Speculating With Stewie – Family Guy, Futurama & More….

Okay, Okay, it’s not really Stewie, it’s me, Russian Tigger, sorry to disappoint you all again, maybe Stewie will join us once he’s a little bit older. But until then you get to read my rambling thoughts once more, aren’t you the lucky ones?

So another long event is well under way but it’s way too early to start wondering what will be coming next in our games, but that doesn’t stop me finding my mind in Stewie mode as I ponder about other things.

And what did I come up with, well a lot of things I can’t admit in public, and a few thoughts on what’s I’d like to see next I can share, so let’s go.

So on the topic of Family Guy, I thought I’d ask you all whether you think the show will find itself cancelled or renewed? Will Fox finally pull the plug or will we see Stewie survive and see his Sweet Season 16?


I think Seth MacFarlan has the pull to see the show continue, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I think it should, something is missing from the early seasons for me, maybe it’s because in the beginning it was all about Stewie for me, now it’s all about Peter. I blame Homer Simpson’s popularity for this, lol. But seriously what’s your thoughts?

And whilst you’re sharing your wisdom on that topic how’s about telling us what you think of the announcement that TinyCo, (under new parent company JamCity) will be releasing a Futurama city builder mobile app later this year.


Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow is coming to a device near you, with Fox, Matt Groening & David X all signed up. Sounds interesting, but what do you think, have you time in your busy lives to be the benevolent ruler of another tiny world? And do you think that when Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow arrives it will sit alongside FGQFS in the TinyCo stable, or will it…..replace it?

And finally don’t forget we want to see screenshots of your Oz area for our next Showoff, email them to familyguyaddicts@gmail.com

So what do my fellow addicts think? What does the future hold for Family Guy, the TV Show and Family Guy, the Game? Share your thoughts here. Let’s discuss it further in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


20 responses to “Speculating With Stewie – Family Guy, Futurama & More….

  1. Your last thought is exactly what worries me about spending cash on server based games. I don’t want to contemplate how much I’ve spent on this game and it could all be absolutely worthless if they pull the plug.


  2. I am reading the comments here and I see a very common theme.

    TinyCo is ruining their chances of making Worlds of Tomorrow a success by making FGQFS so frustrating. Drop rates are such that you can’t finish without spending real world money at times.

    I didn’t mind spending a little at the beginning because I wanted to support the game. But now it’s just gotten ridiculous. If Futurama follows this same pattern it will fail within the first year.

    Are you listening TinyCo?


    • I’m thinking TinyCo might have learned a lot from FGQFS and the mistakes they’ve made along the way, and not follow the same pattern with Futurama game. I don’t play their Avengers game but it seems popular. So maybe they will get the balance right, only time will tell


  3. I love Futurama. I will definitely play it. Whether or not it replaces this one, or i play both, will depend on how much more frustration I get from this game. This is the worst event yet. Didn’t get Eric Estrada. There was no chance. Drop rates on this event are just horrible across the board. I used to buy clams, but no longer will. Not worth the aggravation. Hopefully there will be a different team on a Futurama game, and it won’t be as bad as this one is now.


  4. I like Futurama, but I love Family Guy, and, honestly, if it’s going to be similar to FGTQFS, I’m just not interested. This game has turned to frustration, so I am certainly not interested in any other TinyCo products as they don’t runs the ones they have now very well…


    • RussianTigger

      Hopefully they will have learned what not to do through FGQFS and do things different, also Matt Groenig etc may reign in some of the less attractive gameplay as I’m sure he’ll want another success like Tapped Out has been.


  5. mrsgustafsson

    I’m super happy about upcoming Futurama city building game! When it’s released I will most likely stop play Family Guy completely because I like Futurama much more!


