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Blah Blah Blah Yadda Yadda (Open Thread)

UPDATE: As many of these posts I write in advance or late at night, at times they may not reflect the world.

I normally try to keep this place pretty open and not express my personal opinion… but in this case I must. I understand we all come from different walks of life, culture, countries, personal feelings, etc…. but I ask just one thing… LOVE ALL!!!

Being different is what makes us beautiful, unique, human. I’d rather have a mix of everyone than clones of just one. That being said, I’d ask all that would like to, please take a moment of silence at 6pm Eastern Time Zone for the beautiful lives lost, those still struggling, and all their loved ones impacted by this tragedy in Florida.

For those wanting to help, needing someone to talk to, looking for help… please free free to visit the following site. (Many others too)



For all my loving friends in Florida, you’re in my heart. I wish I could reach out and hold each and everyone of you in my arms.


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