Quahog Heat 101: Card Sharks

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in your game, TinyCo has only gone and released the sharks, the Card Sharks that is.

Yes fish with fingers are invading our towns, so join me as I help you get on top of this problem as we chat more about catching them and then clearing them.

So let’s take a look to see exactly what it takes to bring these fIshy characters to our town in order we can clear them out.

For more information on the Event, go HERE


In order to be able to start seeing Card Sharks in Casino Rooms you will need to be in Phase 2 and have started the Main Questline  Let’s Play Some Cards, they appear at Pt 1. At that point you will be instructed to start investigating rooms at the Casino.


First you must complete a successful investigation in one of the Casino rooms, where if you’re lucky you will catch 2 Card Sharks and they will be released into your Quahog.

If you’re successful the Card Sharks will leave the event area and wander towards any sidewalk you have.

***Please note once I had 5 Card Sharks left wandering in my town, they stopped showing as a chance drop in investigations until I cleared some***



In order to clear a Card Shark you need a Video Poker Machine. You can get these from:

Video Poker Machine (Common): Seamus Host Offshore Betting OR Jerome Play Penny Slots


Now that you have the Basics to get the Card Sharks, let’s walk through actually taking down one of them with the Videa Poke Machine.

Tap on the Card Shark to bring up the Attack Screen then I drag the Video Poker Machine at the bottom to place it in the path of the Card Shark.

I take the Video Poker Machine and drag it around my play screen until I can see the Card Shark I want to attack walking INTO the “Kill Zone Circle” and the Card Shark  has turned PURPLE. Once I am sure of this, I tap on the Check Mark.

Be aware the Card Shark will move out of the kill zone if you wait too long.

The Card Shark will now be cleared and your rewards will drop.


To fnd out what Card Sharks drop click on the little box showing them in the investigation rooms, you will see a box like this this.


As you can see Card Sharks  drop the following:

Per Card Shark Cleared:
4 Old Fish  (Always)
1 Seashell (Chance)

There you have it, the fishy facts about Card Sharks. What are your thoughts? Have you started to clear Card Sharks yet? If so, are you enjoying this addition to our games?  Any other tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


35 responses to “Quahog Heat 101: Card Sharks

  1. what are the fish bones for? I had a ton of them and I can’t figure out if they’re for buying stuff or what. I also have an abundance of donuts but I bought all the “good” stuff and all that’s left are palm trees but I don’t want hundreds of palm trees.


    • The old fish are for making trades in the Hot Police Police Station, you trade them for Detective Badges. And more items to buy with donuts may appear before Monday, just need wait and see


      • thanks I had over 250 so I unlocked a ton of items. I wish I would have known sooner but these little missions are confusing. there’s badges, donuts, dead fishes, slot machines, Sharks, robbers, cups (which I never seem to get anymore…)


  2. I get tons of sharks.
    I spawn the boss and don’t kill her.
    During this time I search only rooms 1 and 3 with the max available characters.
    This makes for not spawning the boss again and making sharks drops more frequently. As far as shells I had all the shells needed within a a couple days.


  3. Pennismightier

    The judge, detective scrotes, robocop, Rick ashley, qbert all earn box of donuts which you can buy decoration like palm trees and near the end of the event buildings, etc.


  4. Wax Monster X

    Ditto. Ditto. Sharks are non existent. By now I just hate the donuts! Awful event!


  5. I usually never complain as it’s just a game so whatever but this event is a total joke. I’m stuck on Let’s play some cards pt. 1 as I’ve sent Peter to find Card sharks constantly for the last 4 days and have yet to get one. I’ve played this game since the beginning and this is by far the worst event ever.


  6. After none in 2 days I finally had them appear 3 times in a row. The probability for this phase is really messed up.


  7. Worst……..drops………EVER


    • I’m a nice guy…I hold a very nice job as technical director at a chemical company…I’ve been married to my wife for almost 25 years…I pride myself on acting reasonably, professional and respectful…and yet, I just went off in a message to TinyCo this morning…between character tasks and buildings, I had the potential to drop five police tapes, four beach balls, three sunscreens, and find sharks/Consuela/robbers…and I got donuts…nothing else, but donuts…gee, this is supposed to be fun, right, as in, we’re paying to be entertained, not frustrated, correct? Am I missing something?

