Attention All Addicts!!! TinyCo Needs You!!

So I’m here, making my imaginary treatment room available once again to all of you Addicts out there who want to share what they want to see TinyCo doing in the months to come. Hey you at the back, that response was not nice, bad addict, bad, bad addict.

All joking aside, TinyCo have recently been trying to reach out to the Community, they’ve tried Reddit, they’ve tried Facebook, and now they’ve come to us, the Addicts, to ask you what you’d like to see in future events.

What would you like to see more of, what would you like to see less of? Is there an Episode you’d love to see an event built round? What new Family Guy characters or features would you like to see, or even what old characters or features you’d like to see brought back? Is there a celebrity you feel just belongs in the game? Is there an event you loved that you’d like to see a sequel to, or an event you missed you’d love them to revisit? Is there any changes you’d like to see to the layout of the game, the inventory, anything at all?

Basically this is to ask you to help them make the game better, so share your thoughts with us in the comments and complete our poll, in order we can help TinyCo tailor the game towards what the players want.

However if you want to have a vent, please don’t do it here, I’ve created a special What The Deuce for you to vent to your hearts content, you’ll find it HERE!!!

But as well as your general thoughts, please make sure you  tell us a bit about your favourite episodes, favourite characters, favourite Famity Guy shenanigans. Whether you would you like to see more Multiverse? If so where should TinyCo take us next? Would you like to see a new district? If so, what would you like to see? Would you like to see new gameplay elements? If so, what would you like to see? Would you like mini-games or new ways to earn clams? Would you like to see more mini-events or major events? Would you like to have a break between events? We are looking for you to answer all this and more, and of course feel free to explain the whys and what nots of your thoughts.

And if you can’t be bothered burning through your brain cells thinking what can I comment, just answer these simple questions.

  1. What episode/s would you like to see made into an event?
  2. What Family Guy main plot or subplot would you like as an event?
  3. What Family Guy characters would you like brought into the game?
  4. If you want a new district, what district would you bring to Quahog?
  5. What 80’s phenomenal or popular culture would you like to see as an event?
  6. Is there a TV show you’d like to see parodied for an event?
  7. Is there a celebrity you just need in your Quahog? If so, who?
  8. Whats been your favourite event to date?

That’s just a few questions to help you get started. I’ll put my thoughts in the comments, hopefully Lotty & Bunny will too. 

Most importantly remember this is to tell TinyCo what you want in future!!!

And incase you have any issues with the poll below jumping, here’s the direct link.

And remember this isn’t the Addicts asking, it’s TinyCo!!!! So let’s get on with it.

~ Russian Tigger, Bunny, & Lotty


126 responses to “Attention All Addicts!!! TinyCo Needs You!!

  1. Bit late I know but here goes…..
    I’d like them to introduce: A “cancel” button! So frustrating when you have a character on a lengthy task then suddenly you get a timed challenge or a questline where that character is needed to progress.
    Maybe they could limit the use of cancelling a character task to just once a week or maybe a maximum of 3 times in an event?
    Or maybe pay 1 clam to “cancel”? ( please don’t make it something stupid like 50 clams!)


  2. A bit late, but here are the things I’d like to see:
    – More characters (maybe returning ones) added to Tan Lines. Otherwise that thing is obsolete. Also, it’s an opportunity for newer players (hard opportunity, I know – still trying to get EM – but still an opportunity). This wouldn’t bother anyone; if you have the characters you don’t worry; if you don’t care about them you don’t need to worry.
    – Variety in the character/outfit system in major events. I’m a little tired and bored of getting tons of costumes for the Griffins and then a race to get a 7-day timed character.
    – Mini events for old major events, like the Star Trek come back, would be a good idea. And again, it would be great for newer players and it wouldn’t bother anyone.
    – Premium characters out of the friendspace groups. This is a whim, I know, but it gets my pseudo-ocd crazy seeing the incomplete groups just because I’m unable to buy clams.Pleeaase *imploring face*
    – Somebody mentioned getting a couple of clams when completing a questline in major events. I wouldn’t mind that 😛

    About event themes, I can’t think of an episode right now, but going off show I’d like a Stephen King related event, and since he’s appeared in a couple of episodes and we have the ‘3 Kings’ episode, why not? Tons of copyright issues, I know, but just saying. I’d use my saved clams in that one for sure.


