Kung Pow Quahog – Review & How Did You Do Poll

Hey there readers, I’d like to welcome you to the path of peace and enlightenment, where today I’m going to be talking, not fighting, about the event that just was, Kung Pow Quahog. After 4 weeks and endless rounds of kung fu fighting it’s all over but for the poll, and that’s where we will find out if this event saw you savouring the sweet taste of victory or saw you feeling like you’d  been knocked out for the count.

Now I’ve been having fun doing these reviews for quite a few events now, but want to add a bit of info here to clear up something that has appeared in comments, namely where the commenters wrongly state I only get so far in events due to getting free clams from Bunny and/or TinyCo. Let me clear that up quickly, I get NO free clams from either Bunny or TinyCo, I play the game the way most addicts do, I earn free clams through gameplay or I buy them. And I have absolutely NO link to TinyCo out with any contact through my in-game support when I have a glitch or issue. I hope that clears up any confusion over this.

The event certainly started with all the pressure on TinyCo, as the previous events had not gone down well, they were crippled by problem drops, poor execution and glitches galore. TinyCo really had to pull an event out of the bag, or they would be committing mobile app Hari-Kari. and you know what I think they did just that with Kung Pow Quahog. As much as I’ve no particular interest in martial artists or fighting games, I thoroughly enjoyed myself over the 4 phases of the event.

Right from the start we saw content pulled from the TV Show, we saw Walking Joe, Dojo Peter, the return of Mr Washee Washee, Yogi Fighter Brian and lots of Karate Kid content.

I was also glad to see this was a 4 week event, I couldn’t have faced anything longer after what had gone down in the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night event, but on the other hand neither did I want to see another mini-event with too much content to collect in too little time. So this seemed like a nice middle ground.

This event, from the start, also looked like fun, and I hoped that would continue as we started to play through the initial phase. And it did, I immediately saw improvements in the event that kept the fun factor going, Dojo Peter’s drops were good and the premium character costumes such as Walking Joe, would be a massive help in progress. So straight away two things we’ve been wanted delivered, better drops and better value for premium purchases. So despite the fighting theme, there seemed to be a renewed peace and calm all around us.


I said peace and calm guys, not peace and clam, but hey I’ll take either.  As it appears TinyCo had reacted positively to the outpouring of despair over Quahog’s Not So Silent Night, Best of 2016 & Road To Bollywood, the terrible trio of events that saw players fingers hovering over the uninstall button.

I admit when I initially read the next event was martial arts related I was quite relaxed as having no great interest in it, I thought that’s my clam stash safe, not going spend anything on this event. But that changed when I saw Tai-Jitsu Lois, surely one of the best character costumes released to date. I dropped clams on her quicker than you can say Kill Bill, however there was a twist to my purchase which I’ll take more about later. So here I was unexpectedly playing a hybrid of freemium/premium again for an event that I didn’t think would float my boat.

So it really wasn’t long before I was happily Kung Fu Fighting, and enjoying the event immensely. From the start as I said it was obvious TinyCo had made changes as Dojo Peter wasn’t a grind to unlock, and most of the new characters were freemium unlockables, whereas premium was concentrated around costumes. So I knew my character count was going to grow. And in the end that’s exactly what happened as I successfully completed the event unlocking all the freemium content, but I will be honest as always I played a lot. I’m lucky my work commitments have never seen me separated from my mobile so I can drop in and out my game during the day, and as I’m a member of insomniacs anonymous, I also drop in and out during the night. So I can play more than most, but it’s good to see that putting in the time is once again as successful as putting in your dime. For a while there pay or play, had become pay or pay!

But I am delighted that TinyCo are showing they hear what we’re saying,  the results of our recent polls and comments made it clear to them they were facing a player exodus if something didn’t change. This event shows that although they are often slow to respond that they are listening. We saw  a 4 week event, full of new characters and costumes. And we also saw the return of some popular old characters, Giant Chicken, Mr Washee Washee and M Miyagi. I believe this shows they want to re-engage with the Community and keep improving the game.

A 4 week event with no major gridlock in the earliest phases, this allowed players to move along, now I’m not saying everyone moved at the same pace, some were slower to get through the 2nd phase, which was probably the toughest and time hungry as usual, or delayed moving on to the next phase to build up resources, but for once this delay of progress was mostly down to the amount time you could put in or player choice and not a gridlock that meant they couldn’t move on. Yes fight contracts delayed play a little but it didn’t derail the entire event. And for many moving slowly through the phases paid off as the final Phase wasn’t content heavy, so if you weren’t bothered about defeating Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken 8 times, you could use the final week to simply finish up things like unlocking the Golden Dragon.