      The response was, and I paraphrase, “We’re aware people are concerned about the police tape drops”, really, and not aware people are concerned with ALL the drops? I’m sorry if this coming off as a WTD, but it seems like a good place for everyone to share their misery…


  8. I have reported this issue now, still had no further sharks, so 1 set of sharks in about 25/30 searches…


    • Usual response, dropping as expected…..


      • RussianTigger

        Meh, message them back!


        • I did….. this was my reply to the message…
          “You need to report it to the team.
          It can’t be right that so few sharks have been found (2 drops from 30+ searches in 4 days) when 18 sea shells are needed for Lois, and Lois is needed to complete a part of the main quest line, so I can’t advance, which will mean me being at least two weeks behind based on my current rates of 1 shark per day average. Crazy.”

          This was their first reply to my original message:
          “I’m sorry about the luck with the Card Sharks but I can assure you that they are appearing normally. We greatly appreciate your feedback about the current event and I would be more than happy to forward your concerns about the drop rates and the Card Shark spawn rate to the team. Thank you your report and please feel free to contact us about any other questions or concerns you have.”


    • By the time I get Lois, the next phase will be here and she will most likely be of no use. Crazy that it’s almost Tuesday and I still need 7 sea shells.


  9. Haven’t seen a single shark nor have I seen consuela once in at least 40 tries. Even used my free police tape that came with the clams I purchased in the special in addition to what I have been earning. Have a message in to tiny Co I think there is a serious problem here should have had something drop by now! Haven’t been able to even get a single badge this entire phase so far!


    • After countless attempts, I finally got two sharks. Took them out — no shells dropped. Talk about ultimate frustration.


      • Try finally getting 2 sharks and having one drop a shell, but having the total shells not go up. CS got a message on that.


        • Unexpectedly got a good result from CS. Skipping over the initial back and forth the end result was CS gave me the full amount of shells to unlock Lois. I’m still stuck on the weekly challenge, but at least I can finish the week 2 questline.


          • Glad they helped, that’s why I tell players don’t just accept the standard response, politely message them back again.


            • 3 days – many investigations – no sharks. And I have 8 of the necessary 59 items for Lifeguard Lois. At this rate, I will be dead before I get Lois.

              I have a chain of 4 polite but insistent posts with replies from CS, all of which bear little to no resemblance to my questions. Certainly no offer for any help.

              Simplest question: if Sharks are Medium at 1 1/4 bars and Robbers are Low at 1/5 bars, why am I getting robbers every 3 investigations and no sharks after 20


              • wildthornberry88

                I’ve tend to find that the “chance” indicated bears little to no resemblance to the results I get, but maybe that’s me personally. It’s weird everyone else is having opposite trouble though; not getting any robbers.


    • And here I sit a full 3 days and 12 hours later and 3 messages to tiny Co including the usual “all drops are as intended response” and me saying that can’t be right response to them. Anyhow 3 days and 12 hours later and still doing as many investigations as I can I’ve noticed my building that’s supposed to be dropping police tape from phase 1 no longer does so, haven’t gotten a single drop from there since this phase went live. So just character drops on the police tape. As for sharks and consuela a full 3.5 days after my post above and I now have managed to find sharks 2 times for a total of 3/18 needed sea shells (forget about the weekly challenge no way in heck that’s happening with these drop rates) and I’ve now fought consuela twice, the first time at level 9 heart level right after arguing it out with support about her not showing up despite me spending clams on clams and paying for police tape I so suspect that they made her show up because after I defeated her that time she has shown up just once more at just level 1 which hasn’t been much help in getting items or buildings for badges! And that’s my progress in another 3.5 days since the first post above for an update. I play at minimum every 3 hours for at least 16 hours a day


  10. Can’t get past part 1 of the main quest line because I haven’t gotten any sharks out of 8 attempts so far :-/

    Liked by 1 person

    • Same here…this event started out very slow for me immediately to the point of not bothering to play…but it seemed the police tape drops started to pick up, and while I was behind (no big deal), I was progressing…earned Erik, and phased up Friday night…since then, the police tape drops have become non-existent, so the times I HAVE been able to try for sharks become doubly frustrating when the only thing I get is donuts…it now takes 8 hours to get enough tapes to investigate using Jerome, Chris, Mort, Erik and the Detective Agency, then 1.5 hours to get…donuts…frustrating…


  11. I’ve had Detective Scrotes for like two years and all of a sudden his quest line just randomly popped up. Has this happened to anyone else?

    Liked by 1 person

  12. In two days (something like 20 attempts) I’ve never seen a shark 😦


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