    • Oh, I forgot to add: Favourite event up to date: Halloween 2015. Tons of new characters to get, with a great variety of methods, and a lot of fun. Still sad that I didn’t get an unholy nun as walking decoration.


  3. My main problem is that you have characters in inventory that don’t get a callback. For example, the dog-Griffin thing, why no drops for the characters I had? No Sheepdog Chris or Bulldog Meg? Plus to get the 10 bonus clams, you had to purchase poodle Stewie, ridiculous. I’d also like some more American Dad crossovers, plus maybe a King of the Hill crossover. As far as pop culture, definitely Star Wars, and maybe 80s teen comedy, Better Off Dead, 16 Candles, Breakfast Club, etc.

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  4. What episode/s would you like to see made into an event?
    To Live And Die In Dixie / Amish Peter / Boys Do Cry

    What Family Guy main plot or subplot would you like as an event?
    Stewie as a Banjo Player

    What Family Guy characters would you like brought into the game?
    Jillian , Vern & Johnny (the piano guys) , Saeed (the “that’s so funny because it’s opposite to the truth” guy) , The 2 Foreign Guys who almost speak American , Phineas & Barnaby (The bodybuilders)

    If you want a new district, what district would you bring to Quahog?

    West Quaghog (Gay District) i’m straight but I think it has lots of potential especially that we haven’t actually seen how it looks like on the show …

    What 80’s phenomenal or popular culture would you like to see as an event?

    Grendizer , Smurfs , Star Wars

    Is there a TV show you’d like to see parodied for an event?

    F.r.i.e.n.d.s , Married with Children , Simpsons , South Park , The Walking Dead

    Is there a celebrity you just need in your Quahog? If so, who?

    Angelina Jolie & Michael Jackson because I love them

    Whats been your favourite event to date?

    Wizard of Oz


  5. Could it be that they already listened to feedback by bringing back Soap Opera Peter? It’s quite expensive still at 90 clams for a skin (or 65 after the discount from completing the facespace set is considered) but at least this can complete the facespace set. Hmm… I’m somewhat tempted but then, lots of clams for a skin 😉


  6. Kenny Williams

    What episode/s would you like to see made into an event?
    Multiverse- disney versions
    What 80’s phenomenal or popular culture would you like to see as an event?
    Back to the future, bring in a bunch of random 80s icons
    Is there a TV show you’d like to see parodied for an event?

    Doctor who

    Is there a celebrity you just need in your Quahog? If so, who?
    David tennant

    Whats been your favourite event to date?
    Truth, justice,- dc event


  7. 1) What episode/s would you like to see made into an event?
    Back to the Pilot
    2)What Family Guy main plot or subplot would you like as an event?
    In Back to the Multiverse, the Disney part.
    3)What Family Guy characters would you like brought into the game?
    4)If you want a new district, what district would you bring to Quahog?
    5)What 80’s phenomenal or popular culture would you like to see as an event?
    Not really
    6) Is there a TV show you’d like to see parodied for an event?
    I’d like to see the Simpsons in it, or South Park.
    7) Is there a celebrity you just need in your Quahog? If so, who?
    The real Adam West
    8)Whats been your favourite event to date?
    Quahog’s Not So Silent Night (I only started last year)


  8. cois what to do about it?? more land?? and characters to buy maybe nice price like old characters we haven’t achieve and to buy clams not so high :(!!


  9. Okay, I did the poll already. Now let’s see if I can answer some of the other questions.

    I would definitely like to see more events based on Multiverse events, as well as Blue Harvest.

    For 80s stuff, Back to the Future or Transformers.

    As far as TV shows: I know it’s a long shot to even ask, but Firefly. Heck, any shows from the Whedonverse would be great for events.

    In keeping with the above hopeless dream, the cast members from Firefly, or any of Joss Whedon’s shows, would be great to see.

    Also, please allow us to cancel character actions without clams and give us some use for coins, please!


    • RussianTigger

      Firefly or Buffy would be great.


      • Exactly! Either of those would make for awesome events! Or parts of events maybe? Probably too much to hope for a Whedonverse event though, even without the Marvel properties included.


