Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Phase 2 is LIVE! ***UPDATED***


The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are now going into their second Phase of play in our silly lil games. What madness will this Phase 2 bring? Let’s take a look at the new content for Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers!


For the overall information for the Entire Event, GO HERE.

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to have completed The Family That Cosplays Together Pt. 8
  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.43.2 or higher in order to see the event.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more.

Keep in mind we put up the LIVE posts as soon as it hits the games, however we do still have to play through the game ourselves to pull info and verify accuracy of content before supplying it to you. Be patient and keep checking the post and refreshing it as we will update it as we play along. 



Info per the iOS App Page for Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff

What’s New in Version 1.43.2

Get ready to do some “mighty morphin” with the Griffin Family when the Power Rangers come to Quahog!

– Defend Quahog against kaiju attacks!
– Help the Power Rangers fend off Rita Repulsa!
– Use new character-combining features to build Zords!

All work and no cosplay make for a dull Quahog. Pick up your Power Con passes and play the “Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers” event now!

*This event is not available in these countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam; Israel, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Afghanistan.



Yes, it is back… however as in the past we will NOT tolerate angry comments towards them. Any comments along those lines will go straight to the trash. You know the drill by now. Play at YOUR own risk.

With them now live going live soon, you will be able to go into the link using the Leaderboard Icon in your lower right corner of your game play screen. You can see where you currently stand. Keep in mind it WILL take time throughout play to update those numbers, so keep checking back to see where you are as the updates go in to the server.

Power Medals (These are what you will collect around the game to move up the Leaderboards):  Zord Tasks OR Battle Kaiju

The information I see for now is as follows:
Prize #1: Mystery
Ranks 1-500

Prize #2: Zords United
Ranks 501-1000

Prize #3: Zordan
Ranks 1001-5000



After starting New Main Questline, a Side Questline with a Clam Offer appeared.

Pretty in Pink
Peter Started

Buy $9.99USD worth of Clams and get 11 Pink Zeo Subcrystals free! 



Pterodactyl Dinozard Statue: 260 Clam IconClams, $55 & 35 every 10hrs, Always Drops Red Shirts


Observatory: 10 PowerCon Coins, $45 & 30xp every 8hrs



Putty Training Dummy: 10 PowerCon Coins

Power Sword in the Stone: 35 PowerCon Coins

Blue Battle Bike: 100 PowerCon Coins

Caged Baboo: Free (?)



Pink Zeo Subcrystals (6): 72 Clam Icon Clams

Pink Zeo Subcrystals (12): 108 Clam Icon Clams

Pink Zeo Subcrystals (24): 204 Clam Icon Clams



Alpha 5: 270 Clam IconClams, Combines with Pterodactyl DinoZord


Pink Ranger Lois (Costume):
60 Pterodactyl Power Coins (Common): Putty Cosplayers
12 Power Bow Toys (Uncommon): Joe Patrol the School OR Pink Ranger’s Shooting Range
5 Pink Socks (Uncommon): Lois Shop Online
6 Hairsprays (Rare): Bruce Fret About Something OR Pterodactyl Dinozord Cockpit


Goldar Brian: His Costume will trigger around Pt. 3
  5 Goldar Helmets (Always): Defeat Flame Kaiju
16 Metal Polishes (Common): T Zord Roar Uncontrollably OR Angel Grove Karate Dojo
15 Gold Flea Brushes (Uncommon): Brian Scratch For Fleas OR Giant Zord Gas Station
6 Blue Dyes (Rare): Finster’s Workshop



This will be the Main Currency you will be collecting throughout the Event. You will find the Counter for it in the Top Middle of your Game Screen.

PowerCon Pins: Red Rangers OR Putty Patrol OR Questlines OR Zord Tasks OR Fight Kaiju OR Carl Wear A PowerCon Wristband OR Neil Goldman Sell Knockoff Wristbands OR Lyle Worship Alpha 5 OR Diabeto Roll to PowerCon OR Cleveland Jr Fear Cosplay Monsters OR Steve Smith Visit PowerCon



***Still in Progress****

These are the New “Bad Guy” for this Phase of the Event. They appeared in Pt 2 of the Main Questline, Power Conned. I started with 2 on my play area.

