Do I Want That? The Hauntening – Area 51

So you think you’re as rich at Carter Pewterschmidt? Own a fancy house like Buzz Killington? You sure gotta lot of clams there, whatcha gonna do with them?


Area 51

Now hold on there a minute. Are you SURE you want that? With all these cool Premium Items in the game, it is very easy to get carried away. Before you know it, Clamshell Shock! All gone!

So before you go ahead and buy Area 51 with your hard earned Clams, here are a few things you might want to know about it.

Recently in events TinyCo have been putting what I call a speculate to accumulate building.. This basically consists of purchasing a premium building for clams, but the buildings will drop clams daily for a limited time instead of the usual game currency. If you have the clams to purchase these buildings I ALWAYS recommend you do, as you always end up better off as long as you time your purchase, and daily collections, right.

For this event the speculate to accumulate, (or clam dropper), is Area 51, and if you have 250 spare clams burning a hole in your pocket, I recommend you BUY, BUY, BUY. And as soon as possible as Area 51 is set to drop 14 clams a day until 11/4, so if you purchased it on Thursday 10/6 you would have 30 clam drops of 14 clams each day, that’s a total of 420 clams over a 30 day period, and a return of 170 clams on your original investment. So BUY, BUY, BUY.

The calendar below shows the days clams will drop from 10/6, I include the first day as the building drops 14 clams immediately on placement in your Quahog, from there on all you need to do is collect every 24 hours, either manually by tapping the building or with Conseula’s vacuum.


So that’s an easy way to pick up some free clams eh, however remember the faster you BUY, BUY, BUY this building the more profit you make. The table below shows the total clam profit you can make going by the date you purchase Area 51. You can see purchasing it up until 10/18 you can still make a profit but from then on it’s no longer a profitable investment.

Area 51AREA 51

Date Purchased Total Clam Return Possible Total Clam Profit Possible
6 October 420 170
7 October 406 156
8 October 392 142
9 October 378 128
10 October 364 114
11 October 350 100
12 October 336 86
13 October 322 72
14 October 308 58
15 October 294 44
16 October 280 30
17 October 266 16
18 October 252 2

So as you can see it is only worth purchasing Area 51 until 18th October if you want any kind of clam profit, and if you ensure you collect each and every day, but I obviously recommend you BUY, BUY, BUY these buildings as soon as they are released to maximise your return.

Character or Building: Building
Clam Price: 250
Unique: Yes (Only get one, unfortunately. Lol.)
Comes With: No character comes with this building.
When Is It Available: In store from 6/10

-Drops Clams for 30 days from 6/10
-Looks great

Final Thought:
Personally, my opinion is BUY, BUY, BUY if you have 250 clams sitting that you won’t need during the event.

But in the end it’s your call.  What you buy and what you don’t buy is your own personal choice we can only guide you on the facts and let you know what we did and what we think.  But don’t purchase it until YOU are sure. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

What do you think about Area 51?  Did you make the purchase?  Why or what not? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

~ Russian Tigger


22 responses to “Do I Want That? The Hauntening – Area 51

  1. So ummm…did they extend the cut off date? My Area 51 is still dropping clams and it’s the 7th. Not complaining mind you…just curious if others are still paying out.


  2. Not to be greedy, but I’m just curious if anyone else has noticed this as well….

    I decided to go ahead and buy this building because I had enough clams and I won’t be going premium on this event… so I though why not invest.

    Anyway, I’ve noticed that ever since I got the building, I don’t get the option to watch ads for clans anymore. Again, not trying to be greedy. I was just wondering if this was normal.

    I’ve never bought one of these clam dropping buildings before.


    • It doesn’t stop the videos, but they do come and go in my game now. Up until about a month ago they were constant, now they sometimes disappear for few days then reappear. And it’s never greedy to want to earn free clams in this way. Just make sure you keep to your collections timely with Area 51 to maximise your return.


  3. I always make sure to keep enough clams in reserve so I can buy the clam generator right away. Usually it’s paid for itself within about two and a half weeks. Just set the alarm on your phone and religiously pick up the clams on time. If you delay, readjust the timer. Clams are at stake!!!!

    I hadn’t thought about rushing it on the last day if the event ends too soon for pickup. Will definitely try that if it’s close enough to pickup time to be profitable with 14 clams payout. Just checked mine, and with 16 hours to go they want 32 clams to rush it… Nope!


    • I will check the clam buy out cost in my game and note them. But like you I’ve a timer set, relying on my memory, not when clams are at stake.


      • Do you know if it stops collecting at 3pm pacific time or when it hits Nov 4 at the stroke of midnight? I forgot to read when it stopped collecting and I panicked yesterday and rushed the task LoL.


        • We were advised it would possibly be 12 noon on 4th November it would stop dropping clams.


          • Thanks I appreciate it. I don’t know what to do, do I rush again before 12 pm noon or risk trying to collect just before 3pm?! What are you doing RT?


            • I am going to rush it a half hour or so noon just incase. I’d rather lose couple clams rushing than all 14. I took the chance not to rush during Peter’s Booty Haul and lost out as it stopped paying clams before 3pm Pacific. This is why I’d prefer they paid us 15 clams a day and ended it with the event, then we all know what we’re doing.


  4. Ack a political ad (Trump) on this page. ick!


    • Just keeps getting weirder, lol.


    • You do realize that those ads are set up depending on what YOU search online, right? This site has nothing what so ever to do with it. Try it… google coffee, coffee pots, coffee drinks, etc. See how long it takes for all your ads to change to Coffee, Starbucks, Keurig, etc. Lol. 😉


  5. I actually got it for 250 clams, not 280


  6. I always think logically with these so subtract 2 or 3 days off your estimate. I bought it when it went live (within the hour), not sure when that was. Right now my “harvest” time is 1am central, sometimes can’t sleep. If I’m sleeping tonight, big if, I may not collect till 6am. That is just one 5 shift forward. Long drive ahead of me on another day, more lost time, you can see how easy it is to loose a day or more.
    Theoretically you can’t collect for every day. Since you can’t collect perfectly at the point the timer runs out EVERY day you will push the timer forward by seconds thus pushing you last day collection 30 seconds + past the expiration.
    I wish they could take out “timers” for these and make them somehow a once per day any time of the day. Then we would get the maximum collection and still getting you to “play every day”!


    • I manage to collect everyday by setting timer on my phone, what I do on last day is buy it out just before event ends, usually just costs a couple clams, but worth it to grab the 14. I’m lucky I buy it straight away when new content drops and that is late evening here, so usually collecting around 11pm, I rarely have anything better to do at that time, poor me huh, lol. I think giving you the 14 clams on placing the building is to offset the last day but as long as you collect more than 20 times in the period you’re in profit, that does for me.


  7. wildthornberry88

    Yep I buy these every event ^_^


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