Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers: Leaderboard Prizes LIVE!!

Hey there ex-Rangers!!!

Looks like the final results are in. Those of you that were able to place in the top 5000 spots on the Leaderboard will now start to see your Prizes hit your games. I will update more details on them later, but for now keep an eye out over the next few days for the Prizes to arrive.

***Be aware there does seem to be an issue with the prize distribution, I only saw a blank box, see image below,  instead of an image of what I had won and I only received Zords United, nothing else, others who ranked 1 or 2 are also reporting they didn’t get the prizes for the rank/s below. I’ve asked Bunny to clarify with TinyCo what’s going on***

4/26 UPDATE: TinyCo have confirmed you will receive the prize for your rank and the prizes from the ranks below. So check again, Zordon in the full PowerCon Command Centre just popped up in my inventory in the Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers tab. So have a look now if you’re missing something. 

Here is how the breakdown of prizes should have worked, we’ll confirm as soon as we can what’s actually happened.


MegaZord (Full Character)
Zords United (Walking Decoration)
Zordon (Building) – You actually get the full PowerCon Command Centre


Zords United (Walking Decoration)
Zordon (Building) You actually get the full PowerCon Command Centre


Zordon (Building) You actually get the full PowerCon Command Centre

As usual, I ask that ANY issues with the leaderboard be addressed DIRECTLY TO TINYCO. This is a helpful information post and nothing more. I am unable to see into anyone’s games or make changes to anyone’s games. Only TinyCo can answer ANY questions in regards to YOUR personal Leaderboard standings/prizes, so please ask them if you are unsure or need more help/clarifications.

~Russian Tigger

14 responses to “Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers: Leaderboard Prizes LIVE!!

  1. It was so disappointing to get the command centre instead of a giant head decoration


  2. FYI the new Event “Rocky Times in Quahog” update is in both stores v1.47. The event itself has not yet been triggered. (as of 8:50pm CT)


  3. managed to get Megazord zords and Comman center @RussianTigger do you need a quest list for Megazord cuz I can make it for ya.


  4. Kind of would have liked to have just the word to go with the 4 challenge statues.


  5. I was at like 1022 the last hour, it probably changed. I only earned Zordon. Better than nothing!


  6. I only got the Zordon. I was working my way up the board the last couple of days but the unlocks took too long to make a big move. The stuff just goes into storage anyway so no biggie.


  7. I got the Zords and found Zordon as part of Command Center (as it appeared in the event area) in my inventory. So be warned he will not appear like he does in the prize listing. Still sad I didn’t get Megazord. Would have been nice to give us Goldar as a character like Megazord 😦 Oh, and TinyCo—Why no Lord Zedd? I would have paid like Kool-Aid Man prices for that character!!


  8. I can’t believe the 2nd and 3rd prizes are decorations. I’m glad I didn’t even try for the leader boards now. My source, who’s usually correct, lifted the 4-part quest for Megazord out of the files, so Megazord is most likely a character.


  9. Megazord is a full character, has quests and I thought that I didn’t receive Zordon but it is not known as just Zordon. If I am thinking of the right prize, it is the Command Center, and Zordon is in there


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