Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers 101: Budding Baddies Mystery Box

Hey there Risk Takers!

With the New Phase of Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers up and running in our silly lil games, we now also have another one of your FAVORITE items too (right?). Budding Baddies Mystery Box!

Now I know many of you are curious about the items inside and just what you are taking a risk in getting by spending those precious Clams, so let’s jump on in and take a closer look.

For more information on the Event, go HERE

DISCLAIMER (Bunny’s wise words)

As I state each and every Event, these Mystery Boxes are completely optional. It is your choice and your decision to take the risk and chances to see what item(s) you will get from inside.

EVERY Players results will vary. Some good. Some bad.

Just make sure it will be worth it to YOU to spend your precious Clams to take those risks and to be happy with the results,  no matter what they are. It is a gamble after all.


With the general idea out-of-the-way, let’s now take a look at each one of the Individual Prizes inside that you will be attempting to win at 160 Clams per try.

Rita Repulsa Stewie
Description: New Character Costume
Unique: Yes
Drops: None
Size: N/A
Additional Info: Sin hour task to clear the Pink Ranger Cosplayers, these are one of Phase 2’s Baddies – this is a valuable source of Pink Zeo SubCrystals.

Blobulous Chris
Description: Returning Character Costume
Unique: Yes
Drops: None
Size: N/A
Additional Info: Currently of no use in the Event. Returning character costume, was previously available in the Quahog’ Comic Con Event.

Multiplier Quagmire
Description: Returning Character Costume
Unique: Yes
Drops: None
Size: N/A
Additional Info: Currently of no use in the Event. Returning character costume, was previously available in the Quahog Comic Con Event.

Robo Brian
Description: Animated Decoration
Unique: Yes
Drops: None
Size: 4×1
Additional Info: Returning decoration, was previously available in the Quahog Comic Con Event.

175 Clams
Description: FGQFS Main Premium Currency
Unique: Yes.
Additional Info: Used for purchasing premium items in FGQFS

Red Zeo SubCrystals
Description:  Zord Fuel
Unique: No, this prize can repeat.
Additional Info: Used to energize Tyrannosaurus DinoZord.

Pink Zeo SubCrystals
Description: Zord Fuel
Unique: No, this prize can repeat.
Additional Info: Used to energize Pterodactyl DinoZord.

ThunderBolt Keychain
Description: Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Currency
Unique: No, this prize can repeat.
Additional Info: Used for making purchase in the PowerCon Smoothie Bar.


Now this is the order in which Bunny won items as she took her chances in the Mystery Box. Again, these are BUNNY’s results… you personal results can and will vary. Please note as she already had Blobulous Chris, Multiplier Quagmire, and the Robo Brian decoration  so they were not in her mystery box as prizes.
19 Red Subcrystals
175 Clams
13 Pink Zeo Subcrystals
19 Red Subcrystals
Rita Repulsa Stewie

As you can see Bunny needed 5 attempts to get Rita Repulsa. And remember for Bunny who is speeding through the Phases to pull stats and info for us all those Materials won are helpful.

Clam Icon

Total Clams Spent to win Rita Repulsa Stewie – 800.

Total spent on box altogether: 625 (800 with the +175 Clams win) … OUCH!!! 

There you have it, the overall look at the items in the Budding Baddies Mystery Box along with Bunny’s Personal Results.

Did you take a chance in the Mystery Box? If so, what were YOUR results? Get the items you wanted? Tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger

13 responses to “Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers 101: Budding Baddies Mystery Box

  1. Got the Stewie skin on the first try! May be the first time that’s ever happened lol. Though I did have everything in the box already besides the materials. Still quite happy with the results of a mystery box for once !


  2. Since I had the comic con items already the gamble seemed worth it… and got Rita Repulsa Stewie in first shot. 🙂


    • Oh now you’re the 3rd or 4th player to say that, and I’m starting to get tempted to take a shot, must resist temptation, promised myself I wouldn’t give in….


  3. I win Rita repulsa stewie but the game say it put in my inventory (even before I quit my game I give to him a mission) I don’t find it in my inventory because is full of stuff. Any suggestions? Please I am desperate


    • Usually you create the costume in Al Harrimgtons. So it’s Stewie you’re looking for in your Inventiry, bring him out then choose the Rita Repulsa outfit. Or click on a Pink Ranger and that should pull him out to select the Stun Pink Ranger Cosplayer task. Let us know if this helps.


  4. OtriviaLaLivia

    I’ve had very poor luck when I open these. Because I’ve had to use clams for timed characters in the past 3 events I’m just going to save them for that.


  5. This is the luckiest I have been with a mystery box!! First attempt I got 175 clams! Second try I got Rita Repulsa Stevie!!!! Heck Yeah!!


  6. I never attempt these. It takes too long to build up enough clams to even be able to take a chance and there are too many items I wouldn’t want. I prefer to save my clams for a guaranteed character/item.

    Liked by 1 person

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