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Rocky Times in Quahog Phase 3 Is Live! ***FAQ ONLY***

Hey there Clammers!

TinyCo snuck in and dropped this latest Phase almost right on the dot. I’m still traveling home so can’t verify it all just yet, so hang in there.

In meantime, here is the NON Verified FAQ. We will update as soon as we can.



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Rocky Times In Quahog Character Questline – Blunderlips Chris

Someone’s lips a quivering!!!

Yes Blunderlips Chris has come to Quahog to show us when it comes to throwing in the towel no one does it better.

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Rocky Times In Quahog Character Questline Premium Character Questline – Clubber Lang

There is no fools in Quahog Addicts!

Well actually there is, but I’m naming no names but, hint hint, there’s a new fighter in town as Clubber Lang has wandered into Quahog.

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Where Are You NOW? Rocky Times In Quahog Event Poll!

Hey there Prize Fighters!!

UPDATE 05/10: Well Phase 3 has just dropped and there’s a lot of help coming our wa with Vodka drops, so it looks like TinyCo has ensured we’ve got a fair fight. Good luck to everyone trying to get Ivan Drago!!!

Figured with all the comments flying around about Ivan Drago and how tough Phase 2 of the Rocky Times In Quahog event has got, I thought I would bounce on by to see just where you all are in order to let TinyCo see if they need to help us out with some Vodka and Russian Vitamins.

I know you’ve just completed a few other polls, but hope you won’t mind another as believe me this information is very useful for Bunny to share with TinyCo, so they can visually see just how the Players are getting along in the Event so far. The amount of comments regarding a lack of Vodka and the high amount of Russian Vitamins needed for Ivan Drago  is rising so I thought I’d throw this poll into the ring.

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Rocky Times In Quahog Character Questline Premium Character Questline – Boxer Stewie

There is no pacifying Boxer Stewie Addicts!

Well actually there is, just wanted to get your attention as  a new baby fighter has come to town as Boxer Stewie has toddled into Quahog.

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