More Family Guy TV show linked content. Walking Joe, the Karate Kid characters and more have all featured on the show. And the return of one of the best characters ever, Mr Washee Washee. Bing – Bong!!! The buildings and decorations were another top job by the animators, it’s a real shame the work these guys put out is sometimes lost into our inventories due to space and memory issues.  And these fab looking buildings etc are why I’ve been trying to do some Show-Off posts.

I felt the task lengths for drops and frequency of drops were good, it was possible to constantly keep giving offerings to the Golden Dragon at the lower levels. In the Road to Bollywood event low offering drops saw most unable to attack the Ganesha boss, this saw less than 20% of players unlock Ganesha, and even then many of those spent clams to do so. Only 2% of players actually unlocked Ganesha freemium by the original end date of the event. That is a damning figure, and I’m looking forward to seeing how many unlocked the Golden Dragon character in this event. I predict the figure will be much, much higher. And it’s when we see improvements like this, it makes all our polls and comment gathering worth it.

With regards to gameplay it was good to see less characters have multiple tasks for different drop items, I know there was still some crossover but that will always happen as core characters that were unlocked in the early Districts are used in events to allow newer players to join in. I really think TinyCo got the balance better in this event, the only early concern was over Fight Contract drops, when Phase 2 threatened to slow down due to a lack of these, but TinyCo responded in the phases that followed by adding more options to get these. Other items essential to fighting in the battle arena were always drops, so all that work to get them always paid off.

What did I like, well we got mostly characters as freemium unlocks and not costumes. Yes,a couple were timed, I’ll moan about that later believe me, but if you were looking for an event to increase your character count this was it. Including the returning characters there was an opportunity to add up to 8 characters in our games. And the likes or Mr Miyagi was previously a premium character, and now if we really worked our socks off, we could get him for free. And complete a FaceSpace set with Daniel & Johnny. Few free clams always welcome. Nice move TinyCo. And I know some players get upset when previous premiums are offered freemium, but I’ve no issue with that, usually they aren’t easy to pick up freemium and players need to really work for them.

Special mention to the character of the event for me, Golden Dragon, fantastic addition to the event and well worth working to unlock. And of course to the Character Costume of the event, Tai-Jitsu Lois, probably one of, if not the best costumes yet.

Also premium character costumes purchases were very, very useful during the event, more so than in previous events, so for those willing to spend clans at least you were getting a bit better value, something you’ve all been asking for. I purchased Tai- Jitsu Lois and flew through Phase 2 due to having her, in other events premium characters/costumes have hardly helped. But I will moan about the cost of these costumes soon, don’t say you weren’t warned there will be moans ahead.

And although I didn’t benefit from it there was the happy glitch that saw many get Giant Chicken into their games at last. Now let’s hope TinyCo pop him in Tan Lines for everyone else who still wants him.

For the most everything you needed to do in each phase was spelt out early by simply moving through the first few parts of the main Questline but there was an issue in placing the timed characters as a task early in a couple of the Questlines. But I’ll talk more about that later. The final week wasn’t content heavy which allowed those who move at a slower pace to get there or decide not to bother and concentrate on the Golden Dragon. Also the Ramen Cart Exchanges were set up better than in previous events, old items could still be used in conjunction with the new phases material, meaning you needed less of it to get exchanges going once moving from one phase to another.

They seem to be taking on board issues that derailed previous events, and mixing it up a bit. Yes we’ve seen the fighting in a previous event but it was made easier this time round, it’s obvious TinyCo had tweaked a few things after feedback from the Superhero event last year.  And for me characters that were needed for fighting were for the most part kept off any long drop duties, only the odd crossover there, which let the event flow well.

Good see this back again, please keep these sets going. They add a little glint to the game when you complete a set.

There has been definite improvements again in this area, the meltdown in the previous events seemed to see cracks in the support again, but they seemed to have recovered. In fact this recovery started at the end of the Bollywood event when we saw  many comments, from those who complained they’d spent clams to speed up tasks before the late extension, saying they were compensated by TinyCo. And this good service seemed to continue as a glitch in the Questline, regarding clearing nerds, in this event saw support react positively, replacing the Fight Contracts used up back in affected players games, and there was a genuine apology for information in the FAQ regarding Tai-Jitsu Lois being misleading. However there is still an over reliance on sending standard responses to players when there is a high volume support issue, which at times either appears to ignore players concerns or miss the nature of their complaint completely.

Now before you accuse me of being too nice to TinyCo there are a few problem areas that still seem raise their ugly heads event after event.

