Quahog’s Excellent Adventure Character Questline: Colonial Peter

Hey Dudes!

Welcome to the very excellent new adventure that has hit our Quahogs! With it, more Characters and Costumes are hitting our silly lil games.

With the New Stuff of course comes a few Side Questlines that will take you through each part of the New Characters released. For Colonial Peter, the Questline is Tea Partying.

Let’s take a look at Tea Partying and all that you will encounter along the way. 

For more information on the Event, go to the Event Page HERE

After A New Excellent Adventure Pt. 4
Tea Partying
Peter starts

Unlock Colonial Peter
13 Redcoat Hats (Common)
: Clear Redcoats
12 Tea Pots (Uncommon)
: Boston Tea Party
10 Gold Nuggets (Uncommon)
: Peter Jump a Local’s Gold Claim
6 Early American Flags (Rare)
: Stars & Stripes Seamstresses

Completed Task Earns 10Family Guy Coin, 15xp

After you earn Colonial Peter
Tea Partying Pt. 1
Peter starts

Have Colonial Peter Do Target Practice, 4h
Have Chris Stink Up the Outhouse,

Completed Task Earns 15 Family Guy Coin, 20xp

Tea Partying Pt. 2
Peter starts

Have Colonial Peter Go Fly a Kite, 6h
Have Bonnie Read About Time Travel,

Completed Task Earns 20 Family Guy Coin, 35xp

Tea Partying Pt. 3
Peter starts

Have Colonial Peter Crash a Tea Party, 3h
Have Chris Run Around With Bucket on Head, 4h

Completed Task Earns 30 Family Guy Coin, 45xp

Tea Partying Pt. 4
Peter starts

Have Colonial Peter Ride Wild Stallions, 8h
Have Joe Investigate Source of Prank Calls,

Completed Task Earns 50 Family Guy Coin, 65xp


There you have it, the Side Questline for the New Character Costume Colonial Peter.

Where are you in the Questline? How is your progress coming along? Any tips for fellow Players struggling through? What do you think of Colonial Peter? Let us know.





17 responses to “Quahog’s Excellent Adventure Character Questline: Colonial Peter

  1. Is anyone else getting the basic string null error when trying to place Bruce?


  2. To get the hat for Colonial Peter you have to clear the redcoats but when you click on the redcoats it says you can’t do that until you have Colonial Peter. Am I missing something?


  3. Is wel 2 out for you yet? I’m just trying to see if it’s my game. I have it installed on my iPad. I didn’t want to try the android phone after hearing about the issues being on both. I’ve installed updates so maybe that was fixed but didn’t want to take a chance. Just a little worried since week 2 should have already started. Didn’t want to be waiting around and getting behind.


  4. The next time period is the Renaissance. It appeared on my phone box destination but disappeared after about 15 minutes.


  5. Had an odd (time traveling) occurrence,..got onto the game, traveled to Colonial area, cleaned up tasks, clicked on the phone booth to go back to Quahog, saw another available area (Ancient Greece?), clicked on that, went to the Time Travel screen, then a Conseula error pop-up, game crashed…opened again, went to the same places, same thing happened, new area appeared, Consuela, crash…Updated game as there was a new update in store, since then, no crashes, but no sign of new area…hmmmm…


  6. hi Bunny/RT/WTB888! my bf just got a new phone an upgrade and is trying to log in and load up his already saved game obviously from the old phone so I wanted to ask if you could link me thee exact post containing the info and steps on how to go about this? thank you guys so much i’d really appreciate it!!! i know this comment has nothing to do with this certain post so i apologize for that.


  7. The Renaissance has arrived and crashed… anyone else having the same problems with the phone booth?


  8. My game updated and now I can’t time travel — says everything is locked. ANyone else?


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