Multiverse Part 2 Main Questline: Future Endeavors & Clam Questline

Hey there Parallel Universe Beings!

Part 2 of the Multiverse Addition to our games has hit. With it, more Characters and items from another realm are hitting our silly lil games.

With the New Stuff of course comes a Main Questline that will take you through each part the Mini Event. For Multiverse Part 2, the Main Questline is Future Endeavors.

Quarter Mile High Club

Let’s take a look at Future Endeavors and all you will encounter along the way. 

For the overall rundown of Multiverse Part 2, go to the post HERE

Side Note: Some of the Questline did not trigger for me until the Characters involved in the Tasks were unlocked.

To The Multiverse!
Peter Starts

Place the Multiverse Machine: (For those that did not play last Multiverse Event, the game will prompt you to get and place the Machine. For everyone else, it auto checks off.)

Completed Task Rewards: $350 & 700xp


Future Endeavors Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Have Chris Leave the Seat Up: 30secs, Earns $5 & 1xp

Completed Task Rewards: $350 & 700xp & 2 BatteryBatteries


Future Endeavors Pt. 2
Peter Starts

Learn About Using the Multiverse Machine: Tapping on “GO” will take you to the info Pop Up “Go Back To The Future”
Use the Multiverse Machine to take stuff from the future
: Use the 2 Batteries for the Multiverse Machine Mystery Box and retrieve any item

Completed Task Rewards: $350 & 700xp

***Borrowing From the Future Triggers (Multiverse Machine Side Questline)***


Future Endeavors Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Build “McBurgertown in Space”: $1500
Earn 2 Multiverse Machine Batteries
: Peter Throw Batteries OR Lois Browse at the Supermarket OR Ron Griffin Get Ripped OR Quagmire Shop for New Toys

Completed Task Rewards: $400 & 800xp

***The Future Is Now triggers (Stu Griffin Side Questline)***


Future Endeavors Pt. 4
Peter Starts

Use the Multiverse Machine to take stuff from the future x2: Use Batteries to bring back any 2 items
Have Chris Eat Brian’s Dogfood
: 8hrs, Earns $80 & 50xp

Completed Task Rewards:***No Reward Triggers***


Future Endeavors Pt. 5
Peter Starts

Have Lois Browse at the Market: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp
Collect From the Future Bank of Quahog: Pays out every 4hrs

Completed Task Rewards: $450 & 900xp


Future Endeavors Pt. 6
Peter Starts

Use the Multiverse Machine to take stuff from the future x2: Use Batteries to bring back any item
Have Jerome Be One of the Guys
: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp
Have Mort Be Awkward: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp

Completed Task Rewards: $450 & 900xp


Future Endeavors Pt. 7
Quagmire Starts

Use the Multiverse Machine to Get a Genetically Perfect Pig: Your payout will vary on amount of times it will take
Collect from Happy Go Lucky Toys of Tomorrow x2: Pays out every 4hrs

Completed Task Rewards: $500 & 1000xp


Future Endeavors Pt. 8
Peter Starts

Use the Multiverse Machine to take stuff from the future x3: Use Batteries to bring back any 3 items

Completed Task Rewards: $500 & 1000xp


Future Endeavors Pt. 9
Peter Starts

Have Future Chris Visit His Old Haunts: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp
Collect from Quarter Mile High Club: Pays out every 4hrs

Completed Task Rewards: $650 & 1300xp


Future Endeavors Pt. 10
Peter Starts

Have Stu Griffin Apply for Retail Jobs: 1hrs, Earns $20 & 12xp
Have Future Chris Polish His Nightstick: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp

Completed Task Rewards: $1000 & 1500xp



Borrowing From the Future Pt. 1 
Peter Starts

Use the Multiverse Machine to Place Pixel The Cute Robot Pup: Your payout will vary on amount of times it will take

Completed Task Rewards: 1 Clam IconClam & 450xp


Borrowing From the Future Pt. 2
Peter Starts

Use the Multiverse Machine to Get 2 Family Rockets: Your payout will vary on amount of times it will take

Completed Task Rewards: 1 Clam IconClam & 500xp


Borrowing From the Future Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Use the Multiverse Machine to Place 3 Wind Reactors: Your payout will vary on amount of times it will take

Completed Task Rewards: 1 Clam IconClam & 550xp


Borrowing From the Future Pt. 4
Peter Starts

Use the Multiverse Machine to Place 2 Biodomes: Your payout will vary on amount of times it will take

Completed Task Rewards: 1 Clam IconClam & 600xp


There you have it, the Main Questline taking you through the 2nd installment of the Mini Multiverse Event along with a way to earn some Free Clams!

