Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers- Weekly Challenge 4 – Cosplay To Win

UPDATE 4/18 – Two of our regular readers, Bob & Mike, have completed the challenge, well done you guys, and confirmed Goldar is an animated decoration as we thought, he is NOT a full character as many of you hoped. Thanks again to Bob & Mike for sharing this information. 

Look out Addicts, as the last of the Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers‘ Weekly Challenges is here.


Now for a couple of events TinyCo seemed to be making these challenges just an eensy weensy teensy bit easier and we were seeing a flourish of happy comments, but then they upped the stakes again in the last couple of events, so it’s hard to predict what we will get in this events set of challenges. We just need wait and see as they drop each week.

Anyway this week’s challenge, if you should choose to accept it, seems a little close to call, especially if your playing freemium, as you’ll need to clear 14 Black Cosplayers and 10 Blue Cosplayers, technically it should work in tandem with what a lot of us will be doing right now but without Yellow Ranger Bonnie clearing the 10 Blue Cosplayers will be tough, although it can be done. I’m going to give it a go, nothing to lose. And if you do manage to complete it you will be rewarded with the Caged Squat decoration.

And if you completed the full set of weekly challenges, you’ll get Goldar, which two of our regular commenters Bob & Mike have confirmed Goldar is an animated decoration, NOT a full character.

What do you need to do to complete it, well here’s the deal, you will need to complete the Cosplay To Win task which consists of:

Peter  Starts
Clear 14 Black Cosplayers
Clear 10 Blue Cosplayers


So there you have it the third of this events weekly challenges. If you need help on battling the Cosplayers you will find details in these posts.

Blue Cosplayers
Black Cosplayers

Good luck and let us know in the comments if you’re going to try to or if you complete the challenge.

~ Russian Tigger


35 responses to “Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers- Weekly Challenge 4 – Cosplay To Win

  1. .. i put Brian on last task and slept for 6 hours .. i did it with 2 hrs to spare 🙂


  2. Somehow I made it to Goldar on Freemium. God bless my sleep apnea waking me up during the night… I’m definitely not getting the green ranger before it leaves though 😦


  3. Well, I’m thinking I’ll probably end up getting the Goldar decoration… It will go directly into storage like just about everything else in the past year plus.

    I’m rather amazed that I just unlocked Green Ranger Chris. At the rate I was able to even attack the Dragonzord, much less get swords, I didn’t think it would happen.

    I doubt it will happen but I’d rather have a new district next rather than another event. Are they done with new districts?


  4. Not sure why anyone thought Goldar would be a character. Characters either take a week or 270 clams.


    • Wishful thinking that TinyCo might drop a surprise on us, and in fairness some would have been willing pay clams to complete the challenge if it were a character.


  5. Finished. It took almost exactly 24 hours using Bonnie, Brian, Joe and the White Ranger with no rushing. I can confirm Goldar is an animated decoration.


  6. Just completed the challenge Goldar is a decoration.


  7. I’ll know in 2 hours from the time I posted this. 11am Central.


  8. I think this will be attainable for me if I speed up a couple of Blue Rangers with the 50 or so free clams I have left. At least its just running the tasks I already have going and not taking away from my crystal collection!


  9. Why all the fevered speculation that Goldsr will be a playable character? The reward is usually a decoration. Has someone seen something to indicate otherwise?
    Despite the difficulty of the task I’ll give it a shot – I had Goldar Brian just finishing off an attack on a blue cosplayer as I started this timed challenge, so I’ve got off to a good start!


    • I think some are hoping it will be a full character but a you say usually always decorations. I guess all this could be put to bed if TinyCo just put info on whether its. Decoration or character. That way if folk want spend clams t complete they at least know what they will be getting. I’m like you, Goldar Brian literally finished clearing a Cosplayer a minute after challenge dropped so I might just do it.


  10. Brian will have to finish his task in 40hrs out of possible 48 ?! this means i get to sleep / work / eat for only 8hrs in the next two days … they’re really making up for week 2 blunder huh ??/


  11. I found the challenges ao much easier this time. Until the last one of course… dont think it is possible with freemium characters to clear enough blue or black cosplayers with playing every 4 hours imcluding at night and at work. Frustrating to get this close, but as usual none of the prizes are any good anyway so doesnt really matter!


  12. I sent Gilda off on a twelve hour task as I have had enough of this event so I’m not in with a chance for Goldar.

    I bet he’s only another useless decoration anyway 😡


  13. I guess I will have to set up an alarm clock, hope goldar is an actual character because after all this grinding he better be a character


  14. Despite the difficulty, I’m going to try this challenge. In the last 2 days of the event, it’s either this or continue the futility that is collecting Swords for Green Ranger Chris.


  15. Ten blue ranger cosplayers- a four-hour task – in 48 hours? This is a big two fingers up to freemium players from TinyCo, as it’s impossible to do with Brian alone unless you break your sleep to play the game.


    • Yup, going to be very, very, tough. I’m not even sure with my lousy sleep pattern I’ll do it, as I refuse to go down the slippery slope of setting timers.


  16. Any word yet if Goldar is an actual character this time or just another decoration?


  17. Chris Browning

    Is Goldar a character or decoration?


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