It’s no mystery what my feelings on Mystery Boxes are, I continue to despair at the way TinyCo implements Mystery Boxes in events. Yes, I know we don’t need to buy them but anyone who saw Bunny’s results on the Sensei Stewie Mystery box will know exactly why I feel so strongly that the way these are set up is wrong. In case you didn’t read the post, it took Bunny 28 attempts at The Sensei Stewie mystery box to win the top prize, Ninja Stewie . At 150 clams a pop, that was 4200 clams to get the costume. Not even TinyCo can defend stats like that, it leaves a very sour taste in the mouth just typing about it now. So my gripes are still the same, 150 clams is an outrageous cost, the odds are ridiculous, repetitive materials need to go, and better content in the boxes is needed overall. If I could compare it to the recent Tapped Out Valentine mystery box, which got things perfect, 60 donuts a shot, and full of characters and premium buildings which all cost more than 60 donuts when originally available. And even although you might not win what you want you still got something of donut value.  And players were very happy to see this mystery box over there with an outpouring of positive comments, here the FGQFS mystery boxes only bring about negative comments.

The cost of these is way too high, costing the same or more than a full character is silly pricing.

Still not getting this right, wrong info continues in the game FAQ, although the general info has improved.  I guess I should scream at them to get it right but then why would you need us, so I’ll just mention it quietly here.

Now the dialogue and tasks were fantastic, no issues at all there, but what I do find troublesome is a character with a timer being essential to completing an early part of a phases Main Questline. I’m talking about Daniel LaRusso & Johnny Lawrence here. As completing these parts saw people miss fact the characters were timed, if you must do it please put a warning on the task that it will start a timer.

Apart from that my main gripe in this event was the amount of side Questlines that built up due to Bonnie being needed for most of them, yet she was uber busy collecting Fight Contracts.

Also please bring in a reward for completing the final Phase Questline, 10 clams or so, an incentive to finish it.

The weekly challenges were once again toned down at first, and the early ones were achievable for all players but they again dropped a horrid surprise in the final challenge which made getting the full set extremely tough.

So fellow addicts, that’s some of my thoughts, I think you can see I personally think in this event TinyCo got a lot right but I want to stress they are just my thoughts, they in no way reflect what Bunny or Lotty felt about the event.

Anyway that’s my ramblings, now I want you to tell me your thoughts. Cause I honestly love to hear them.  But please don’t turn this into a What the Deuce post by releasing your fists of fury in the comments as Bunny will put my head on the karate chopping board if you do. Please give us your feedback and thoughts in a calm zen way. Tell us what you like, don’t like? What you’d like to see more of, what you’d like to see less off. What your thoughts on this 4 week event? Share with us everything and anything you think would improve FGQFS, as TinyCo do read this blog and of course Bunny also takes your feedback to TinyCo. And if you can please take a minute to complete the end of event poll at the end of this post I’d be very grateful. Please note for those that experience the jump glitch when answering poll questions, there’s a direct link at the bottom of the page that will help you avoid this problem, just keep scrolling to the bottom.

And just incase you can’t see the poll or find it jumps about when you’re trying answer, here’s the direct link:


~ Russian Tigger


26 responses to “Kung Pow Quahog – Review & How Did You Do Poll

  1. It was better than previous events but this game is always disappointingly cheap when comparing it to Simpsons tapped out. Here are my thoughts:
    1. The misses are ridiculous given the fact there is also a percentage change not to receive the notepads (or whatever those things were) to required to participate in the fight.
    2. There was no reward for already having characters tied in to the event.
    3. There were 2-3 days I was not able to log in to the game. Not sure if other android users noticed this
    4. The freemium characters were of little/limited use once they we unlocked
    5. TinyCo needs to get rid of the 8 or 12 hr “rare” items. Come on 8 to 12 hrs and I get nothing……… COME ON MAN……

    Again, it was by far one of the better events in terms of fairness and I am happy about that.

    Also, for each one of these events there seems to be a delay with progression to the next task. This is particularly true if you buy a building or character out of order with event cash. You login in one days and get 10 task complete/character dialogue screens. This may also be an android issue as my girl has an iPhone and doesn’t seem to have this problem

    dictated but not read.


  2. The 3-4 days I missed at the beginning of the event due to it not showing up on the Amazon version right away really set me back. I had to spend clams to finish getting Mr. Myagi and some other things. I think I would have been able to get Chris’s and the Giant Chicken’s costumes if there wasn’t that delay.