Pink Ranger Cosplayer: You will need to use Characters to clear them from the play area. Just tap on them to see who and chance payouts

Characters Used:
Rita Repulsa Stewie
Red Ranger Peter

Time for Task: 6hrs

Chance Drops:
+1 Pink Subcrystals
+6 PowerCon Pins

Spawn Amount: Spawn a few times a day up to 3 MAX.



***Still in Progress****

Here is where you will use Materials acquired to Craft Buildings & Decorations that will help get you Items you will need during this Phase of the Event. Just scroll through the list of available items and tap on the one you want to see what it’s cost will be (it will be highlighted in Yellow).

Rita Repulsa Moon Palace: $45 & 30xp every 8hrs
80 PowerCon Pins
6 Red Shirts
8 Green Souvenir Cup

Giant Zord Gas Station: $40 & 25 every 6hrs, Chance Drops x2 Gold Flea Brush
54 PowerCon Pins
3 Red Shirts
6 Green Souvenir Cup

Pink Rangers Shooting Range: $30 & 20xp every 4hrs, Chance Drops x2 Power Bow Toys
42 PowerCon Pins
5 Thunderbolt Keychains
2 Green Souvenir Cup

Lava Fountain:
46 PowerCon Pins
9 Thunderbolt Keychains

Pterodactyl Dinozard Cockpit: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance Drops x2 Hairspray
75 PowerCon Pins
2 Red Shirts
3 Green Souvenir Cup

Finster’s Workshop: $20 & 15xp every 2hrs, Chance Drops x2 Blue Dye
100 PowerCon Pins
2 Red Shirts
18 Thunderbolt Keychain

Angel Grove Karate Dojo: $30 & 20xp every 4hrs, Chance Drops x2 Metal Polishes
22 PowerCon Pins
1 Red Shirts
2 Green Souvenir Cup


Red PowerCon T-Shirt (Rare): Defeat Flame Kaiju OR Pterodactyl Dinozord Tasks

Thunderbolt Keychain (Rare): Power Rangers Command Center (Kaiju Battles) OR Clear Putty Patrol OR Clear Red Ranger Cosplayers

Green Souvenir Cup (Common): Kaiju Battles OR Tyrannosaurus Dinozod Statue



***Still in Progress****

Just like Phase 1, here is where you will use Zeo Crystals to make your Quahog Characters turn into Zords so you can Attack Kaiju and gain more needed Materials for the Event. For Phase 2, the Pterodactyl Dinozard will be added as well as other Characters to use to combine with them.

Pterodactyl Zord: Comes with 4 Energy

Subcrystals Used to Combine: 2 Pink Zeo Subcrystals

Characters Used to Combine/Increase Energy
Pink Ranger Lois~ +6 Energy
Alpha~ 5 +8 Energy

Basic Tasks
Find a Place to Nest 
Time: 45secs
Cost: 4 Energy
Payout: Always 3 Leaderboard Medals & 1 PowerCon Coin

Soar Through the City
Time: 45secs
Cost: 2 Energy
Payout: Always 3 Leaderboard Medals & 1 PowerCon Coin



***Still in Progress****

You started to see Kaiju during Phase 1 in The Family that Cosplays Together Pt. 6. The first one you saw was the Earth Kaiju. For Phase 2, the Flame Kaiju will be introduced during Power Conned Pt. 2

Flame Kaiju: Will appear in the Upper Left Event Area
Heart Meter: Started at 2 Hearts
Timer: 12hrs to defeat to highest Heart Level
Chance Payout: PowerCon Coins, Leaderboard Medals, Red PowerCon Tshirts, Goldar Helmet
***NOTE: Drops are CHANCE, not guaranteed each defeat
Cool Down: 6hrs

