The Hauntening 101: Clearing Boogeymen

Who’s afraid of the boogeyman???

As a child I was, and Rumpelstiltskin, and Jack Frost and…. Oh that’s enough of me, don’t want this turning into a psyche 101, as I don’t think I’ll like where I might end up as I’ve heard scary things about that cell next to Bunny’s.

So let’s get back to the Boogeymen who have now descended upon the Rocky Point Hotel. Remind me why anyone thought it was a good idea to go there?

Ok now I’ve got all that out my system, let’s take a look at Case 2 – Part 2 and see exactly what it takes to summon these supernatural spirits to our hotels in order we can clear them out, as believe me I don’t want any Boogeymen hanging around.

For more information on the Event, go HERE


In order to be able to start seeing Boogeymen in Rocky Point you will need to progress the Main Questline to Return to Rocky Point Pt 14. At that point you will be instructed to Learn About Boogeymen. Clicking Go will bring up instructions on finding boogeymen and subsequently clearing them.

At this point you have will have triggered the ability to collect the night lights needed to release boogeymen in your hotel.


When Pt. 14 of Return to Rocky Point triggers you will be asked to unlock The Kitchen, this is  where boogeymen like to hide out. However I’m actually finding them hiding in every room in my game.

***Room release information is as verified in my game but please note what can be released and from which room keeps changing in my game, so you may see something different***


You will need the one thing that boogeymen don’t like to see, a night light.

Night Light (Common): Bruce Turn Out the Lights OR James Woods High (make sure no skins are on it) OR Igor To Please Temp Agency (Concierge) OR Ash Williams Show Off His Boomstick


This is pretty simple once you’re armed with a night light, click on the exclamation mark in any of the rooms. This will bring up the investigation screen where you can see what kind of supernatural spirit is available, boogeymen can be investigated in all rooms in my game at the moment. You can see if they are available at the bottom, there will be a box that shows boogeymen and the cost to investigate them.

To release boogeymen you just tap on the magnifying glass and this will start the investigation of the room. It takes 30 minutes to investigate and once complete you will see a check mark. By tapping the check mark you will find out if your investigation was successful. Now be aware you DO NOT always release boogeymen, sometimes your investigation fails, when this happens you will only get a reward of a magnifying glass. However when you’re investigation is successful you will see a screen that shows how many boogeymen you have released into Rocky Point.

You can keep repeating the investigations as long as you have enough night lights available. Here are some of Bunny’s test results:

Investigation 1: 2 Boogeymen
Investigation 2: 2 Boogeymen
Investigation 3: 2 Boogeymen
Investigation 4: 2 Boogeymen
Investigation 5: 2 Boogeymen
Investigation 6: 2 Boogeymen
Investigation 7: 2 Boogeymen

And here’s my results to date:

Investigation 1: 2 Boogeyman
Investigation 2: 2 Boogeymen
Investigation 3: 2 Boogeymen
Investigation 4: 2 Boogeyman

Are you seeing a pattern here? Lol.


If your investigation was successful clearing the released boogeyman is simplicity at its best, just look around Rocky Point for any boogeyman and tap on it to clear it.


Boogeymen drop the following:

Per Boogeyman Cleared:
2 Lightning Bolts

There you have it, the frightful facts about boogeymen. What are your thoughts? Have you started to clear boogeymen yet? If so, are you enjoying this horrid addition to our games? For the last few weeks we’ve been blaming everything on the spaceman, or lack of them, now we get to blame it on the boogey. Sorry, lame I know, but I just couldn’t resist. Any other tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


14 responses to “The Hauntening 101: Clearing Boogeymen

  1. I havent actually progressed to pt14, and I can get nightlights & clear boogeymen.

    I only just realized I NEED to get that damn 50+ key bldg to be able to unlock Demonic Motor Vehicles in order to keep progressing thru thequestine. Argh! I was hoping to be able to skip them, since I dont need the drops for them anymore. In fact, id already purchased Igor to Please & that pricey Vat of Ooze before i realized this! Oh well – i guess ill just be better prepared once i open The Kitchen…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow sorry to hear your games are being reset what a pain that is! I’ve been playing for 9 months hope mine doesn’t reset. I’m playing on iPad too but up to now mine is fine. I’ve just unlocked the Pawtucket brewery too and got chumba wumba stewie.


  3. I am playing on an iPad iOS 10….


  4. Playing on iPhone 7 Plus through the mobile app. I just got my last two Latin books last night too.


  5. I too have had my game reset to level 1. I’m playing on IOS (and it’s the same on both iPad and iPhone. Messaged through in-game support. Just wanted to lend support to the others, as this was the first place I came to find out if it was only me.


    • As you can see there are other players with same issue. Contacting TinyCo and waiting for a response is all we can advise just now. But thanks for supplying device etc you are playing on.


  6. Anyone else have their game reset today? I’ve been playing since Day 1, and today when I logged in I was back at Level 1. Reinstalled game and my linked account on Facebook shows only Level 1 as an option. Contacted Tinyco, but probably won’t get help until Monday. If they can’t restore, I guess my time here is done. Hope everyone else’s account is fine. Very disappointing.


  7. My game also reset over night. Is this problem spreading?


  8. The only thing im afraid of is that my account might be reset


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