  3. Of they are going to have returning characters the at least make them useful.
    I thought already having Mr Washee Washee was going to be an advantage for a drop or something but nothing. Disappointing use of old characters.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Personally it was a little boring for me. I just worked hardest at getting what I saw and kind of wanted, like Mr. Washee Washee and Johnny and Samurai Quagmire and didn’t really worry about trying to advance so much. Just not buying or spending clams any more to speak of either.


  5. Even with a quite lengthy (three days) kindle delay I obtained most freemium items. Didn’t care much about missing sumo Chris, but in hindsight should have tried for Mr. Myagi. Kung Pow Chicken was a pipe dream. Other disadvantage was no way to complete first challenge due to the delay, and a corresponding delay caused me to miss most of the others, but most decos go straight to inventory once an event ends anyway (as does anything without a task associated). That being said I did just as well or better in the Xmas event, so hard to be too Pollyanna. Agree that Best of and Bollywood could have been better though. While I didn’t go for the Mystery Boxes I do appreciate that Sho Nuff seemed to be both a high drop and genuinely useful. Didn’t mind the timed characters early placement in questlines really, I’ve learned to anticipate and wait until all associated droppers have been obtained before activating. For the most part you can’t advance to the next phase without all that stuff anyway, and any other tasks in the queue can be dealt with during downtime (sleep), while waiting for the droppers to do their dropping, and while the unlocked character does it’s questline related task.


  6. You know what I find annoying. Every time I checked a box on the poll it dropped me to the bottom where I had to scroll up again to continue.


    • The odd person has that issue, that’s why I put the direct link and wee not about it on the post. Using the direct link stops this issue.


    • Same thing happened to me (iphone SE, iOS 10) . I just use the separate link conveniently placed, don’t even try it the other way. No problem then.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve tried see if it happens on my IOS devices but no jumping as yet, so seems to be no way knowing what’s causing it, in future I’ll maybe put the direct link above the poll, as players maybe not seeing the advice until after they’ve got through the poll. By then too late.


  7. I had a blast with this one and share many of the same feelings as you. It was the first time since Oz that I really enjoyed playing the game. Keep it up!

    I got 100% freemium completion with Tai-Jitsu Lois being the only premium buy and boy did she ever come in handy. There’s no way I could have accomplished that without her.

    I was also finally relieved to get the Giant Chicken, it only took 4 different events worth of work and a whole year to get him. Piece of cake.

    Insomnia is a hell of a thing. I think I can only sleep 2-4 hours straight before awaking. Falling back asleep can take a couple of hours too. It’s brutal. But in the end it’s a big part of my general success with this game too.

    I wouldn’t mind some sort of sequel because they barely scratched the surface with content. I also got a great idea while tying this if they ever do another fighting style event again. Giant Monsters. I want King Kong Peter fighting Godzilla. Do it!


    • We should set up a sleep deprived help group, lol. But as you say it fairly gives you a leg up in this game. Thanks for the feedback. I’d love a monsters event, based on the old Japanese monster movies, that would be fun.


  8. Loved this event…best one in a while!!!!


    • Same here, really liked it particularly that they made Mr Washee Washee and Mr Miyagi available for leftover event currency, really nice 🙂


  9. There was no chance that I was going to get Killer Kung Pow Chicken. I gave up after a couple of days because I was still getting “miss” 80% of the time! This hurt me so bad on the senseis and the sumo guys as well. It must have been some glitch because not only were my guys missing the hits but the enemies were missing all the time too. It wasn’t uncommon for me to blow 4 fight contracts before either me or the enemy would connect. There was no way I’d beat the chicken 7 times. I got past him once!


    • Oh, and those darn misses cost me a chance at Mr Miyagi as well because I was blowing all my fight contracts trying to beat just the required senseis and sumos! AND because of this I didn’t complete the 4th week challenge so no cool Panda either. They gotta stop doing stuff like this!


  10. Easiest event in a long time, everything seemed balanced and I was able to complete each week a few days ahead of schedule meaning I didn’t encounter too much overlap of character use like previous events.

    I managed to unlock all the freemium characters and items.

    The only clams I spent were on Joe in week one and between ads, Ollie and both Jesus’ I ended the event with around the same amount of clams I started with.