Characters Used: Pterodactyl Zord

Pterodactyl Zord Tasks
Attack Flame Kaiju (2 Damage)
Time: 45secs
Cost: 4 Energy
Payout: 1 PowerCon Coin & 30xp (+3 Leaderboard Medals for completion)

Attack Flame Kaiju (3 Damage)
Time: 45secs
Cost:  6 Energy
Payout: 3 PowerCon Coin & 30xp (+7 Leaderboard Medals for completion)

Attack Flame Kaiju (5 Damage)
Time: 45secs
Cost:  10 Energy
Payout: 5 PowerCon Coin & 30xp (+12 Leaderboard Medals for completion)


Here were my payouts and Levels (some I am still verifying drop amounts as there are items paying out not listed on Tasks)…
***NOTE: Drops are all CHANCE on the items, so your payout will vary with each Battle. These are some of mine, they will include the payout for just completing the Task too.

2 Heart Level
Payout: 8 PowerCon Coins & 9 Leaderboard Medals & 1 Red PowerCon T-Shirt & 1 Goldar Helmet

4 Heart Level
Payout: 10 PowerCon Coins & 12 Leaderboard Medals & 1 Goldar Helmet

5 Heart Level
Payout: 15 PowerCon Pins & 36 Leaderboard Medals & 4 Red PowerCon T-Shirt & 1 Goldar Helmet

10 Heart Level
Payout: 30 PowerCon Pins & 48 Leaderboard Medals & 1 Goldar Helmet

20 Heart Level
Payout: 32 PowerCon Pins & 57 Leaderboard Medals & 8 Red PowerCon T-Shirt & 1 Goldar Helmet



The first Mystery Box of the Event is launching into our games. Keep in mind these are CHOICE ONLY. In other words, it is YOUR choice if you want to gamble your precious Clams for each chance spin of the Mystery Box wheel. Prizes will vary by player.

Here is what you can potentially get from the Mystery Box for the cost of 160 Clam IconClams a try.

Rita Repulsa Stewie (Costume)
Robo Brian (Con Event Decoration)
Blobulous (Con Event Costume)
The Multiplier (Con Event Costume)
175 Clams

19 Red Zeo Subcrystals
13 Pink Zeo Subcrystals
15 Thunderbolt Keychains

58 PowerCon Pins (Error)


There you have the overall Basics running through the second Phase of the Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Event. I am still updating so keep checking back.

What do you think of it so far? Any item(s) you are looking forward to? Any suggestions for fellow Players? Let us know.


39 responses to “Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Phase 2 is LIVE! ***UPDATED***

  1. How do you get caged baboo? I saw a message in game about it but my game crashed before I finished reading it and it didn’t come back.


  2. Heather Jordan

    I don’t know if there is more than one Carl in the game, but my Carl does not have an option to Wear a Powercon Wristband at all. Anyone know if there is another Carl or if I am missing something?


  3. I did not get any Pink Crystals despite buying the 9,99$ offer!


  4. WOOOOW only thing that is stopping me from getting into this week2 content is trying to get that stupid “Red Ranger Gym” building in which i’m only needing 3 more of those green bottles. this is SO FRUSTRATING because i am NOT doing too bad so far *** TinyCo., !!!…😔


    • I agree. Very frustrated that events seem geared towards cash to win. I need 4 souviner cups still to move forward. Haven’t found a way to succeed without buying clams or crystals (not going to). Is there any way to speed up this process? I’m afraid I’m being left out of the rest of this event scine I’ll be sofar behind by the time I get 4 more cups!


      • RussianTigger

        No way speed up getting the Green Souvenir Cups if you don’t want play premium, your only option is attacking the Earth Kaiju I’m afraid.


  5. I do not have the Pink Ranger firing range available in shop (I’m also missing a second building as well) so I’m unable to progress. I’m also not seeing the Brian costume at Al’s. Is this a known issue?