Where are you in the Questline? How is your progress coming along? Any tips for fellow Players struggling through? How are you doing on the Free Clams? Let us know.



45 responses to “Multiverse Part 2 Main Questline: Future Endeavors & Clam Questline

  1. Anyone have any idea what and when the next event will be?


  2. Michael Hynes

    I had 300 batteries when this ended and they are just gone no reimbursement or nothing did the quest and even got Stu, at the end you list future chris too….


  3. I have not gotten Future Chris but under prizes there is only 5xbatteries left. So all I get is 5xbatteries every time I use the machine.. Is it a bug? I don’t find Future Chris anywhere in the shop or Al Harrington! It’s the only thing I need to unlock Stu Griffin and the event is ending soon ;(


  4. Matilda Bilstein

    I’ve gotten 10 trees (with at least 4 in a row), 4 bio domes, 3 of each car, and 6 windmill. And got one of everything where one is an option except for Chris. I’ve never gotten batteries. At this point I have no chance of unlocking any of the characters.


  5. I concur with others Way to many repeats for a week event. There is no way you can get everything to even get the characters.

    I’ve gotten the coffee drop building and another building that doesn’t help the questline….
    Then I’ve gotten 6 trees, 3 blue cars, 3 pink cars, the little dog and 2 windmills…….But I’ve been having this kind of luck with even the month long events. Needing drops and just not getting them especially when they are 8-12 hour finish times. those should be auto’s or common at least not rare.


  6. Roger Vartabedian

    Well, I have been playing every 4 hours and turning in the batteries and I have yet to get Chris, Biodome, Mile High, or extra batteries. I have enough cars (8), windmills (8) and lots of other useless stuff…..I am sick of this.


  7. Wow 3 hover cars, 3 family cars, 10 trees, 3 biodomes, 2 windmills and no chance of Stu Griffin….priceless. thanks tinyco


  8. Amanda Linneman

    All I’m getting is trees. Very disappointing. For a short event you’d think there would be less repeats.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Answered my own question. I ended up with 4 Quahog Biodomes, and now I ONLY have Future Chris and 5 Multiverse Machine Batteries. At this point, I can ONLY win Future Chris once I get another battery, since the other prize is 5 batteries for the price of 2! Sigh, my long nightmare is over.


  10. Well, I now have:
    6 Wind Reactors
    3 Family Rockets
    3 Hovercraft
    6-8 Self-Sustaining Trees
    1 Levitating Welcome Sign
    1 Future Bank of Quahog
    1 Pixel the Cute Robot Pup
    2 Quahog Biodomes
    1 Happy-Go-Lucky Toys of Tomorrow
    1 Genetically Perfect Pig
    1 Quarter Mile High Club

    Leaving in the Multiverse Machine prize list ONLY Future Chris, 5 Multiverse Machine Batteries (never won this), and the Quahog Biodome (which makes me wonder how many of THESE I can win!).

    Sooner or later I have to get Future Chris – right?


  11. there is nothing more aggravating than spending clams to buy batteries only to get even more useless crap. *sigh* 7 hover cars and 8 pointless trees. i will never collect the actual crap i need to progress in this shorty event.

    i messaged about this in-game and got a lovely standard form letter reply.

    so sad…


  12. Hiya Bunny,
    Thanks for all your team has done to help me in this game. Just want to let you know, that this quest and last have helped me to finally dump this game. It’s not fun anymore. I played as a sort of premium player, but the results just aren’t worth the price anymore. If you get a chance, let TinyCo. know they have lost a premium player due to poor drops and crazy timing on their quests. I think I made it to week three of the dino one, and won’t be finishing this one. It’s time for Pokemon Go. It’s been fun.


  13. Wish I could see new update this is day four now and still crashes when you try to open game so not been able to play


  14. Tatiana Anabel

    Hi I get all the winds chimes how do i get the future endevors thank you – tatiana


  15. I got a Snorlax!


    Haven’t been able to log into Family Guy since Thursday night.


  16. Only on Future Endeavors 7 and Borrowing from the Future 2.
    Haven’t gotten a single Family Rocket, Future Chris, Batteries or muscle pig (“OINK!” *punch*)
    – Robo Pup
    – Happy-Go-Lucky
    – Quarter Mile High Club
    – Future Bank
    – 2 Hovercars
    – 2 Trees
    – 2 Wind Reactors
    – 4 Biodomes


    • I feel your pain. So far 12 decorations and one useful item the bank. Due to this no chance at earning the character. I would have thought they would have put a limit on the number of trees, cars and other decorations you can win.