  11. Considering I was struggling at the beginning of the event by the end I was bang up to date; i’d unlocked all the characters/skins I’d wanted – in fact I got pretty much everyone except kung pow chicken and the premiums which was really surprising.
    Even going as far as sort of giving up on the last few days because there technically was nothing worth playing for.
    I also earnt enough bucks to unlock the Evil Monkey during this event so those ending days I spent doing tasks for that questline instead

    I quite liked this event. Content/premise was really good, Karate Kid characters were great (i’ve no idea who Billy Blanks is!?).
    My only issues were
    – the fighting where I had lots of misses early on, but as the days/weeks went on it levelled itself off.
    – items needed to swap for rice balls went up too steep, added to above meant it took quite a while in the first phase to get buildings for drops etc

    And, as always, the Addicts posts/guides helped so thanks guys! 🙂


  12. I was extremely happy with this event as a freemium player. First, this is the first time that I managed to get 6 new characters in one event! My initial target was Golden Dragon, then while playing, I realized Billy and Miyagi was attainable too, so I got them. Again, I had Russian Tigger to thank for, as she gave me lots of hope and shared her strategy to defeat the Dragon, without which I would have delayed attacking with 11 days to go to stock up supplies then end up with possibly nothing. Once I bit the bullet and got going, everything seems to flow!
    Second, i loved the decorations, especially the hot spring. It would be great if in future decoration items can be used to interact with our characters, like Samurai Quagmire with hot spring. Overall, items were nice. Just like the Prehistoric event, such that I created 2 areas for each event.
    Third, drops improved significantly. Offerings always dropped so these definitely helped. I struggled much for Ganesha and frustrated to get no drops after waiting for 4 hours. So frustrating that I spent tens of clams to speed up and move on. But this event is different. Thanks Tinyco!
    The only issue is that most got Giant Chicken for free if they just placed the building. For us, who started the game late, as in Apocalypse event, I did not have the building. Would be great if they offer the building for sale. Greedy!
    Overall, I enjoyed the event, similar to the Wizard of Oz. Objectives were met, aka getting the Dragon, so I feel satisfied.


    • Happy to help and glad it paid off.


    • If it’s any comfort – those of us who had his building had failed spectacularly to get him several times before… So we already had collected huge gobs of useless stuff for him!

      Since he’s one of the two characters responsible for the destruction of Quahog that started the game, I suspect they will keep bringing him back. So you should get more chances.


      • Sounds comforting to know! I Iike your rationale though that they will bring the Chicken back just because he’s one of the two to blow up Quahog. Don’t know why but this makes me smile.


  13. The kong pow event and now the undercover gigg-elo event both feel like steps in the right direction. I’m curious what quahog heat will bring looking at new game mechanics, and the easy unlock glitch will be welcomed a third time.


    • I would like to add that one of the reasons that undercover gigg-elo improves the game is charmise’s room. 200 clams for a new character, 2 second change costumes and a way to get rings for 3 pills instead of 6 plus other items. I never seen tinyco go so low with clam costs for such a high value.


  14. I did well on everything but the weekly challenges where I didn’t make a single one. 100% freemium and I unlocked everything else except the chicken costume which I didn’t even come close on as I didn’t get Sumo Chris til the last day.


  15. I did pretty well considering I was on holiday and could only check the game once or twice a day during that period (11 days in total). I left 3 days after it started (events start at 8pm for me). I managed to unlock Johnny and I got Mr Washee Washee (the best I got in this event, btw) and Mr Miyagi. I had to set priorities, but it was ok. I didn’t make it into Phase 3 fast enough to unlock the dragon, but in only dwo days or so I got a lot of tickets. It was definitively easy to get with normal gameplay and time to play.
    And the timed characters were easy too. I missed Daniel only by 4 hours practically; I just needed to defeat one more samurai. But I miscalculated my time and triggered him while I was on holiday and internet connection was low during the last days of my trip. Bad luck If I had waited a day I could have unlocked him. And I did get a warning that these guys were timed, so it was no accidental triggering, just wrong calculations on my side. I was really happy to see that message. It’s improvement from TinyCo and proof that they are listening to some things at least.
    I’m a little down with the fact that I missed the chicken for the 4th time, but I kind of knew that was going to happen. Can’t have holidays and all the event played at the same time.
    I found the storyline and dialogues for the individual characters questlines really funny. Drops were not bad (I could swear that uncommon actually became uncommon during this one) All in all I think it was a good event. I’d have liked to play it a bit more but travelling is travelling! 🙂


  16. I was pretty happy with this event – I did spend clams, but not crazy and I felt like I got value with the exception of the costumes – way too expensive…I did take one shot at a mystery box, don’t remember what I got, but it wasn’t worth it and just re-enforces my belief they are a complete waste of calms…

    But overall, I was able to unlock all the characters (already had Giant Chicken) and actually earned everything I wanted. I liked the touch of having weekly currency be used to obtain event currency – it always seems the earlier currency becomes useless quickly and we end up having thousands of useless things at the end. It was nice to be able to use it until the end.

    I think TinyCo helped themselves out with this one as I know a lot of people (myself included) were pretty unhappy with the last three disasters…


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