Mighty Griffin Power Rangers is LIVE! ***UPDATED***


The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have joined up and invaded our lil Quahogs. Question will be will it follow the Classic TV Series or the Newly launching Movie coming out? All we can do is wait and see. Mighty Griffin Power Rangers… GO… to sleep…. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. ūüėČ


We will have a link to the Event Page shortly, so keep an eye out for Peter Ranger Icon to appear and it will be the shortcut to the Event Page. The Event Page is now up, you’ll find it HERE.

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.43.2 or higher¬†in order to see the event. (So far the Update has hit on Google and iOS, so make sure you go load it. The others, well… they will take their usual up to 24hrs+ to update.)
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al‚Äôs complete.
  • Players¬†will only¬†see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don‚Äôt have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more.

Keep in mind we put up the LIVE posts as soon as it hits the games, however we do still have to play through the game ourselves to pull info and verify accuracy of content before supplying it to you. Be patient and keep checking the post and refreshing it as we will update it as we play along. 



Info per the iOS App Page for Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff

What’s New in Version 1.43.2

Get ready to do some ‚Äúmighty morphin‚ÄĚ with the Griffin Family when the Power Rangers come to Quahog!

– Defend Quahog against kaiju attacks!
– Help the Power Rangers fend off Rita Repulsa!
– Use new character-combining features to build Zords!

All work and no cosplay make for a dull Quahog. Pick up your Power Con passes and play the “Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers” event now!

*This event is not available in these countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam; Israel, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Afghanistan.


We here at the Addicts are not sure as to why it is not available in certain countries. We can only speculate there is something there not or within negotiations not allowing it. I will try to find out if there are any more details available, but for now… just know if you are in one of the Countries, you may not see the Event at all.



Yes, it is back… however as in the past we will NOT tolerate angry comments towards them. Any comments along those lines will go straight to the trash. You know the drill by now. Play at YOUR own risk. When they go live, we will update more¬†details for it. For now, do NOT worry about it.



Power Rangers Command Center: 190 Clam IconClams, $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Always Drops +1 Thunderbolt Keychain

Tyrannosaurus Dinozod Statue: 260 Clam IconClams, $40 & 25xp every 8hrs, Always Drops Green Souvenir Cup

Space Dumpster: 160 Clam IconClams, $80 & 50xp every 12hrs, Spawns x6 Putty Cosplayers /Patrol

Angel Grove Juice Bar: 250 Clam IconClams, 14 Clam IconClams & 60xp every 24hrs, This will expire on 4/19/17 so the sooner you place it the more Clams you will gain from it. The longer you wait, you may only break even 



Small Red Zeo Subcrystal Pack (6): 48 Clam IconClams ~ triggers in Pt 3

Medium Red Zeo Subcrystal Pack (12): 85 Clam IconClams ~ triggers in Pt 3

Large Red Seo Subcrystal Pack (24): 165 Clam IconClams ~ triggers in Pt 3



Crater: 8 PowerCon Pins

Kaiju Footprint: 10 PowerCon Pins

Kaiju Egg: 12 PowerCon Pins

Red Battle Bike: 100 PowerCon Pins



Rita Repulsa: Clam Icon260 Clams

Red Ranger Peter:
60 Tyrannosaurus Power Coin (Common): Clear Putty Patrol
10 Red Power Sword Toy (Common): Angel Grove High School (Smoothie Bar)
6 White Boots (Uncommon): Joe Visit Gun Range
7 Red Ranger Helmet Replica (Uncommon): Jerome Play Darts OR Lois Freshen Up


WARNING TIMED CHARACTER!!! As soon as you “repair” you will only have 7 days to collect all Materials for Red Power Ranger

Red Power Ranger: You will trigger his Hammer icon in Pt. 5. He will be over by the Ice Cream Truck in the Entrance Parking Lot. It will cost $10 & take 10Secs to “Repair” to pull him into the game to unlock.
13 T Power Morpher (Common)
: T Zord Tasks
13 Stuffed Tyrannosaurus (Common): Bruce Hit the Hay OR Lord Zedd’s Sleeping Chamber
14 Thunder Slinger (Uncommon): Kaiju Zoo
9 Blade Blaster (Uncommon): Clear Red Ranger Cosplayers
11 Wrist Communicator (Extra Rare): Mort Sell Used Electronics OR Herbert Play With Walkie Talkies OR



This will be the Main Currency you will be collecting throughout the Event. You will find the Counter for it in the Top Middle of your Game Screen.

PowerCon Pins: Red Rangers OR Putty Patrol OR Questlines OR Zord Tasks OR Fight Kaiju OR Carl Wear A PowerCon Wristband OR Neil Goldman Sell Knockoff Wristbands OR Lyle Worship Alpha 5 OR Diabeto Roll to PowerCon OR Cleveland Jr Fear Cosplay Monsters OR Steve Smith Visit PowerCon



These will trigger during The Family that Cosplays Together Pt. 2. These are the “Bad Guys” for this Phase. I started out with 8 of them that I saw wandering.

