Kung Pow Quahog 101: Clearing Sumo

Hey there Addicts, it’s Diapers at the ready time!!

With the Kung Pow Quahog Event in full swing I thought it was time we took a closer look at one of the Phase 4 baddies, the Sumo.

In this post I will go over the Basics of the Battles to help you out.

For the Main Event Post, go HERE

You’ll find a post that will be updated each Phase to include our Foes and who can fight them HERE.


Samurai will appear when you start Takin’ It To The Streets Pt: 1.

Tapping GO will bring up the Sumo information box.



First, you will need to collect Fight Contracts, each attack costs 1 fight contract.

Fight Contracts (Rare): Get from Squatty Tiger Secret Dragon Lair OR Jerome Sponsor Fighters OR Bonnie Bet on Fights OR Dojo Peter Give Kumite a Try OR Meg Fight for Popularity OR Seamus Be A Training Dummy OR Mr Tea’s Tea House OR Sensei Stewie Mystery Box OR Master Brian Mystery Box

If you do NOT have the Fight Contracts required, you will see “NEED MORE FIGHT CONTRACTS” on the Battle screen no matter what Character(s) you select.

Once you have 1 Fight Contract, then “FIGHT” will appear once you select your Character.


Just tap on a Sumo then tap on the + sign on the Main Battle Screen. You will see three + signs and this means you can up to three characters per battle.

Tap on the Character/Characters you want to use for the current Battle and a check mark will appear on them. If you want just one, that is fine. Then tap on “GO” to take you back to Battle Screen. (If you see a lock on the Character, you do not have them available)

Also remember a character cannot battle whilst busy doing another task. They can however do tasks between battles or whilst healing.


The Characters you can use will depend on WHO you have purchased or unlocked…

Billy Blanks: Health 4, Attack Power 6, Critical Hit Chance 20

Sumo Chris: Health 4, Attack Power 8, Critical Hit Chance 20

Yogi Fighter Brian: Health 4, Attack Power 6, Critical Hit Chance 25

 Kung Fu HerbertHealth 6, Attack Power 8, Critical Hit Chance 20


Health – The amount of damage you can take before you’re knocked out.

Attack Power – The standard damage you can do to your opponents health during an attack.

Critical Hit Chance– The higher the number the higher the odds of you doing a critical hit to your opponent. These are random, basically look at it like a lucky strike where you do more damage than your standard. These work on chance, you have no control over them, so really don’t think about it too much. Just know that it means you can knockout an opponent with one hit, but on the downside they can also do the same to you.

Now their Health and/or Attack Power it takes to defeat villans may change as the Event progresses, as we may see new villains to battle, as of know I am not sure on this… but we will have to see what happens as the Event progresses.


You can fight with only one, and this post will be based around using Billy Blanks as he’s the fighter most of you will have immediately available, but remember you should use a combo of two or three characters if you have them available as this will defeat the Sumo quicker, saving you not just time but precious fight contracts. Remember it’s 1 Fight Contract for every attack.

But as I said you can get started with  ONLY ONE CHARACTER but again please be aware you will probably need to attack the same Sumo more than once to win unless you hit it lucky with a critical hit to the Sumo.

Now that you have the Basics, let’s look at a fight so you can see how things go down.


Look around your town for all the available Sumo. In my game, I had up to 3 wandering my sidewalk.

Tap on a Sumo and you will see the Battle Screen, here you will see….

  • How much Damage can they Inflict on your Character (fist) – 3
  • How much Damage it will take to Defeat them (health bar) – 18
  • How much Damage you can inflict on them (fist) – 6
  • How much Damage it will take to defeat you (health bar) – 4
  • The chance of a Critical Hit on them
  • The amount of Fight Contracts you need to fight – 1
  • The rewards you will get for defeating the Sumo  – note if you’ve not got to the stage in the main Questline of activitating the Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken battles the rotten egg wont show in the reward box.

So if you use Billy Blanks on his own, you have pretty low odds of an outright win as Billy can only inflict 6 Damage with each Punch and it will take 18 damage to defeat the Sumo. But the good thing is the Sumo can only  inflict 3 damage with each Punch so he’d need a critical hit to take you out in one attack. Basically you’re attack power, 6, is only a third of the Samurai health, 18. So you would need a lucky critical hit to defeat him in one attack, you’re more likely to reduce his health to 12 then come back and attack him again, reduce it to 6 then attack him again. But remember you can miss or do critical hits which will reduce his health faster, I’ve cleared two with 3 attacks but another I got lucky and only needed 2 attacks. But remember each  attack costs 1 Fight Contract, so keep gathering them.

(The odds are pretty much the same for using just Sumo Chris, Yogi Fighter Brian and Kung Fu Herbert alone but increase when you use a combo of characters, a two fighter combo should see you defeat him with 2 attacks, and a combo of 3 fighters will let you take him out in 1 attack.)

Now once the fight begins you can only sit back and watch how it progresses, you can’t control anything. You may see your Billy Blanks land a critical hit on the Sumo and knockout him out  straight away, or you may hit him and reduce his health by 6 or more if you get lucky, or you may miss him altogether. And the same goes for the Sumo, he may deal you a knockout blow, and then again he may miss you completely. Watching the fight you will see what happens, but as I say you can do nothing to influence the way it goes.

If you do a critical hit you will have cleared the Sumo and you can just collect your rewards. If you miss him or just reduce his health you can attack again if you have any health left and a Fight Contract available by tapping the Fight Again button.

Basically you need to keep attacking the same Sumo until his health hits 0. If you leave the battle screen rather than choosing Fight Again make sure you select the Sumo that needs further attack, you can check their health bar to ensure its the one you already inflicted damage on, you will know this as it will show reduced health, in this case 6/18, in its health bar.

If you win the battle you’ll see this screen. Collect you rewards.


If you are hit and your health is reduced to 1/4 you can go on and fight again if you have a fight contract available, however if you are knocked out and lose all your health then you need to heal your fighter.


Each time your Character goes into Battle, they will take Damage. Once their health hits 0 in order to be able to use them again they must heal from that back to their full Capacity. Please note your fighter will not start to heal if he’s only lost health, he must be at 0 health.

There are a few ways to Heal your Character. First tap on any Sumo and then go to the Character Select Screen (tap on +). Here you will see your Character has taken Damage and “HEAL” is showing over them.

If you are knocked out, lose all your health points, you will automatically start to heal, you will see the time to heal your fighter Billy Banks is 3hrs. So you have freemium option of  just waiting patiently.

But if you don’t want to wait 3 hours, below the timer there is a button to allow you to heal them immediately either using a revive potion.


How ever if you have no revive potions, you will get a message telling you the clam cost to heal your fighter instantly, this clam amount does not reduce at any point during the healing process, so it’s 55 clams to heal your fighter at any point within the 3 hours.


This will depend on where you are in the game but here is a general idea of Payouts:

16 Sumo Belts (Always)
1x Rotten Egg (Always)

For rounds where you don’t defeat the Sumo you will be awarded:

10 Chopsticks (Always)


  • Collect Fight Contracts
  • Find a Sumo
  • Pick a Character/s that will cause the most Damage and win the Battle
  • Collect Reward

There you have it, the overall idea of the Sumo Battles.

How are you doing in the Battles? Does this help you more? Any other tips you would offer fellow Players? Any more questions on the Battles not covered? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

5 responses to “Kung Pow Quahog 101: Clearing Sumo

  1. You can tap on the ‘belt’ type that they fighter produces in the ‘rice ball shack’. That takes you to the fighter who already has damage.

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  2. Is there an easy way to find fighters that have taken damage rather than tapping each one?


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