Daily Archives: May 1, 2017

Rocky Times In Quahog Premium Character Profile: Apollo Creed

Ok Addicts, let’s all get punch drunk and spend some clams. 

Yes, with the new Rocky Times In Quahog event, we are getting a new Premium Character in the form of Apollo Creed.

Let’s take a look at what Apollo Creed can do in our silly lil games.

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Rocky Times In Quahog: Adrian’s Pet Store

Hey there…like a bit of shopping? Well look no further.

With the new Rocky Times In Quahog in the game, there is also a lot of new Event related. items you can pick up.

For this Event, many of those Items/Buildings are located in Adrian’s Pet Store.

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Rocky Times in Quahog 101: Sparring in the Boxing Ring

Hey there Addicts, are you ready to grumble, I mean rumble…..

Yes, just when you thought you were on downtime, TinyCo want you ready to rumble, but don’t throw in the towel just yet as we’re here to walk you through sparring in the Boxing Ring.

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