Putty Patrol Cosplayers: You will find them wandering the streets, just tap on them to clear them

Chance Drops:
+1 Tyrannosaurus Power Coin
+1 PowerCon Pins
+1 Thunderbolt Keychain (Rare ~ I got one about every 6-8 I cleared it seems)

Spawn Amount: Spawn every few minutes up to 8 MAX (unless you have the Space Dumpster which will allow you to go over MAX).
NOTE: This is all over the place on times I’m seeing in various games. I feel more every few hours than minutes.



These are another “Bad Guy” for this Phase of the Event. They will be triggered during The Family that Cosplayers Together Pt. 3. Two of them appeared in my game to start.

Red Ranger Cosplayer: Requires Characters to attack them and Clear them

Characters Used:
Rita Repulsa

Time to Clear: 3hrs

Chance Drops:
+4 PowerCon Pins
+2 Thunderbolt Keychain
+1 Red Zeo Subcrystals
+1 Blade Blaster

Spawn Amount: Spawn every few minutes up to 8 4 MAX.
NOTE: This is all over the place on times I’m seeing in various games. I feel more every few hours than minutes.



Here is where you will use Materials acquired to Craft¬†Buildings & Decorations that will help get you Items you will need during this Phase of the Event. Just scroll through the list of available items and tap on the one you want to see what it’s cost will be (it will be highlighted in Yellow).

***Still in Progress****

Cosplay Costume Shop: $30 & 20xp every 4hrs, Chance Drops x2 Wrist Communicator
70 PowerCon Pins
15 Thunderbolt Keychains
2 Green Souvenir Cup

Lord Zedd’s Sleeping Chamber: $45 & 30xp every 8hrs, Chance Drops x2¬†Stuffed Tyrannosaurus
45PowerCon Pins
24 Thunderbolt Keychains

Angel Grove High School: $80 & 20xp every 4hrs, Chance Drops x2 Red Power Sword Toy
13 PowerCon Pins
4 Thunderbolt Keychains

Giant Satellite Dish:
36 PowerCon Pins
2 Thunderbolt Keychains

Red Ranger’s Gym:¬†$20 & 15xp every 2hrs
40 PowerCon Pins
8 Green Souvenir Cup

Kaiju Zoo: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance Drops x2 Thunder Slinger
4 Green Souvenir Cup

Giant Robot Junkyard: $45 & 30xp every 8hrs
47 PowerCon Pins
9 Thunderbolt Keychains
1 Green Souvenir Cup


Thunderbolt Keychain (Rare): Power Rangers Command Center (Kaiju Battles) OR Clear Putty Patrol OR Clear Red Ranger Cosplayers

Green Souvenir Cup (Common): Kaiju Battles OR Tyrannosaurus Dinozod Statue



Here is where you will us Zeo Crystals to make your Quahog Characters turn into Zords so you can Attack Kaiju and gain more needed Materials for the Event.

***Still in Progress****

MAKE A ZORD/COMBINE: You will have first tap on the Command Center to select the Zord you want to Make, then just tap “Combine”. It will ask you if you want to spend the Subcrystals amount listed to make it. Select Yes to start Process. You will then see the Zord walk out of the Command Center. You can then combine them with the other Characters you unlock to make a more powerful (higher energy) Zord.

Zord Example:
Tyrannosaurus DinoZord/ T. Zord (Starts at 3 Energy)
3 Red Zeo Subcrystal


Zord Tasks: Once you “Combine” and make a Zord, you will see variable Tasks they can perform and how much of their “Energy” it will take for them to complete it. Once that task is done, if it depletes all of the Energy, you will have to go back to the Command Center to “Decombine” and start again. (Mine was smoking above it making it easier to find). If your Energy is still going, you can keep sending them on Tasks until it reaches Zero again.

Task Examples T Zord:
Roar Uncontrollably
Time~30 secs
Cost~ 1 Energy
Reward~ + 1 PowerCon Pin & +1 Leaderboard Medals & +1 T Power Morpher

Walk Around Carefully
Time~ 30sec
Cost~ 3 Energy
Reward~ 1 PowerCon Pin & Variable Materials (Still verifying) 3 Leaderboard Medals & +1 White Boots


DECOMBINE: Once your Zord is out of Energy, you have to pull it apart and rebuild it again with the Subcrystals. You can locate the Zord and see the Lightning Bolt slashed sign over it. Tap on it to start process or you can return the Command Center, tap on “Decombine”


Additional¬†Characters to Add MORE Energy for Tasks: Once unlocked, tap on the additional Characters before tapping on “COMBINE” to Combine them with the Zord you are Making and they will be that much Stronger
Power Ranger Peter~ +3 Energy
Red Power Ranger~ +4 Energy

Red Ranger Peter(+3 Energy) + T. Zord (3 Energy) = 6 Energy T Zord created.



