Quahog Heat Main Questline: The Color of Dirty Money

Hey there Members Only!

Got your talking car ready? Looking for some HAWT Cops on Bikes? Enjoy your Ladies running in really really really REALLY slow motion? Got a lifetime supply of Aquanet? Well you may just like this lil Event. Quahog Heat!!

With the New Event comes, of course, the New Main Questline that will direct us along the Mini Event. For Quahog Heat , the Main Questline is The Color of Dirty Money


Let’s take a look at the Main Questline and all you will encounter along the way. 

For all the Main Event Information, go HERE

The Color Of Dirty Money Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Learn About The Event: Tap on “GO” to see the details

Completed Task Rewards: 100xp & 1 Box Of Donuts


The Color Of Dirty Money Pt. 2
Quagmire Starts

Learn About Investigating Crime Scenes: Tap on “GO” to see the details
Get 2 Police Tapes: Mort Repurpose Crime Tape OR Chris Investigate Scary Woods OR Jerome Enjoy The Lost and Found OR Discount Detective Agency OR Clam Buy in Shopping Cart
Learn about Bertram & his Robbers: Tap on “GO” to see the details

Completed Task Rewards: 200xp & 2 Box Of Donuts

***Triggers The Heat is On (Miami Cop Peter Questline)***


The Color Of Dirty Money Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Investigate 1 Room at the Bank: Tap on Room 1, 2, OR 3 to see what Characters, Time, and amounts of Police Tape are Required to Investigate
Clear 1 Robber: Once released from Rooms at the Bank, just tap on them to Clear them
Collect Some Medical Samples From RobbersTap on any Robber to Clear them and release Medical Samples

Completed Task Rewards: 250xp & 2 Box Of Donuts


WARNING: Erisk Estrada is timed, completing Part 4 of the main Questline will activate the 7 day timer, you then only have 7 days to unlock him. Be aware the main Questline is The Color of Dirty Money and as I say Pt 4 will direct you to place him, so if you want to delay the timer don’t complete this part of the Questline until you’re ready.

The Color Of Dirty Money Pt. 4
Peter Starts

Trade Medical Samples for Badges at the Hot Police Station: Tap on the Hot Police Station to see what exchange options you have
Place the Lush Lagoon Swim-Up Bar: Cost 3 Badges
Look for Erik Estrada at the New Waves Nightclub: Locate the Hammer to “repair” the area, Cost $10 & takes 10secs, Once repaired you will see what is required to unlock him ***TIMER WARNING***

Completed Task Rewards: 275xp & 3 Box Of Donuts


The Color Of Dirty Money Pt. 5
Peter Starts

Search for Bertram in the Bank: Investigate the Security Office & Vault until you find Bertram
Fight Bertram: 3hrs, His HP will vary, Use Miami Cop Peter AND/OR Chopper Cop Quamgire to Battle him
Place the Get Lit Neon Sign Co: Cost 4 Badges

Completed Task Rewards: 300xp & 3 Box Of Donuts


The Color Of Dirty Money Pt. 6
Peter Starts

Clear 5 Robbers: Once released from Rooms at the Bank, just tap on them to Clear them
Have Joe Patrol the School: 4hrs, $50 & 30xp
Place the Discount Detective Agency: Cost 5 Badges

Completed Task Rewards: 350xp & 4 Box Of Donuts


The Color Of Dirty Money Pt. 7
Peter Starts

Have Miami Cop Peter Sweat Bullets: 4hrs, $50 & 30xp
Place the Po Po a Go Go: Cost 7 Badges
Have Meg Flirt with Criminals: 1hr, $20 & 12xp

Completed Task Rewards: 500xp & 5 Box Of Donuts


The Color Of Dirty Money Pt. 8
Peter Starts

Defeat Bertram 2 Times: Defeat 2 of the Variable HP Bertrams fully to 0 to complete
Place the Beverly Hills Art GalleryCost 7 Badges
Check Back Next Week for more Radness!

***Stay tuned for the Next Phase to hit to continue*** 


There you have it, the Main Questline that will take you along the Quahog Heat Event

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.


27 responses to “Quahog Heat Main Questline: The Color of Dirty Money

  1. Does anyone else have the Scrotes McGoats side quest happening? I assumed it was a part of the current event, but it seems to be a holdover from the Fatfather event from some time ago.


