Kung Pow Quahog 101: Fighting Kung Pow Giant Chicken

Hey there Kentucky fried chickens!!

With Phase 3 of the Kung Pow Quahog Event in full swing I thought I’d drop by with a post on defeating Kung Pow Giant Chicken, in the hope it will stop you from getting your feathers in a flap over him.

In this post I will go over the Basics of the Kung Pow Giant Chicken fight, in order to try to help you as you will need to defeat him to progress in the main Questline Pt. 8, completing this is necessary to move into Phase 4 when it launches. Be aware that you won’t get credit for any defeats before you reach Pt. 8, you need to defeat him when this part of the Questline is active in order for the task to complete.

For the Main Event Post, go HERE

For the Main Phase 3 Questline, go HERE

You’ll find a post that will be updated each Phase to include our Foes and who can fight them HERE.


Kung Pow Giant Chicken  will appear within a few hours of  you starting The Most Mojo in the Dojo Pt. 3.


Tapping GO will bring up the information box for Kung Pow Giant Chicken.


Once you’ve done this keep checking your event area as this is where you will see Kung Pow Giant Chicken start to show off his battle moves.


First, you will need to collect Expired Couponseach attack costs 2 Expired Coupons.

Expired Coupons (Always): Get from Clearing Sensei

If you do NOT have the amount of Expired Coupons required, you will see “NEED MORE EXPIRED COUPONS” on the Battle screen no matter what Character you select.

Once you have 2 Expired Coupons, then “FIGHT” will appear once you select your Character/Characters.


Just tap on Kung Pow Giant Chicken in the battle arena, now when the Battle Screen appears you will immediately see on the positive side you can use up to 3 fighters to attack Kung Pow Chicken during an attack, but on the downside you will see he’s not only much stronger than the other foes but he also packs a very powerful punch. His Health = 32 and his Attack Power = 20. Ouch and Double Ouch!!!

Tap on +  to add the Character/Characters you want to use for the current Battle and a check mark will appear on them. If you want just one, that is fine, although I don’t recommend it as you will see in my battle advice below. Then tap on “GO” to take you back to Battle Screen. (If you see a lock on the Character, you do not have them available)

Also remember a character cannot battle whilst busy doing another task. They can however do tasks between battles or whilst healing.


The Characters you can use will depend on WHO you have purchased or unlocked…

Dojo Peter: Health 8, Attack Power 4, Critical Hit Chance 20

 Johnny Lawrence: Health 8, Attack Power 6, Critical Hit Chance 20

Billy Blanks: Health 4, Attack Power 6, Critical Hit Chance 20

Yogi Fighter Brian: Health 4, Attack Power 6, Critical Hit Chance 25


Health – The amount of damage you can take before you’re knocked out.

Attack Power – The standard damage you can do to your opponents health during an attack.

Critical Hit Chance– The higher the number the higher the odds of you doing a critical hit to your opponent. These are random, basically look at it like a lucky strike where you do more damage than your standard. These work on chance, you have no control over them, so really don’t think about it too much. Just know that it means you can knockout an opponent with one hit, but on the downside they can also do the same to you.

Now their Health and/or Attack Power it takes to defeat villans may change as the Event progresses, as we may see new villains to battle, as of know I am not sure on this… but we will have to see what happens as the Event progresses.


Technically you can  fight with only one, but you will need to get very lucky with critical hits or Kung Pow Giant Chicken doing critical misses to defeat him with just one fighter. This is because there is a big difference from the Mr Washee Washee and Mr Miyagi Battles, with these you could chip away at their health at your leisure, taking days to fully defeat them but you can’t do this with Kung Pow Chicken as a timer starts upon your first attack on him, giving you only 24 hours to fully defeat him before his health is fully restored. I will explain this better when I go into attacks later in this post.

But if you’ve not purchased Yogi Fighter Brian, don’t panic as you  can defeat Kung Pow Giant Chicken without him but be aware you will need to do multiple attacks to win unless you strike it lucky with a critical hit, which I think is very unlikely. If you get one please tell us in the comments. So with this in mind before you even think about attacking him and activating the 24hr timer make sure you’ve stocked up on Expired Coupons.

Now that you have the Basics, let’s look at a fight so you can see how things go down.


Look in your Event area and you will see him strutting his stuff in the battle arena.

Tap on him and you will see the Battle Screen, here you will see….

