Rocky Times in Quahog 101: Sparring in the Boxing Ring

Hey there Addicts, are you ready to grumble, I mean rumble…..

Yes, just when you thought you were on downtime, TinyCo want you ready to rumble, but don’t throw in the towel just yet as we’re here to walk you through sparring in the Boxing Ring.


You will start to see sparring in the Boxing Gym once you trigger Pt. 3 of the main Questline Boxing Ring Of Dreams. This will trigger the side Questline Training Days. 

At Pt. 1  you will be instructed to place the Boxing Ring, which  can be bought from Adrian’s Pet Store and costs 2 Gloves . You’ll then learn about sparring. Clicking Go will bring up instructions.



In order to spar at the Boxing Ring you will need Boxer Peter and 3 Steaks. You can get steak from:

Steak (Common): Clear Lightweight Boxer OR Clam Purchase from Shopping Cart


This is pretty simple, you just head over to the Boxing Ring and tap it.


Tap on the Boxing Ring  to bring up the Boxing Ring screen. You will see you need 1 character to Spar and that character is Boxer Peter.

If there is a lock item on the Boxer Peter icon then this means you’ve not finished unlocking this costume in Al’s. You will need to completely unlock him before you can Spar.

If you see a clock on the Boxer Peter icon, this means he is currently busy on a task, probably clearing Lightweight Boxers, so you will need to wait until he completes this task before you can use him to Spar.

If Boxer Peter is available you will be able to select him. You will also see the duration of the Sparring is 20secs; the cost to Spar is 3 Steaks; and the potential rewards, these will be an always drop of 40 gloves and if your working on unlocking Rocky a chance of 2 shiny robes.

You can select Peter with a simple tap on his icon, you will know he is selected by the check mark that appears next to him and if you have the required 3 Steaks you will now be able to select the Let’s Go button, this starts Boxer Peter sparring. You will also see what the Chance of dropping shiny robes is with Boxer Peter sparring. You will see its gone from low before you selected him to medium.

You will then see a screen showing the timer counting down from 20secs and another reminder of the potential drops. As well as the cost to speed up the task with Clams, but with it being a 20sec task I wouldn’t waste any Clams doing this.

And then all you need to do is wait until the 20 seconds are over, then you will see your rewards. Tap on claim to grab them.


Per Sparring Session Competed:
 40 Gloves  (Always)
 2 Shiny Robes (Chance)

There you have it, all the facts about Sparring at the Boxing Ring . What are your thoughts? Have you started to spar yet? If so, are you enjoying this addition to our games? Any other tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

Russian Tigger


7 responses to “Rocky Times in Quahog 101: Sparring in the Boxing Ring

  1. I like the interaction to training, hitting the points on the bag is fun. So glad it’s also not a long action that ties up characters (just Peter for now) from doing quests.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have sparred three times and have earned zero robes. I know there is a chance to win them but then why categorize them as common? Rare more like it.


  3. Well; I didn’t think the animation for these mini games could get worse than the crane with the wrecking ball (I forget the name of the event), but then this Boxing Ring showed up… Did someone forget to pay the animator again? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • RussianTigger

      I actually like the punchbag mini game, trying to get an 8 is keeping me busy, lol


      • My first 2 or 3 training sessions I got 7, then 6 every time since. 😦 And I agree: That game is a nice touch!
        But most of the “fight” scenes recently have had at least some basic animation during the fight. A bit strange that all you get now is a countdown timer.

        Liked by 1 person

        • RussianTigger

          Even with just the basics in this mini game we are getting quite few players having issues with crashing. If TinyCo could just get the memory drain of the game down we could get so much more mini games and such.

          Liked by 1 person

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