Showoff’s Back – Back Again!!! It’s Dino time!!!

Hey there fellow Quahog dwellers, thought I’d take a minute or two away from  all that Kung Fu fighting to Showoff a few of our fellow addicts towns.


Firstly I’d like to say a massive thank-you, a gigantic, humongous, monster of a thank-you even, to the fellow addicts that took the time to screenshot and share images of your towns. I’m hoping that’s something we continue by bringing back the odd Showoff  post. I know memory issues are making it hard for many of you to Showoff your towns, but I hope you enjoy seeing a few of your fellow addicts efforts. And if you’ve sent in a screenshot and don’t see it it’s because it doesn’t match the topic, don’t worry I’m going do a general show off again soon and they will appear in it.

Before I shut-up and get on with things,  I want to set you a new task, yes this blog now comes with homework, but hey unlike school it’s optional, lol.

The task is an easy one, Well, actually there’s more than one… Firstly I’m looking for screenshots of what you’ve done with all the Oz goodies we got during the There’s No Place Like Quahog event. As always I promise I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. This task should you choose to accept it will be open for submissions until 20th March. Please email your screenshots to along with your profile name and I will show them off next month.

If you want a guide to taking screenshots, look no further: Screenshots 101 ~ Click Here.

But before I delve into the main showoff topic, addict JT asked if we could showoff a little area from his town, as it’s the little area his young daughter calls her own. Happy to oblige JT, and great work little addict Angel.


But now on with the Showoff and as promised I’ll show you mine. Here’s my very own Jurassic Park on the outskirts of town. Visit at your own risk as your safety cannot be guarateed!!!

Anyway that’s enough about my town, now here’s some of your fellow Addicts submissions.

Addict: Sammmcx3
Lon0ve this design, it’s like a Jurassic drive past, and the Autumn colours, well I’m jealous.

Addict:  Christo
Jurassic Park in winter. Isn’t it funny we all seem to have created our Dino worlds in the same part of town.

Addict:  Wildthornberry88
And here’s another peak at one of the Addict bloggers towns.  Looks like Lotty has a motto of let the wild things roam when it cones to city planning. And I’m jealous she has so much Dino paving.

Addict: JT

JT says of his delve into the Jurassic storage, that we need to forget the Roman water god Neotune scratching his back, the polar bear shark, and the Mausisaurus, because this place has Klaus the Goldfish. You’ve sold this to me JT.


So there you have it, a little reminder of what it was like when dinosaurs walked the earth, hope you’ll join us or even join in next time.

~ Russian Tigger

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