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Quahog Heat 101: Quahog Cartel Mystery Box

Hey there Risk Takers!

With the New Phase 3 up and running in our silly lil games, we now also have another one of your FAVORITE items too (right?). The Quahog Cartel Mystery Box!

Now I know many of you are curious about the items inside and just what you are taking a risk in getting by spending those precious Clams, so let’s jump on in and take a closer look.

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Quahog Heat 101: Busting & Battling Kingpin Conseula

Who’s afraid of losing all their clams in the bank? Me that’s who!!!

But currently there’s a big chance of that as Kingpin Consuela and her gang of Card Sharks are invading our towns. So let’s get on top of this problem as we chat more about busting Kingpin Consuela and defeating her.

So lett’s take a look to see exactly what it takes to bring Kingpin Consuela to our town in order we can attack her. Continue reading

Do I Want That? MacGyver

So you think you’re as rich at Carter Pewterschmidt? Own a fancy house like Buzz Killington? You sure gotta lot of clams there, whatcha gonna do with them?



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Quahog Heat Main Questline: Let’s Play Some Cards

Hey there Mustachios!

Grab a hold of the Duct Tape, some chewing gum, and a handful of paperclips. Phase 2 of Quahog Heat is here!!

New Phase means New Main Questline that will direct us along. For phase 2, the Main Questline is Let’s Play Some Cards


Let’s take a look at the Main Questline and all you will encounter along the way.  Continue reading

Quahog Mob Walkthroughs: Money, Power, and Respect

Hello There Hoppereenos!

Quahog has gone gangster and brought us an offer we can’t refuse!  As Don Corleone has decided to setup shop for his counterfeit cookie operation right in Quahog…and he’s enlisted Peter’s help!

As you progress along in the Event, you will be able to earn additional Character Costumes and unlock their Questlines. Like Kingpin Consuela (for 17500 Mob Rep)

Kingpin Consuela

So let’s take a closer look at her Questline and all that you’ll encounter….

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Mobster Event Week 2 LIVE!!

Hey there Mafioso!

It’s been a crazy first week of the Mobsters Event, and now we are about to add to the Mix. Time to Upgrade the Mansion and see what new goodies are in store for our lil Mafia Town.

For details on the Crash Issues, TAP HERE!!! 

Upgraded Mansion

As usual… MORE INFO TO COME… so give us time to go through it all live, verify it, and update the post. So keep checking back HERE for details!

UPDATE BUNNY 6/11 1150PM EST: Most the details are now updated in this post. I still have pics to work on and will update them later. A lot of this, as usual, we will go into a LOT more details on in separate posts focusing on them. 

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Mobsters Event 101: Leaderboards

Hey there all you Mafioso!

This Mobster Event has brought a strange new twist into our silly lil games and I for one am excited to see how it all plays out. It is a mix of Individual Goals as well as some Fun Competition.

In this post I will be breaking down the ins n outs of the Leaderboards.

You Leaderboard IconFriends Leaderboard IconTop 50K Leaderboard Icon

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Mobster Event LIVE!! UPDATED

Hey there Gangsters!

TinyCo decided to drop a pretty cool update on us. Looks like I better put on my Zoot Suit and grab my Tommy Gun, cuz it’s about to go all Gangster up in here. 😉Reload your game

In order to have the Update Launch, go to your App Market and download the 1.9.0 Version of the app. For those that experienced the “Idle” Consuela Error Pop Up, please force close and restart the app to clear it out. You will also need to be in district 3 and have Al’s unlocked as well.

The FatFather/ Mobster Event will End THURDSAY JULY 9TH @3PM PACIFIC TIME!!!

So far we have seen it on iOS, nothing in Google Play just yet so hang in there. Keep Checking. It is in Google now, may have to search or restart device to locate it. FatFather Pop Up

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