Rocky Times in Quahog 101: Chickens

Wanna play chicken Addicts!!!

Yes it’s time to ruffle some feathers as some of Giant Chicken’s distant cousins are invading our towns.

So let’s get on top of this poultry problem as we chat more about chasing them.


In order to be able to start seeing chickens you will need to start the Main Questline Boxing Ring Of Dreams. At Pt. 1 you will be instructed to start chasing them.


You’ll find Chickens appear in your game every 4 hours or so and run towards any sidewalk you have. They are fast so if you’ve a lot of sidewalk you better tap quick. You can have a max of 10 in your game.


Chasing a Chicken is easy peasy, just look around your sidewalks for any Chicken and tap on them to clear them. Boom they’ll be gone.


Chickens drop the following:

Per Chicken Cleared:
1 Glove  (Chance)
1 Egg (Chance)
 1 Weight Gain Powder (Chance)
Family Guy Coin 50 (Always)

There you have it, the simple facts about Chickens. What are your thoughts? Have you started to clear Chickens yet? If so, are you enjoying this addition to our games?  Any other tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

18 responses to “Rocky Times in Quahog 101: Chickens

  1. I haven’t gotten a Protein Powder for Rocky since Friday afternoon from the chickens. I have since obtained the building that drops powder, nary a one from it or birds. Straining my ‘patience’ but seriously, 30+ extra rare items?!?!


  2. It’s easy to catch chickens without trying to trap them if you just zoom the screen out so you see the largest area of your town . You can see the bits of white scurrying around, and changing the scale makes it easy to poof them just by aiming straight at them.

    Another trick with poofables is to get your finger ahead of them and start tapping, so they run into your tapping finger. I wasn’t successful doing that with the chickens, though. Either they are too fast for me or I am slower than usual.

    If one doesn’t poof, you’ve just accidentally poked poodle Stewie… I’m not the only one that does that, right? He really does look like a chicken when he’s scurrying off to a new task.


    • I get them by going to the eggs for Peter’s outfit and then clicking “Go”. Takes you right to them. Good way to make sure you got all of them too.


      • Great tip


      • Definitely a good idea, until all eggs are collected…. Then back to other ways. I think TinyCo has slowed down the chickens considerably, though, and they stay still a lot. Maybe TinyCo figured out that if we were fast, we would be playing speed games instead!


  3. Every time I do the punching bag it crashes without giving me any barbells and it takes my gym passes. Not making me happy.


    • Seen two others complaining of this. Have you tried to store some buildings/decorations to reduce memory drain on your device?


  4. Anyone else having trouble with the punching bag? I can’t seem to get barbells or whatever they are to drop. I’m only now going to try and do it for the 2nd time but i was wondering if anyone had any tips.
    Also just had a quest come up to install “another freakin family guy game” or something like that. I googled it and it’s a match 3 game i’ll pass.
    Thanks guy!
    Fletch in Ga.


    • Hit the round targets on the punch bag as fast as you can for 20 secs, you must hit all targets the on a punch bag to clear it and you get a Barbell for each one you clear.

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    • Just wanted to note that, at least in my game, I do not see the barbells after the round but they do add to my totals. So you might actually be getting them just not “seeing” them.


  5. Has anyone gotten boxing gloves? So far I’ve only gotten eggs, but it’s early and they probably have different drop rates.


  6. I have only been getting 3 at a time lately


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