Quahog Heat 101: Busting & Battling Bertram

Who’s afraid of losing all their clams in the bank? Me that’s who!!!

But currently there’s a big chance of that as Bertram and his gang are invading our towns. So let’s get on top of this problem as we chat more about busting Bertram and defeating him.

So lett’s take a look to see exactly what it takes to bring Bertram to our town in order we can attack him.

For more information on the Event, go HERE


In order to be able to start seeing Bertram you will need to progress the Main Questline to The Color of Dirty Money Pt 2. Although it’s not until Pt. 5 of the Questline you’re directed to him, he did appear in my game at Pt. 2 when I was instructed to start investigating rooms at the bank. Now whether this is because I have Chopper Cop Quagmire I can’t say, so if you don’t see him at Pt. 2 as a chance in investigations just keep progressing your Questline and working on unlocking Miami Cop Peter, as you can’t do anything without him if you’re playing freemium.


First you must complete a successful investigation in one of the following bank rooms, the Security Office or The Vault, where if you’re lucky you will bust Bertram. You’ll find more on investigations HERE.

If you’re successful Bertram will appear on the helipad of the event area, waiting for you to attack.


Defeating Bertram isn’t as tough as some battles I’ve seen, especially at the first 3 heart meter levels.  Basically all you need is to have bust, (found), Bertram during an investigation and Miami Cop Peter AND/OR Chopper Cop Quagmire. Full details how you attack will appear as you read on.


Here are the 2 Characters you can use to Defeat Bertram. All tasks are 3hrs long. You can start the tasks by tapping Bertram to trigger the Pop Up, then “ATTACK” under the Character/s you want to send OR just go to the Character/s walking in the game and assign them on the Attack Bertram Task.

Miami Cop Peter – 1 Damage.

Chopper Cop Quagmire – 2 Damage.


When you tap on Bertram, you can see what kind of Payouts to expect from the Heart Meter Level he is. Here are the Payouts.

***There may be other Heart Meter Levels, but until we see them in our game I can’t give any info on payouts***

***Be aware motorcycle boots won’t show until you place Erik Estrada in your game to unlock***

HEart meter levels and rewards  image

Heart Meter Level Reward
1 Heart 8 Medical Supplies & 1 Motorcycle Boots
2 Heart 12 Medical Supplies & 1 Motorcycle Boots
3 Heart 16 Medical Supplies & 2 Motorcycle Boots
6 Heart 18 Medical Supplies & 3 Motorcycle Boots


Bertram has a timer with twenty-four hours on it. You will only have that time to fully deplete his Hearts and take him down. At 1, 2 and 3 Hearts this will be easy even freemium. At 6 you’re still able to do it freemium but you’re going have to lose a little sleep, but it is achievable. If you are wondering how much time you have left, you can look right above him in the helipad.

Or you can tap on him and see in the lower right of the Pop Up. This will be noted by “TIME LEFT“.


Again, just look at the timer above his head. You will see a number in the Heart, and you will also see the Meter depleting blue bars as you cause him Damage Each time.


As noted, in order to be able to get all these cool extra Payouts, your mission is to COMPLETELY drain the Heart Meter on whatever heart meter level Bertram you get to Zero within the TWENTY FOUR HOURS you are being timed on. So you will have to watch your game carefully for 6 Heart Bertram and as soon as one Battle is done, start another immediately to make full use of all the time you have. Here are some ideas of strategies.

Bertram: 1 Heart

You really only need one Character for this Bertram Battle.


  1. Miami Cop Peter: 3hrs, 1 Damage, so you only need to use him
  2. Chopper Cop Quagmire: 3hrs, 2 Damage, so you would only need to use him

Bertram: 2 Hearts

It will be best if you have Chopper Cop Quagmire on this to defeat Bertram in the shortest time. If you don’t have him, don’t worry it can still be easily done, you just need to send Miami Cop Peter to attack 2 times.


  1. Chopper Cop Quagmire: 3hrs, 2 Damage, you only need to send him once
  2. Miami Cop Peter: 3hrs, 1 Damage, sending him 2 times (6hrs) will give you  the 2 damage you need to defeat Bertram

Bertram: 3 Hearts

This can easily be done with 1 or2 Characters.


  1. Chopper Cop Quagmire: 3hrs, 2 Damage, sending him 2 times (6hrs) will give you the 3 Damage you need to defeat Bertra
  2. Miami Cop Peter: 3hrs, 1 Damage, sending him 3 times (9hrs) will give you the 3 Damage you need to defeat Bertram
  3. Chopper Cop Quagmire & Miami Cop Peter: 3hrs, combined damage of 3, sending them once (3hrs) will give you the 3 Damage you need to defeat Bertram.

Bertram: 6 Hearts

This one will be best with the 2 Characters. But with careful timing is achievable with just one, even the freemium option of Miami Cop Peter.


  1. Chopper Cop Quagmire: 3hrs,  2 Damage, sending him 3 times (9hrs) will give you the 6 Damage you need to defeat Bertram
  2. Miami Cop Peter: 3hrs, 1 Damage, sending him 6 times (18hrs) will give you the 6 Damage you need to defeat Bertram
  3. Chopper Cop Quagmire & Miami Cop Peter: 3hrs, combined damage of 3, sending them twice (6hrs) will give you the 6 Damage you need to defeat Bertram.

