Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Main Questline: Power Conned

NOTE: Update hit some of the App Markets to patch some glitches in the Event and help the play area with the Kaiju so it is easier to trigger their timers. Take a look and Update if you see it.


Griffin’s form in the shape of a…. hmmm…. Giant Clam? But that’s more Quagmire’s style, right? GIGGITY!

Phase 2 is in our games and that brings with it a New Main Questline to direct us through it all. The Main Questline for Phase 2 is

Let’s take a look at all you will encounter along the way. 

For all the Main Event Information, go HERE

The Family That Cosplays Together Pt. 8
Peter Starts

Place The Red Ranger Gym: Buy from the PowerCon Smoothie Bar, Cost 40 PoweCon Pins & 8 Green Souvenir Cups
Have Red Ranger Peter Practice Power Posing: 8hrs, $80 & 50xp
Check Back Next Week!!!

Completed Task Rewards: 3 PowerCon Pin & 40xp


Power Conned Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Pink Ranger Cosplayers Are Here!: Tap on “GO” to see the details
Have Lois Put On Her Costume: 30sec, $5 & 1xp
Clear 6 Putty Cosplayers: Tap on 6 to clear them

Completed Task Rewards: 2 PowerCon Pin & 20xp

****3 Day Timed Clam Offer Triggers****


Power Conned Pt. 2
Peter Starts

The Flame Kaiju Makes Its Entrance: Tap on “GO” to see the details
Collect 2 Pink Power Crystals from Pink Ranger Cosplayers:
Place the Pink Ranger Firing Range: Cost~ 42 PowerCon Pins & 5 Thunderbolt Keychains & 2 Green Souvenir Cup

Completed Task Rewards: 3 PowerCon Pin & 20xp

***Pretty Powerful in Pink Triggers (Pink Ranger Lois Questline)***


Power Conned Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Power Up the Pink Pterodactyl Zord: Tap on “GO” to be taken to the Command Center so you can Combine the Zord
Earn 1 PowerCon T-Shirt from the Flame Kaiju: Use the Pterodactyl Zord to Battle the Flame Kaiju and get T-Shirts

Completed Task Rewards: 1 PowerCon Pin & 20xp

***Go For the Goldar Triggers (Goldar Brian Questline)***


Power Conned Pt. 4
Peter Starts

Place the Pterodactyl Dinozord Cockpit: Cost~ 75 PowerCon Pins & 2 Red PowerCon T-shirt & 3 Green Souvenir Cup
Have Jerome Check Out Power Con: 4hrs, $50 & 30

Completed Task Rewards: 4 PowerCon Pin & 20xp


Power Conned Pt. 5
Peter Starts

Use Pink Ranger Lois to Make a Pterodactyl Zord: Combine Pink Ranger Lois with the DinoZord in the Command Center
Battle the Flame Kaiju: Combine the Pterodactyl (and Characters if you want) in the Command Center then Attack the Flame Kaiju
Place the Angel Grove Karate: Cost~ 22 PowerCon Pins & 1 Red PowerCon T-shirt & 2 Green Souvenir Cup

Completed Task Rewards: 4 PowerCon Pin & 30xp


Power Conned Pt. 6
Peter Starts

Make the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord: Go to the Command Center to Combine the T Zord (with or without Characters) and Attack the Earth Kaiju
Battle The Earth Kaiju: Use your Tyrannosaurus DinoZord to Attack The Earth Kaiju once

Completed Task Rewards: 2 PowerCon Pin & 30xp


Power Conned Pt. 7
Peter Starts

Clear 24 Putty Cosplayers: Wait for Putty Cosplayers to appear on your sidewalks, then clear 24 by tapping on them.
Have Pink Ranger Lois Enjoy Her Power: 8hrs, $80 & 50xp
Place Finster’s Workshop: Cost~ 100 PowerCon Pins & 2 Red Shirts & 18 Thunderbolt Keychain

Completed Task Rewards: 2 PowerCon Pin & 40xp


Power Conned Pt. 8
Peter Starts

Have Goldar Brian Glue Feathers to his Wings: 10hrs, $90 & 59xp
Check Back Next Week!!!

***Stay tuned for the Next Phase to hit to continue*** 


There you have it, the New Main Questline that will take you along the Second Week of the Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Event

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Bunny


22 responses to “Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Main Questline: Power Conned

  1. i see we need Goldar Brian to advance .. he still needs 5 combs and i didnt place the building that drops them yet . maybe tomorrow .. but i’ll be a bit late to start phase 3 … i think im progressing ok so far though …


  2. Why would they have a building drop items for Lois’ pink ranger costume, (Pterodactyl Dinozord Cockpit) when you need pink ranger lois in order to get the red shirts to unlock it. Then it’s required to get the building later on in the questline AFTER you get Pink ranger Lois. Seems like a waste to me. =(


    • You can fight it without Lois, you can use the Pterodactyl DinoZord alone, at its base energy. Pink Ranger Lois & also Alpha 5 add to its energy level. However you will only be able attack the Flame Kaiju at its low heart levels. But as I say you can attack it.


  3. i unlocked the Red Ranger with 2 days left on his timer .. then moved on to Phase 2 and he is useless in Phase 2 (except for being part of the Z-borg) … now collecting for Pink Ranger Lois ,,,


  4. Can we please get a “What the Deuce” post so we have a place to vent about this event.


  5. I wonder if the update I just got screwed something up. After the update, I don’t seem to be able to select Peter, or anything else although Peter is the only choice I have right now unlocked, because nothing is in the space where he and the red ranger’s faces were to select to join them with teh red zord. I still have a task that I need to be able to combine them for and Peter’s not there to select even though Peter isn’t doing anything else.


    • Ok, this is weird. I went to the zord joining area by clicking on the area that looks like Zordon’s head and, for some reason, Peter and the Red Ranger’s faces were available to select, but not when I tried to do it on the task itself.


    • Just saw you’re follow up pos, sounds like a wicked glitch, but glad it’s sorted now.


  6. The last few times I had Chris on a regular ranger it’s not shown anything drop. I didn’t pay attention to see if it is just a visual glitch or if nothing is actually dropping…


  7. am i the only one out here struggling so much to get those green souvenir cups?! i’m having a very difficult time getting those green souvenir cups in order for me to place the “Red Ranger Gym” which is needed to move on, but completely at a standstill at the moment ***?!


    • I didn’t have issues as they were always dro and buying Rita Repulsa gave me more opportunity to gather the Red Zeo to use for the T.Zord, but I’m sure there are others waiting to move on.


    • Me to. It’s going to take days for me. I can’t afford to buy clams so have to do it the hard way.


    • the green cups are tough because you need so many of them, but at least if you save up your red rods you can wait to attack the earth kaiju and you get a proportionate amount of green cups. The red shirts on the other hand…i just attacked the fire kaiju which had five heartbeats using 10 power and i either got one or none of the shirts(cant remember if i already had one).

      little over one day left on red ranger and i need 1 wrist communicator. keep getting zero drops on my three sources of them. spend every freemium clam i had on alpha-5(not sure if worth it now that i see little shirt drops) and have no ‘out’- 31 clams for last communicator.


  8. Thanks for that….I wonder why it didn’t auto update. Oh well….downloaded and installed. Thanks again.

    Liked by 1 person

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