cartrr, Connie and Seamus.

        And oh yeah, I forgot to mention in my previous post about the characters I placed in the Lobby still showing up in the top left corner. Definitely a pain in the beeeehind ☹️


  27. It is annoying having to hit the character button in the corner and sift through characters that we have sent to Tan Lines and be asked if we want to check them out, in order to get our other characters not sent on a task. They definitely need to change that.


  28. I looked and I don’t see Evil Monkey. It may appear that he will show up in the new District?


    • I believe he is one of the items that can be gained with Stewie Bucks. More details as I slowly go through it step by step trying to document everything as I go.




  30. Thanks for the update on this bunny! I don’t see it, but want to wish you and anyone else out there fun with this testing update!


  31. Well, I was happy to see that I am indeed one of the lucky ones, however, it does nothing so far. It asks me to send characters, but then has none that I can select. So, we’ll see how it goes! πŸ™‚


    • You’re supposed to be able to pull them out of inventory or use those not on a task right now


      • You have to manually pull them out of storage into your game, then they show up as options to send. Looks like you can send any character you want, but you can’t see them as options until you pull out of storage. It is something they might want to change for ease of use and less confusion… and the other issue everyone else is mentioning where the pic shows in upper left. Cool idea in general!


      • Yeah, this was indeed the case, but since I got in to the game early on in the event, it wasn’t updated on here to reflect that yet, and I only had the characters pulled out of storage that were actually needed for the WWE events, hence why nothing was showing up. lol
        That being said, a bunch of them are enjoying a nice vacation stay currently, so we’re good. Thanks Bunny! πŸ™‚


  32. Am one of the beta testers, and already have a suggestion. Given that one of the side benefits of this area is to give the characters you never use something to do, I recommend that any characters who are checked in to the resort be removed from the character selection window in the top left of the screen, as if they were in storage. If you’re like me and only actively using the characters who are either involved with the current event or who haven’t yet reached max level, it can be a pain to cycle through 15 characters you aren’t using in order to get to the handful that you are, especially since you have to restart from the beginning of that cycle as soon as you send someone on a task.

    Also, Evil Monkey finally! Yay!!


    • My biggest request (other than KILL DRAG AND DROP) is that if we pass a character in the list, keep going and cycle back to them.

      With the event, I want to send everyone, EXCEPT Peter, on indoor tasks, then I want to start a wrestling match. I HATE that I have to keep paying him over and over to assign tasks to peels after him in the list. Too many opportunities to screw up and send him on a task.


  33. I was picked, and I’m unsure if I’m on the right path. I have characters working on collecting materials for the mezzanine level, but the lobby wasn’t unlocked. Seems weird. But oh well! Is that all I can actually be doing right now?


    • For now. Their testing the stability of it as well as any issues, questions, concerns, or areas of improvement before they launch it full scale. Feel free to share as you go along. πŸ™‚


  34. I wonder if this has something to do with a new task I saw for Chris. I was sending everyone on 24-hour tasks to keep them out of the way during the wrestling event and I noticed that Chris had a “get scared” task which requires the evil monkey who isn’t in the game yet. Then I noticed that he (the evil monkey) was removed under the characters tab that lists coming soon.


  35. I’m really excited to be one of the people who got it! So far, not a lot of information to give since it just popped up. It’s an island (exciting!) and I only have the Mezzanine unlocked to start with. I could send 15 of any characters that I want for a 24 hour task to hang out and supposedly get a chance of getting 1 Stewie buck. Not sure yet if it will be per person in the resort or if sending more people just give me a bigger chance of getting a buck. I’m betting on the former, but the cost of things are going to take forever to achieve no matter what, so this is going to be a major long-term goal set.

    One interesting bit is that some of the characters are doing random things on the island. For mine, death is playing fetch with his dog, Super Devil is lifting weights, and bulldog meg is doing the scoot.

    The only problem that I have run into so far is that the people I sent are still listed in the upper left corner as able to be sent on tasks. It make it harder to select truly free characters that I want to send on tasks. If I click on them, it asks if I want to take them out of the resort. That’s a good function that can let you use someone that you need for something else, but I’d rather to to the resort to take people out. Other than that. seems like a good addition to the game.


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