The Hauntening Character Questline – James Woods

At Halloween I think about all the creepy woods out there. Like the woods where the creepy cabin is; or the woods that surround Lake Crystal where Jason likes to hang out, and even the woods where the evil dead like to reside. That’s just a few and they are all seriously scary woods in my opinion, but they are nothing, NOTHING, compared to the Woods that TinyCo has brought to our games.

TinyCo have decided to really treat us this Halloween as we’re going to have one of the creepiest woods around let loose in our Quahog’s  in the shape of none other than James Woods himself. Hey and what’s more as he’s a character and not just some dead wood we even get a Questline, so here it is.

James Woods is available to unlock in Rocky Point until 14th October @ 3PM PST.

sheriff-peterHave Sheriff Peter Abuse His Imaginary Power:  4hrs Task
piece-of-candy 14 Pieces of Candy (Uncommon): Sinister Staffing
cratesCrates (Uncommon): Clear Poltergeists
cards11 Cards (Rare): Quagmire Let the Gerbil Loose OR Quahog Sheriff’s Station OR Hollyweird Video
peters-pants6 Pairs of Peter’s Pants (Extra Rare): Lois Practice Tai- Jitsu OR Joe Go Undercover OR Jerome Host Happy Hour OR Haunted Mansion


 Into the Woods 

Unlock James Woods

Completed Task Rewards: 2 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses

 Into the Woods Pt. 1
James Wood Starts

Have James Woods Take a Nap: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp
Have Sheriff Peter Guard His Room: 1hr, Earns $20 & 12xp

Completed Task Rewards: 5 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses

 Into the Woods Pt. 2
James Wood Starts

Have James Woods Play Concierge: 6hrs, Earns $65 & 45xp
Have Lois Order Room Service: 4hrs, Earns $45 & 30xp

Completed Task Rewards: 2 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses

 Into the Woods Pt. 3
Joe Starts

Have James Woods Collect Candy: 8hrs, $80 & 50xp
Have Jerome Watch a Ball game: 1hr, Earns $20 & 20xp

Completed Task Rewards: 5 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses

 Into the Woods Pt. 4
James Woods Starts

Have James Woods Fluff Up Pillows: 10hrs, $90 & 59xp
Have Mort Refuse To Tip: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp

Completed Task Rewards: 2 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses

There you have it. The side Questline for the new Character James Woods.

Did you unlock him? If so, how far into his Questline are you? Liking him so far? Let us know.




27 responses to “The Hauntening Character Questline – James Woods

  1. Not cool. I had just one candy to collect to unlock James Woods and he’s been removed! I was under the impression that we had until 14 October to complete this, but they’ve gone and removed him 2 days early!!! Have sent a message to TC in game…


    • Few other players reporting the same. I’d already unlocked him so not seeing the issue but you’re not alone.


    • Same here, that’s not fair! There was nothing to indicate he would disappear early otherwise I’d have spent the few clams for the missing crates. TinyCo, bring back James Woods pleaaaaaase!


  2. What’s up with the poltergeist? So many failed investigations. Is anyone having the same issue?


    • Not having many comments about poltergeists just now, mostly about the failed investigations with Spacemen.


    • same for me, 3 crate to get James Wood, but like nada for poltergeist, in the last 3 days only 1 crate of the 2 poltergeist that i’ve got yesterday morning, so many failed investigation with them


  3. Binyamin Moryosef

    What’s the deal with lost artifacts? It wasn’t on my prize list, but when i went to check out how to get recess pieces for James woods, i checked out how to do it and clicked onto the Lost Artifacts things, and it took me to this page where i could unlock it for 13 keys. It was weird.


  4. i just unlocked James Wood this morning .. pretty happy with him actually !!!


  5. Still trying to get James, need 2 more crates. Hopefully i get them from the 2 poltergeists that I’m currently clearing.
    Doing great with Carl, except for the alien statues. Those drop terribly from the bugs.


  6. I’m having problem receiving the crates for James Wood. I clear so many poltergeist with no success. It’s very frustrating. Any help on this?


  7. Does the haunted mausoleum actually drop pants? If so, how many at a time? One or two? The drops are supposed to be every two hours. It’s listed as a source of pants in James Woods’ unlock bubble, but no indication of that in the prize catalog listing.

    The artifacts building on the next page is also listed in the unlock bubble for pants, and that one is confirmed if I click on it and sneak into the artifacts listing on the prize page (otherwise not visible to me yet).


    • Hi, the mausoleum has got an extra rare drop of 2 pants. I can’t say how good drops are personally as I didn’t purchase it.


  8. Yay, I finally unlocked James Wood. Carl still looks impossible – I haven’t unlocked “Legitimate Business” yet, which means I still have a long way before I can collect popcorn. And I’m getting something like 1 bugspray every 4 hours, so I’ll have a grand total of 20 by the time the case closes *sigh*


  9. Warning, warning, venting about to commence . . .
    ~~~~ Oh my goodness, can’t get trunks!
    So many Sheriff Peter hours wasted trying. Now I’m switching back and forth between aliens and poltergeist.
    Sprayed so few bugs so far (only 4), and none have given cosmic radiation. ~~~~
    Venting has now concluded.


  10. I have one of the four drops from the aliens to unlock Karl. I was getting the dreaded X but found 5 aliens in two searches today. Have Sheriff Peter and FBI Lois working two over right now.

    So did FBI Lois replace one of the X-Files characters? Will aliens here Moulder should have been here. Or maybe a later case but since they were taken from the opening launch screen I’d say they were cut. Seems so odd being just Sheriff Peter and Exorcist Meg.


    • Glad you’re getting better Spacemen numbers, time start clearing them out, it’s like we want them then can’t get rid of them quick enough, lol.

      As for Case 2, who knows what wonders await us. I’m hoping Possessed Meg makes an appearance.


      • I would love to have exorcist Meg!! One of my favorite Halloween/scary movies! I only hope she’s not going to be another skin for 280+ clams, skins are not worth clams, no matter what they drop for the event.


        • I’m hoping she might be available to unlock but until she drops no way to know, if she’s premium my head might start spinning trying decide what to do, lol


  11. finally unlocked him today sadly think karl is a no go impossible no aliens from 6 hr drp extra rare more like has anyone coded them in other than a popular charector becomng unavailable i doubt even clam spenders dare pay that bill


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