The Hauntening Character Questline – Demon Hunter Joe

Well we’ve all come to expect a few hunters when things go supernatural, but a hunter on wheels is something to behold. Rolling into Rocky Point to save the day we have the character costume Demon Hunter Joe. And is it just me or does he look likes he’s enjoying his work a bit too much.

The Demon Hunter Joe character costume is available to unlock in Al Harrington’s as part of Case 2.

image12 Elder Wheels (Common): Quagmire Dig Deep OR Madame Z’s Psychic Center OR Demonic Motor Vehicles
image8 Mutton Chops (Uncommon): Help Meg Face Her Demons
image8 Fancy Hats (Rare): Bruce Investigate Conspiracy Theories OR House of Possessed Armor (Concierge)
image13 Necronomicon (Rare): Sheriff Peter Take a Taco Break OR Seamus Speak in Tongues OR Quahog National Bank OR Anal Point



 Good Joe Hunting 
Joe Starts

Unlock Demon Hunter Joe

Completed Task Rewards: 10 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses

 Good Joe Hunting Pt. 2
Joe Starts

Have Demon Hunter Joe Salt His Driveway: 2hrs, Earns $30 & 20xp
Have Quagmire Pass The Salt: 2hrs, Earns $30 & 20xp

Completed Task Rewards: 6 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses

 Good Joe Hunting Pt. 2
Joe Starts

Have Demon Hunter Joe Bust A Demon 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp
Have Bonnie Shop For Halloween: 2hrs, Earns $30 & 20xp

Completed Task Rewards: 8 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses

 Good Joe Hunting Pt. 3
Joe Starts

Have Demon Hunter Joe Take A Demonology Class: 6hrs, Earns $65 & 45xp

Completed Task Rewards: 10 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses

 Good Joe Hunting Pt. 4
Joe Starts

Have Demon Hunter Joe Face His Demons 10hrs, Earns $90 & 59xp

Completed Task Rewards: 15 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses

There you have it. The side Questline for the character costume Demon Hunter Joe.

Did you unlock it? If so, how far into his questline are you? Liking him so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger



23 responses to “The Hauntening Character Questline – Demon Hunter Joe

  1. So now it’s the end of the line! Demon Hunter Joe is needed in the main questline… and still no mutton chops! Meg is possessed once in a day in my game. Never will end this game! 😦


    • Are you putting Meg on tasks I find she gets possessed more when on task? Also when you go into your game , don’t just go in have a quick peak and out, leave it open a few minutes to give her time to be possessed.


      • Yes, I put her always on tasks in the event area. Doesn’t change a thing. And when she’s finally possessed… nooooo mutton chops. 😡😡 But thanks for your advice. 🙂 Now, I contacted Tinyco.


  2. My drop rapes have been crummy this entire event. Paranormal Imports has produced 2 books 1 time in over 10 attempts. I’ve been exorcising Meg for 5 days, 2-3 times a day and still have just 4 mutton chops. Aliens average 1 out of 5 attempts and about 1 of 6 demon hunts awards 0 demons. How can it be so consistently bad?
    I thought it was an exaggeration until I started keeping track.


  3. Finally got my last mutton late last night….have about 156 keys in the bank and starting to get a little bored…hope they add some new content soon(and I hope it’s a new freemium character!! I almost miss the hair pulling tension of trying to get James Woods and Carl at the same time……almost)


  4. Meg, oh Meg, where are you!!!


  5. I actually got the 8 in 10 tries. It was frustrating as hell, meg takes forever to get posessed. I would be so mad if I had a lower drop rate. Actually finished everything yesterday and just getting keys for next week (170 so far)


  6. I’ve been trying for 3 days…No Mutton Chops


  7. Stalled on the mutton chops myself as well, 6/8 at the moment so close. It seems Meg gets possessed on a rather irregular basis. I’m glad he hasn’t stalled the main questline so far…I’m actually ahead at the moment (first time in a *long* time I could say that in week 3 of an event), and have almost 150 keys saved up for whenever next week starts, so I should be able to *stay* way ahead.


    • I think fact he plays no part in main Questline shows we weren’t expected to unlock him early, but I’d love to see a mutton chop drop just now. Been way too long, lol.


  8. After 10 tries I only got 2 mutton chops. I’ve sent TinyCo an in-game message once again…


    • Ive asked Bunny raise this with TinyCo, there seems to be something strange going on, but hey it’s the Halloween event so we need expect the unexpected.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. In 2 days I’ve only got 2 more muttonchops… so I’m still 5/8. I have everything else, so I’m just waiting for the last 3 to drop 😦


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