  10. -Let me sell off my hundreds (and hundreds) of buildings and decos from old events. The inventory is such a pain, and I don’t want most of that stuff anyway.
    -Let me store the Lazarus portal in inventory.
    -Give me something to spend my 50+ million coins on.
    -Make Stewiebucks/Tan Lines relevant again (I could have 3 Evil Monkeys by now).
    -STOP RESPONDING TO SUPPORT MESSAGES WITH TERSE COPY/PASTE RESPONSES THAT DON’T ACTUALLY ANSWER THE QUESTION. It’s so obnoxious; just, like, actually read my question before you try to answer it.

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  11. I’d love to see more districts. I have so many buildings in my inventory and nowhere to place them. Also, I’ve been maxed out on coins for a year now, would be nice to be able trade some for clams or something useful.


  12. I have a suggestion : whenever a player levels up , he should get some clams as a reward !


  13. i want to see narcos event


  14. – change the drop rates (esp. for uncommon items)
    – something useful to do with regular currency
    – would love to see a return of Amercan Dad/ ComiCon, a Road to Ireland event but my biggest wish would be an event with “cute” items like a Disney-looking multiverse event or sth like the gummy bear event
    – my fav event was Peterpalooza (didn´t have problems with Cooper´s boots)
    – PLEASE make the Giant Chicken easier available in an upcoming event (it is usually the last character to get and I tried at least 4 or 5 times now and allways fell short)


  15. Use of the many characters we’ve spent time and money to get along other things. I understand their trying to be fair to new players but we’ve worked hard to get where we are also. That should be the point. .. in other fans you understand you won’t have everything everyone else has and you work up to it! …. among other things. ..


  16. More sports themed major events.
    Back to the Future event
    Breaking Bad event
    More land
    Being able to cancel tasks without paying clams


  17. Would love to see a Dixieland episode… Brian and Peter hunting criminals trying to get Chris!
    Or a road to Europe event!


  18. I have 8 Million Coins!! Have more items that we can buy in events with coins! Otherwise what’s the point in them!?

    Maybe even exchange them for clams or characters!

    I’ve already bought all the items available, and can’t place them all anyways due to having no more land.

    It feels like all that is happening is that we need to spend our actual money to get anywhere!

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  19. We are long overdue for a St Patrick’s Day event with Mickey McFinnegan, Sheep O’Brien and the ghost of Thelma Griffin. This is a no brainer and every March TinyCo has disappointed. Make it happen.


  20. moecyslack905

    Changes for the game:
    1) Cancel tasks for free.
    2) More land.
    3) Get rid of timed characters.
    4) Make it so that the viewable area goes the same distance into the trees all the way round the map. Currently tall items can’t be placed in the top left corner because you can’t move out far enough to see the whole object (I tried to put the appartment building that Jillian came with there but the top floor and the roof are invisible). This has been reported but was never fixed.
    5) Event currency when visiting neighbours. This used to be possible but stopped a long time ago and now visiting them is pointless.
    6) A way to have neighbours that doesn’t require facebook. None of my neighbours play anymore and I gave up using facebook over a year ago so can’t gain any new ones.
    7) Adjust drop rates and remove rare drops from mini events.
    8) A Blue Harvest event would be awesome! They could use the valentine’s​ love heart/broken heart system to give us the option of a dark side prize track by collecting blue or red light sabers.


  21. What episode/s would you like to see made into an event?
    I’ll agree with the Road To… episodes and the Blue Harvest series if Disney can be persuaded to allow it. Maybe The Simpsons Guy if EA’s willing to play ball. Can’t think of any other episodes off the top of my head.

    What Family Guy main plot or subplot would you like as an event?
    I’d like a return to the Cleveland Show as I missed the first event and haven’t unlocked the family – I have the American Dad set so I don’t need that repeated, but they can go ahead and do that since others need the characters. Also if we can have side characters, I want to see Tim the Bear from The Cleveland Show.

    What Family Guy characters would you like brought into the game?
    The Vaudeville guys from the early episodes (if they haven’t been added already). “Play me off, Johnny!”

    If you want a new district, what district would you bring to Quahog?

    What 80’s phenomenal or popular culture would you like to see as an event?
    If there’s one theme I want (and feel is realistic) for the game, it’s Back to the Future… but preferably not for a little while, so I can save up more clams after my spending spree in Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers…

    Is there a TV show you’d like to see parodied for an event?
    Have they had any Scooby-Doo themes or characters? That seems like something they’d parody.
    … Okay, I had to look it up, but the show has definitely included the Mystery Inc. gang before, so that precedent is at least there. There are probably other shows I’d want to see, but can’t think of them at the moment.

