Rocky Times in Quahog Main Questline: A Fighting Chance

Yo Addictssssss!!!! Get your boxing gloves at the ready as its time to get in the ring!

A new event has hit our  games and that brings with it a New Main Questline to help us punch our way through the 2nd Phase. The Main Questline is A Fighting Chance.

Let’s take a look at all you will encounter along the way. 

Get Your Bell Rung Pt. 8
Peter Starts

Fight At The Quahog City Music Hall 2 Times: Send Boxer Peter or Rocky to fight at the Quahog City Music Hall 2 Times. You will need 2 Milks for each fight.
Have Blunderlips Chris Sneak Alcohol: 4hrs, $50, 30xp & chance of 1 Vodka
Check Back Next Wee,….. 

Completed Task Rewards: $35 & 20xp

A Fighting Chance Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Heavyweight Boxers Are Here: Tap on “GO” to see the details
Place The Quahog Boxing Stadium: Buy from the Adrian’s Pet Store, costs 1 Glove & 1 Headgear

Completed Task Rewards: $20 & 35xp 

***Triggers: What A Knockout – Boxer Lois Unlock Questline ***


A Fighting Chance Pt. 2

Peter Starts

Fight At The Boxing Ring: Send Boxer Peter to spar in the boxing ring. You will need 3 Steaks to spar.
Have Blunderlips Chris Sneak Alcohol: 4hrs, $50, 30xp & chance of 1 Vodka
Get Awesome Stuff FromIvan Drago: Tap on “GO” to see the details

Completed Task Rewards: $10 & 25xp

***Triggers: Feeling Punchier – Side Questline *** (1 part, you’ll find it at further on in this post)


A Fighting Chance Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Fight At The Quahog City Music Hall: Send Boxer Peter or Rocky to fight at the Quahog City Music Hall. You will need 2 Milks to fight.
Place Rocky Road Ice Cream Parlour: Buy from the Adrian’s Pet Store, costs 12 Gloves, 14 Headgear & 3 Mouthguards
Fight Ivan Drago: Use Vodka to Attack Ivan Drago at any level

Completed Task Rewards: $30 & 45xp 


A Fighting Chance Pt. 4 
Peter Starts

Place The Soviet Ice Rink: Buy from the Adrian’s Pet Store, costs 12 Gloves, 18 Headgear & 10 Mouthguards
Have Peter Fight Middleweight Boxer: Use Boxer Peter to clear 1 Middleweight Boxer, takes 6 hrs

Completed Task Rewards: $30 & 45xp 


A Fighting Chance Pt. 5 
Peter Starts

Have Lois Fight Heavyweight Boxer: Use Boxer Lois to clear 1 Heavyweight Boxer, takes 8 hrs
Fight At The Quahog Boxing Stadium: Send Boxer Peter, Rocky or Boxer Lois to fight at the Quahog Boxing Stadium. You will need 2 Grilled Chickens to fight.
Have Joe Misinterpret His Dreams: 4hrs, Earns  $50 & 30xp

Completed Task Rewards: $20 & 35xp  


A Fighting Chance Pt. 6  
Peter Starts

Fight At The Boxing Ring: Send Boxer Peter to spar in the boxing ring. You will need 3 Steaks to spar.
Place Ivan Drago’s Gym: Buy from the Adrian’s Pet Store, costs 26 Gloves, 16 Headgear & 4 Mouthguards
Clear 2 Heavyweight Boxers: Use Boxer Lois or Deirdre Jackson to clear 2 Heavyweight Boxer, task takes 8 hrs each Boxer

Completed Task Rewards: $30 & 45xp


A Fighting Chance Pt. 7 
Peter Starts

Attack Ivan Drago 3 Times: Use Vodka to Attack Ivan Drago at any level 3 times.
Place the Siberian Farm: Buy from the Adrian’s Pet Store, costs 68 Gloves, 28 Headgear & 72 Mouthguards

Completed Task Rewards: $50 & 65xp

A Fighting Chance Pt. 8 
Peter Starts

Place the Russian Hotel: Buy from the Adrian’s Pet Store, costs 65 Gloves, 34 Headgear & 88 Mouthguards
Fight At The Quahog City Music Hall: Send Boxer Peter or Rocky to fight at the Quahog City Music Hall. You will need 2 Milks to fight.
Fight At The Quahog Boxing Stadium 3 Times: Send Boxer Peter, Rocky or Boxer Lois to fight at the Quahog Boxing Stadium 3 times. You will need 2 Grilled Chickens for each fight.

Completed Task Rewards: $20 & 35xp

***The End***

Feeling Punchier (Only 1 Part)
Peter Starts

Learn About Speed Training: Tap on “GO” to see the details
Earn Barbells From Speed Training: Complete Speed Training, requires 4 Gym Passes

Completed Task Rewards: $20 & 35xp

There you have it, the Main Questline that will take you along the 3rd Phase of Rocky Times In Quahog Event.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


14 responses to “Rocky Times in Quahog Main Questline: A Fighting Chance

  1. The only reason for me to actively participate in this event was Rocky Balboa, but due to a horrible drop-rate I couldn’t get to half the required items. As pure freemium-player, that was a big disappointment and reduced the event – as so many have, in the last year – to an occasional check-in-spare-time.
    Only being able to collect stuff with just Peter makes the first week very hard, when you have a life to live beyond FG-TQFS…


  2. I got to level 5 of the quest on Saturday and then the drops just disappeared. I only needed (and still need) 2 sports tanks to unlock Lois. I’ve fought at both gyms with Peter a couple times Saturday and no drops. I then fought a couple of lightweights (again no meat drops), so I tried a middleweight (no milk drops twice in a row). Here I am two days later still trying to get drops to unlock these last two sports tanks.