  • How much Damage he can Inflict on your Character (fist) – 20
  • How much Damage it will take to Defeat him (health bar) – 32
  • How much Damage you can inflict on him (fist) – 4
  • How much Damage it will take to defeat you (health bar) – 8
  • The chance of a Critical Hit on him
  • The amount of Expired Coupons you need to fight – 2
  • The rewards you will get for defeating Kung Pow Giant Chicken
  • The 24hr Timer starting to count down


Now I’m going to chat more about battling Kung Pow Giant Chicken, what follows is just my thoughts, you can of course ignore my advice and plot your own battle but I’m going highlight why you shouldn’t go with one fighter and stick with a combo of fighters for this foe.

And remember once you finish your first attack a timer will activate and you will only have 24 hours to fully defeat him before his health restores. You will see the timer above him in the event arena once it’s counting down.




So if you look at the image above where you only use Dojo Peter, you have pretty dreadful odds as Dojo Peter can only inflict 4 Damage with each attack and it will take 32 damage to defeat Kung Pow Giant Chicken. And the odds are just as bad with regards your health, you only have 8 to Kung Pow Giant Chicken’s 32.  Kung Pow Giant Chicken can wipe out your health with one attack. So basically you’re attack power and health isn’t going see you win the battle quickly, it will take repeat attacks and healing time unless you get in a critical hit or two. And after the first attack the 24hr timer will start to countdown, so you must reduce his health to 0 before it runs out or watch aghast as his health restores to 32.

Can you do it within 24 hours? Well only if  you get lucky critical hits, and Kung Pow Chicken misses you in attacks, and let’s be honest the chances of this are slim and its probably not worth risking those valuable expired coupons to find out. So basically if you’re looking at chipping away his health with just Dojo Peter it’s doomed to failure as Peter’s attack power is too weak, it’s only 4 and it would take 8 attacks to clear Kung Pow Chicken’s 32 health. And with Dojo Peter’s health wiped out easily in attacks, he’d need to heal for 7 hours between attacks, so even if you’re playing round the clock you can’t do the number of attacks needed within 24 hours unless you’re willing spend a lot of clams on revive potions or healing him.

So I think we all agree Dojo Peter won’t cut it alone. But will any other character? Well the answer is probably maybe, continue reading to see why.


Like Dojo Peter, Johnny Lawrence alone is another doomed to fail, as with his attack power of 6, he’d need to attack Kung Pow Giant Chicken 6 times to defeat him, unless you get lucky with critical hits etc. And like Dojo Peter his health would be wiped out easily and as he also takes 7hrs to heal you couldn’t do the attacks necessary within 24 hours. You’d again be hoping for some critical hits or Kung Pow Giant Chicken to be unlucky and miss Johnny a couple of times. But what’s the odds of that happening? Are you willing bet you expired coupons on them? I’m not.


Now let’s send in this phases premium buy, Yogi Fighter Brian. Can he do it alone? Well, he’s got a chance but it’s going rely on very tight time keeping. He can do 6 damage to Kung Pow Giant Chicken each attack, and if you’re lucky and he never misses, you can reduce Kung Pow Chicken’s health to 0 in 6 attacks. And although Brian will need to heal between attacks, his shorter healing time of 3 hours means you can do 6 attacks in 24 hours. But what’s the sting in the tail, well for the 6 attacks you’re going to need 12 expired coupons and attack day and night, so bang goes a good nights sleep.


And for Billy Blanks, the odds are identical to Yogi Fighter Brian, the 6 attacks can be done due to his shorter healing time of 3 hours, but it’s going cost you 12 expired coupons and some sleep.

So as you can see trying to defeat Kung Pow Giant Chicken with one fighter isn’t a great idea. And why would you want to use only one fighter if you have more available? If you want better odds you need consider a combo of fighters and that’s what we’ll talk about next.


Obviously you increase your chances of defeating Kung Pow Giant Chicken by using more than one fighter in the battles. You can battle with 2 or 3 characters and you’ll see the benefits of these choices below.


Here you can see we’ve chosen Dojo Peter and Johnny Lawrence and for the same fight cost of expired coupons we can send both of them into battle, and you can see although our health is still only a max of 8 as these can’t be combined, the attack power does increase as these can be combined Dojo Peter’s 4 + Johnny Lawrence’s 6 = 10. So we can do more damage in the battle, so you’re odds of defeating Kung Pow Giant Chicken  are increasing as you could take down Kung Pow Giant Chicken in 4 attacks if you’re lucky, but you’re going to need to be vigilant of the timer so again you’ll need play day and night. The odds are the same if you use Dojo Peter & Yogi Fighter Brian, or Dojo Peter & Billy Blanks.

