Quahog Heat 101: Busting & Battling Kingpin Conseula

Who’s afraid of losing all their clams in the bank? Me that’s who!!!

But currently there’s a big chance of that as Kingpin Consuela and her gang of Card Sharks are invading our towns. So let’s get on top of this problem as we chat more about busting Kingpin Consuela and defeating her.

So lett’s take a look to see exactly what it takes to bring Kingpin Consuela to our town in order we can attack her.

For more information on the Event, go HERE


In order to be able to start seeing Kingpin Consuela you will need to progress to Phase 2 and start the Main Questline, Let’s Play Some Cards Pt 1 triggers Kingpin Consuela to show in casino rooms as a chance drop. Although it’s not until Pt. 8 of the main Questline you’re directed to find her, you can start searching for and defeating her before then as she’s a very good source of Old Fish.


First you must complete a successful investigation in any of the Casino Rooms, she is a chance drop in all of them. You’ll find more on the Casino Rooms HERE.

If you’re successful Kingpin Consuela will appear on the helipad of the event area, waiting for you to attack.


Defeating Kingpin Consuela is a bit tougher than Bertram was in Phase 1, as she has some higher heart levels, but at lower levels you should be fine to do so even if you’re playing freemium.  Basically all you need is to have bust, (found), Kingpin Consuela during an investigation and have the freemium Miami Cop Peter AND/OR any of the premiums Chopper Cop Quagmire, MacGyver, Moustache P.I. Joe. Full details how you attack will appear as you read on.



Here are the 4 Characters you can use to Defeat Kingpin Consuela. All tasks are 2hrs long. You can start the tasks by tapping Kingpin Consuela to trigger the Pop Up, then “ATTACK” under the Character/s you want to send OR just go to the Character/s walking in the game and assign them on the Attack Kingpin Consuela Task. *worth noting is you need scroll along the characters to see Chopper Cop Quagmire, as only 3 fit on the screen at a time*

Miami Cop Peter – 1 Damage.

Chopper Cop Quagmire – 2 Damage.

MacGyver MacGyver – 2 Damage

Moustache Joe Moustache P.I. Joe – 3 Damage


When you tap on Kingpin Consuela, you can see what kind of Payouts to expect from the Heart Meter Level she is. The level of Heart Meter you get is completely random. Here are the Payouts.

***There may be other Heart Meter Levels, but until we see them in our game I can’t give any info on payouts***

***Be aware motorcycle boots won’t show unless you have Erik Estrada placed in your game to unlock***

HEart meter levels and rewards  image

Heart Meter Level Reward
2 Heart 12 Old Fish & 1 Motorcycle Boots
3 Heart 18 Old Fish & 1 Motorcycle Boots
6 Heart 24 Old Fish & 2 Motorcycle Boots
9 Heart 30 Old Fish & 3 Motorcycle Boots

Also note for each attack round where you complete the 2hr task to inflict damage towards fully defeating her you will be awarded 2 Old Fish. You’ll also get some Donuts for attacks and defeats.


Kingpin Consuela has a timer with twenty-four hours on it. You will only have that time to fully deplete her Hearts and take her down. At 2 and 3 Hearts this will be easy even freemium. At 6 you’re still able to do it freemium but at 9 you’re going have to lose a little sleep, but again it is achievable. If you are wondering how much time you have left, you can look right above her in the helipad.

Or you can tap on her and see it in the middle of the Pop Up. This will be noted by “TIME LEFT“.


Again, just look at the timer above her head. You will see a number in the Heart, and you will also see the Meter depleting blue bars as you cause her Damage with each attack.


As noted, in order to be able to get all these cool extra Payouts, your mission is to COMPLETELY drain the Heart Meter on whatever heart meter level Kingpin Consuela you get to Zero within the TWENTY FOUR HOURS you are being timed on. So you will have to watch your game carefully for 9 Heart Kingpin Consuela and as soon as one attack is done, start another immediately to make full use of all the time you have. Here are some ideas of freemium strategies. But if you’ve premium characters, use them too. I’m not going give premium strategies as there’s too many and you are smart enough to work out your best combo with the players at your disposable.


You really only need one Character for this Kingpin Consuela Battle.


  1. Miami Cop Peter: 2hrs, 1 Damage, so sending him 2 times (4hrs) will give you the 2 damage you need to defeat her

Kingpin Consuela: 3 Hearts

You really only need one Character for this Kingpin Consuela Battle.


  1. Miami Cop Peter: 2hrs, 1 Damage, so sending him 3 times (6hrs) will give you the 3 damage you need to defeat her

Kingpin Consuela: 6 Hearts

You really only need one Character for this Kingpin Consuela Battle but it will be time-consuming.


  1. Miami Cop Peter: 2hrs, 1 Damage, so sending him 6 times (12hrs) will give you the 6 damage you need to defeat her

Kingpin Consuela: 9 Hearts

To be honest his one will be best with at least 2 Characters but with careful timing is achievable with just one, even the freemium option of Miami Cop Peter.


  1. Miami Cop Peter: 2hrs, 1 Damage, so sending him 9 times (18hrs) will give you the 9 damage you need to defeat her – and on the upside remember you will get 2 Old Fish for each attack as well as the reward for defeating her so you’ll get a good payout for your effort.

As you can see she is defeatable at every heart meter level we’ve seen even with just Miami Cop Peter but at the higher levels it’s going to take you setting timers and losing a little sleep, which I don’t personally encourage or advise to be honest.