  2. I’m rarely getting robbers so I can’t get the badges I need to buy the buildings I need to complete the Erik Estrada mission. 😦 I have gotten all the things that characters can get, but with only a day and a half left on Erik and such low drop rates, it’s not looking very promising.


  3. I’m about ready to call this one quits. I’ve had one tape drop today and that’s sending all three characters to their tasks. I can’t even get the building that drops tape since I can’t get badges without tape. This is the worst event so far.


    • I completely agree. The drop rate on police tapes are ridicioulus. And when you FINALLY save up for an investigation you can forget about getting any robbers. Donuts however, which on the bottomline is completely useless drop like it’s christmas every day.

      Liked by 1 person

      • And I feel like the drop rate have actually gotten WORSE during the course of the event so far. Add that to the fact that I got the whole event update more than a day late, I really feel that this is anything but a succes. And not fun to play at all, which kind of defeats the purpose of the game alltogether. It seems more and more like TinyCo forces the players to get desperate enough to buy premium items to keep up with the progress of an event…

        Liked by 1 person

    • Well, after 3 days of trying, I got enough police tape to send Peter to try to get Bertram. For the third time, all he got was donuts. This is really bad.


  4. Four days into working on Erik Estrada and have earned a whopping single handcuff. No fan mail either but I believe I will score those before time runs out. The extra rare handcuffs are going to be losing point. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  5. got Bertram this morning with only 1 heart for me, but this took like nearly 3 days of trying with different combination with only Lois and when i’ve got Peter yesterday, Lois and Peter, only for Lois and Peter took 3 tries to get this morning Bertram


  6. I’m delayed at part 5 of the questline as I can’t get Bertram to drop. I’ve tried Lois, Lois and Peter, Peter and he just won’t drop. If I send just Lois I get robbers but any of the other options I only get donuts. So frustrating.


  7. I’m a bit slow getting going on this one as I’ve been busy at work. Is there any advantage to delaying placing Erik? What should I be doing in the meantime to gain possible advantage?


  8. I placed the helicopter and almost had MC Peter and started on Erik Estrada. Slow start getting the police tape though.

    Having the investigations take 90 minutes after the same type of thing in the mini event being 10 seconds was a surprise.


  9. My tape drops are not going well at all. I’ve only been able to place he first building and I’ve been playing since this event hit (IOS). I think I will try to just store up tapes, then start the timer for Erik, then start the investigations again. So sitting on task number three for now.


  10. Holding at Pt. 4, waiting to get the buildings needed for Erik. But that is not important, because I finally just unlocked the Evil Monkey! 🎉🙈🙉🙊 Can I stop playing now? 😀I

    Liked by 1 person

    • Permission granted, lol. I love him, his scare Chrus task makes me smile so much. I just placed Erik, I’m going to go for it, I’m still bit off buildings mind you but I’m thinking about those extra rare handcuffs might be tough.


  11. Slightly slow going with peter and the tape drops but not as dire as some say is happening to them. wonder if its platform related, im android pad. cant wait to see your writeup on eric. recommendations on when to activate timer? probably after I get the 5th building that drops the fan mail? Thanks for any ideas/guidance as always.


    • I’m just about to place the Discount Detective Agency, and hit the switch on Erik timer. My reasoning is to start trying get the extra handcuffs dropping in tandem with doing investigations. I see them as the tough item rather than any other item. My first investigation didn’t get me a handcuff, trying another now.


      • how is this plan going? I placed the discount detective agency recently. I am worried though that once I trigger erik, the quest for handcuffs will interfere with getting the go-go bar, since I assume I cant get both a handcuff AND robbers(get medical sample to get SEVEN badges to get go-go bar), and that uses up whatever tapes I have until I get all the handcuffs. I know its getting late in the phase. scared.


        • oh and I placed the Discount Detective Agency which drops the tapes. my three characters that drop tapes just finished their tasks…..zero tapes! previously they had dropped no fewer than two, a couple of times I got all three of them to drop. I’m a suspicious man, I guess i’ll have to wait 4 hours to see if they are still not dropping.


          • If you’re characters were previously always dropping 2/3 you were doing great, I often get 0/3 or 1/3. I’ve never had a 2/3 or a 3/3.


        • Great APART from handcuffs, I’ve cleared the task, the Fanmail and the motorcycle boots. I only need 3 gloves, and that’s me not placing the Beverley a Hills Art Gallery yet, but handcuffs are a pain, I still need 7, and I’ve done 13 investigations, so I’ve got 1 in 2 days of trying.


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