Now you’re probably saying there’s a better combo of two fighters if you ditch Dojo Peter and use Johnny Lawrence + Yogi Fighter Brian, or Johnny Lawrence + Billy Banks, or Yogi Fighter Brian + Billy Banks. So why haven’t I used one of those as an example, rather than the above. Well that’s because if you have Yogi Fighter Brian or/and Billy Banks, you’d be daft to use them in a two fighter combo with Johnny Lawrence, when you could simply add one of them in with the combo above to give you the ultimate fighting team, yes a full house of 3 fighters.

And that’s what we’re going look at now, the combo that gives you the best odds for the least expired coupons. And here we have it, the perfect storm of freemium fighters to knockout Kung Pow Giant Chicken with limited attacks, using less expired coupons and saving you losing sleep.  As you can see the combined attack power of our combo is 6+4+6=16. So we could defeat Kung Pow Giant Chicken in just 2 attacks as we should hopefully do a minimum of 16 damage or even more if we get a lucky hit.


And there’s the added fun of getting see your three fighters in the arena.


And as you can see we did manage to reduce his health by 16 and picked up some much appreciated round rewards to help with the Golden Dragon.

And here we have the option of healing our fighters for clams and attacking again immediately, or waiting the 7 hours healing time and then sending the same 3 fighters in to finish the job.

And wham bam thank you ma’am Kung Pow Giant Chicken is no more, defeated by our freemium fight club and it’s only needed 4 expired coupons total. But I must admit after all that it’s a little disappointing to only get 24 black belts for your efforts, but that’s the low reward TinyCo has set.



If you are knocked out and lose all your health then you need to heal your fighter/fighters.


Each time your Character/Characters go into Battle, they will take Damage. Once their health hits 0 in order to be able to use them again they must heal from that back to their full Capacity. Please note your fighter/fighters  will not start to heal if they have only lost health, they must be at 0 health.

There are a few ways to Heal your Character/Characters. First tap on any Nerd and then go to the Character Select Screen (tap on +). Here you will see your Character has taken Damage and “HEAL” is showing over them.

You will see above the time to heal a fighter with 8 or more health is 7hrs and below this a button to allow you to heal them immediately either using premium revive potions bought from the store or if you have no revive potions, you will get a message telling you the clam cost to heal your fighter instantly.


However the time to heal fighters with 4 health is only 3 hours.


And this shorter heal time is reflected in a lower clam cost to instantly restore their health through the heal option.



This will depend on where you are in the game but here is a general idea of Payouts.

image24 Black Belts (Always)

Round rewards of 20 Chopsticks, 1 Expired Coupon, 1 Fortune Cookie, 1 Gold & 1 Incense.


The honest answer I I don’t know, we will just need wait and see on this.


  • Collect Expired Coupons
  • Be patient, you only need defeat Kung Pow Giant Chicken once, at Pt. 8 of the main Questline. If you do it before you reach Pt. 8 it won’t count and you’ll need to do it again.
  • Tap Kung Pow Giant Chicken
  • Pick Character/Characters that will cause the most Damage and win the Battle with the least attacks and within 24 hours
  • Collect Reward

There you have it, the overall idea of the Kung Pow Giant Chicken Battles. How are you doing in the Battles? Does this help you more? Any other tips you would offer fellow Players? Any more questions on the Battles not covered? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

20 responses to “Kung Pow Quahog 101: Fighting Kung Pow Giant Chicken

  1. I’ve defeated Kung pow giant chicken at least twice. Why does he keeps appearing after I K.O’d him? This might be a stupid question on my part.


  2. Hi, everyone. I returned from holidays a couple of days ago, so I’m still at the beginning of Phase 2. I’m sorry to ask this; I’ve gone through all the posts about the 3 phases but it was too much information and I missed a couple of things. Are we getting the chance to buy giant chicken the same way as Mr Washee Washee and Mr Miyagi? I’m really behind I’ve decided I’m going to go for those two guys and not the event since I have no chance. If there is a 4th chance of getting the chicken I’ll work a little more on the main quests. Thanks!


    • Hi, hope you had a nice holiday. Did you go anywhere exciting? Anyway to answer your question there’s been no word on whether we are going get the chance to get Kung Pow Giant Chicken, id love it if we did, and I’ve a feeling we might, but that’s just my thoughts.