    • The buildingsare in the PowerCon Smoothie bar, are you seeing them now? Also Goldar Brian doesn’t appear until you’re at Pt 3 of the main Questline.


      • Yes the buildings in the smoothie bar. The Pink Ranger firing range never showed up but I contacted Tinyco and they placed one in my inventory…super weird glItch! Once I placed the building, Brians costume triggered.


  6. Do you know what the new update is? I really hate doing them even though there is one today, because I’ve noticed it can sometime change the drop rate and when I’m having good drop rates, I don’t want to mess that up


  7. Kudos to TinyCo on the mystery box items. They may have finally gotten it right. There seems to be value in everything available (read: no decorations). I get that some people like the decorations but they serve no purpose in gameplay and with no new land in many events, there isn’t room for them any way. I am splurging and buying some clams just for some spins at the mystery boxes.


    • Just before you splurge, Robo Brian is an animated decoration. Just incase you think it’s. Character costume.


      • Robo Brian wasn’t showing as available in my box. Must have gotten it in a previous event like with the skins from Comic Con (also weren’t showing). I tried one try and got Stewie’s skin. I hate even typing that because I know people will try and try and try and I got amazingly lucky. I would really have been fine with whatever I got based on what was available to me since everything had some value to me. I would never have even tried if Robo Brian was available. It isn’t worth the clams if it isn’t something to assist with the gameplay no matter how great a possible prize in the box is. I just won’t even try if there is even a chance I will get a decoration. That’s just me but that’s a lot of clams for something that is going straight to storage.


        • Great luck. And I agree wholeheartedly no decorations in the boxes, we are moving in right direction a little with them but I’d still like see the cost come down and materials not repeating so much.


  8. Full disclosure: I bought Rita Repulsa pre-event-discount.
    Haven’t unlocked Red Ranger still; but I delayed the timer on purpose. Boringly evidently. Wrist Watches are still stupidly “x-rare”. 3units/2days to go. But everything else seems more “streamlined” then last event.
    I’m not sure what “new game play” this event has; but I’m 💖 🚮☠🔄☯🍀💮🌳


  9. I don’t see any option to purchase pink power crystals. Do you need to be at a specific point before they appear?


  10. The clam buy timed event is worth it. If you can afford Alpha 5 along with it. 11 pink crystals let’s you attack the fire kaiju enough w/A5 to get all the Red Shirts you need to get the buildings for both Lois’s and Brian’s outfits. As long as you have RRP already unlocked for attacking the earth kaiju as well.

    I’m geeking out on this event way more than I thought I would but damn if my old “hipster” life isn’t pulling me in. (OG PR was the 1st time I learned to LUV something “ironically”. )


    • Strangely I was just saying despite having no real interest in Power Rangers I’ve gone a bit crazy with clam spending on Rita & now Aplha 5. I’m going over to the Rangers side me thinks. 😀. And I gree if you need to buy clams getting those Pink Zeo SubCrtstals is a real bonus However remember the Red Shirts are a rare drop not always.


    • Does the pink crystal deal only work with the $9.99 pack or will it work with the $19.99 pack as well. Might as well get those bonus clams for this event as I’ve already spent $30 for it! #kindofembarassed #lovePR


      • I honestly can’t say, it usually says $9.99 or above and offer works on more expensive packs,but as it doesn’t say this this time I honestly couldn’t guarantee it, my advice would be to drop TinyCo a quick support message asking them.


    • Ingrid Emilsson

      Didn’t happen for me. I defeated all levels of the fire kaiju and only got 1 red shirt. It’s not an always drop


  11. The crashing on the decombination is back again. It worked for a few days, but whatever fix they put in for the first time, was not effective as a global fix and did not survive the new chapter going online..


  12. Honestly I think that free Caged Baboo may be a mistake on Tinyco’s part. I’m guessing it might be the 2nd weekly challenge prize accidentally put in the store menu.


  13. I can’t believe Pink Ranger isn’t in the event. What a let down. Guess I’m done with this event.


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