Rocky Times In Quahog – Event Ending Soon

Hey there fellows fight fans!

Just bouncing by remind everyone that the Event will be ending soon.


Now let’s take a closer look at it all. 


Wednesday 17th May, @ 3pm Pacific Day Time. Keep in mind they are VERY punctual on this. There is no leeway.


There has been no indications the event will be extended.


NO. When the Event Ends, it takes all the Event items and Currency remaining with it. That means ANY Character/Costume not completely unlocked and walking your game… will go when the Event does. You MUST collect all the items needed for them to get them.

This goes for Buildings and Decorations. Unlock/Purchase all the ones you want as they will go with the Event.


Anything linked to the Event goes with the Event, so that means currency too. Use it or lose it essentially.


Keep in mind the game is set up to pull items from the Inventory Storage first, so if you already have say… 10 of an item in Inventory… you will need to pull ALL 10 items out first before the game will let you buy more of that item.

Place items from Inventory first, then you can get more. Continue buying until you have all you want, then store them away.


The ONLY Questlines that usually continue on after an Event are those directly linked to unlocking a Character and isolated from the Main Questline. All other Questlines are directly linked to the Event and will go with it.

There you have it, some basics for closing out of the Rocky Times In Quahog event. Any last minute items you are picking up? Any tips for other players finishing out the Event? Let us know. And remember to look out for the End of Event Poll coming your way soon.

~ Russian Tigger


29 responses to “Rocky Times In Quahog – Event Ending Soon

  1. will events be revisited? will the rocky event be brought back or will we ever get to buy the characters and outfits?


    • RussianTigger

      Events are rarely revisited as a full repeat event, I think the only big one that has been was the Star Trek event. However event characters etc sometimes come back in different events, Mystery Boxes or in the Best of Events that cover the year that has passed. For example in this event we’ve saw some old character costumes return in mystery boxes, the most recent Renaissance Mystery Box has Minstrel Bruce, who was originally released in the A Grimm Knight event. Much depends on the licensing agreement TinyCo have to use the characters, especially those that come from Outwith Family Guy, for example the Rocky event, the license to use Rocky, Apollo etc may only only have covered that 3 week period of the event, if that’s the case they won’t return. So it’s really a wait and see on any returning items.


  2. so any word on what the next event will be and when it will start. I purchased the water fountain a few days ago to get the free clams, I’m wondering if that’s part of the new event or just a bone thrown at us.


  3. The next event is Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure?!!!!

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  4. I was playing freemium and cruising right along until this last week. I got stuck with only needing the last two shirts for Lois. It took me three whole days with lousy drops until I got them. By then it was too late to finish the questline or even get anywhere near the vitamins for Drago (I think I had less than 300). I’ll give this event a mediocre rating….started ok, but the drops are just awful and the tasks take so long.


  5. I finally opened Ivan Drago. I needed 1 vodka, so I rushed Cris. It cost me 4 clams. I had 821 vitamins. I had to pay 11 clams to get Lois opened. I got all the buildings open except the Rocky Steps. The first event I was able to complete. Always down to the last minutes. 🙂

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  6. It’s almost TIME for the new Event….New Icon and Splash screen in Google Play store, but no update down load yet.


  7. I’m happy for those who were able to unlock Ivan Drago.

    But speaking for my own experience, Phase 3 was no different than Phase 2. I’m ending the event without reaching half of the Vitamins needed for Drago. I’m just going to purchase the Hammer and Sickle Statue and call it done.


  8. I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years and this is the first time I have completed a major event freemium days before it ended. I have a newborn and just went back to work so I don’t even check in as often as I used to and I still managed to finish. It feels good, TinyCo.

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  9. I’m 11 barbells from the Italian Stallion and need 1 more gym pass to get a speed training round in. Hopefully I can get that as its the last thing I’m shooting for (I don’t see how fight promoter Cleveland is even possible. I was running gym pass tasks constantly and barely made enough for Weatherton and hopefully the horse). Overall I liked this event, I was able to get all the buildings, a good amount of characters, and some decos. I did shell out for Apollo after unlocking Rocky without knowing he was timed and Clubber to make sure I got Drago (2 for 1 basically).


  10. Pretty happy with the event overall – theme works for me (grew up on the rocky movies, nice to revisit them), funny one liners, and they cranked the hardness way down with the 3rd phase so I was able to get drago with no issues with no clams spent. All good 🙂


  11. I’m more behind in this event than any for a long time; haven’t unlocked Boxer Lois although I’m more than half way there. I didn’t initially notice a couple of the characters had drops for her, so missed out on some days chances to collect more materials. Still, it doesn’t matter, I don’t much care for this event or anything that I didn’t unlock! Next please!


  12. Happy to get Floyd “heart of a champion, margarine hat” Wetherton even though he’s a taskless character.🥊😜


  13. i’m glad that i managed to unlock Ivan, and the cherry on top, is that i’ve also unlocked the Monkey from Tan Lines :D. I saw in google play that an update was released on 12th may, do you guys know what is with that update?

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  14. Personally, I actually enjoyed this event. Loved the Rocky movies growing up and got 3 new characters, with my premium buy of Apollo, which totally made me complete the event, and Rocky and Drago this morning. It actually was pretty challenging even with Apollo. Kudos to those who managed to get Drago freemium. Don’t think I would have been able to.

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  15. this event was horrible


  16. Tiny Co. finally threw us a bone! I finally got to finish an event and get all of the items/characters I wanted (freemium) without stressing. I actually enjoyed this event. I was about ready to bail on this game altogether (I play on 2 devices and gave up on one of them) but this has restored my faith in Tiny Co. I think they finally listened to everyone’s complaints. A special thanks to you ladies also for all of your help always. Let’s hope the next event goes as smoothly.
    P.S. Love the new clam generator. Way to go Tiny Co.!

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  17. And now the question is, did TinyCo listen to us and are going to give us a couple of days break to clear tasks?


  18. Looks like I’ll be able to get all of the freemium items this time with the possible exception of Rocky’s Steps and that 300 pill deco. I just need to hit Drago one more time to get to 800 pills to acquire him. 🙂
    Not a terrible event – drops ended up okay and nothing too frustrating. I didn’t purchase anything with clams.


    • 19 more gloves for Rocky’s Steps so I will get that. Unlocked Drago last night… so just the Hammer & Sickle Statue won’t be gotten


  19. i have 400 pills and i don’t think i can get Drago in time (24 more hours more or less) so i don’t i’ll just buy the anvil and sickle statue and i’ll be really content with it 🙂


  20. How about wacky Wednesday. ..


  21. I should have enough vodka for the hammer and sickle by the time Ivan wakes up tomorrow and I have Peter trying to get enough steaks to get the Rocky steps.


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