Undercover Gig-olo – Review & How Did You Do? Poll

It was one of those short but not so sweet, blink and you’ll miss it events. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear how you got on in the Undercover Gigg-olo event.

These polls are really just to share how we all did, and what we thought of events. And personally I liked the set up of this mini-event, although the theme was a little depressing.

One new premium character, 1 new premium character costume and 2 freemium unlockable character costumes for Peter and Quagmire seemed like a perfect amount of content for a week-long event, and although I unlocked both Gigg-Olo Quagmire and Big Pete Peter quite quickly due to fact I purchased Charmisse and Pimp Stewie, I think unlocking Big Pete Peter will have been the tough unlock for freemium players.

However it’s hard to complain when TinyCo dropped some freebies for us, yes up to 5 returning characters/costumes appeared in Dick’s Inn at the weekend for us to try to get. And three were previously premium buys, Burnt Out Brian (75 clams a shot mystery box prize), The Judge (160 clams) & Condom Chris (250 clams).



So I got at least 485 Clams worth of premium content from my room missions, as I didn’t have any of the previously premium buys, Burnt Out Brian, The Judge or Condom Chris. So I really can have little complaints about the event.

However like I said earlier from the early comments it seemed many addicts felt it would be touch or go as to whether they unlocked Big Pete Peter before time ran out, hopefully more of you got him than not. Guess we will only know once we collate the results of our poll.

But in general it was a different little filler event, based around the away missions concept used in the Star Trek Events.  And apart from that there’s not a whole load more to say.

And with that I will shut up so you can take a minute away from your games to share your success with us and as always I will bring you the results next week.

And remember if you’ve any thoughts of feedback, please leave it in the comments. But please don’t turn this into a What the Deuce post, as Bunny will send me on a permanent away mission if you do. By all means give us your thoughts and opinions but sprinkle a little glitter on them if you can, lol.

Until we meet again in Quahog!!!

~ Russian Tigger

And for those who can’t see the poll, or who have had issues with the post poll jumping to the comments when trying to select answers, here’s the link to the Google version where this issue doesn’t occur. Thanks to regular reader sasquatch71089 for sharing that tip.



3 responses to “Undercover Gig-olo – Review & How Did You Do? Poll

  1. Overall not bad. I did miss out on Big Pete due to drop rates. I tried, but was just unable to complete him.

    Enjoyed the opportunity to get old characters/costumes from searching the rooms also, that was cool!


  2. I liked the extra characters they put into Dick Inn, a chance to get character/skins that people missed out on before. Some took a while to get.

    I also liked how it only took 10 seconds to search a room so you got a quick response to what you found. Better than waiting a long time to find out you didn’t get what you were hoping for.

    Also wasn’t fussed on the matchboxes as extra currency to buy event themed buildings/decorations. We already have clams and coins (rarely used).

    Overall I enjoyed the mini event.

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    • I agree on the time of the investigations – I liked that aspect a lot. I liked the fact I was able to get the Judge and Burned Out Brian (already had Billionaire Pete and Condom Chris)…did not spend for the Stewie costume (turned out to be the right decision, IMHO), but I did purchase Charmese as I will spend on characters. Overall, it was decent – definitely like the opportunity to get additional characters.

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