Daily Archives: December 24, 2016

Where the Hell….? PAC-MAN

Fruit is falling, all around us, PAC-MAN’s mazing, having fun, ’tis the season of ghosts and….., oh sorry there I go again, mind wandering off in any old direction. A bit like PAC-MAN in his maze. Why do I keep going back to PAC-MAn, well apart from the fact he’s the star of one of the best arcade games ever, he’s only gone and followed a maze into Quahog as part of the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night. And I thought what better post to bring you on Christmas Eve than one featuring the character that lit up many a kids Christmas Day in the 80’s.

Now all my fellow gaming geeks probably recognise PAC-MAN from his arcade game hey day but just where have we seen this little ball of mellow yellow in Family Guy before? Well he’s made a few appearances to date in the TV show and been referenced as well, and I’m going to highlight them here.

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