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All I Want For Christmas Is…… A Legacy for Premium Characters

So here it is Merry Christmas, everybody’s having….. STOP!!! Drat I’m a week early aren’t I? Oh well, guess that means there’s still time for me to send my Christmas letter to TinyCo. And here it is in the form of a blog post of course!!!


Dear TinyCo Santa,

So I’m finally getting round to chatting to you about one of the hottest topics of this fun, maddening, awesome, frustrating, addictive and totally bonkers game we all have in common. Yes, I’m going to ask you  about creating a legacy for our premium characters. You’ll find full details below….


Russian Tigger

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Where the Hell….? Mr Zucchini Head

Ok, Mr Zucchini Head is a dead ringer for something isn’t he, but what? Let me think…..  Ah yes, that’s right, Mr Potato Head!!! That must be what he reminds me of. Or that’s the story I’m sticking to as this is a PG site, lol.

But Mr Zucchini Head is one of those things that despite playing only a tiny part in the Family Guy TV show managed to find a way into our games in Quahog’s Not So Silent Night.

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