So far I have not unlocked anything yet (have Red Ranger Peter) to battle the Earth Kaiju or any other Kaiju. When I am able to trigger them, I will update more.

You will start to see Kaiju in The Family that Cosplays Together Pt. 6. The first one you will see is the Earth Kaiju. These appear in one of the Four Openings in the Event Area. The Earth Kaiju in the one in the lower Left corner with the Vines wrapping around the Platform.

Kaiju: Will require a Zord to Battle them.

Here is what I got for my first Kaiju:
Earth Kaiju #1
Heart Meter: 1
Timer: 10hrs to Defeat
Chance Payout: PowerCon Pins & Leaderboard Medals

Attack Kaiju: Once the Zord is created at whatever Combination you chose, tap on the Kaiju. You will see the option to “ATTACK”, Tap on it to select a Zord to Battle the Kaijui. Or you can just go to the Zord and tap on it to pull up it’s Tasks. There you will see the New Battle Tasks you can use depending on the Zord’s Current Energy Level (it will go up n up each time you defeat him).

T Zord Battle Options:
Attack Earth Kaiju~2 Damage
Cost: 3 Energy
Time: 45 secs
Chance Payout: 1 PowerCon Pin & 30xp

Attack Earth Kaiju~6 Damage
Cost:  6 Energy
Time: 45 secs
Chance Payout: 3 PowerCon Pin & 30xp

Attack Earth Kaiju~8 Damage
Cost:  10 Energy (Still verifying)
Time: 45 secs
Chance Payout: 5 PowerCon Pin & 30xp


Battle Time: For my first Earth Kaiju Battle I used the 3 Energy Kaiju Task as it¬†does 2 Damage and the Earth Kaiju was only 1 needed (No need to waste Energy). I selected the 3 Energy option from the Zordo’s Task List and started the short Task. The Zord Shot its beam at the Earth Kaiju for 45 secs and then a Check Mark appeared. Tapping on the Check Mark will end the Battle and payout the rewards. Then it kicks to the Next Level for the Kaiju.

Here were my payouts and Levels…
1 Heart Level

Payout: 5 PowerCon Pins & 4 Leaderboard Medals & 1 Green Souvenir Cup

3 Heart Level
Payout: 8 PowerCon Pins & 8 Leaderboard Medals & 2 Green Souvenir Cup

5 Heart Level
Payout: 12 PowerCon Pins & 12 Leaderboard Medals & 4 Green Souvenir Cup

7 Heart Level
Payout: 18 PowerCon Pins & 16 Leaderboard Medals & 6 Green Souvenir Cup

10 Heart Level
Payout: 24 PowerCon Pins & 20 Leaderboard Medals & 8 Green Souvenir Cup

Character Combinations: Use your Subcrystals wisely as the cost is the same to make the Combinations with the extra Characters as it is to make just the Zord alone. You will want to go through as many Battles as you can with the Kaiju to get the best possible Payout. Just use the Energy wisely.


Cool Down Timer: 5hrs, once I got to 10 Heart Level my Kaiju went into “Cool Down”. The option to pay 40 Clams also appeared to Respawn right away. Just tap on the Earth Kaiju location in your game to see the cost and time left. He will Respawn back at 1 Heart Level


There you have the overall Basics to get you started with the New Mighty Griffin Power Rangers Event. A few other details we will update, otherwise more in depth information will be on other posts coming soon.

What do you think of it so far? Any item(s) you are looking forward to? Any suggestions for fellow Players? Let us know.



179 responses to “Mighty Griffin Power Rangers is LIVE! ***UPDATED***

  1. I did message Tinyco this morning and waiting for reply, but I’ll try that zoom in method to see if it can find her. Thanks!


  2. I purchased the Rita Repulsa character in the preview week or so before this campaign started. I’ve been using her up until last night but as of this morning, she’s disappeared. She’s not in my inventory, it won’t even let me rebuy her. Anybody that purchased Rita have this problem?


    • wildthornberry88

      Can you find her by trying to clear a red ranger Cosplayer? Does she have an icon in facespace?


      • I tried that and she no longer comes up as an option – it just sends me to Chris (even if he’s already on that task and busy). I hadn’t thought of Facespace so I checked, and she shows up there so it’s like something’s conflicting. She’s nowhere to be found in my actual game. Not in inventory, not in the Hotel. Strange.


        • wildthornberry88

          Zoom in before you go on facespace, then go on rita’s profile. When you exit the screen should centre on her location. If that doesn’t help I’d try messaging tinyco (if you didn’t already)


          • The zoom in and facespace solution worked (and it was the same suggestion Tinyco eventually messaged me with). Very strange though, since I had her on the Red Ranger task as of last night, and she didn’t show up as busy when trying to select her for the Red Ranger task. Must have been a glitch – I know my session crashed last night with w fizzle on the known Dinozord disassembly issue, so maybe it caused some strange behaviour. Anyways, thanks for your help ūüôā


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