MIghty Morphin Griffin Rangers – Leaderboard 101

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in your games, the Leaderboard is back.

With Phase 2 of Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers TinyCo have decided to dangle some leaderboard prizes as bait for us Addicts and I thought I’d bring you a quick guide to the  Leaderboard and also remind you it’s supposed to be fun.


It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Leaderboard, I think if memory serves me well we need to go back to Peter’s Booty Haul, way back in September 2016. But now the latest leaderboard is live and yes it is similar to those we’ve seen previously, in that it sets up a side contest between players for a limited amount of prizes. Now I usually take part, but only through my normal gameplay. I WILL NOT spend a ton of clams just trying to hit the top rank, then spend loads more to stay in it. Wherever I end up is out of my hands so I just relax and play my normal game. I advise every other addict to do the same. And remember many of the Top Prizes have come back as returning prizes in Best of mystery boxes and such, so try not to stress this too much on what you might be missing.


Okay on to the leaderboard itself, there are 3 Ranks and 3 Prizes, 1 prize for each rank obviously. And usually  if you finish in say Rank 1, you also get the lower Rank prizes as well.

Rank 1 – Mystery Grand Prize

To be awarded this prize you will need to ranked in the top 500 players in the FGQFS universe.  Good luck with that!!!

***Now looking at the shadow outline, I’m going to hazard a guess that the prize is MegaZord, but as I say that’s just my guess, be interesting to hear what you guys think it might be, share your thoughts in the comments***


Rank 2 – Zords United

To be awarded this prize you will need to be ranked between 501-1000 in the FGQFS universe.

Rank 3 – Zordon

To be awarded this prize you will need to be ranked between 1001-5000 in the FGQFS universe.

So that’s the prizes covered, and even though I fancy that set of Zords United for my town, I’m not going to break my clam bank for them, I’ll just play as I always do and see where I end up. For those that choose to do chase a prize, I wish you all good luck.


Now finding the leaderboard is easy, you just click on the Leaderboard  icon at the bottom of your screen.

This will open up the leaderboard screen, here you will see 1: your current rank, 2: your total number of Power Medals, 3: your potential prize, 4: where you’re sitting compared to other ranking players. (For some reason it seems to occasionally show a duplicate line of YOU in the main screen or the placing number doesn’t tally with that above it, this usually corrects itself when the Leaderboard refreshes properly).

As of now if you want to see the Top and Bottom Ranked players totals without endlessly scrolling, you need to carefully tap as follows, to see the Top Ranked Player tap just to the left of the Help icon, and to see the Bottom Ranked player tap just to the right, I’ve marked where in the screenshot below. Also be aware that the i button currently doesn’t take you to any Leaderboard FAQ, instead I get a message saying No FAQ found in this section, I’m sure the will be fixed soon.


Collecting Power Medals is simple, you will collect them from completing Tyrannosaurus DinoZord and Pterodactyl DinoZord tasks and defeating the Earth & Flame Kaijus through their various Heart Levels. These are the only ways to date to collect Power Medals.

The leaderboard will close on 19th April at 3pm PDT. If you’ve qualified for a prize you will usually be awarded about a week later.

And now my final thoughts, I know the leaderboard often make you feel like a little fish in a big pond, but they are what they are my friends, and let’s try to keep it that way, i.e. nothing more than a bit friendly rivalry. So please, don’t turn the comments into a bloodbath, I know many dislike these type of individual leaderboard and would prefer community prizes we all work towards, I’m in full agreement with this, but as someone who previously had issues with the leaderboards, I now just sit back and let my gameplay dictate where I end up, and that’s the best advice I can give you, don’t turn it into a battle, as honestly you can’t control the spending or the gameplay of others, so you really will find it difficult to plot a path to victory.  And remember when you look at the Number 1 Ranked players medal tally and think it’s outrageously high remember TinyCo do have ways of removing those who abuse the rules of the Leaderboard, so if someone has used unfair means to build up those Power Medals they will be found out by TinyCo.

