Multiverse Pt. 2 101: Multiverse Machine

Hey there Time Travelers!

During this 2nd Edition of the Multiverse Event, we will need to utilize the Multiverse Machine Mystery Box to go through the Questline and obtain the items we need for the Mini Event.

I wanted to take a bit of time to focus on just what you can get from the Multiverse Machine and in what amounts.

Multiverse Machine

Let’s take a look closer at the Multiverse Machine

For the Basic Information on Multiverse Pt. 2, go HERE

For the Main Questline, go HERE



This will trigger in the Main Questline during Future Endeavors Pt.2. You can then find it by just tapping on the Multiverse Machine Icon in the lower right hand corner of the game screen. Tapping on the Icon will open up the Pop Up screen.

Multiverse Machine Icon



You will need 2 Batteries for each try in the Multiverse Machine Mystery Box.




There are a few ways you can get Batteries in the game.

Character Tasks~
Peter Throw Batteries OR Lois Browse at the Supermarket OR Ron Griffin Get Ripped OR Quagmire Shop for New Toys

****There is a shortcut to the Tasks, just tap on the Battery Icon in the lower right corner and it will take you to each open Character. If they are all busy, it will take you to one of the busy Characters.****

Batteries Icon

Clams (in Shopping Cart)~
3 Batteries Pack3 Batteries: 28 Clam IconClams
7 Batteries Pack7 Batteries: 63 Clam IconClams




Multiverse Machine

Here are the items you can get for 2 Batteries a try in the Multiverse Machine Mystery Box. (Many go straight to Inventory Storage when you get them, so check there if you don’t see them.)

 Levitating Welcome Sign Levitating Welcome Sign (Animated Decoration)
Self-Sustaining TreeSelf-Sustaining Tree (Decoration)
Future Bank of QuahogFuture Bank of Quahog (Building):  
ALWAYS Drops Decaf Coffee, Earns $30 & 20xp every 4hrs
Family RocketThe Family Rocket (Moving Decoration)
Pixel The Cute Robot PupPixel The Cute Robot Pup (Animated Decoration)

Quahog BiodomeQuahog Biodome (Building)
: Earns $45 & 30xp every 8hrs
Wind ReactorWind Reactor (Decoration)
Hover CarThe Hovercar
(Moving Decoration)
Happy-Go-Lucky Toys of TomorrowHappy-Go-Lucky Toys of Tomorrow (Building):
ALWAYS Drops Circuit Shack Badges, Earns $30 & 20xp every 4hrs
Genetically Perfect PigGenetically Perfect Pig (Decoration)
Quarter Mile High ClubQuarter Mile High Club (Building): ALWAYS Drops Scented Candles, Earns $30 & 20xp every 4hrs
Future ChrisFuture Chris (Character): Fully Tasked, Comes with Questline, Not currently Voiced
Battery5 Multiverse Machine Batteries (Event Currency)



Multiverse Machine

Because some of the items in the Multiverse Machine Mystery Box repeat, I wanted to note just how many of the repeated ones I got in my game before they disappeared.

This will also give you an overall rough idea of just how many Batteries you may need for the Mini Event to get the items you need to progress.

Unique Items (1 each)
Levitating Welcome Sign
Future Bank of Quahog
Pixel The Cute Robot Pup
Happy-Go-Lucky Toys of Tomorrow
Genetically Perfect Pig
Quarter Mile High Club
Future Chris


Multiple Items (More than 1 each-totals next to them)
Self-Sustaining Tree- 6 Total
The Family Rocket- 3 Total
Quahog Biodome- 5 Total
Wind Reactor- 3 Total
The Hovercar- 3 Total
5 Multiverse Machine Batteries- Unlimited

These are the Totals I saw per my game when they disappeared from the Mystery Box. Let me know if you see anything differently.

Also, even though some note Build Times, I was able to place them and use them right away.



Levitating Welcome Sign

Here is the order I got the items in MY game. Yours will vary.

Wind Reactor (1)
Levitating Welcome Sign
Future Bank of Quahog
Self-Sustaining Tree (1)
The Family Rocket (1)
Pixel The Cute Robot Pup
The Hovercar (1)
The Hovercar (2)
Wind Reactor (2)
The Family Rocket (2)
Quahog Biodome (1)
Self-Sustaining Tree (2)
Self-Sustaining Tree (3)
The Family Rocket (3)
Self-Sustaining Tree (4)
Self-Sustaining Tree (5)
Happy-Go-Lucky Toys of Tomorrow
Genetically Perfect Pig
The Hovercar (3)
Quahog Biodome (2)
Self-Sustaining Tree (6)
Wind Reactor (3)
Quahog Biodome (3)
Quahog Biodome (4)
Quahog Biodome (5)
5 Multiverse Machine Batteries
Quarter Mile High Club
Future Chris

At this point all that was left in the Mystery Box was the 5 Batteries.



Pretty much try not to let this stress you. It will take some time to earn everything, but that is the way this game has always been intended. I also do not want multiples of items either and will be voicing my opinion to them on it. Feel free to do so as well, just remember this is a helpful site and to keep those vents to ONLY the What the Deuce Posts so we can allow the posts and comments to be helpful to all. 🙂


There you have it, the Basic overview of the Multiverse Machine Mystery box and what you can expect to find inside of it.

What items have you collected so far? Have a favorite? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.



83 responses to “Multiverse Pt. 2 101: Multiverse Machine

  1. Casey Sveningson

    Does anybody know how to get the hovercars and family rockets off of my roads and into my inventory? I can’t seem to get rid of them.


    • Depends on just how far into the Districts you are. Between 5-7 the option to “store” items will trigger. To see if you have this option, tap on one of the Hover cars. If their name comes up with a lil blue Inventory Icon next to there name… tap on it and it will give you the option to store it. If you ONLY see there name, then you are not progressed far enough into the Districts.


  2. Pretty upset. Obviously partially my fault as I didn’t notice the event ended today. It ALWAYS ends on a Thursday- I spent a bunch of clams and was almost done. Now I spent them for nothing. They could have drawn a bit more attention to that it was ending early.


  3. Needed longer for this event didn’t get future Chris and couple buildings I need.even if get now not enough time to get the drops. Annoying cuz wanted future stewie 😢got lots of trees, fans and new cars floating round tho!


  4. Only a few hours left and still don’t have the Quarter Mile High Club…sigh.


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