    Is there a celebrity you just need in your Quahog? If so, who?
    Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox (or their BTTF characters).

    Whats been your favourite event to date?
    Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers. The feels, man.


    • Oh and I forgot to mention my thoughts outside of those questions. Heh.

      So I feel like Tan Lines should have some kinda Mystery Character Spinner thing, maybe? Basically you’d need to save up… let’s say 10 Gold Tickets (although I don’t know what would be a good cost – this would be something you’d need to not be able to use more than once per week, or even per two weeks, at the most – even if you have Tan Lines at maximum capacity on all floors) and for each use, it would award you a random character from a past event that you hadn’t unlocked. I don’t know whether this would breach the agreements TinyCo had with the IP owners for the limited distributions of those characters, though?

      I like the idea some people have had of a casino area in which you can spend coins and potentially win clams.

      Oh yeah – and let me store the flipping Lazarus Portal! I’ve unlocked all the ghosts!

      Uh… and yeah, reduce the number of 7-day timed characters… only include characters (and MAYBE skins) in Mystery Boxes… and I think that’s all from me.


  22. Apinknightmare

    New characters and skins to use resort money on. It’s just piling up.

    Put more characters to use in the events. I understand using core characters unlocked early in the game allows newer players to participate, and that’s fine, but give long-time players additional advantages by using more characters.

    Lower the cost of Koolaid Man! 750 clams are you serious?

    More tortured souls from the underworld portal? Stop abandoning your projects!

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  23. Why is my comment still awaiting moderation? It’s been a few days.


    • If you wish to vent, please utilize our WHAT THE DEUCE posts as outlined in our guidelines. Also, we get frustration… but there’s a point when verbal “bashing” is inappropriate. Especially on a helping post like this. 🙂

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      • I wasn’t bashing. I made a valid point. I know the last sentence was maybe a little harsh, but no worse than any other posts I’ve seen. Why am I being singled out? If you’re going to curtail people’s opinions, then nothing will change with the game. I had a very good idea and it should be posted.


        • RussianTigger

          Hi, sorry Bunny isn’t here just now to answer this, so i’m replying. Your idea was good, that’s why the comment was allowed through with the last bit, that you yourself say was harsh, removed. It’s definitely there in the post, I’ve just gone down the comments and seen it. Sometimes moderation can take a bit longer at times I’m afraid, but we do our best to keep comments flowing as timely as possible.

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      • Also, you didn’t even give me a chance to amend my comment. If you had a problem with the post you could have notified me, instead I’ve been waiting 3 days. Will you post or not?


        • RussianTigger

          Hi I replied on your other comment, but just in case you miss it, if you look down the comments on the post you will find yours is there, only with the last bit removed. So TinyCo will see your idea, which as I previously said, I like.

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  24. 1. make Buzz Killington available again.
    2. make more characters available via Stewie bucks; or allow clam purchases with Stewie bucks.
    3. search inventory by keyword
    4. create a character task screen that quickly shows ALL assigned characters and their remaining time. (I often check into the app to see when my next drop is manually)
    5. game still takes forever to load, takes over a minute and my screen will time out before the game loads many times…then i need to restart the opening of the app which takes up another minute or so.


  25. Also something I like tinyco to add to the game is a new facespace post for every new costume, and a facespace post for every level a characters goes up so that it will be worth it to level up characters and it adds a little bit more value to paid costumes. And maybe add facespace posts for some characters after you placed a specific event building. Facespace has so much more potential and could add so much more value to the game, the unlockables and the paid characters and costumes if done right

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  26. No more timed characters. These are the worst, it messes up the whole event.

    No more mystery boxes, unless it’s an all character/costume box.
    If there’s a chance I’m going to get something worthless, there’s no way I’m spending money and leaving it to chance. If I know I’m guaranteed to get a character or costume, I might spend the clams.


    • Totally with you on the Mystery Boxes – one of the last ones had 7 characters/costumes and 5 decos…not even a close decision, no way would I waste clams on that…

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  27. I don’t want any sports events anymore, they are not fun, and it makes me stop playing for a while


  28. After the Valentine’s day event a few years ago, I thought the ‘coffee date’ game mechanic could be used for a ‘Cutaway’ mini-game.