There you have it, all the facts about the Leaderboard. What are your thoughts? Are you going to take part in it? If so, any thoughts on what or who the Grand Prize may be? Any other tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


22 responses to “MIghty Morphin Griffin Rangers – Leaderboard 101

  1. i have 333 medals only


  2. I’m hovering between top 200-700 depending on the day. Having Rita Repulsa + Alpha 5 is working to keep me in the running but the secret is to NOT attack a Kaiju until you can FULLY take him out/back to sleep.
    Ignoring the Kaiju regeneration/sleep cycle occasionally, so you can “finish hime off” when the main task line forces you to to advance, is worth the overall payout.


  3. I’m gonna guess the top prize is Megazord. I know I wont get it and that’s ok. The best I’ve ever placed was the second rung and that was difficult enough to achieve.


  4. Does anyone else have an issue with the leadership board saying that you are banned after the the last update? It was fine until last night I can do task s and all just no leadership rank


    • For this issue you would need to contact TinyCo via your in game support, only they can look and see why this has happened.


  5. Correction, no clams after Rita Repulsa, because I thought she was poison Ivy! LOL


  6. This is my first freemium event, because I care nothing about the power rangers, or winning decorations from the challenges, or to keep spending stuff just to stay up on the leaderboard, again because I don’t care if I win anything. I am just curious how far I can get without clams or losing sleep! *chuckle*


  7. Do we know whether the rank two and three prizes are characters or more unnecessary decorations? 😉


    • We don’t, in past a lot of the 2nd and 3rd prizes have been decorations, but there’s been the odd character such as Aphrodite during the Greek Life event, so can’t assume. I’ll try get Bunny to get some clarification on it.


  8. i’m unranked because of he embarrassing total of 89 medals i have so far Lol..i know i know it literally just was released what 2days ago, but would LOVE to know someone enlighten me on how the top players& on down the list have almost 5,000 of those suckas collected up already?!…i know buying clams helps i guess, but also feel like that would be a ton of real cash people are paying…&so i have never attempted those leaderboards i’m always unranked so idk why players even bother with it! i know i’m not the only one who thinks that way lol


    • I just see where my gameplay takes me, I do kind of fancy the little set of Zords for my town, but we’ll see. What will be will be and all that 🎶🎶🎶


      • you’re right on point with that i totally agree too! just play& see where the game ends up taking ya lol just because we don’t get alot or any at all of choices because we choose to not spend real money… so in turn there’s really nothing else more you could do quickly and easier as a freemium& absolutely don’t mind it one bit😎😄 #freemium4lyfe #foevafreemium #iamfreemium #marriedwithfreemium (jokingly put those i amuse myself🤣 😂)


  9. My source tells me that IS MegZord. My question is are the other prozes characters or decorations? I’m guessing probably characters.


  10. I don’t get how everyone is so much further ahead than me… I’ve been attacking steadily and managed 90, which puts me nowhere near the leaderboard. I do have 9 reds and 2 pinks still to use… but still. Does that mean 5000+ on the leaderboard are all premium players??


    • I’m at 600 medals, but I bought Rita Repulsa and Alpha 5, not to help with leaderboard just because I liked look of the characters, first time in ages I’ve bought 2 premiums. So this has helped me obviously. I don’t think everyone necessarily has to be premium but the majority will be, I have in the past won the top prize playing freemium but I played A LOT. I think with this one due to the way you get the Power Medals, premium players will factor highest on the leaderboard. But keep doing what you’re doing and you may move up, as sometimes people play less as event goes on, or players who have violated TinyCo rules are removed and you find yourself bumped up at the end. I leave it as a side issue and I just see where I end up, sometimes you get a nice surprise… Of course sometimes you don’t, lol.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Don’t feel bad. I only have 93. The leaderboards are not anything i ever worry about. It can frustrating sometimes to see everyone miles ahead of you and no I don’t get it either but, like I said, it’s no big deal to me.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’m the same as you. Low numbers compared to anyone in the top 500. For me it’s slow getting the crystals using only Chris and then getting enough to attack the Kaiju in his window of attack.

      Liked by 1 person

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