If you are successful in attacking Kingpin Consuela and completely draining her Heart Meter to Zero, you will get the Kingpin Consuela Rewards listed in the table further up in the post and she will then escape and hide in the Casino again. You need to do a new investigation to bust her to battle her again. And as I said earlier what heart meter level she comes back at is random.


If you can’t get the Heart Meter to Zero within the 24hrs, Kingpin Consuela will escape back to the bank and you will NOT get any Payout for losing other than the task payout on the Character/s which is 2 Old Fish for each 2hr attack completed. You need to do a new investigation to bust her to battle her again. And as I said earlier what heart meter level she comes back at is random.


  1. Get attacking Kingpin Consuela as quickly as possible.
  2. DO NOT LET TIME RUN OUT! It’s costly.
  3. You can leave a character battling Kingpin Consuela even though she has no cool down as she disappears as soon as you beat her. This way you can leave the Character battling and NOT select their check mark while you try to find another Kingpin Consuela at the Bank. Then you don’t have to wait a full 2hrs to attack her, just whatever time is left on the Character you left battling. However with rooms to investigate you may not think this worthwhile at this stage in the event. I personally haven’t used this tactic in this event.

There you have it… a helpful post of how to defeat Kingpin Consuela, the payouts, and some helpful hints to keep your progressing through the Battles.

What do you think of it all? Was this helpful? Got any other tips you would like to share with the other players? How are your Battles coming along? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

23 responses to “Quahog Heat 101: Busting & Battling Kingpin Conseula

  1. Is there any tricks you have found to get her to drop. I’m doing at least 3 missions a day now with Peter and Louis each time to to the 3 tape room. I am stuck on the last part of week 2. I have been stuck here for the better part of a week with no sign of her.


    • If she just won’t drop no matter what you do, please message TinyCo and explain how many times you’ve tried. Also check that the combination you’re using doesn’t increase chance something else to drop rather than her, sometimes 1 character works out better. As I’m now in Phase 3 I can’t check the drop chances for these characters. Also one the Quest task, click Go, sometimes it takes you to the room where you’ll have best chance getting her.


  2. Haven’t found her once since this phase started so… yeah, fun event


  3. Virtually zero tapes showing up and now Jerome is used for tapes and video poker?!?!
    This event is a joke


  4. In a turn of events from last week I think they’ve made the chance of Consuela turning up too likely. I’m getting her almost every time whereas what I really need is Sharks for Lois or Robbers for the main quest.


  5. Found Consuela but she wasn’t showing up at the heli so just sent Peter on “attack Consuela” task. Has heart meter of 3. Just did first 2 hours, got a couple of dead fish but heart meter hasn’t reduced.
    She’s still not showing up at Heli so have sent Peter to Casino room where Consuela isn’t showing up either.
    Hold the phone, just logged on again, heart meter gone down to 2 but Consuela still not showing on Heli. Might be a glitch to be aware of.


    • RussianTigger

      Thanks for the info, not had the issue myself or hearing any other complaints but good to know in case anyone else does have this issue.


  6. Will she be available as a character in this event? I understand some people already have her as a playable character (Hense the Kingpin Consuela walkthrough). But will we be able to earn her here?


    • No indication as yet, same with Bertram as many don’t have him. Would be nice if they did offer the for players to earn, but just got to wait and see. But drop them an I game message saying you’d like to see her released again.


  7. What are the motorcycle boots for? And yes I’ve gotten the 2 hp version of her twice and killed in one day… Managed to get 5 of the 8 items from this weeks shop even though I just unlocked part 2 yesterday!!! I don’t even have chopper quagmire. Kingpin consuela is a huge help in this event!


    • I agree, she’s a big help if you find her, she’s why I’ve already unlocked Aerobics Bonnie, despite being nowhere near getting Lifeguard Lois. Bizarre turn of events. But the motorcycle boots are for unlocking Erik Esteada, they sometimes show for me even thought I’ve unlocked him already.


      • RT – Is Aerobics Bonnie useful in Phase 2? Thanks.


        • RussianTigger

          Her only use is disappointly as an Investigator in the Casino Floor, but it’s the most expensive room to investigate at 5 Police Tapes a try, so unless she has a use in Phase 3, I might have been better to hold on to the Detective Badges she cost until Phase 3 launched next week.


  8. Just found her for the first time, with 9 health and only Peter to attack. I’m not even sure if I should bother trying to defeat her since it means I won’t have Peter for any room investigations for 24 hours. Any ideas?


    • Yup, at first you think 9 heart – 18 hours, arghhh…. But if your a players who is happy to lose a little sleep then it’s a great payout, you defeat her you get 30 Old Fish, but you also get 2 Old Fish for completing every attack on top, so 9 attacks x 2 = 18 Old Fish. So for fully defeating her you can get 48 Old Fish.. Now to give you an idea of their value, they would let you do the first 4 exchanges in the hot police station in phase 2 if you’ve not done any Old Fish exchanges yet. So a potential 4 exchanges giving you 16 Detectuve badges. Obviously if your already doing exchanges you’ll get less, you’ll find exchanges in main live post to see where you are and how far 48 Old Fish will go. If you’ve Medical Supplies sitting you’ll get even better exchanges. Hope this helps, but as I say it all depends whether you can stay on top of the 24 hour timer.


    • Same here! No way to defeat her without clams.


  9. Glad I read this I had no idea you could use Quagmire since he’s hidden off the end of the page. I can free up Peter is go through the rooms now and not regret buying Quagmire anymore.


  10. I have found her three times so far, all at level 6, so I am doing well on badges this week.


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