      There is no way I would put really money or earned clams toward this event. I would just end up with 20 or 30 trees in my inventory.

      It would be interesting to see if anyone get future Stewie without spending real life money..


      • You should only get as many of each item that you need for the tasks – place three of this, place four of this. ect.. It helps to do the tasks for Stu. Once you have what he needs, they drop out of the box selection.


    • I have enough cars to start a dealership.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. I got fairly lucky, did buy Ron so had more batteries from ‘future meg’ but got the last of the crucial items earlier today (so less than halfway through short 6 day event), this was of course future chris, just need 1 more wind thingy for the last few parts of that questline and should have Stu unlocked sometimes tomorrow depending on drops from the toy building.

    LOVE these mini events, we gets 2 or 3 characters in 1 week, so much more fun than big 4 week events, plus i much prefer tie-ins with the actual show, so would probably prefer the Jurassic park one being mini and something as cool as this being a longer event with chances to earn past characters (like the dog versions).

    I had recently bought FG s1-15 and watched them all, but could not remember this episode, sure enough it is not included as it was that movie that they added to end of season 4, stewie the untold story, just bought it off amazon for a few quid, rude not too 😛


  18. If I get another car or tree, I will throw my game into the wall. I have 12 trees, and 9 cars (5 family, and 4 blue). It is really frustrating to wait the 4 hours to get charges, only to be disappointed with useless crap. Doesn’t the game lower the chances of getting common items as you accumulate more to even out the chances to get the rarer items?

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s more of each then I got. You’ll see my stats on the post in the AM.

      Message them


    • I completely feel your pain. I was excited about the short event because they are usually not as much of a grind as the month long ones. I was moving along fairly well until part 7, now all I get are these stupid cars (6) & trees (4) that don’t help me progress at all. I’m getting to the point of wanting to quit this game all together because there is no rhyme or reason to receiving multiple items when they are not needed. It’s like the game doesn’t know how to recognize what players already have in their inventory!

      Liked by 1 person

    • tipznexastrum

      You must place the deco’s to have it count against the prize pool, if you put them into inventory they don’t.


      • I have placed all the decos in my game, have since I have accumulated them. That hasn’t helped me. :-/


        • Same with me. Not really interested in working this event anymore due to 1 of 14 drops being Anything I needed. Ok not counting puppy which has nothing to do with unlocking unlocking Stewie.


      • I have all the trees out, but I had to store some of the cars because my pavement is quite small from last event setup I was using to group the dinos to hit with meteors.


        • Me too but I don’t know how else to get anything but cars and trees! Just got another tree, I’m gonna be able to build a forest AND a car lot before long. Flippin ridiculous!


    • Completely agree and sympathise. I have 4 trees, 6 cars and 3 wind turbines. At the current rate don’t stand a chance of being able to complete in time. Have been placing everything and yet when I look at prizes it still has these items. This will be the second mini game I haven’t managed to complete and last weeks Jurassic park was the third major event I didn’t complete. Only got past week 2 because of drop rates and not wanting to spend a fortune on clams. Am getting really frustrated with game.


  19. I’m stuck! I keep getting trees! I’ve no chance of completing anything 😭 anyone else have this problem?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Keep going. You’ll see in my post tomorrow you’ll get some repeats then they’ll go away. 😉


      • 5 cars, 7 trees, 7 fans, 5 biodomes. I spent the money on Ron since it is a new character and not a skin. Even with the extra batteries I can’t get the needed items to get Stu Griffin. I’m completely frustrated with this game. The last few events have shown if you don’t spend money on clams you can’t participate in a majority of the quests. The items don’t drop and the item counts are ridiculous.


        • You can still play, just not get as much. Try to play it from a freemium only perspective. Don’t let the game control you, you control YOUR game and just do what you can at your pace. Fear of loss, need to have it all, that is what causes players to spend needlessly. Only buy what makes you happy. Happy now and happy 3 mos from now. Otherwise, just play for fun. 🙂


      • Hi Bunny,

        I hate to say this but I still got repeats today. Two try’s two more trees. Not sure what they are telling you but if it is a limit on the number of repeat items, that is not happening to me.

        Have fun and thanks for keeping this site going. Also glad you are doing better.


  20. On side quest lines do you know if I’ll have to place 3 new wind reactors? I already had 2 when I reached this quest.


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