    You could take previously earned characters and send them out on ‘cutaway’ missions. The result could be some funny text, an animation and a prize based on the pairing. Premium Characters would reward extra, and there have to be thousands of character combinations by now.

    “This reminds me of that time when…”

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  29. I just had the best experience. I accidentally spent clams on a task, I wrote about it to them and they gave it back! I don’t think there something like this anywhere else. THANK YOU TINYCO


  30. Jimmy Campbell

    In addition, I’d like to see Vinny gain some new outfits, like Classy Vinny from “Christmas Guy”, Blue Shirt Vinny from “The Boys in the Band” (along with Red Shirt Olivia as a Freemium outfit for Olivia), and Tarfful Vinny if you’re doing a Star Wars event (based on the character Tarfful from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith).

    Also, New Brian is okay as a ghost, but how about an “alive” outfit for him, a.k.a. “New Brian (alive)”? I’m sure to see New Brian get other outfits, too.

    And maybe Teal Tank-top Jasper, based on Jasper’s appearance in his debut episode, “E. Peterbus Unum”.

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  31. I would like to see more items to purchase with the resort money. Also I would like the spend clams option to speed up a task looked at; it is way off. If the task requires less than 1 hr to finish, spending more than 1 clam is just too much! Also I would like a sell option for all of the useless items I have accumulated over the years. If a building pays out less than 40, it goes straight into storage at the end of an event never to be seen again and with land a scarce, decorations never make the space. The buildings themselves need resizing. Some of them are way too large, so if they take up too much space (unless they payout over 100) get into storage as well. I have over 40 mil coins and nothing to spend them on. It would be nice to get to use them……… Lastly, I would like to get neighbors that do not require me being linked to them via facebook.
    That all being said, I really love this game!


  32. I can’t go back and read the other 70+ comments at this time so I’ll just add a few of my own thoughts…

    1 – i’ve been playing for a few yrs now and have unlocked all currently available district so it’d be nice to be able to use some of the core characters that get unlocked along the way (eg. Stewie and Brian) in events because they often get overlooked unless you buy a premium skin – a lot of story lines in FG usually involve Peter and Brian, yet Brian is such an underused character in the game. Stewie is a main character in the multiverse episodes but I don’t remember using him at all in the last multiverse (dog) event.

    2 – Drop rates need adjusting. I’ve said before about being able to whiz through Rare/Extra Rare drops but Uncommon items have like an “extra epic” drop rate. I saw someone else say it either on this comment section or another but increasing the task time rather than adjusting the drop frequency will still give a desired effect… and a lot less ppl will be pee’d off and complain if they know an item is due but have to be patient instead of grinding 20hrs a day 5 days in a row for little to no reward.

    3 – lowering the cost of premium items i.e skins and characters. I’m mainly a freemium player, splurging a few free clams when there’s something i really really want but often i begrudge dropping 200+ clams on a skin or character that will never be used again.

    4 – Star Wars event. at least a 5 week event needed though. Loads of content to choose from and hopefully they won’t make the best characters/skins premium.

    5 – A return to the American Dad crossover. AD isn’t getting it’s own game anytime soon, why not bring them back into this one.

    6 – New Alien movie is coming out soon. How about an crossover event with Alien? They did a Power Rangers one for goodness sake so why not.

    7 – Better notification to players – that’s for upcoming events, timed characters, saying the FAQ has been updated with new details etc. Making players aware so we dont place timed characters/buildings or send characters on long tasks right before an event pops up.

    8 – Personally I’d love a Marvel crossover. Yes there’s a hell of a lot of characters and content but they managed to do it ok with the DC event. Even if it was just an Avengers one to start, then they did an XMen one later on.

    9 – scrap the leaderboards!!!


  33. I would definitely like to add a couple more events I would definitely like to see. Another “Peter and the Kingdom of the Full Moon” and Comic Con 2017.


  34. I’ve stopped buying clams and premium characters because they’re never used again. Tom Brady, Ash from Evil Dead, Predator, Alien, etc…

    Drop rates are way too low for usefully event items too.

    The games becoming way too cheap for my taste. Let’s go Futurama!

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