      • Thanks for answering quickly, as usual. I’ll try to make it to phase 3, but seeing the fight against KPG Chicken is timed I’m not sure if I’ll defeat him and get to phase 4; it took me forever to defeat Mr Washee Washee. I’ll try at least to get to the dragon and see if I get him. For some reason I’ve been able to collect ‘ammo’ for him for a couple of days so I should be able defeat him at least once. We’ll see. This isn’t a usual event for me, so I take whatever I can unlock. 🙂
        And thanks for asking about the holidays. I spent 10 days travelling around Italy. I wouldn’t call it exotic, but I’m Argentinean, so definitively far! And I loved it. You may think it’s silly, but I see a castle or gothic cathedral and I go crazy. We’re only 200 years old so there’s nothing similar in Argentina. 🙂


        • Not silly at all, I get it, big fan of gothic architecture, well many styles of architecture. We have many castles here, not many are gothic style mind you. Italy is wonderful, I enjoyed the time I spent there very much, highlight was probably wandering through the ruins of Pompeii and the weeks I spent in Venice. But I really enjoyed all of the cities etc, history is round every corner you turn. I’d like to go back but do the Italian Lakes and see more of the countryside. Argentina looks like a fascinating country. Bit further afield than Italy mind you. Good luck with the Golden Dragon. He’s not as tough as Ganesha so go for it.


  3. So if you have plenty of expired tickets and all three characters that can attack the chicken I would highly recommended attacking him one character at a time. That gives you the opportunity to score 3-5x the extra loot from losing and still easily beat the chicken within the 24 hour time frame.


  4. 24 black belts only? They must be joking!


    • I’m afraid so, I was quite surprised also.


      • Well that means I’ll only fight the chicken once in order to progress, it’s much easier getting black belts from Senseis then…


    • Plus three or four or five of each of all three of the offerings for the dragon from earlier rounds. I seem to have a steady surplus of expired coupons – more than I need. This means there is no worry about ‘wasting’ two coupons if I only have a single fighter available. Useful for mopping up partly hurt fighters who aren’t going to start healing until they are knocked out.


  5. I’m going in for the kill! I have Peter, Quagmire, and Johnny, and 17(!) expired coupons, so I hope to take him down with 2 attacks (with the 7 hour wait in between)… AND, I just took down the Dragon at 5X for the first (and likely only) time. 🙂 AND, I can now see the status of how many items I own, in preparation for the next Dragon attack, even though he has gone to sleep! It seems that TinyCo listened to us on that issue, too! Looks like today is going to be a good day. 😀


    • When you defeat to5X resources do show when he’s napping, it’s at the other levels they don’t. Samurai Quagmire can’t fight Kung Pow Giant Chicken, it’s Billy Blanks. And I’ve successfully defeated him twice with the 3 fighter combo with 2 attacks. Going for the third time now. Good luck.


      • Well that’s not fair! 😉 Having never gotten to that point before, i didn’t know that. And of course you are right about Billy/Quagmire. But I even managed to defeat KPC with only two attackers, on the second round. KPC missed and I got a Critical hit! Hope your attacks go as well. Now to save up rice balls and headbands for Phase 4! Oh, darn, the weekly challenge has hit. Well, i missed week 2, so I guess I can skip this one. 😊


        • Good hear some are getting Critical Hits on Kung Pow Giant Chicken, gives hope to players who maybe didn’t get ?Johnny Lawrencd and will only have 2 fighters available. I’m like you just gathering resources and feeding the Dragon, should have him unlocked by tonight or tomorrow.


  6. I took Billy, Johnny and Peter in to battle the Chicken looking forward to getting the loot for not beating him on the first go around. And wouldn’t you know all three characters popped their special mojo and took the chicken out in one shot. Just got the 22 headbands and no other goodies. 😦

    Hope he returns soon and I can have a couple more goes at him. I have enough coupons that it will make sense just to send in one person at a time to rack up the swag.


    • You hit the jackpot with those critical hits, typical it’s not what you were hoping for. But thanks for sharing that it can be done.


  7. Playing freemium most mojo in the dojo part 6. It will probably take me a couple days to unlock billy and the koi pond but being able to look ahead with these posts has helped a lot, leaving giant chicken alone til part 8, when to hold onto offerings for golden dragon, knowing ahead of time who I have to clear in the next level, samurai, sensei etc. This has allowed me to strategize and make the most of freemium play. Hopefully somehow I can finally get giant chicken in my game. Been bogged down a couple times trying to get stuff to advance but overall this has been a fun (silly)quest


  8. Agreed that they could have increased amount of black belts rewarded after such a tough battle! Great post, especially with tips and different ways to win it, and pros and cons! Saves us lazy folks from doing the Math!


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