Where the Hell….? Mr Zucchini Head

Ok, Mr Zucchini Head is a dead ringer for something isn’t he, but what? Let me think…..  Ah yes, that’s right, Mr Potato Head!!! That must be what he reminds me of. Or that’s the story I’m sticking to as this is a PG site, lol.

But Mr Zucchini Head is one of those things that despite playing only a tiny part in the Family Guy TV show managed to find a way into our games in Quahog’s Not So Silent Night.

Now a lot of you will probably recognise Mr Zucchini Head from the vegetable aisle in your local supermarket, only joking I mean from his appearance in Mr Weed’s character task Play with Mr Zucchini Head but just where have we seen this little bundle of excitement in Family Guy before? Well he’s made just one appearances to date in the TV show and I’m going to highlight it here.


So join me on a journey of discovery through Mr Zucchini Head’s short but memorable appearance in Family Guy.

Thinking is Dead – Season 2, Episode 7

Over at Happy-Go-Lucky Toys there’s an important meeting on the horizon as the employees have been asked to invent some new toys to pitch to the Board of Directors. Can’t see that going wrong at all. Lol.

Peter senses an opportunity to show everyone what he can do with his brilliant idea for a new toy, only problem is Peter seems to have had the wrong type of toy in mind as his creation Mr Zucchini Head looks and acts more like a sex toy than the next big Christmas gift for kids. Oblivious to this Peter pitches his toy to the board anyway, describing how his toys got “stupid cool hip hop style….”

The board of Directors are visibly shocked as Mr Zucchini Head hilariously vibrates along the table towards them.


Unsurprisingly, to everyone apart from Peter, they pass on mass producing Peter’s little pal, but not all is lost as Mr Weed seems to have taken a shine to Mr Zucchini Head and decides to keep him for himself.


So there you have it, the little toy with the big personality and his one and only appearance in Family Guy.

Do you remember this episode? Or have you never seen it? Do you now plan to watch any it? And do any of you wish Mr Zucchini Head was a character rather than a decoration?

~ Russian Tigger

5 responses to “Where the Hell….? Mr Zucchini Head

  1. Don’t know where else to talk about decos so here goes:
    Is anyone else making a play dough Christmas tree lot?? I can’t help myself, they are SO funny!! Haha love em!! And only 5 stocking stuffers!! Thanks TinyCo!

    And on a more sour note, I so wish they would have made the 600 s.s. Bill Clinton dance dance revolution an animated deco! That would’ve been hilarious!! “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world” hahahaha.


    • I’m staying clear of the play-doh, I’m very allergic to that stuff. But less about me and more about decos, I’m actually loving what they’ve released so far, but not splurging too many stocking stuffers until later in the event. I do see a Giant PAC-MAN maze in my future.


  2. That was hilariously written 😀


  3. “No calls”
    -Mr. Weed.



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