    This is why some of these events are aggravating…..goes along pretty good, then just hit a brick will with lousy drops!


  3. I thought if you’d complete the main quest line they would give you like 600 or 700 barbells to get the cleveland costume, but of course not. That costume is pretty much impossible to get.


    • It’s funny you say that, I came to this post to make that exact point…I played this one a little premium, all about characters, so I did purchase characters and earned the rest…I had Rocky, Jerome and Mort almost exclusively on ticket task (when not fighting, etc.) in addition to sending Peter boxing whenever possible, I trained exclusively on the 3X level and always earned between 12 and 18 barbells…and after earning the costumes only have ~150+ barbells, this one could go for months before I could earn the Cleveland costume, it was pretty much impossible unless one dedicated the entire event to earning for the costume…


      • Even then you could not get him, I mean you need rocky for more gym pass drops, and to get rocky you need boxer peter, both cost barbells, then you need to get to week 2 because the first weeks gym drops like 6-7 barbells if lucky 8 so you wont get nowhere with that so its pretty much impossible it was just a tease pretty much from TC lol


  4. I’m on track to finish by tomorrow. After Lois clears her last fights at the stadium I only need to focus on the last building. Hopefully there will be at least a couple days of no event so i can focus on the Pawtucket stuff full force! Maybe I will even take the next event off, then I wont have to juggle on the next one I really want to do!


  5. Finished today completely freemium. Unlocked Ivan and all buildings, don’t unlocked Cleveland. It was very easy event.


    • I’m also freemium for this event. Good to hear you were able to finish. I’ve had so much trouble with drops. I’ve been stuck trying to get my last 2 items for Lois for the last two days!! Luck of the draw sometimes.


    • I found it easy too. I don’t see how unlocking Cleveland is even possible, at least as freemium. I’ve been running my characters like clockwork every 4 hours (except for when I sleep) and I’ll probably only have 350 barbells by the end of the event. And I haven’t spent any yet on anything non-essential


  6. Just need to place the hotel, and that will likely be first thing tomorrow. Just got Ivan – Lois has got me 8 vodka every time but once that she fought in the stadium, which made a huge difference.


  7. I was already on Pt 8 by the time this article came out. How about ignoring character questlines and instructions on how to perform the simple tasks that a kindergartener could grasp easily without photos (like the boxing matches) and instead focusing time and energy on the actual tips on strategy the first day a new event or phase comes out? Most helpful would be a 3-sentence email with 3 short, pithy useful tips, such as: Spend a few clams up front to buy the statue; ignore the side questlines and focus on the milk from middleweight boxers; and purchase the buildings like drop vodka as quickly as possible and skip the last one on each page. These posts would be far more useful and timely if you gave us 3 quick tips like that in an email that is one paragraph long, takes 10 minutes to draft, and comes out within the first hour of a new event or phase. We don’t exactly need pictures and instructions on obvious, self-evident, ot facile actions, like how to click on a button labeled “FIGHT” to initiate a boxing match. Not sure it warrants you putting time or energy there, or wasting column space. A good blog post within an hour is much better than a perfect beautiful post with photos that comes out 5 days late, when the event or phase is almost over.

    Just trying to offer some helpful constructive suggestions and feedback as a reader. Not sure if others feel the same way. But let’s question whether the goal is to provide a beautiful, full-color historical documentary picture summary of the week when it is almost over (and too late to change any strategy, approach, or decision) — or if it would be better to blast out a quick no-frills and no-photos list of 3 immediate tips, strategies, approaches, or purchase decisions. Things like: Should I focus more on the middleweight or the lightweight fighters?; is it cost-effective to purchase the Rocky statue?; should I invest a few clams to speed up certain tasks to be able to get buildings that drop Vodka for the Russian?; etc.

    Just my two cents, for what it’s worth.



    • RussianTigger

      Unfortunately as we all play different me telling people how to play is a non-starter, how people play depends on their lifestyle, free time and income, I will say how I’m strategising if someone asks in a comment but I won’t dictate how people should play. With regards the main Questline, I can only put it up as quickly as I can complete it, a lot of the time it’s usually up within a day or so of the Phase launching but that’s when Bunny provides it using her test game. I don’t have a test game so I need play it just the same as you do if the info isn’t available from Bunny.

      I’m only here helping out, so I follow the format the Addicts blog always has, if readers want to see that dramatically change then they really need to reach out to Bunny, as this is her blog, and I’m sure she’ll respond with her thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Finished the main quest line today. Bought Apollo pre event and he helped move things along so for me it was worth it. Overall it was an enjoyable event with fair drops. Bunny, Tigger, thank you your blogs and polls have had an impact. I will surely purchase clams more often if I know I won’t be tempted to throw my iPad against the wall because of frustration with the game lol


  9. Finished this event on Saturday.

    Buying two premium characters probably caused that.

    Now clearing the individual quest lines which include twelve and twenty hour deployments.

    Been nice not checking in every three to four hours.


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