As you can see he is defeatable at every heart meter level.


If you are successful in attacking Bertram and completely Damaging the Heart Meter to Zero, you will get the Bertram Rewards listed in the table above and he will then escape and hide in the bank again. You need to do a new investigation to bust him to battle him again. And as I said earlier what heart meter level he comes back at is random.


If you can’t get the Heart Meter to Zero within the 24hrs, Bertram will escape back to the bank and you will NOT get any Payout for losing other than the task payout on the Character/s. You need to do a new investigation to bust him to battle him again. And as I said earlier what heart meter level he comes back at is random.


  1. Get attacking Bertram as quickly as possible.
  2. DO NOT LET TIME RUN OUT! It’s costly.
  3. You can leave a character battling Bertram even though he has no cool down as he disappears as soon as you beat him. This way you can leave the Character battling and NOT select their check mark while you try to find another Bertram at the Bank. Then you don’t have to wait a full 3hrs to attack him, just whatever time is left on the Character you left battling. However with rooms to investigate you may not think this worthwhile at this stage in the event.

There you have it… a helpful post of how to defeat Bertram, the payouts, and some helpful hints to keep your progressing through the Battles.

What do you think of it all? Was this helpful? Got any other tips you would like to share with the other players? How are your Battles coming along? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


23 responses to “Quahog Heat 101: Busting & Battling Bertram

  1. Is it just me who gets a glitch where if you discover both Bertram and six robbers from the investigation, only Bertram appears but not the robbers? I think I had this happen twice now, meaning there were 12 robbers less than there should have been…? Something to watch out for. I have contacted TinyCo and will let you know but would be interesting to see if this only affects me?


    • I’ve never got both so can’t say. I do know sometimes it looks like I’ve only got 1 or 2 robbers instead of the full amount but when I tap one it’s like there’s another hidden directly behind it, so they are there I just don’t see them visually. But your issue sounds different, hope TinyCo can sort it out.


  2. How many times on average is it taking people to send Lois and Peter to investigate the security office until Bertram is found? Thus far I am 0 for 4.


  3. So it is pure bad luck that I have only got Bertram at 1 heart level all the times I’ve found him so far?


  4. i already defeated 1-heart Bertram once and now I got Bertram with 3 hearts !!


  5. I have read this three times and am not sure I am understanding it properly.

    I understand that sending Peter six times will take 18 hours and will take out Bertram. But won’t you have to accomplish the first two defeats first or bring Bertram back at the same level with clams in order to have this chance?

    So with just Peter, it would take 27 hours: 3 hours to defeat the 1 heart level (Peter once) + 6 hours to defeat the 2 heart level (Peter twice) + 18 hours to defeat the 6 heart level (Peter six times). Even if Peter is ready to defeat during the cool down period, it will still take 24 hours and that is really a little more than 24 hours because the clock is still running when you send him on the next task.

    Yes, you can defeat Bertram at the 6 heart level with just Peter in 18 hours, but you will need to get there first either with Quagmire helping, clam rushes or a clam purchase to restore Bertram at the 6 heart level.

    Do I have that correct or am I completely missing something when I read this?


    • OK. I saw at the end of the post about him returning at random levels. I missed that until I went back and reread it yet again. So the best strategy seems to be defeating him at level one and two over nine hours rather than trying to defeat him six times over 18 hours since the payout seems to be identical. Do I have that right?


      • You really don’t get the choice as its random, so if you get him with 6 hearts that’s what you need try as he won’t disappear for 24 hours, so you can’t try find him again until after that. If you’re lucky and get him at 1 heart then defeat him then find him again at 1 heart, and repeat then yes you can make more medical supplies in the same time as defeating him at 6 heart But that depends on you finding him over & over quickly. I’ve not bust him again in my last 5 investigations.


    • I see by your other post you now re read and see the level of heart meter version you get is random, not going up after each battle.


  6. Couldn’t find a general discussion page. But just throwing this out there. I love that I’m still getting notifications that my “away team has finished their mission”. As for the current event, meh. Some same old frustrations ( you need tons of this to get that, which you need to get this person to fight that guy in order to get the rarely dropped items that you need to get the special character that you only have 7 days to get ) mixed with the occasional plus ( sunglasses dropped quickly ). That said, I’m still playing the game, so there’s that.


  7. I don’t have Chopper Cop Quagmire nor Miami Cop Peter and no Bertram. He probably won’t show up until I complete MC Peter.


    • Until you have him, you can’t do anything with Bertram so better to be busting robbers than him. Pt. 5 of main Questline is about him so he will no doubt show his pimpled face then. Thanks for confirming though.


      • Hey, hey- Bertram is just a baby! Stewie’s younger half-sibling from the sperm bank mishap, I assume. He must be freckled, not pimpled….

        Hmmm, which raises the question of where all those evil brains came from in the paternal line. Not to mention a few other questions, but we’ll ignore those.


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