  6. okay well i remember exactly WHEN this happened, but i jus know it was a good while ago they did happen to release a new Futurama game!, but the aspect of it was kinda like the CandyCrush saga bullcrap or bubble pop games(ya know jus poppin’ stuff along lololol)…well )before they released it i remember mentioning on here asking oooo is it gonna be like FGTQFS& Tapped Out?!?, but was told no it wasn’t obviously Lmao got shot down real quick…so now THE DAY HAS COME i’m REALLY hoping that game will be just like FGTQFS because i’ll get it as soon as it’s released! become addicted all over again whyyy of course!!😂😇🤣🤤❤️


  7. Same thing happened to me. I had 2.5 days to get 2 handcuffs in order to get Erik Estrada. I played solely for handcuffs, and at the end of 2.5 days, I still needed 2 handcuffs. I’m so frustrated that I’ve stopped playing this game. If I come back, I come back. If I don’t, I don’t. This was my last straw after 2+ years of playing this game and dealing with all the frustrations.

    I’d love to play a Futurama game, but I’m not going there if TinyCo is running the show. I’ve had it with their methodology.


  8. Sorry to see them getting the Futurama game. Even without the hope of a simpsons crossover event I still would have preferred ea get it instead just because of how much better they’ve done with tapped out.


  9. Be glad when Futurama gets here. Wish they would do American Dad. Wasn’t crazy about the Simpsons game. I think all the old animation domination shows have lost something along the way. Really liked The Cleveland Show.


  10. patti colston

    I love FG! Funny, when it first aired, I didn’t like it, but it grew on me,. I hope it stays on.

    As for FGQFS, it’s wearing on my nerves for the same reasons as the others. But I’ve played it since it’s release and I don’t want to fall behind. I’ve spent FAR to much money on it. So basically, I’ve gone to far to turn back now.

    Aa for the new Futurma game, I’m not surr if I want to add another addiction. I already play Futurama, Game of Clones. It’s a match 4 game that I’ve already beat and am now playing it again on hard mode. W00ga, the makers of that game aren’t as greedy as Tinyco is, but I’ve spent some ‘doh!’ on it too.

    If you awesome ladies are going to run a page like this one on it, I might swing by and check out the comments to see if it’s worth what’s left of my sanity to play.

    Thanks for all you do!


    • RussianTigger

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I’m not sure if there will be an Addicts Futurama blog, depends on the game mechanism I guess,and whether the guys want add another site to their set

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  11. I’m a Fox-lover and I like watching these shows like Simpsons, Family Guy and Futurama, I surely hope the new game won’t be complicating as QFS where you unlock a character and the stuff pops up above their head. On TO they just appear and join in your game. I should think Family Guy should carry on with the tv series like The Simpsons do who knows what’ll happen next.


  12. I’ll probably check out Futurama. It depends. If it’s another build a city style of game I’ll probably pass. I’d like to see it focus on the expeditions. Maybe have the the space station or Planet Express ship as your intermittent base but keep the focus on events that occur in new worlds.


  13. hey dont feel bad, i use to spend on these events in the past when they were more interesting and had better characters. the last several have sucked and clearly force people to pay to win or even make progress. This event wast the nail in the coffin with the rare drop rate for police tape AND making one character drop those and a new needed item :/
    Tinyco has lost my support as of now honestly, maybe bring us more story missions instead of all paying events.

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  14. I had to contact Tinyco about Erik Estrada. I have 18 hours left on his timer and I only have 5 out of 8 handcuffs. It’s not gonna happen without burning clams. It’s not through lack of effort either. I already have Aerobics Bonnie unlocked so I know it’s not me. They’re just not dropping. It started well I got 3 right off the bat but I’ve seen two cuffs drop in the past 4 to 5 days. That’s unforgivable. Hopefully they make good on it because I actually spent $10 on this event.

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    • It has gone exactly the same way for me – still need 3 handcuffs in the next eight hours; so not going to happen. Sometimes I wonder if the drops actually follow a fixed pattern rather than being random. I also notice the clam buy price is 40 each after tapping on handcuffs whereas it’s 50 each if you tap the unlock bubble.


  15. I’m not sure I will play any future games if they keep making the events all about people who can spend money and never sleep to complete everything. I know companies, in our currently insane system, feel the need to have profit be the center of everything, but it leaves everyone out like me who literally can’t spend money. I get tired of never being able to go past the first week and half, in terms of game event play, during the entire real world time of the event just because I can’t spend money or stay up forever to get every item needed to get every new character or skin or complete every quest. It makes it lose its fun rather quickly. I am only still going on now because I don’t like to give up entirely.

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