The Hauntening Character Profile: Franken Bonnie

Behind every great monster there’s a great woman, and hasn’t Frankenstein hit the jackpot with Franken Bonnie.

Franken Bonnie is a hair raising new costume for, well, Bonnie of course. And I will be darned if every time I look at her I don’t want to break into the Time Warp…. again. I know, I know I’m in the wrong movie, but Magenta has always rocked that Bride of Frankenstein look, and Franken Bonnie just brings her to mind.

But what can Franken Bonnie do in our games, well keep reading and you’ll find out.

Franked Bonnie is a new Character Costume added during Case 2 – Part 2 of The Hauntening 2016. As with many costumes in the game in order to get her you have to collect lots of stuff! You will be directed to unlock her via the Monster Wedding questline. Tapping on Go will take you to Al’s where she can be made.

  65 Wedding Rings (Always): Attack “Boss” Frankenstein
bandages4 Bandages (Rare): Meg Scarf Down Hot Dogs OR Make Demon a Hunter Joe Face His Demons
scar-concealer4 Scar Concealer (Uncommon): Robo-Pumpkin Patch (Concierge)
2 Wedding Garters (Extra Rare): Build-A-Creep Workshop (Conceirge)

She does come with a questline, Monster Wedding, we’ll have more on that in a later post.

Franken Bonnie does come with a complete set of Tasks! Tasks that will help you earn $$$ & XP.  She also has a task that always drops Gasoline, needed for battling the big boss, Frankensein.

Let’s take a closer look at Franken Bonnie’s Tasks:

 Task Time Earns Drops/
Movie Scene Marker Clapper Board Be a Bridezilla 4hrs 5030
Movie Scene Marker Clapper Board Fix Her Hair 6hrs 6545  Gasoline
Scare Trick or Treaters 10hrs 9059
Show Off Her Costume 12hrs 10065
Get A Change 24hrs 150100

**Note: Within an Event, tasks may change and vary as the Phases come and go. So some of these tasks will be temporary. Others may be one time use. Some will stick around even after the Event. We won’t know until the Event Ends.


Just the usual Bonnie voice.

And there you have it, the complete breakdown for Franked Bonnie!

What do you think of the character? What do you think of her tasks? Have a favourite? Let us know!

~ Russian Tigger





20 responses to “The Hauntening Character Profile: Franken Bonnie

  1. Little behind getting everything I need for FrankenBonnie but she’s cute so I’ll drop a few clams to get her.


  2. I put Bonnie on her Fix her hair task and thought I lost her. Couldn’t see her anywhere. Located her with FaceSpace but it kept taking me to the library with no Bonnie visible. I tapped around that area and finally her progress bar popped up, so she’s there someplace…. Maybe she’s hiding behind a pile of books, happily catching up on her reading while she’s plugged in.


    • Lol. It’s crazy when a character goes walk about and need track them. You’d think Franken Bonnie’s hair would make her an easy find 😢😅


  3. Is Franken-Bonnie a new character or a new costume. On FGQFS she’s listed as both (see Characters in the Shopping Cart and in Al’s Costumes). Even here she’s called a “new Character Costume.” Bottomline — can Franken-Bonnie go to Tan Lines? Thx for clarifying this for me!


    • Franken Bonnie is a costume for Bonnie, she is not a new character and will not increase total of characters you send in to Tan Lines.


  4. i love the bride of frankenstein and i think bonnie is perfect as her .. the 4 bandages dropped very easily (i got them all from Meg before even unlocking Demon Hunter Joe) .. the rings were easy too .. the garters dropped from the first time i put the building .. the only thing that was a bit of a pain were the scar concealers … it took 2 days to get the first drop .. and then 1 more day to get the other drop …


  5. Hi, I usually keep up to speed with the game on here with Bunny’s fab guide and it usually serves me well. As a freemium player i’ve done not too badly thus far only missing out on Karl, but I so far don’t see FrankenBonnie in my lil game.
    I’ve only got the wheel drop building (I forget the name) to get…have I missed something?


  6. Just got the ability to get things for Frankenstein-Bonnie yesterday and I still need mutton chops to get Joe’s skin. I have less than 2 days to get her because I lost 2 days due to my game being disconnected from my account & now I’m getting load error messages when trying to get into my game. Like Genger Barden below I’m getting close to stopping game play.


    • I understand your frustration, but I know TinyCo are doing everything they can to resolve this. I hope you’ll stick with us.


      • If my type of gameplay is not rewarded within an event’s time limits of the game I can accept that. It’s my choice to play the way I play. But if progress is deterred, limited or halted because the game company has issues and fixing them cuts into their game’s time limitations, which I cannot overcome, I find that hard to overlook. TinyCo’s time constraints in this game for events is tight, especially for freemium players. In the past they’ve been reluctant to extend time limits because of game problems so I don’t see how this issue can have a fully satisfactory conclusion.


        • I honestly can’t say what will happen, but I know they are working flat out to fix the current issues. Both freemium and premium players have been affected and have been playing catch up as a result.


    • I can’t get Franken-Bonnie either, she’s just not available, I’ve tried everything, I’m really disappointed 😦


      • Have you completed the Face Your Demons Questline, you must complete it to Pt. 8 to access all the new content released for Case 2.


  7. It took over 24 hours after putting down the Robo-pumpkin patch to get it to drop 2 scar concealer. Maybe it will drop 2 more before the case closes, in about 2 days, and I can get her. If not, might be what makes me finally stop playing.


    • Take heart. I found the scar concealer dropped pretty fast and I only had maybe 2.5 days for it – got in it less than two days. Needing only four and getting two at a time helped a lot, plus Frankenstein came through with enough bolts to buy the pumpkin patch while there was still time to get the drops. The bandages were another nail biter but they came through about the same time.

      If you need a few more hours, you can try keeping your game up and running and setting Never for automatic screen sleep mode. That used to work, not sure if it works as well for this event. Just don’t answer the phone….


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